Secret NASA “Super Fuel” Could Power 95 Million Homes in America

This unusual, eco-friendly “Super Fuel” has already
begun soaring for a 12,200% growth surge...

And could hand investors 1,900% profits or more...

It’s got nothing to do with natural gas, nuclear, hydrogen, or lithium...


Dear Reader,

THIS is the dawn of a new, explosively profitable era in energy history...

A virtually unknown non-oil “super fuel” is taking the world by storm... and is set for total domination of the global markets.

As the BBC says, it “may soon be powering your neighborhood.”

But I guarantee that 99% of folks have never heard of it before... let alone its extraordinary ability to power America’s clean energy future.

And it’s NOT lithium or hydrogen. It’s not natural gas or nuclear. It’s much safer, more efficient, and more powerful than them.

That’s why it will be the winner of a massive, growing market worth $546 BILLION — per year!

One that Power Magazine calls “a trillion-dollar holy grail.”

And CNBC says, “has the potential to change the way we live.”

But for early investors, it could do more than just change the way you live... it could change your financial future forever.

I believe that this powerful “super fuel” stands to be the biggest wealth creator of our lifetime.


Because it’s THE secret to unlocking America’s massive $10 trillion clean energy revolution.

President Biden’s infrastructure investment plans call for America’s electric grid to be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2035.

His administration is investing a whopping $1.5 TRILLION into new clean energy technologies.

But what most investors don’t realize is that THIS little-known “super fuel” that was originally used by NASA is about to turn his grand visions into a reality.

U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm writes that it “keep[s] the energy flowin’ more reliably... that’s why we’re investing $$ into them! Cleaner, more efficient energy for all!”

But it’s NOT natural gas, nuclear, hydrogen, or lithium.

It’s FAR more powerful than all of those.

When it comes to generating clean electric power simply, safely, and cheaply, it’s unmatched.

It could power every home, office, and factory in America 24/7, without any interruption. GUARANTEED!

That’s why I believe it's set to mint an all-new generation of energy millionaires over the coming months.

In fact, the last time there was a small supply shortfall of this “super fuel,” its price shot up a whopping 1,030%.

Good enough to turn every $10,000 into $113,000 profits.

But I’m confident that my no. 1 “super fuel” play will do even better. In fact, according to calculations I’ll explain in a moment, I believe it’s set for no less than 1,900% gains.

But you’ll need to act quickly to reap the biggest rewards...

Due to a convergence of several
EXPLOSIVE catalysts, demand for it is set
to soar like never BEFORE!

It’s a perfect trillion-dollar storm for this clean energy “super fuel” company.

And you have the rare chance to get in right NOW for just a few dollars a share. I’ll show you exactly how to do that in just a moment. 

First, let me explain why your potential windfall from this little-known “super fuel” opportunity is so massive...

Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross says it “is utilized in our national defense and is integral to certain aerospace applications.”

For instance, NASA uses it to power the world’s fastest, highest-flying aircraft that you see here:

The SR-71 “Blackbird.”

It can reach altitudes of over 85,000 feet...

And speeds of 2,200 miles per hour...

That’s more than three TIMES the speed of sound.

But as I said, this “super fuel” also has a much bigger, even more exciting application that most people have never heard of...

One that’s already being deployed all around the world...

And it could make smart, fast-moving investors wildly rich. I’m talking about a retirement fortune.

As the BBC says, this super fuel “may soon be powering your neighborhood.”

We’re talking about over 95 million existing homes and buildings in America being powered by this clean energy “super fuel”... 24 hours a day... seven days a week.

And putting the greedy electric utility companies out of business for good!

How exactly is that possible?

Take a look at these containers:

They might not look all that impressive... but they are the KEY to a multi-trillion dollar revolution in renewable energy.

One that could turn a swath of savvy investors into retirement millionaires!

That’s because these containers are what will make President Biden’s ambitions of America’s carbon-free future an instant reality!

See, they house a device that churns out clean power 24/7, ON DEMAND...

It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining or if the wind is blowing.

And it produces energy much cheaper than any fossil fuel on the planet can.

Best of all, these devices can last up to 30 years without replacement!

All thanks to this secret NASA “super fuel” which the vast majority of Americans don't have any clue about. 

But those who do stand to make A LOT of money.

There are trillions of dollars at stake here. In fact, Bloomberg estimates that this is a $10 trillion investment opportunity!

Some stocks have already soared for huge gains on the backs of this massive renewable energy wave...

Like Ballard Power Systems. This company creates fuel cells for buses and trams.

Yet its share price went from $6.07 to $40.90 in just over a year.

That’s a 517% gain.

Or how about Blink Charging Co...

It designs, manufactures, and operates charging stations for electric vehicles.

Last year, it went from less than $3 a share to as high as $50.

That’s a 1,566% gain.

But I believe that the biggest winner of the massive green revolution will be this one “super fuel” company that most investors have no idea even exists.

One that has the potential to supply every home, neighborhood, office, and factory in America with uninterrupted clean power, 24/7.

And you have the chance to get in right now while it’s trading for only a few bucks a share.

How much could you make? I’m talking...

“Gates/Bezos/Bloomberg Money”

The world’s richest billionaires are going “all in” on this energy revolution...

  • The legendary Warren Buffett has invested as much as $15 billion, saying it could “erode the economics of the incumbent utility.” And he’s all set to DOUBLE DOWN on his bet. “There’s another $15 billion ready to go, as far as I’m concerned,” says Buffett.
  • Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft, has invested over $2 billion into this groundbreaking technology. And he’s now backing a start-up company that’s focused on it.
  • Elon Musk has also thrown his hat into the ring with a $2.6 billion investment, saying that “if you look at year-over-year growth, it will be absolutely incredible.”

But these billionaires arrived at the party a bit too late...

Because this one small “super fuel” company has already beaten ALL of them to the punch.

In fact, I believe that this firm will be the EPICENTER of the global clean energy revolution. And will make shareholders wildly wealthy.

Claiming a stake in this company right now could be like grabbing shares of Tesla before its electric cars were on every highway in America.

And soared for 12,000% gains.

Or like buying shares of General Electric before it put light bulbs in every home and office in the U.S.

And launched for 10,007% gains.

The potential profits are STAGGERING.

And here’s why...

The Most Disruptive Energy Technology
of the Last 100 Years


It’s official...

Solar power is the CHEAPEST form of electricity on the planet. And it’s now powering over 18 million homes in America.

In 2020, solar and wind supplied more power to America’s electric grid than coal.

It’s the first time this has EVER happened.

That’s a historic milestone in American energy...

Especially when you consider that renewables used to make up less than 1% of America’s power grid.

But today, they make up 25%.

By 2030, America is set to generate an incredible 50% of its total electric power from renewables.

And it’s only going higher from there.

Solar and wind are inevitably set to conquer not just America’s energy mix, but the entire globe’s energy makeup. It’s no longer science fiction.

This renewable energy transformation is accelerating with blistering speed.

As a Forbes headline says, “Wind and Solar Set to Dominate Global Power Mix by 2050, as Coal Continues to Decline.”

It’s a MASSIVE growth story... one that will create an entirely new breed of millionaires.

But here’s the thing...

There’s a HUGE, obvious problem with these clean energy technologies... which is keeping this revolution from reaching its full potential.

This kind of energy isn’t 100% reliable. The sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow.

That’s a problem because the majority of power use occurs at night and in the winter, otherwise known as peak energy demand.

On the other hand, when there’s a lot of sun and wind, much more energy is being produced than the grid can handle.

Solar panels and wind turbines have to be disconnected from the grid to prevent overloads when that’s happening.

As a result, California alone loses nearly 200 gigawatt-hours of electricity each month.

That’s enough to power about 325,000 homes, and it’s simply going to waste.

But that’s where those weird-looking containers I showed you earlier come in.

These are renewable energy storage batteries. This is where all that excess renewable power that’s created is fed into for future use.

The batteries promise to store all of the renewable power you need, ON DEMAND, for whenever you need it!

Power Magazine calls it “a trillion-dollar holy grail.”

And a headline from says “U.S. Battery Storage Market Set to Boom: Stocks to Gain.”

The world’s transition to renewable energy means a VAST expansion of grid energy storage.

Because all that extra renewable energy that is created MUST be stored until exactly when it's needed.

And this renewable energy storage boom is already underway...

Yale University reports that “grid-scale systems are seeing record growth in the U.S. and around the world.”

Global energy storage deployment surged an incredible 62% in 2020 alone.

But that’s peanuts compared to what’s coming down the pike...

Bloomberg reports that battery storage deployments “around the world will multiply exponentially” and are set for a “122-fold boom.”

That’s a phenomenal 12,200% growth surge over the coming years.

That’s the rate it will take to keep pace with massive demand in solar and wind power, which is growing faster than ever before.

Power Magazine says the global battery storage market will be worth as much as $546 BILLION by 2035.

And the winner of the battery storage race will create more millionaires than any other market.

Which means the “fuel” that powers this battery of the future will be the oil of the 21st century.

Until now, many thought it would be lithium. Or even cobalt.

But I’m confident that’s no longer the case. Let me explain:

Why THIS “Super Fuel” CRUSHES Lithium, Cobalt, and Every Other Contender in the Race for Storage Battery Supremacy

Lithium has long been the dominant metal in energy storage. But it’s far from perfect.

See, lithium-ion batteries have a very short life span. You’ve probably experienced this with your own smartphone.

They are small and their power use is very limited, possibly to just one or two homes.

So they can’t be scaled up for large-scale grid energy use.

In fact, powering neighborhood grids would require millions of lithium-ion batteries, all being managed individually.

And that’s just the beginning of lithium’s problems.

Lithium is also toxic and unsafe.

Lithium batteries can also blow up and catch fire!

It’s only a matter of time before new battery tech replaces lithium forever.

And that’s exactly what’s happening right NOW.

BIGGER Than Tesla’s Gigafactory

Check out THIS massive facility in China...

What you’re looking at is the largest energy storage battery in the entire world. It’s even BIGGER than Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada.

And it’s NOT powered by lithium or cobalt or hydrogen.

It uses a far superior type of battery called a “redox flow” battery.

Originally a NASA project as a potential energy source for deep space missions...

“Redox flow” batteries are now transforming the energy world. 

The Atlantic calls it “the forever battery.”

See, unlike lithium batteries which lose power and die after just 1,000 charges...

These “redox flow” batteries have the potential to be recharged INFINITELY... with no loss in strength or performance.

And they last FOUR TIMES as long as lithium batteries do!

That’s incredible, isn’t it?

They can also be scaled up infinitely in size to accommodate large-scale power use.

Something that's never been done with clean energy before!

They instantly meet all power needs on demand, solving the “peak demand” problem. 

Better still, they’re 100% safe, non-flammable, and non-combustible.

There’s literally no other development in energy history that can match its potential...

It could make you rich.

And it could put the greedy electric utility companies out of business forever!

ENDLESS CLEAN ENERGY at Your Fingertips...
Whenever YOU Want It!

When it comes to mass-scale renewable energy power storage, there’s simply no match.

That’s why these flow batteries are being deployed rapidly around the world...

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “the deployment of redox flow batteries has been increasing significantly in recent years.”

They’re being used in multiple U.S. states like California, Washington, and Hawaii...

As well as nations like Australia, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, and Germany.

More new facilities are underway in China — which are just as big as Tesla’s Gigafactory.

And ALL of them need THIS “super fuel” to power them.

It’s called vanadium.

As an energy metal, its powers are unrivaled.

The BBC says it's “the metal that may soon be powering your neighborhood.”

In just a moment, I’ll share with you details on my no. 1 play for the global vanadium battery boom.

And why I believe you could be staring down the barrel at no less than 1,900% gains.

But before I get into that, let me show you exactly WHY vanadium is the BIG winner of the battery boom...

See, flow batteries consist of two tanks of liquid. Think storage tanks.

The liquid flows adjacent in each tank and past a membrane, which generates a charge by carrying electrons back and forth.

Until recently, these batteries used two metals to carry the electrons back and forth and generate a charge.

The problem is that cross contamination of the metals would erode the battery’s strength and lifespan.

In steps vanadium...

Vanadium does the trick all by itself.

Vanadium is able to morph into both charges: cathode (negative) and anode (positive).

In layman’s terms, that means it can literally store and release energy simultaneously.

As Canadian mining billionaire Robert Friedland says, “the beauty of the redox battery is that you can charge and discharge it at the same time, something that can’t be done with a lithium battery.”

This gives it a unique position as a source of battery power.

One that has set it on the path to domination of the global energy market.

The use of it goes well beyond batteries though.

Steel is another big one.

Every ton of steel in the world consists of 1% vanadium.

Just this small amount makes the steel more durable, stronger, and flexible.

That’s just how powerful this metal is.

Henry Ford even used it to produce his iconic automobile, the Model T. He was the first to use it on a mass scale.

It made the Model T lighter and stronger than any of its competitors.

Today, all of the big automakers are building cars with vanadium steel.

But it’s not just the auto industry...

Demand for vanadium is EXPLODING to a level
never seen before — with NO slowdown in sight!


Our military buildup is another huge example.

Without vanadium, you can’t produce engines, armor-plated aircraft, or tanks.

Then there’s a huge $506 billion infrastructure investment plan in China, a $2 trillion infrastructure plan in the United States, and several others including India and Europe.

And of course, the biggest catalyst of all for vanadium is the massive $556 billion renewable energy storage revolution.

According to Stanford University, over 143 governments around the world are going “all in” on deploying energy storage technology.

It’s set for a MONSTER 12,200% growth surge.

It’s accelerating so rapidly that it will kick this new metal boom into an upswing that TROUNCES lithium.

It could dominate the ENTIRE industry.

That’s why I’ve found the perfect way to play it for potential gains of 1,900% or more. And that’s a conservative estimate as you’re about to see.

But it’s got nothing to do with commodity futures or ETFs or anything complicated.

See, I’ve found an incredibly unique company... one that’s flying well under the mainstream’s radar for now.

When it comes to mining world-class vanadium deposits AND producing storage batteries... It's a true “one stop shop.”

It covers EVERY single base of this exploding market.

This could be your chance to become a 21st-century Rockefeller.

But before I show you exactly how to position yourself to capture these incredible gains, please allow me to briefly introduce myself...

Hi. My name is Luke Burgess.

I’m the chief mining investment strategist at Angel Publishing.

You may have seen my research published on heavyweight sites like and Kitco, or maybe you’ve heard any one of my numerous radio interviews.

I’ve rubbed elbows with some of the biggest legends in the mining investment world — people like Rick Rule, Robert McEwen, Eric Sprott, and Shawn Ryan.

And for the past two decades, I’ve been helping folks from all walks of life capture big profits from big metals booms.

For instance, I’ve helped show my readers huge returns from some of the greatest gold and silver runs in history.

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I love getting letters like these. This is why I do this. And I hope you’ll send me one too.

Of course, I say none of this to brag, but to make clear the enormity of the claim I’m making today:

The gains from this resource are going to eclipse them all. And the reason why is simple...

In the battle for large-scale battery domination, THIS is the hands-down WINNER. It absolutely DESTROYS the competition.

It could mean MASSIVE profits for anyone who gets in on the ground floor RIGHT NOW!

Vanadium batteries could power your home, your neighborhood, and your whole city with 100% clean energy, 24/7...

And this ONE stock could skyrocket your portfolio to dizzying new heights!

Vanadium is about to become the no. 1 energy resource for large-scale electricity storage...

Beating lithium and anything else you’ve heard of...

It’s the “fuel” that will power the new solar, wind, and clean energy wave of the 21st century.

And I’ve found what I consider to be the ultimate play... one that could make you extremely wealthy.


Because this little firm is NOT your typical mining play. It’s much, MUCH more than that. It’s a powerhouse in every sense of the word. 

See, this company handles ALL aspects of the vanadium battery market...

From exploring for deposits of vanadium... to mining it... to producing the flow batteries themselves!

They do it ALL.

That’s why it's perfectly primed to capitalize on the explosion in vanadium demand... and the new renewable energy storage boom happening worldwide.

It’s unlike any company in this space that I’ve ever seen. And it could be an absolute fortune-maker for investors who get in on the ground floor of this resource wave.

Here’s why...

This small firm from Canada owns the richest, highest-grade vanadium deposits on the planet.

We’re talking 99.5% purity — which is exactly what steelmakers around the world love!

But not only does this firm have the richest vanadium, but it also has the world’s largest supply of it too!

So it’s able to mine and produce vanadium for some of the lowest costs in the world.

It gets even better too...

Because this firm is about to cash in on the vanadium boom in another MAJOR way!

One that could make you huge gains NO MATTER WHAT happens to vanadium prices.

Because they're also building safe, scalable, and cutting-edge flow batteries for clean energy storage...

Made using the richest, highest quality vanadium on Earth.

And this company is on the verge of a full-scale product launch!

The launch of its flow batteries could take this small firm to the next level in a hurry. And it could make you HUGE gains.

For instance, this firm claims it’s currently on track to capture a minimum of 3% of the global energy storage market...

A market that will soon be worth a whopping $546 billion PER YEAR.

That amounts to control of a $16.4 billion-per-year revenue stream.

That would make this small company about one-thirtieth of the size of Tesla, which corresponds to a market capitalization of $19.5 billion.

That’s roughly 20 TIMES the size of the company today... meaning that even by the most conservative estimates, early investors could stand to make over 1,900% from here.

And this doesn’t even take into account its vanadium deposits. Which will only soar in value as the price of the metal explodes to new highs!

There’s just no other company in the vanadium world that does it all like this one can.

From mining high grade vanadium that steelmakers love, to producing the storage batteries that will transform the global energy landscape...

And that’s why it's set to completely dominate the market. This could truly be the biggest opportunity in energy market history.

Remember, 143 countries around the world are transitioning to running on clean electric power. And they’re committing billions of dollars to it!

They will spend $71 billion in the next four years on grid energy storage solutions. 

But the most exciting part?

As of this moment, this vanadium miner is trading for just a few dollars per share.

The market hasn’t quite caught on to the vanadium boom yet. The metal is still hardly known compared to lithium.

It just hasn’t had the same media coverage like Tesla and Elon Musk generated for lithium.

But that’s all changing quickly, though. 

Just look at some recent headlines and quotes:

“Gates, Bezos bet on flow battery technology, a potential rival to big bets on lithium-ion”


“Vanadium-Flow Batteries: The Energy Storage Breakthrough We’ve Needed”


“Flow batteries keep the energy flowin’ more reliably… that’s why they’re good for grid storage and that’s why we’re investing $$ into them! Cleaner, more efficient energy for all!”

— U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm

“The key to unlocking the full potential of solar and wind energy is to store it for use around the clock. Flow battery technology can help us utilize the full potential of these clean-energy resources and investing in this important new technology now is vital to our overall effort to combat the climate crisis.”

— U.S. Representative Diana DeGette, Colorado

The world’s wealthiest investors and America’s political leaders are quickly realizing that vanadium flow batteries are shaping up to be one of the most profitable investments of the 21st century. 

These batteries are superior to every other kind of battery on the market. Unlike lithium, the vanadium battery has the ability to be recharged infinitely. It has almost unlimited storage capacity. It doesn’t catch on fire. And these batteries can last FOUR TIMES as long without replacement.

On top of all that, they’re even cheaper than Tesla’s lithium-ion batteries!

For all of the reasons you’ve seen today, vanadium is poised to become a household name in energy.

Surging to the front of the battery storage boom... which is kicking into high gear right NOW.

It’s on an unstoppable path to global energy market domination!

That’s why you need to get in immediately...

Before this story hits the mainstream.

Before this company announces the product launch of its vanadium flow batteries, which could happen any day within the coming weeks.

And before the market realizes this company’s true value... and sends its share price skyrocketing 1,900% or higher.

Which is why I’ve formed a full dossier on this explosive energy opportunity. I call it:

"The Renewable Energy Storage Breakthrough: How to Make a Fortune on the Vanadium Boom"

Inside you’ll get the full details on this vanadium play, including the name, ticker symbol, and full profile.

You’ll hear all about the vanadium battery opportunity and why it’s on the fast track to energy market domination...

In short, you’ll get everything you need to make the biggest gains on the vanadium boom of 2021.

Again, it’s all in my cutting-edge new dossier:

"The Renewable Energy Storage Breakthrough: How to Make a Fortune on the Vanadium Boom"

And I want to send you the link to download it immediately.

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The retail rate for a year of Junior Mining Trader is $3,000. But I’ve got more good news. You won’t pay that much for it — not even close.

My publisher has temporarily reduced the 12-month membership to just $1,999.

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With so many potential catalysts, vanadium is ready to explode. It absolutely trounces lithium in every way possible.

There will be news coming out constantly. I will keep you updated as it breaks.

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P.S. Vanadium is essential in airplanes, military technology, and mass infrastructure projects. But it’s also what will power the massive $10 trillion renewable energy revolution. And I expect its price to explode to new record highs in the near-term. Don’t wait. Click here now to grab my no. 1 play for the vanadium boom!