How This Little-Known "Miracle Mineral" Could Hand Investors up to 16,335%

  • It’s one of the most important natural resources you’ve never heard about
  • The United States, China, Russia, and India are locked in a global race to find it
  • One tiny company will soon control virtually the entire world’s supply... and its share price is about to skyrocket!

Look at these tiny spheres that I’m holding in my hand. 

They might not look like much, but inside each of these spheres is a natural resource more important than oil...

More important than lithium...

More important even than coal or gas. 

In fact, behind water and air, what’s hiding in these round pellets is the most valuable resource in the entire world. 

Financial Times calls this resource the "Miracle Mineral." 

And you, me, and every single person on this planet wouldn’t be here without it. 

But this isn’t a science presentation. 

This is about money. 

And the most miraculous thing about the Miracle Mineral isn’t what it does for life on Earth.

The Most Miraculous Thing About This Mineral Is What It Could Potentially Do for Your Bank Account

I’m talking gains of 16,335% or more.

That’s like turning every $500 into $82,175.

Because not only is the Miracle Mineral the key to life as we know it...

It’s an irreplaceable component of virtually every industry under the sun. 

The $2.4 trillion agriculture industry, the $287 billion electric vehicle market, the $42 billion computer chip market, and the $1.2 trillion dollar pharmaceutical market — just to name a few — would all collapse without the Miracle Mineral. 

And here’s the craziest part:

The world is running out of it. 

According to The Guardian, we’re facing an "imminent crisis" in the global supply of the Miracle Mineral.

In fact, according to the latest estimates, we may have less than a decade before critical supply shortages begin. 

And by 2040, the Miracle Mineral could be completely "exhausted." 

Which is why, as we speak, the most powerful countries in the world are locked in what The Economic Times calls "a global race." 

The United States, Russia, China, India, and Europe are scrambling to secure as much of the Miracle Mineral as they can. 


Investors Who Play Their Cards Right
Could Turn This Geopolitical Resource Struggle
Into One of the Greatest Moneymaking
Opportunities of Their Lifetimes

Again, we’re talking about a shot at over 16,000% gains.

Honestly, I believe it will be much more than that.

Because even as we approach a critical shortage of the Miracle Mineral, there is still hope. 

And incredibly, it’s all because of one tiny company.

A small resource explorer that recently stumbled onto a massive deposit of the Miracle Mineral. 

A deposit so big that it could help supply the world for centuries to come.

As we speak, this tiny explorer is gearing up its mining operations. 

Once it breaks ground, every country on Earth will be lining up to get this company’s supply of the Miracle Mineral.

And this small firm will become one of the most geopolitically important corporations in the entire world.

The Last Time an Opportunity Like This
Presented Itself, It Minted Multiple
Generations of Millionaires…

Even Billionaires

And it wasn’t even that long ago.

You probably already know what I’m talking about.

What was the most important resource of the 20th century? 

If you guessed oil, you’re right.

There’s a reason the 20th century is called the Oil Age. 

Oil enabled everything from cars and submarines to spaceships and plastics. 

It defined — and still defines — our world in a way few other natural resources ever have. 

And as the demand for oil grew, so did the value of the companies that supplied the oil.

Take Earthstone Energy for instance. 

It was one of the first companies to drill in the Eagle Ford basin in southeast Texas. 

And it handed early investors a 13,250% windfall.

Then there was Ultra Petroleum Corp.

It was one of the first small explorers to crack open the Marcellus Shale in Western Pennsylvania. 

If you had gotten in on the ground floor with it, you would have cashed a 6,632% gain.

And what if you had gotten into Triangle Petroleum?

It was one of the first shale drillers in the Williston Basin of North Dakota. 

Well, you would have had the chance to turn just $2,500 into over $1 million as Triangle’s share price skyrocketed 42,906% — in less than a year!

The math is simple.

Whenever a Resource Becomes Critical to Civilization, Early Investors Can Make a Killing

And the Miracle Mineral Is Even More Important to Humanity Than Oil Could Ever Dream of Being


Well, take a look at this. 

This is a piece of DNA. 

Your DNA consists of two strands that wind around each other like a twisted ladder. 

And while the inside "rungs" of the ladder are made out of four different compounds called nucleotides...

The backbone — or the rail — of each ladder is made out of the Miracle Mineral. 

Without it, your DNA would fall apart.

But it isn’t just your DNA that needs the Miracle Mineral. 

Your pet’s DNA, the DNA of plants, bugs, fish, and birds COULD NOT EXIST without the Miracle Mineral. 

In the book Dune, there’s a quote that goes: "He who controls the spice controls the universe."

But in our case, I would change that to something much less literary. 

I would say: "He who controls the Miracle Mineral stands to get richer beyond their wildest dreams." 

Because they will literally control one of the most fundamental building blocks for life as we know it. 

How valuable is that? 

Well, it’s impossible to put a number on. 

But you know what we can put a number on?

The $287 billion electric vehicle market. 

Which depends on the Miracle Mineral for all those electric batteries. 

Then there’s the $42 billion computer chip market. 

Without the Miracle Mineral, it’s extremely difficult to produce the semiconductors used in computer chips. 

Let’s not forget the $1.2 trillion pharmaceutical market, either, since the Miracle Mineral is a crucial ingredient in thousands of medications. 

But most importantly, there’s the $2.4 trillion agricultural industry, responsible for all the food on our tables and in our cupboards...

Which wouldn’t exist without the Miracle Mineral. 

And those are just a few of the industries that rely on the Miracle Mineral to function.

Totaled Up, the Economic Value of the Miracle Mineral Is at Least Tens of Trillions of Dollars

And that’s just the amount we can calculate. 

In reality, when you consider that without it we humans wouldn’t even exist...

It’s obvious that the Miracle Mineral is worth much, much more than that. 

So it may come as a surprise that until very recently, 80% of all the Miracle Mineral in the world could only be found here. 

In a patch of African desert stretching roughly the length of Virginia to New Hampshire. 

It’s a land like something straight out of "Aladdin." 

Rolling sand dunes as far as the eye can see...

Jagged mountains silhouetted against the red desert sunset...

And a crystal blue Atlantic Ocean hugging the western coast. 

But don’t try to look it up on Google Maps. 

Because you won’t be able to see anything. 

In fact, there’s only a few pictures of this 100,000-square-mile area. 

And it’s not an exaggeration to say that this stretch of desert may be one of the least photographed places on the entire planet. 

No journalists are allowed in. 

No news is allowed to come out. 

One top political science professor even went so far as to say that this area is the "the worst police state" that he’s ever seen.

Worse than Iraq under Saddam Hussein. 

Worse than Indonesia under Suharto.

It’s Called Western Sahara, and for 40 Years, It Has Been One of the Most Hotly Contested Pieces of Land in the Entire World

Stretching from the inland mines of Bou Craa, a 61-mile-long conveyor belt slinks through the desert, carrying 2.6 million tons of raw Miracle Mineral each year to the port city of El Marsa.

Each step of the journey is closely monitored by Moroccan authorities, who began annexing Western Sahara in 1975. 

At any moment, the Moroccans could be attacked by Sahrawi guerrilla fighters who claim the area...

And the immense wealth of its resources...

As their own. 

At the same time, a constant stream of guns and money flow to the guerillas from neighboring Algeria...

Aided by its ally, Iran. 

The Moroccans, on the other hand, are supported by Israel and the U.S.

The setup is nothing short of a geopolitical powder keg...

With each side vying for control of Western Sahara’s immense reserves of the Miracle Mineral. 

And the situation is only getting worse.

Algeria recently closed its airspace to Moroccan planes. 

The two countries have severed diplomatic relations. 

And war could be right around the corner: 

Caught Directly in the Middle of Those Geopolitical Crosshairs Is, You Guessed It: Virtually the Entire Global Supply of the Miracle Mineral

Already, the political instability is causing the supply chains to break down. 

Exports of the Miracle Mineral have dropped by 50%.

Only about 19 shipments have made it out of the port city of Laayoune since the tensions began to ramp up.

And according to Western Sahara Resource Watch, shipments of the Miracle Mineral have never been as low as they have been recently.

And this is all without bullets flying. 

As soon as the conflict goes hot... exports of the Miracle Mineral are expected to cease altogether. 

I want to put into perspective what that would mean.

It would mean all of those industries that depend on it, like the electric vehicle industry...

The semiconductor and computer chip industry...

The pharmaceutical industry...

And most importantly, the agricultural industry...

All of those trillions of dollars of economic activity would wither virtually overnight. 

In fact, according to an international team of researchers, once the Miracle Mineral stops flowing along that 61-mile-long conveyor belt that cuts through Western Sahara...

The world will only be able to produce half the food it’s producing now. 

Billions could starve to death. 

Even more would go hungry. 

But I’m not here to tell you to strap in for the apocalypse. 

Far from it.

I’m Here to Tell You That the Situation
Unfolding Right Now in Western Sahara
Could Help You Multiply Your Money
Many Times Over in the Coming Months

This is your chance to secure generational wealth for yourself, your kids, and maybe even their kids. 

Because even as Western Sahara teeters on the brink of chaos...

A new Miracle Mineral supplier recently stepped onto the world stage. 

It’s still a tiny company. 

Its shares trade for less than $1. 

But this tiny company is sitting on a deposit of Miracle Mineral so large that it could completely replace the world’s dependence on Western Sahara. 

Not only can this company supply more Miracle Mineral..

But it can do it at a cheaper cost...

With none of the political instability. 

And as China, the U.S., and Europe line up to buy their share of this company’s Miracle Mineral...

Its sub-$1 share price could hit the moon... and then some.

I’m Predicting That Early Investors Could See 16,335% Gains — At Least

I’m not trying to brag, but if there’s anyone that can predict how these kinds of events will play out, it’s me.

My name is Luke Burgess. 

I’m the director of the mining research division here at Angel Publishing. 

I’ve been a featured guest on industry-leading websites like and Kitco, as well as on numerous radio shows and with private investing masterminds. 

My work has allowed me to rub shoulders with the absolute titans of mining and exploration...

People like billionaire resource investor Rick Rule.

Rob McEwen, the founder of Goldcorp, one of the largest gold exploration companies in the world. 

Eric Sprott, another billionaire and the former CEO of Sprott Holdings — the world’s leading precious metals investing firm. 

And Shawn Ryan, a man who Popular Mechanics once called "the world’s most successful prospector" and who’s responsible for the discovery of $10 billion worth of gold reserves. 

I’ve been able to leverage all of these rockstar industry connections to unearth some of the greatest resource companies in the world...

Far before the mainstream hears about them. 

And I’ve used that intel to guide my readers toward some truly enormous returns. 

$59K Profit!!!

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But I’ve never come across an opportunity like the one unfolding around the Miracle Mineral right now. 

The amount of wealth that hangs in the balance is plain absurd. 

We’re talking about a critical ingredient for life itself.

A lion’s share of which will soon be supplied by a company who’s not on anybody’s radar except mine. 

And you have the chance today to get in on the ground floor of this company before it starts to pump out Miracle Mineral by the ton. 

In other words:

You Have the Chance to Get in Before Billions Upon Billions of Dollars Flow Into Its Coffers...

And This Tiny Firm Becomes One of the Most Valuable Resource Companies in the World

The craziest part about all of this is that despite the absurd amount of wealth up for grabs...

Many people have never heard of the Miracle Mineral — or even its other, more scientific name:


Phosphate is a combination of phosphorus — the 15th element on the periodic table — with four molecules of oxygen. 

On its own, phosphorus is one of the most volatile, reactive elements in the world. 

So volatile, in fact, that the use of phosphorous bombs is banned under the Geneva Conventions. 

However, by combining it with a little bit of oxygen, you get one of the most life-giving compounds in the entire world. 

Besides nitrogen and potassium, phosphate is one of the three essential nutrients for plant life.

And it’s an irreplaceable ingredient in fertilizer. 

Without it, every tree, bush, vine, and blade of grass in the world could not grow. 

But it’s not just plants that need phosphate. 

Phosphate is a critical component of adenosine triPHOSPHATE, or ATP — the energy molecule in your body. 

It forms the backbone of your DNA. 

And it’s an irreplaceable nutrient for your bones, teeth, muscles, and organs. 

The famous science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov once wrote that phosphate was "life’s bottleneck."

Because without it, life as we know it just simply could not exist. 

Unlike nitrogen — which can be pulled from the air, and potassium — which is exceptionally abundant in the Earth’s crust...

Phosphate is rare. Its volatility means that it can only be formed under very specific conditions, over the course of millions of years.

So to paraphrase a Mark Twain saying: "They ain’t making any more of it." At least, not in our lifetimes. 


Over the Last 50 Years,
Phosphate Demand Has Quadrupled

Global Population Growth, Combined With Increased Agricultural Demands, Means That We Need More Phosphate Than Ever

Which is a big problem... 

Because we’re running out. 

The European Commission has publicly stated that the continent’s phosphate reserves face a significant supply risk.

The reserves of the United States, China, Russia, and India — some of the world’s biggest countries — are expected to face critical shortages as soon as 2030. 

And even Morocco and Western Sahara could be completely depleted as soon as 2040.

That is, if their political instability doesn’t cripple their supply lines before that. 

Put together, all of this means that the race is on to find another source of phosphate before time runs out...

And global mass starvation sets in.

While that race might begin in China, Russia, South Africa, or Brazil...

I know where it will end. 

Right here:

In a tucked-in corner of the Canadian wilderness. 

This isolated lake is a 6-hour-and-42-minute drive from Quebec City, the nearest population center. 

Though you wouldn’t guess it from the hundreds of miles of fir trees stretching to the horizon in every direction...

This entire region was once at the bottom of an ancient sea. 

And over the course of millions of years, billions of organisms fell to the bottom of this sea floor and decomposed, leaving behind nothing except the topic of our conversation today: phosphate. 

A whole lot of phosphate.

78 million tons of it.

Virtually rising out of the ground. 

And the best part is it wasn’t discovered by some multinational corporation that's already on the Fortune 500. 

Even with so much wealth buried here, it wouldn’t have moved its share price a life-changing amount. 


This Massive Treasure Trove Was Discovered by a Tiny, No-Name Company...

Which Has Acquired All the Mining Rights for This Multibillion-Dollar Paydirt

As we speak, this company is hovering around a $70 million market cap...

And trading for less than $1. 

But it's sitting on 78 MILLION tons of phosphate. 

How much is that worth? 

Well, right now, the price of phosphate is $147 per ton.

So 78 million multiplied by $147...

And look at that. 

As soon as it starts pulling this phosphate out of the ground, this company could be worth $11.5 billion!

That means this small explorer’s share price could skyrocket 16,335% and turn every $500 into $82,175! 

And that’s just with current phosphate prices. 

But if the price of phosphate continue to rise, which seems highly likely based on the news...

Then this deposit could become much more valuable.

And the investors who get in with this company now will have a chance to share in a large portion of that wealth.

According to CRU, a leading agricultural research firm, once this company activates its mines, it will be the "lowest-cost... producer" of phosphate in the world.

And not just that. 

You see, all phosphate is not created equal. 

Some is lower quality, or harder to extract from the rock around it. 

But not here.

In this mine, the phosphate is ridiculously high quality.

The highest in the world, in fact. 

So let’s do a basic logic problem. 

What do you get when you combine extremely high quality with exceptionally cheap production costs? 

You get the makings of a major monopoly, both on phosphate...

And the tremendous wealth that phosphate creates. 

The famed investment bank Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo & Co. has called the OCP, Morocco’s state-owned phosphate mining company — the "most important quasi-monopoly in economic history."

But the OCP is about to be wiped off the map by this tiny company on the Canadian frontier. 

Get this: Currently, Morocco can only pull 2.6 million tons of phosphate out of Western Sahara each year. 

But this small company? 

It’s going to be cranking out three million tons a year. 

Starting from day one. 

And that’s not its investor relations department trying to build hype. 

Those figures were independently validated by not one, not two...

But by 11 top geological consulting firms. 

And that’s just the start. 

As this company grows, it’s likely it’ll start pumping out many times that amount. 

Simply put, the phosphate game is its for the taking. 

But of course, there’s no guarantee.

Plenty of companies have failed, even when the chips seemed stacked on their side. 

But I’d bet my house that THIS company won’t be one of them. 



At the Helm Is a Rockstar Leadership Team Which Has a Combined 240 Years of Experience in the Mining and Resource Industry

The president was a founding member of one of the world’s preeminent exploration financing companies. 

For over 20 years, he guided, funded, and advised dozens of junior exploration companies, which mined everything from copper, lead, and gold...

To cobalt, molybdenum, and tellurium. 

He learned the ins and outs of virtually every mineral under the sun. 

But most importantly, he learned exactly how to run a successful mining company — how to hire the right geologists and engineers, how to extract minerals cheaply, and how to profitably bring the ores to market. 

And now, he’s bringing all of those decades of experience to bear on this latest venture. 

His chief operations officer is another veteran of the mining world.

And he’s a man who knows exactly how to get a mining project off the ground. 

It’s not sexy to talk about, but a mining project requires regulatory approval, political approval of the people where the mine will be opened, and the implementation of sustainability measures to insulate the surrounding ecosystem from the mine’s effects. 

Again, not sexy, but a vital part of any successful exploration company. 

Especially in a place as bureaucratic as Canada.

Thankfully, the COO has over 15 years of experience doing all of that. 

And he’s already helped this company navigate the maze of red tape and secure approval to break ground. 

Working underneath the COO and president is a who’s-who team of movers and shakers...

All of whom were in major leadership positions at other mining companies...

All of whom were making serious money...

But all of them decided to trade it all just to get a piece of the buried wealth that this company is about to pull out of the ground. 

These people include: 

  • A metallurgical engineer previously recruited by Exxon for his expertise
  • A 30-plus-year veteran of commodity heavyweights Cargill and Mosaic, where he served as Senior VP of Phosphates (but left because he knows this opportunity will be bigger!)
  • A former CEO of a $9 billion agricultural company
  • A sought-after expert on mining law and trade (he will be absolutely critical when this company starts to export its phosphate to foreign markets)
  • And the former CEO of one of the world’s largest iron mining companies, who saw so much potential in this company that he actually came out of retirement!

Needless to say, this team has all the ingredients it takes to create a world-class resource explorer. 

And I’m not the only one who thinks that. 

The government of Quebec recently purchased over three million shares.

The Global Resources Fund, a world-leading mutual fund specializing in natural resources, has added 1.5 million shares to its books.

And PI Financial, one of Canada’s fastest-growing banks, recently purchased over $4 million worth of shares.

To Sum It Up, the Smart Money
Is Placing Its Stakes

Because It Understands Just How Much of a
Fast-Moving Opportunity This Is

Which brings me to India. 

Yes, India. 

The second-largest country in the world. 

Which, together with China and Europe, consumes 60% of all the phosphate in the world. 

Think about that.

To feed its 1.3 billion people...

India produces 275 million tons of food a year.

All told, the Indian agricultural sector is worth a whopping $276 billion. 

And all of those millions of tons of food require phosphate fertilizer to grow. 

And guess what?

This Company Recently Struck a Deal to Become One of India’s Main Phosphate Suppliers

Again, this company is still worth less than $100 million.

But it's about to penetrate a $276 billion market.

Are you starting to see why I think this stock could arc as high as 16,335%...

And turn every $500 invested into $82,175 or more?

And I’m trying to be as conservative as possible. 

Because India is very much the beginning. 

You have China — with its $1 trillion agricultural industry.

The United States with its own $1 trillion agricultural market.

Europe with an agricultural market valued at roughly $500 billion.

Russia’s $91 billion agricultural industry.

And the hundreds of billions of dollars in agricultural output that the rest of the world contributes. 

They all need phosphate, and where are they going to get it? 

From the lowest-cost, highest-quality manufacturer in the world. 

A similar situation played out in the early 2000s. 

Not with phosphate, but with uranium. 

In a stroke of bad luck, over the course of just three years, multiple mines were either flooded, damaged by a storm, or shut down for other reasons. 

At the same time, demand for uranium was going through the roof. 

China had just announced a massive nuclear power initiative, India was ramping up its own nuclear program, and an international treaty between Russia and the U.S. had dramatically reduced the amount of weapons-grade uranium on the open market. 

In other words, you had a massive increase in demand...

With an equally massive supply squeeze. 

And there was only one company who could step in to fill the void:

Cameco Corporation. 

Its Canadian mines produced some of the highest-grade uranium on the planet. 

And wouldn’t you know it, many of its competitors had suddenly been taken offline. 

The profits were as simple as one, two, three.

From 2000 to 2004, Cameco’s share price skyrocketed 824%!

It’s basic economics. 

And what’s going on with phosphate isn’t all that different.

You Have Skyrocketing Global Demand Paired With a Rapidly Shrinking Supply

And the Only Company That Can Fill the Gap Is the One I’m Telling You About Today

So I’m not exaggerating when I say that if you get into this phosphate miner now, you could make a boatload of money over the coming months and years. 

That’s why I want to send you my urgent investment dossier called: 

"The Phosphate Payload: How to Get in on the Biggest Resource Squeeze of the Century."

The minute you receive it, you’ll have everything you need to know to place your stakes in this company. 

I’ll give you the stock symbol, the financial breakdown report, P&Ls...

Everything you need to know to get invested now. 

I recommend you don’t wait long. 

Because I just got word from the president that the company is about to start breaking ground on this mine very soon. 


Well, I’ll let him answer that question for you. 

Because I’ve included a full interview with the president. You’ll hear all the details directly from his mouth. 

Now I don’t have any relationship with this company beyond thinking it’s an incredible stock...

It doesn't pay me any money to make this recommendation...

And I don’t get anything out of it other than uncovering an incredible investment.

Which is why I want to share it with you.

You can listen to the audio or read the transcript.

But whatever you do, it will be like you’re sitting in a private boardroom meeting with the president of this company himself. 

Because if you put your money down, you will be a part of this company. 

And you WILL have a front row seat if this company does what I think it will do and rockets to the moon. 

Look — over 16,000% gains. 

That’s what I’m calling.

But I really think it could be much more than that.

But even if it only hits 16,335%, well, you’ll still have the chance to turn $500 into over $82,175. 

That’s enough for a down payment on a beautiful beach home in Amelia Island, Florida. 

Or a brand-new car, like the 2021 Ford F-150. 

And if you put in more, say $2,500...

Well, then it gets really spectacular. 

Because you could cash a $410,875 payday...

And drive into the sunset in a Jaguar F-TYPE, potentially erase ALL of your debt, or just sleep easier at night knowing that you have an extra half million in the bank. 

Whatever you decide to do, it all starts with "The Phosphate Payload: How to Get in on the Biggest Resource Squeeze of the Century." 

And the best part is, it’s free. 

If you do one thing. 

One thing only. 

But one thing that I believe will be one of the greatest financial decisions of your life.

I’m Inviting You to Join My Investment Research Service Junior Mining Trader!

As I’m sure you’ve heard, the world is only getting bigger. 

More people need more products that need to be made with more resources. 

The demand for everything from the classics, like gold, silver, and copper, to the newer celebrity resources, like lithium, cobalt, and of course, phosphate...

Is going through the roof. 

According to the USGS, each person in the United States requires over 20 tons of mined minerals each year to maintain our standard of living.

So companies are springing up left and right, scouring every corner of the globe for the next big patch of paydirt. 

New technology is opening up extraction techniques unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. 

And corporations, nation states, and even individuals are willing to dish out big money to get their hands on these resources. 

When you throw all of that together, the result is a renaissance in mining and exploration. 

A renaissance that I want to help guide you through. 

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My goal? 

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BONUS REPORT NO. 1: "The Renewable Energy Storage Breakthrough: How to Make a Fortune on the Vanadium Boom"

Have you heard of lithium?

It’s the prime component of the rechargeable batteries that power our phones, our laptops, Teslas, and Fitbits. 

Well, here’s the thing:

Pretty soon, you’re not going to be hearing about lithium EVER again. 

Because there’s a new metal about to take its place. 

And it outperforms lithium in every single way. 

Allow me to introduce vanadium.

Vanadium is the 23rd element on the periodic table. 

And pretty soon, it could replace lithium as the world’s go-to battery metal. 

That’s because unlike lithium batteries, vanadium batteries don’t lose their ability to recharge over time. 

Not only that, but because vanadium is a superior electrical conductor, one charge can last much longer than it would in a lithium battery. 

Plus, vanadium is safer, less toxic, and more effective for large-scale applications, like power grids. 

Which means the writing is already on the wall:

Lithium’s days are numbered. 

China’s new 800 MWH electrical power plant — which, after it’s completed later this year will be the largest energy plant in the world — will rely completely on vanadium. 

Wilber Ross, the former United States Secretary of Commerce, stated last year that "vanadium... is integral... to U.S. national security."

And according to the global market intelligence company QY Research, the vanadium market will skyrocket from $320 million all the way to $4.25 billion by 2025.

With so much demand, the mining companies that provide vanadium are going to make a killing. 

And now is the perfect time to get in. 

I’ve identified five mining companies, each of which produce the purest, most application-ready vanadium on the planet. 

And I’m going to go out on a limb and say that each of these junior miners has the chance to pay out 1,900% gains over the coming years. 

In "The Renewable Energy Storage Breakthrough: How to Make a Fortune on the Vanadium Boom," you’ll learn about all of them. 

And it’s yours free when you join Junior Mining Trader today. 

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I’m also going to send you another FREE bonus report.

BONUS REPORT NO. 2: "The One Stock You Must Own for the Rare Earths Revival"

The rapid development of new technologies, severe supply constraints, and geopolitical turmoil have created conditions for a burgeoning resource war over what the United States government now deems "critical materials."

Among the most important of these critical materials is a mostly unknown group called "rare earth" elements.

Rare earths exhibit a wide range of special physical, magnetic, thermodynamic, radioactive, and phosphorescent properties. 

And these special properties make rare earths vital to the production of everything from smartphones and electric vehicles to wind turbines and military lasers.

Obviously, these rare earths are critical to the American economy. 

But there’s a catch: 90% of the entire supply of rare earths comes from China...

Which is using its near-monopoly to enforce a communist political agenda across the world. 

But no more. 

Because a small company has recently opened up the largest rare earth mine in the Western Hemisphere. 

And it’s right here, in the great old U.S. of A. 

Since this mine was opened in 2017, the growth has been off the chart. 

Annual production is growing at about 10% a year. 

Last year, the mine pumped out 9,337 metric tons of rare earths. 

And its revenue has jumped 83% since last year. 

As the operation expands, this company will only be making more money. 

Because it’s already inked supply deals with the U.S. military, as well as a number of highly strategic American corporations. 

For investors who get in now, before the mining reaches peak production, I believe that they could potentially be handed a 10-bagger. 

You heard me right. 

This is a potential 1,000% play. 

Because this company will help the U.S., Europe, and our allies break the shackles of China’s rare earth monopoly...

And provide our own supply of rare earth minerals for decades to come. 

But if you want a chance at those gains, you have to get in soon. 

Don’t worry, I’ve included all the information you need in this FREE bonus report. 

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