This Is My Most Important Update for You Since I Launched The Crow’s Nest Seven Years Ago

Hi, this is Jimmy Mengel here again. Your captain of The Crow’s Nest

Everything you know has been disrupted...

...your finances...

...your retirement...

...your way of life...

...your health...

That’s why with all that’s lacking out there right now...

I want to add more to your life right here...

You’re counting on me to bring you the very best research not just every month...

But every day.

Because something in the market changes every day. There’s always a new trend forming, a new crisis, good and bad days. 

Before, I Couldn’t Share Absolutely Everything With You

In fact, all the research I collect does not make it into The Crow’s Nest

Hopefully, that doesn’t come as a surprise or upset you.

But, it makes sense as I spend dozens and dozens of hours each month researching...

So, for every issue of The Crow’s Nest, you’re receiving the summarized, simplified version of everything I come across. 

But Like I Said,
I’m Ready to Give You More

More of my top research. More behind-the-scenes looks at where I am, who I’m talking to, what I’m seeing happening in the market every week. 

I want to give you INSIDE access to everything I know. 

And we’ll be going deeper than just stocks and finances. 

In a recent video I posted during the coronavirus epidemic, I talked about ways to stay healthy. 

One tip was about a special drink that lowered blood sugar. I also showed a recent email I got from a fellow Crow’s Nest crew member who recommended eating blackberries to strengthen the immune system. 

That’s just one example. 

In summer 2019, I flew to Copenhagen to visit the European Cannabis Symposium to get a feel for how cannabis is growing internationally outside of North America. 

I shared a quick blurb about my trip in The Crow’s Nest, but what I didn’t share was the copious amounts of notes I gathered from the people I chatted with, the speakers I listened to, the prices I saw for cannabis over there, and much more. 

At the time, it didn’t really feel relevant to share this amount of information inside The Crow’s Nest. After all, we’re investing in over 60 stocks! If I did that for every industry I visit and research, it would be quite a lot for the newsletter. 

That’s Why I Decided to Carve Out a Special Place to Share All This Research With You

For those who want to go deeper, and that’s what I’m about to show you.

Of course, this isn’t for everyone. 

Maybe you just want stock picks and nothing else. That’s okay. 

But maybe you want to know how I study companies. What I’m looking for. What companies I pass over. 

Maybe even broader...

What sectors am I looking at for big moves in the next 12 months?

In the Crow’s Nest, I share stocks that I think you should own now. But what about in 12 months... 24 months?

This longer-term research could be even more important for your financial future, you might say. 

But, again, all that research and analysis would be just too much to share inside one newsletter.  

What about everything else? 

Technology. Mining stocks. Defense. Dividend plays. eSports. The list goes on. 

For each of those sectors... and beyond... you deserve even more research, more behind-the-scenes looks. 

Because these types of opportunities can change in an instant. 

Take the coronavirus epidemic that started in January 2020. 

Most Americans didn’t start taking it seriously until March 2020 when their entire lives were disrupted by shelter-in-place orders — and a third of their portfolio had been erased.

However, if you were savvy... you would’ve seen a trend forming that many Americans would be forced into telecommunicating. 

So maybe you’d look at Zoom as a stock. 

Well, the stock shot up 126%. 

tt launch zoom

Pretty incredible. 

For me, I shared that with kids likely to stay home more, they’d be playing more video games. So I doubled down on eSports...

And one of my picks, Capcom, jumped 15% in a month while the rest of the market shed 30%. 

tt launch capcom

Those are just two examples of the trends that shift weekly... even daily. 

Before, I couldn’t share with you my fast-paced thoughts on what’s happening. 

But, now I’ve figured out a way that I can. 

A Way to Give You More Insider Information on the Important Shifts Happening in the World

In finance, the economy, even your health. I work closely with many doctors and was editor at Health Wire, a cutting-edge publication for medical discoveries for a time. 

I want to cover all these areas.

You’ve asked for more access to me, and now you’re about to get it tenfold.

With a massive recession upon us... and billions already lost... you don’t need hot stock picks... you need guidance on what could happen next to prepare yourself,  your family, your money, and your health. 

That’s what you’re about to get. 

Today, I’m Launching the Trend Tracker

This is a brand-new service, and it’s only available to paid subscribers. 

You won’t find us advertising this on our website at Outsider Club (our free daily publication)...

No free email subscriber will likely know this service even exists. 

We’ve built Trend Tracker to give you the most insider information you’ve ever seen.

If you’ve hoped for more updates from me...

  • Updates on where I’ve been traveling...
  • Updates on our Crow’s Nest positions weekly instead of monthly...
  • Updates on my thoughts about the stock market and the economy every week... sometimes even daily if the situation warrants...
  • Plus, where I’m looking next to invest...

Trend Tracker will be one of your favorite services to be a part of. 

Because most entry-level newsletters center around our very best stock picks. 

For example, when I first released my viral video about “Blue Gas”, I teased a stock that could see major tailwinds in the fuel cell space. 

The stock... Ballard Power Systems, shot up as much as 192% within the first six months I recommended the play. 

tt launch ballard

That’s the definition of a hot stock. One of the hottest in the world, I’d say. 

Trend Tracker goes beyond looking for opportunities like this. Beyond hot stock picks, I mean. 


Access to Trend Tracker
Is Meant for You If:

  • You want even more in-depth insights on our positions and why they’re doing good and bad
  • You want to understand the dynamics of the economy and what you should expect in the markets going forward. More volatility? A return to the normal?
  • You want to be a more ‘in the know’, confident investor. The only way you do that is if you understand exactly how I pick stocks. What I look for, who I talk to, and more. 

This is a service that ‘levels you up’ as an investor — if I may use an eSports term. 

If all you’re interested in is what stocks I’m going to recommend next... then stick with The Crow’s Nest and you’ll be fine. 

But if you’re interested in going deeper. 

  • That means getting access to my industry connections and hearing their thoughts on their companies and big trends coming
  • Or, receiving updates from opportunities like fuel cells more than monthly... but up to once per week

You’ll want to keep reading as there is a host of bonus content you’re about to get as a new member. 

Like I said, Trend Tracker goes beyond stock picks and gives you more of the research I can’t share anywhere else. 

Here’s what you can expect as a Charter Member of Trend Tracker


Get Weekly Briefings Directly From My Desk About the Most Pressing Market News You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Plus, What Trends and Opportunities I See Coming Down the Pipeline

One recent video I posted in The Crow’s Nest received a lot of feedback: 

This was a briefing I did from my home in Baltimore during the quarantine. I had received dozens of emails from subscribers all over the world, as far as Israel. 

On here, I touched on questions about precious metals, how to stay healthy (and my secret drink to do so), life skills you should pick up during a crisis, and more. 

This video was met with acclaim from your fellow crewmates. 

And that’s when I realized that you probably wanted more of these kinds of updates. 

Well, inside Trend Tracker, I’m going to be doing these updates every single week. 

I’ll answer questions, discuss new opportunities unfolding, I’ll update you on any travels I made and what I found out...

As you can imagine, there is so much I could cover, which is why we created Trend Tracker so I can dump all this research into it for you to consume. 

It’s far too much to put into an entry-level newsletter...

Which is why I’m bringing it to you now. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be more access to me if I didn’t actually jump online LIVE with you. 

That’s why I’m also offering: 

LIVE Calls With Me on How I Pick Stocks With Time to Answer Your Questions About Anything

Something I’ve rarely done in my career is go LIVE online with my subscribers and answer questions.

We have a large subscriber base and the logistics would be quite extreme. 

Trend Tracker is a more ‘close-knit’ group of investors. The group is smaller. It’s more exclusive. 

Which is why I’m now opening the doors to do LIVE calls when necessary. 

It may be one or two times per month, sometimes we may do more, sometimes less than that. 

On these LIVE calls, I’ll have a topic I’ll be discussing. 

Maybe it’s how I pick stocks...

Or, a new opportunity I’m sharing with you before anyone else. 

It could also just be an emergency briefing about the market conditions and how you can prepare yourself. 

We may even have calls about non-financial topics such as developing healthy habits, new survival skills any person should know...

I may even bring on a special guest from my Rolodex to present on a special topic. 

The possibilities are endless and it’s fluid, which keeps it interesting and also relevant. 

At the same time, you’ll have a unique opportunity to ask questions and open up a dialogue with me about anything. 


It’s unprecedented access. 

I’ve been flown around to talk to investors many times before...

But with this you receive full insider access to me on these LIVE calls as a member of Trend Tracker

To start receiving all this insider content inside the Trend Tracker... the normal price would be upwards of $2,000 per year. 

Because we’re talking about such frequent updates, LIVE calls, video updates, access to my private connections, master classes in stock investing... and much, much more...

For $2,000 per year... that’s less than you’d pay for a personal coach. 

And here I am acting as your financial coach week in and week out...

Fortunately for you... being a Charter Member... you won’t pay anything close to $2,000. 

Special Charter Launch: In Fact, I’m Ready to Give You More Than 80% off the Price Right Now if You Join Today. 

Again, I’m not marketing this service on our website or to free email subscribers. 

Only PAID subscribers will ever receive this content. And you deserve it. Because you invested in yourself already by becoming a paid crewmember at The Crow’s Nest

That proves you are different than most people out there who never invest a dime in their self-improvement. 

Now... it’s time to go even deeper. 

To better yourself even more as an investor... and as a human in general.

Because that’s what I believe you should be doing... especially as an American. I have the privilege of living in a free world where you can choose to be whoever you want. 

When you have that privilege, I believe it is your duty to be forever improving... much like our forefathers did to build this country. 

Even if you aren’t living in the United States, you have an opportunity to be someone different where you live. Someone who stands out. Whether you’re in Europe, Asia, Australia, or the many other areas where my subscribers are... you can make a difference in your life and your family’s life. 

To join Trend Tracker, all you need to do is click the button below and you’re in. 

We already have your information on file as a current Crow’s Nest subscriber, so you’re all set. 

If you’re ready, do that.

join now green button

If not, I have a lot more to show you.

Because it’s my mission to make the Trend Tracker one of our most important publications in our history. 

Again, we live in uncertain times. 

It’s important to have experts in your corner. 

And I’m just one person. 

That’s why, 

The Trend Tracker Will Act As Your Ultimate Resource Tool.

Because I’m Pulling In Another Expert Here at Outsider Club to Contribute to This Service.

As Outsider Club has grown into a global financial publishing powerhouse, our number of premium publications and in-house experts has also grown. 

We’re grateful to be offering tens of thousands of readers access to premium investment and speculation research across a wide range of market segments, from dividend stalwarts to private upstarts. 

Trend Tracker is all about giving our premium members more access to our editors. Not just to me, but to everyone. 

That means filling in the cracks of what we’re seeing between monthly issues, video dispatches when we’re out on the road investigating new opportunities, and listen-in calls where you can submit your questions directly. 

Ever wondered why one editor is saying to buy a stock while maybe I’m saying to sell it? Inside, we’ll explain our rationales and probably argue a bit. 

Want to know what the other editors and I are buying or thinking between our monthly issues? Inside is where we can express that. 

Trend Tracker is a true backstage pass given to you... one of our premium members of Outsider Club’s monthly publications. 

So, you won’t just hear me and my research. 

As a special bonus...

You’ll Also Receive Similar Updates,
Content, and Research From

Jason is our ‘tell it like it is’ expert. He is blunt, factual, and will never fluff anything for you. 

Jason launched our newest publication, Wall Street's Proving Ground, to capitalize on huge potential in the defense industry. 

With turmoil in the markets, I expect a bulk-up of defense to happen for every country going forward, not just the U.S. 

Jason will fill you in on the details. 

Jason’s written more than 1,000 articles pertaining to personal finance and macroeconomics. He had a front-row seat to the 2008 financial collapse and the subsequent sovereign debt crises. His global focus also led to major investigations into the Chinese economy and the oil market. 

If we ever released a book on our thoughts on the future of the U.S. economy, we’d no doubt tap Jason to write it. He’s the big-picture guy. 

So Jason and I are coming together to build this service, the Trend Tracker, for you. 

Like I said, from not just me, but both of us, you’ll receive: 

  • Weekly video entries from us on what we see happening in the market, what trends we’re seeing, the hot industries, collapsing industries, where the global economy is heading, and so much more. Even stuff that isn’t about finance like health and lifestyle.
  • Trend Discussions during those weekly videos where we each lay out the major trends we’re tracking and insights about those trends that don’t make it into the monthly issues — including discussion of companies that don’t make it into the portfolio.
  • Travel Dispatches. One of us is always traveling somewhere. At least when there’s not a global pandemic. We’ll bring you along so you know what we’re sniffing around and why... before anything ever gets printed in a monthly issue. 
  • Finally, LIVE calls monthly. Sometimes it’ll be with me, one of the other editors, maybe even a couple of us will jump on together. Every month will be different. But every month you’ll be able to ask one of us questions directly.

In total, this is over $2,000 in value you’re getting. 

But, since this is a Charter Launch, I’m ready to give you more than 80% off if you act now. 

When you do, I have a few more things to give you. 

Secret Stock Picks You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

With all the research that we’ll be providing you... insider research you won’t find in any of our publications...

We’ll be coming across potential opportunities we’re looking to invest in. With each of our newsletters, we try to limit the number of picks we release so as not to overwhelm you, the subscriber. 

Meaning, every opportunity can’t make it into the newsletters. 

Rather than lock those picks away forever... now, we’re finally getting to release them to you.

If you want more stock picks, you’ll get them. 

If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio from just Crow’s Nest stocks and your own... maybe Jason will have an insider play on a new defense stock...

Just think of that kind of opportunity only shared with you... an insider... inside Trend Tracker

But that’s not all. 

Get Stock Picks From Another Editor You Aren’t Subscribed To

You’re a member of The Crow’s Nest and you’ve probably heard Jason talk about their own respective services... maybe you were curious... but never took the plunge. 

Well, inside Trend Tracker, he'll be talking about some of the plays inside his portfolios. 

Subscribers have paid over $2,000 to access some of these portfolios. 

You will hear a few of their opportunities as a Trend Tracker member. 

Just to be clear, you won’t get a link to their subscriber portfolios. But maybe in a TREND ALERT or on a LIVE call, they’ll talk about one of their picks. And those are freebies for you to take and research on your own without buying their services. 

That way, you can test out Jason’s ideas without signing up for the service. 

I thought this would be a good way for you to hear other ideas besides just my own. 

Definitely a great extra benefit. 


I want this to be risk-free for you. 

That’s why, I’m offering: 

A 3-Month Money-Back Guarantee

If in the next 3 months, you don’t believe this behind-the-scenes research was worth the price of admission...

Just call our team and get a full refund on your money. 

I don’t think this will come to that. 

And I mean it. 

Because if you already enjoy The Crow’s Nest, joining Trend Tracker is like your favorite toppings on a pizza. 

It only makes it better. 

It makes investing more exciting. 

It also gives you more information into what’s going on so you can make better decisions as an investor. 

This is $2,000 of value... if not more. 

We’ll be spending hours and hours each week slipping you bonus research you won’t find on our website or in our services...

But the price? 

For this Charter Launch...the price is just $299 for the next 12 months. 

A full 70% off the value you’re receiving. 

And let me be blunt... as blunt as Jason is with his readers and will be with you...

The price will likely go up to $499 in a month or so. 

After that, probably to $1,000. 

I expect a ton of Crow’s Nest subscribers like yourself to be interested... and we honestly don’t want every subscriber to be a member of Trend Tracker. 

Trend Tracker subscribers WANT MORE than just great stock picks. 

They want knowledge. They want to learn. They’re serious about bettering themselves as investors. 

They want to know how we pick stocks. How we evaluate industries and companies. The questions we ask executives...

If that’s not you... this isn’t for you. 

But let me leave you with this...

When the markets are in turmoil... trying to navigate these waters alone is a bad idea. A worse idea is hiring the wrong crew to help you as they could lead you to ruin. 

I can honestly say I work with some of the best in the financial industry. Many you won’t see on the front page of CNBC and they don't have their own shows on Fox Business. 

None of us want that because it’s all BS. 

We’re Here to Bring You Real, Raw, Boots-on-the-Ground Research You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

If you’re looking for more of that, The Trend Tracker could become your favorite Outsider Club premium service. Even more than The Crow’s Nest, honestly. 

So I urge you, take advantage of this opportunity now. Join this brand-new service, Trend Tracker, now for just $299 for 12 months. 

That’s just $0.82 per day. 

Less than half of what you’d pay for online financial news from the likes of Bloomberg and others. 

Join me now inside. 

This is a new product. It’s only going to get better and better. We’ll be adding more features, more opportunities to interact with us. This is a completely different service than what we’ve ever offered. We can do whatever we want with it.

It’s going to be fun. 

It’s going to be information you’ll want to read. 

Join Trend Tracker now at its lowest price before it goes up next month. 

Click the button below to add it to your portal now...

Our next TREND ALERT will be going out shortly, 

Thanks for being a part of my new crew, 


Jimmy Mengel
Investment Director of The Crow’s Nest

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