The IPO Opportunity of the Decade

It just came out of stealth mode and is expected to give birth to a massive new industry

Get in on what could be the stock of the decade — with up to 8,933% gains ahead.


Dear Reader,

*Due to the sensitive nature of this story, our legal team advised us to blur these professionals’ faces. When you see what’s behind all this, you’ll understand why...

See these people?

They all used to hold top-level positions at some of the hottest tech companies on the planet... Apple, Amazon, SpaceX, and Tesla.

But they walked away.


Because they all know the next BIG thing is on the horizon...

And they want to be a part of it.

So these elite players quit their high-paying, high-prestige jobs and all secretly joined the same little-known startup.

Until very recently, it was off-limits to regular investors.

I can almost guarantee you’ve never heard this company’s name...

Its nondescript headquarters just outside of Alameda, California, doesn’t give you a clue that something revolutionary is going on inside...

And only a handful of experts are privy to what its engineers are developing inside these bizarre-looking facilities...

Yet this company is expected to reach a $2.1 billion valuation in the coming weeks... and this is just the beginning. Because this company is perfectly poised to create...

Extraordinary Riches From the Birth
of a Massive New Industry

Right now, the world’s top billionaires are scrambling to stake their claim to a big piece of this explosive new sector.

Jeff Bezos sold a big chunk of his Amazon shares to put $1 billion into this industry...

Richard Branson poured at least $200 million of his money into it...

And billionaire investor Ron Baron — who made 10 times his money on Tesla — holds a $432 million investment.

These people are the best-connected investors on the planet...

And they that know what we’re about to witness is truly historic.

Because we’re about to watch the birth of an entire industry. And the gains could be stratospheric.

This will rewrite every aspect of the global economy including telecommunications, defense, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, education, and travel.

The foundations of this industry have been around for years...

But access to this technology used to be prohibitively expensive.

Only rich governments and the biggest companies could afford it.

However, this is all about to change...

Because this industry is at the cusp of a MAJOR breakthrough.

I’m talking about the tipping point toward mass adoption.

We’ve seen this pattern play out many times before throughout the history of massive technology breakthroughs...

Take the computer industry in the early 1980s. 

Only a handful of companies had access to expensive mainframes that used to fill whole rooms...

This all changed when IBM released the first PC in August 1981.

Affordable computers quickly become popular in offices and homes across the world...

And IBM’s shares soared 1,358% as a result, turning every $5,000 into $72,900.

It happened again with the internet...

Industrial customers paid an astonishing $30,000 per year to access an early version of the internet in the 1980s. 

But with the advent of broadband technology, the internet became affordable to everyone.

And investors in broadband providers made a killing...

You’d be $77,700 richer today had you invested $5,000 in Comcast before broadband internet became an everyday commodity.

And it happened again with cell phones.

Do you remember the first cell phones? They were as big as bricks! 

And only the ultra-wealthy and business executives could afford the $3,995 price tag.

But mass adoption happened with the switch from analog to digital cellular networks in the 1990s.

Ericsson was a major manufacturer of the equipment powering this new digital network.

And people who bought shares ahead of this transition made an incredible 10,135%... enough to turn every $5,000 into $511,750.

That’s more than half a MILLION dollars.

These companies took technology reserved for a few elite insiders and made it available to the masses.

And that’s exactly what the company I’m going to reveal today is doing.

So if you missed out on these big gains from these past breakthroughs, don’t worry...

Because this is your second chance to get in on the same kind of opportunity early investors in IBM, Comcast, and Ericsson grabbed… 

Up to 8,933% gains are on the table.

Make no mistake, I’m not talking about 5G, blockchain, AI, or IoT.

What I’m going to show you is much more exciting.

In fact, this might even make your childhood dreams come to life...

This $2.7 Trillion Opportunity
“Could Save Humanity”

Experts agree that the mass adoption of this new technology will have a huge impact on our everyday lives...

Industry insider Will Whitehorn explains, it will “kick-start [an] industrial revolution.”

Ars Technica says it is “the next big thing.”

And the World Economic Forum even predicts this new industry “could save humanity.”

Now, before you start guessing...

I’m talking about the space industry. 

Don’t get me wrong... this is NOT about a pie-in-the-sky dream of colonizing Mars...

And it has NOTHING to do with space tourism.

Only the ultra-wealthy can afford to dump six or even seven figures to spend a few hours in orbit.

And even though the words “space industry” make most people think of Elon Musk’s SpaceX or Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin...

This is not about these two companies either.

Those vanity projects from the world’s two richest men are years away from handing out cash to investors.

Musk himself says SpaceX is going through a “deep chasm of negative cash flow.”

And Blue Origin? That company is a bottomless pit...

Bezos pours at least $1 billion of his private money into Blue Origin year after year... just to keep the company afloat.

What I’m talking about is completely different.

This is about a legitimate, moneymaking space industry that could reward early investors handsomely within a few months.

As you’ll find out today, the all-star team behind it is using the exact same approach that helped Apple become a $2 trillion company.

This opportunity has the potential to turn every $1,000 into $90,330. 

It’s not just me who predicts that this new space industry is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for explosive gains...

Bank of America sees the size of this industry growing to at least $2.7 trillion within the next three decades.

The Wall Street Journal says this sector “is poised for explosive growth.”

And TechCrunch reports this industry’s investing opportunities are about to “take off.”

And the little-known company I’m going to show you today — stacked with the best of the best talent from some of the top tech companies in the world...

Is set to become the dominant player in this sector. 

That’s right...

I predict this little-known startup that’s about to explode onto the scene will beat SpaceX and Blue Origin at their own game.

Like I said, SpaceX and Blue Origin are little more than the private pastimes of their billionaire owners.

SpaceX wants to send humans to Mars while Blue Origin focuses on space trips for Bezos’ billionaire buddies.

The business model of the little-known Alameda-based company is entirely different...

Because it’s exclusively focused on using space technology to improve our day-to-day life on earth.

I’m talking about a revolution in the satellite industry that’s unparalleled to anything in the past 60 years of the aerospace industry.

And this company is at the center of it all.

Let me explain...

This Revolution in Space Technology Is a
Once-in-a-Lifetime Investment Opportunity


You see, satellites used to cost as much as $400 million...

They were huge, some of them the size of a school bus...

And it took months to build them...

The smartphone in your pocket is more powerful than many of the older satellites circling the Earth.

As NASA’s director of engineering Pete Klupar points out, an ordinary smartphone has a faster processor and better sensors than a lot of these satellites.

That’s why a next generation of satellites is now possible.

They’re called nanosats and are no bigger than a loaf of bread. 

Arizona State University recently unveiled a nanosat that’s the size of a half-dollar coin.

Nanosats are much cheaper as well... They cost $1 million or less.

That’s a 99% price reduction in comparison to old space technology.

And they can be built in as little as a day instead of months...

With satellites this affordable, even startups will soon be able to operate their own fleets of these tiny spacecraft.

And this swarm of satellites circling the planet is going to have a huge positive impact on life on Earth.

In a moment I’ll explain exactly what I mean...

But first it’s important you understand why all this creates a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for early investors.

One of the Biggest Supply-Demand
Gaps in History?

You see, governments and companies around the world can now get their hands on cheap satellites almost in an instant.

However, there are two huge problems...

Getting these satellites into orbit is extremely expensive AND takes ages.

Right now, you have to wait for at least two years to get a spot on a rocket to launch your satellite into space.

The demand for satellite launches exceeds the supply of rockets available to carry these satellites by a huge amount.

And even if you secure a spot, you have to pray everything goes according to plan... without any costly delays.

And this situation is only going to get worse.

Never before in the history of spaceflight have this many satellites queued up for launches.

In 2011, 39 small satellites were put into orbit...

By 2017, there were 338...

And by 2020, the number leaped to more than 1,200.

That’s a parabolic increase of 2,976% in less than 10 years.

This trend is unstoppable...

According to space consulting firm Euroconsult, we’ll see more satellite launches in the 2020s than in the last 60 years.

More than 12,000 satellites could be in space by 2028 — up from about 3,000 today.

We’re looking at a huge supply-demand gap...

And this company from Alameda is perfectly positioned to fill this gap.

Its mission is to provide the first daily space delivery service in history.

This firm builds rockets faster than anyone else in the industry...

Its rockets are 50 times smaller and it builds 50 times more of them.

But that’s not all...

This company is going to offer unprecedented service to its customers.

You see, preparing for a satellite launch is incredibly complicated.

Because you first have to plow through almost 300 page-long manuals like this...

And strictly follow the most miniscule details to set up your satellite for the launch.

This requires a whole team of experts and makes the cost of such projects go through the roof.

But not anymore...

This company from Alameda is about to completely transform this whole process.

Satellite operators only have to decide when to go and what orbit they’re going toward... This company will do the rest.

This saves them a huge amount of time and money. 

With this company taking care of all the complicated details, the risk of costly errors is also massively reduced.

Booking a satellite launch will be as easy as booking a flight from San Francisco to New York.

And not only is this company going to offer daily launches — something that has never been done before — and offer unheard-of service in the satellite business...

It's also providing all this for only a tiny fraction of other space companies’ prices.

How? By using the exact same approach Apple uses to design and build its products...

And that took Apple from a total outsider to the global smartphone leader faster than anyone could have imagined.

Now this company is using this proven strategy to outpace everyone in the space industry at a breathtaking rate.

This is already happening...

This firm got into orbit twice as fast as SpaceX and three times faster than Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit.

I’ll explain how exactly this “Apple approach” translates to the rocket business in a moment.

It’s no wonder why four top engineers from SpaceX — including its co-founder — quit Elon Musk’s company to join this firm...

And why other top players from Apple, Amazon, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, and Tesla are flocking to this company.

These insiders made this bold move because they’re captivated by this startup’s unique position in the space technology sector...

They understand that it might soon become the world’s largest space company.

I’m convinced all this talent concentrated at one spot means one thing...

They’re going to make this company dominate the space industry in record time. 

Just like they helped Apple dominate the smartphone market... Tesla dominate the electric vehicle business... and Amazon dominate the e-commerce sector.

This company could become the fastest-growing firm of the decade.

Because as I’m about to show you, there’s a ton of money involved in this kind of business. 

According to my calculations, this company’s enterprise value could grow 8,933% very soon... even if it captures just a modest share of this market.

Enough to turn every $500 into $45,165.

Make no mistake, this isn’t one of those situations where you can take your time and watch things unfold. 

This firm operated in secrecy until recently… Regular investors weren’t even allowed to get in. 

But this all just changed and the window to get in front of the largest gains is closing.

In a moment I’ll show you exactly why I believe this incredible growth is possible, what this company’s three-tiered strategy for enormous growth is — it “borrowed” it from Apple — and how you can get in on this opportunity today...

But first, please allow me to introduce myself.

My Nonconformist Strategy to Make
a Killing in Any Market

My name is Jason Simpkins.

I’ve built a career out of predicting the rise of massive new trends. 

I’m talking about market-defining disruptions...

You see, in a world filled with fake news and establishment types, most investors miss out on some of the biggest gains available...

Just because they don’t fit into the current mainstream narrative of what’s allowed to be reported.

And that’s where I make the most money...

For example, I recommended Canopy right at the outset of cannabis legislation. The establishment wouldn’t touch this play with a 10-foot-pole back then...

You could’ve pocketed up to 909% at the peak had you acted on my buy recommendation.

And I’ve made another 137%, 329%, and 661% on the rapid growth of medical marijuana. 

I also predicted the skyrocketing climb of Bitcoin. 

I wrote back in February 2014: “Those laughing at Bitcoin now won't be laughing in a few years.” 

Bitcoin surged an incredible 11,305% since then.

And I was front and center during the lithium boom tied to the boom in electric vehicles. It’s an essential material in electric car batteries. I led readers to a host of gains... 

  • 123% on Galaxy Resources
  • 111% on Pilbara Minerals
  • 105% on Albemarle
  • 101% on Chemical & Mining Co. of Chile
  • 184% on FMC Corp.

Now, I’m not always right.

But my track record has remained remarkably consistent over the years.

During the massive U.S. oil boom in 2013 I understood that we were in for a crash. That’s why I told my readers to short oil.

Then, in 2014, oil plunged from over $100 a barrel down to roughly $30.

In 2015, I told my readers to get back in and ride the upward momentum. Oil subsequently rebounded to more than $70 per barrel.

In September 2019, I predicted the bull market in gold.

I told my readers, “Whether it’s gold coins or bullion, I’d like to encourage you today to increase your physical gold holdings.”

Less than one year later, gold hit its highest price in history with $2,074 per ounce on August 7, 2020.

Or take the current uranium undersupply...

You probably haven’t heard about the fragility of our uranium reserves in the mainstream media.

But I informed my readers about this widely ignored fact in November 2020...

And issued a buy alert for Uranium Energy Corp.

That gave readers a sweet 258% gain in less than six months.

But as impressive as these wins are...

I expect this tiny company from Alameda I’m going to show you today to be one of my biggest picks yet.

Because, like I said, this little-known company is going to make the birth of an entirely new industry possible...

This Company Is About to Open the Floodgates
to Quadruple-Digit Profits


I already told you that we’ll see more rocket launches in this decade than in the past 60 years combined...

Thousands of nanosats will be circling the planet soon.

As The Wall Street Journal reports, this swarm of small satellites will enable “a new kind of everywhere, all-the-time connectivity for people, animals, and assets on Earth.”

They will provide super-fast internet — directly beamed down from the sky into your smartphone everywhere and anytime...

These tiny satellites will also help save human lives...

They will provide ultra-exact hurricane and glacier warnings...

Track every aircraft and ship on the planet to automatically send an SOS signal in the case of an emergency...

And allow biotech companies to perform potential breakthrough experiments that aren’t possible on Earth because of gravity.

Almost every industry on Earth will be affected by nanosats.

And dozens of governments that couldn’t afford to go into space will now want to get involved in this new space race.

Border guard agencies, energy developers, mining operators, supply chain managers, farmers, and investment analysts...

They will all rely on precise information transmitted in real time from space. 

However, like I said, there are still two huge barriers to achieving this goal...

I already explained it currently takes at least two years to get a satellite into space. Demand simply outstrips supply...

And the second big problem is cost...

You see, while the price of satellites fell by as much as 99%, rocket launches to get those satellites into orbit are still insanely expensive.

In fact, they’re the most expensive part of the satellite business.

The launch cost can be more than 100X the cost of the satellite itself.

But this company from Alameda is about to tear down this barrier...

Rocket launches with this company currently cost $3 million...

In the near future they are expected to go down to just $1 million.

That’s a fraction of the price satellite operators have to pay today.

And consider that they can put four 100-pound satellites — and a lot more smaller ones — on one single rocket into space...

That comes down to $250,000 per satellite. With 10 smaller satellites, we’re looking at $100,000 per satellite. 

Now compare this to SpaceX.

You have to shell out at least $1 million for a spot on a SpaceX rocket, regardless of how tiny your satellite is...

That’s 10 times as much!

The price satellite operators have to pay will sink to unknown lows.

In a moment I’ll explain how exactly this company can achieve this feat.

But first I want to show you how big this opportunity is...

The global satellite sector has an annual size of $271 BILLION today.

UBS projects this level of spending will almost triple in the next 10 years to $805 BILLION...

And almost quadruple in the next two decades to more than $1 trillion. 

We are standing at the foot of a cash mountain.

This firm has to capture only 5% of the current market to grow 8,933%, according to my calculations.

Of course, this projection is very conservative.

I expect this company to grab a much higher market share than just 5%.

That’s why I believe a $1,000 investment could turn into $90,330 very soon.

And don’t forget... This sector itself is expected to almost triple in the coming years.

If this company captures 5% of this $1 trillion market, we’re looking at an astonishing 33,233% surge in the long run.

For the very first time regular investors can get in on this opportunity. I’ll tell you how in a moment.

But first you’re probably wondering what puts this company miles ahead of its competitors...

The “Apple Approach” to
Total Market Disruption

Like I said, this company is using the exact same approach that made Apple one of the most valuable companies on the planet.

And who could better implement this approach than an Apple executive?

Guess what? This company’s chief engineer is a former senior director at Apple. 

He was responsible for designing and manufacturing hardware at Apple for 20 years.

And we have every reason to assume he’s going to help drive this company — potentially within months — toward a massive surge...

Using the same three-tiered strategy Apple perfected.

This unique three-part strategy is about vertical integration, rapid iteration, and extreme specialization. 

Let me explain...

You see, traditional space projects rely heavily on outsourcing components to a huge number of companies.

Outsourcing is a political necessity in any government-sponsored space project.

That’s because it allows us to spread the “pork” across many congressional districts.

Take this rocket injector...

It costs about $10,000 to buy a component like this from a specialized aerospace supplier.

And there are hundreds of parts like this in a rocket...

With each supplier looking to make a profit, it’s no wonder the final cost of a rocket is astronomically high.

But what if a rocket company just bought aluminum and metal and made these components themselves?

Well, that’s exactly what this company does.

In fact, they build nearly everything they need themselves. 

That’s how it almost completely controls its supply chain — which is what vertical integration is about.

Just like Apple designs the processors and cameras for the iPhone itself instead of buying whatever’s available on the market.

Vertical integration is why this company spends cents on the dollar for parts like this injector...

And why its rockets’ outer shells are about 100 times cheaper than those of other companies... They cost only $2,500 instead of $250,000.

That’s how this company can offer the most affordable rocket launches...

Perfectly positioning this company to rapidly grab the biggest market share of this $271 billion industry.

But vertical integration is just the first element that gives this company a huge competitive edge...

The Fast Lane to 90x Gains

Like I said, this company is making progress at a rate that’s simply unheard of.

It reached its first big milestone — getting into orbit — twice as fast as SpaceX and three times faster than Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit.

And rapid iteration is the key to this feat...

Rapid iteration is a radically different strategy from how rockets were built during the past 60 years.

You see, conventional rocket makers focus on designing and building the perfect prototype...

This process takes years. 

Here’s Boeing’s latest rocket called Space Launch System (SLS)...

Developing the prototype took a decade. And building another one takes three more years.

Now compare this to the pace at which this company from Alameda is moving...

It had its first rocket in space after just four years.

Rapid iteration is the way it accomplished this goal.

Instead of spending years designing the perfect spacecraft at the drawing board...

This company builds vehicles, tests them, and flies them as quickly as possible...

Getting closer to the perfect rocket with each attempt.

Just consider how they test rocket engines.

These facilities are 300 feet away from this company’s factory... 

Other rocket makers have to go to remote sites in the middle of the desert to run these tests...

Spending days and a ton of money to ship equipment hundreds of miles across the country.

But these developers just walk the engines across the street and put them into their state-of-the-art facilities to run tests...

Rapid iteration is the same strategy Apple uses to develop products.

They didn’t spend the last 14 years ruminating on the iPhone 12...

They started with the iPhone and worked their way to the iPhone 12.

And this company’s iteration cycles are extremely short...

As TechCrunch reports, it “has extremely fast turnaround for an aerospace company.”

This is why I believe this company could grow by a factor of 90 in record time.

And quickly become the dominating player in its field...

Now let’s talk about the third leg of its unique strategy. It’s THE crucial element that sets this company apart from the other rocket makers out there...

Massive Growth Thanks to
Extreme Specialization

Again, this element is part of the same approach Apple used to become the leader in its industry. 

You see, Apple focuses on one single thing only: the high-end segment of the market.

And this company from Alameda is specialized in one very specific segment of the market as well.

Its sole focus lies on nanosats.

Thousands of these tiny spacecraft will circle the earth soon.

Nanosats are likely to account for the majority of the global $271 satellite market.

And everything this company does revolves exclusively around the nanosat business. 

Companies like SpaceX offer launches for nanosats, but it’s not its main business. 

Which is why they’re not very good at it.

SpaceX’s rockets are built for huge payloads. They’re not specialized in the needs of small satellite operators.

It’s like flying an Airbus A380 to a small town airport. It makes no sense. You want to fly a small Embraer jet.

In fact, SpaceX’s “ridesharing” — as small satellites hitch a ride on big rockets — has been described as a “nightmare.”

That’s because all these nanosats get dumped off in the same place in space. They have to find their own way to their destination orbits.

But this company from Alameda is making small rockets that cater specifically to this $271 billion market.

Its rockets are just 39 feet high. That’s almost six times smaller than SpaceX’s Falcon 9.

This firm can build its rockets extremely fast because of that.

And it’s about to build a modular spacecraft that can drop off individual satellites in different, specific orbits on the same launch...

Giving this company a massive advantage over SpaceX. No nanosat operator will want to use SpaceX’s cumbersome rockets anymore...

Not when this company can get your nanosat into space faster, cheaper, with less hassle, and in the exact orbit where you need it to be. 

This modular spacecraft is expected to begin generating revenue in about 12 months.

But let me be clear... This company is already making money. It has at least 50 launches under contract as we speak...

Including with NASA. 

According to Bloomberg, this company is “a Department of Defense darling.”

And its business with NASA and other U.S. government agencies is just the beginning.

Because NASA is only one of 72 government space agencies in the world.

And get this...

Currently 58 of those space agencies have no way to get to space.

This is a MASSIVE opportunity. 

An opportunity that’s going way beyond my 8,933% projection I told you about earlier.

Because right now, this Alameda-based firm can do what no other space company on the planet is able to...

It can provide launches to every single one of these 58 space agencies on extremely short notice.

I’m not talking about months or weeks. 

I’m talking about mere DAYS.

Let me explain...

Richard Branson Gave up in the
Face of This Competition

You see, this company is planning to do 300 launches per year in 2025.

That’s nearly three times the number of launches worldwide last year.

Scaling rocket launches to such a degree has never been done before.

But this company is perfectly on track to achieve this goal.

It needed 30 people to set up the site and coordinate its first-generation launches.

For its second-generation launches, it needed 15 people.

Today it's down to just five people.

It can now take its entire spaceport, pack it into four shipping containers, unpack it, and launch a rocket with five people...

From anywhere in the world.

This has never been achieved before in the history of the aerospace industry.

Competitors like SpaceX need big government spaceports like Cape Canaveral or Vandenberg. 

All this company needs is a fence around a gravel pad and it's good to go.

It recently demonstrated this ability during DARPA’s launch challenge.

DARPA is the Pentagon’s research wing. 

This agency is behind some of the biggest breakthroughs in history... the internet, GPS, and Moderna’s mRNA vaccine, to name a few. 

And it has made speedy rocket launches an issue of national priority...

This company from Alameda came out as the only finalist of this launch challenge.

Beating Richard Branson’s spaceflight empire Virgin Orbit to the punch.

Even though Virgin Orbit had been working on its rocket for a decade...

Branson threw the towel in the face of this competitor.

As you can see, this firm is perfectly positioned to become THE dominant space company in the world.

I expect this company to become one of the biggest household names on Earth. 

That’s why, if you get in today, you will have the chance at quadruple-digit gains.

This Could Be Your Most
Important Investment Decision


This company is about to make satellite launches available to countless companies, startups, and governments around the world.

Just like IBM, Comcast, and Ericsson unlocked the computer, the internet, and mobile communication for the world...

Making early investors a combined gain of 12,947% as a result...

This firm is unlocking space technology for the masses.

That’s why getting into this company TODAY could be one of the most important decisions you’ve ever made.

Just consider the incredible competitive advantage this company has... all thanks to its team of professionals coming together from Apple, Tesla, Amazon, SpaceX, and Blue Origin...

These people perfected their skills at some of the best companies on the planet.

Now this firm can capitalize on all that experience big-time.

This $271 billion market is ripe for disruption. And this pie is only going to grow bigger in the coming years.

Because more satellites will fly into orbit during the 2020s than in the past 60 years combined.

As you’ve seen today, we have every reason to assume most of them will ride on this company’s rockets.

According to my conservative calculations, 8,933% gains are on the table.

Of course, nothing in this life is guaranteed. That’s why I recommend never investing more than you can afford to lose.

But depending on your circumstances and how much you’re comfortable investing... this opportunity could be life-changing.

Years from now you’ll be able to look back and tell friends and family you saw the birth of this new space industry, understood the impact it would have, and how you were able to make a fortune off it. 

Even if you invest a few bucks, it’s worth it.

Because a small stake of $500 could grow into $45,165.

The long-term potential is even bigger. In a moment I’ll explain why.

But first it’s important you understand why this is an extremely time-sensitive opportunity...

Only Available to Private Investors...
Not Anymore

You see, this firm came out of stealth mode just a few months ago...

And until recently, it was off-limits to regular investors.

But finally everyday Americans have a chance to grab a stake in this company before we might see it taking off.

Just like the smart money did...

Institutions and rich angel investors have already poured nine figures into this company...

I’m talking about BlackRock, Canaan Partners, Airbus, and Salesforce co-founder Marc Benioff.

It’s no wonder these investors have full trust in this company’s success...

Its all-star team gives this company a huge competitive advantage over any other space firm out there.

And this company’s two visionary founders belong to the brightest minds in the tech world.

They have years of experience working in the space industry. 

One used to be NASA’s chief technology officer...

And the other one developed groundbreaking rocket technology for the U.S. Department of Defense.

Which leads me to another record this little-known company broke that I haven’t told you yet...

As institutions and wealthy angel investors poured hundreds of millions into this company...

It became the fastest privately funded firm in history...

With over half a billion dollars raised pre-IPO already.

Like I said, everyday Americans were locked out.

Until very recently...

Because the doors just opened for regular investors like you and me.

And right now, for a brief window, you have a chance to get in on the ground floor. And I do mean brief...

Remember, this company got into space twice as fast as SpaceX and three times faster than Virgin Orbit.

We have every reason to assume it’ll continue at this pace...

As soon as it ramps up its launch rate, this company will be all over the news...

And I expect the stock to go through the roof.

But your chance at the first-mover advantage will melt away as fast as a snowflake on a heated window... 

If you’ve ever wanted to get in on an industry-defining company BEFORE Wall Street goes hyperbolic... 

Then this is your chance.

This company is set to dominate the global satellite launch business — a $271 billion opportunity that is going to grow fourfold in the next decade.

I’m convinced it’s INEVITABLE. 

Now, let me show you how you can grab a stake within 15 minutes from now...

This Might Be a Replay of Amazon’s
Legendary 151,297% Surge

Not one in 100,000 investors has heard of this opportunity. There aren’t many analysts getting ahead of market-defining trends this early.

But that’s exactly what I do — day in and day out.

Again, my name is Jason Simpkins.

For more than 10 years, I've been discovering the best moneymaking opportunities across the markets — for investors and everyday Americans.

Here are some of the gains my readers have seen over the years:

  • 495% on Canopy Growth Corp.
  • 165% on Gold Mining Inc.
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Now, of course, I don’t have a crystal ball, and past performance isn’t indicative of future success. 

But a little bit of money can go a long way in these setups.

And this company from Alameda offers exactly the same kind of opportunity. 

It could multiply your money many times over possibly within a few short months. According to my calculations, 8,933% gains are on the table.

That’s because the tiny company we’ve been talking about is about to drink from a $271 billion fire hose. That’s how big the satellite market is today.

Best of all?

This company is not involved in some far-off dream scenario like going to Mars. This is already happening. 

It has inked contracts with NASA and DARPA and is launching rockets already.

It's proven that it can set up its launch sites almost anywhere in the world within a few days.

And it's building one rocket after another as we speak.

If I could only own one technology company for the next 10 years, this would be the one.

Because satellite launches are just the beginning...

My research shows this company’s long-term goal resembles Amazon’s trajectory.

Remember when people used to think Amazon was just a mail-order bookstore?

Those who didn’t understand their real vision missed out on incredible 151,297% gains over the years.

You see, on the surface Amazon was simply selling books...

But it actually built an entire e-commerce platform that covers every aspect of selling goods online.

Amazon’s marketplace operates the online store and handles packing, shipping, the payment process, and customer service...

About 9.7 million sellers built their business on Amazon’s marketplace platform.

That’s how it became the world’s largest online retailer with a market cap of more than $1 TRILLION.

And this company from Alameda is about to build a very similar full-service platform for the booming space industry...

Businesses and governments across the world will rely on global broadband connectivity via satellites, monitor billions of objects from space, and observe activity on Earth across millions of acres.

And this company will handle everything...

Starting from developing the concept... to offering the most affordable path to space... to complete constellation management services.

This will generate recurring revenue. Because governments and businesses will pay this company year after year as long as its swarms of satellites are in space.

And they will be locked into using this company’s service platform for the long haul.

It’s how Amazon makes billions every year from the sellers on its e-commerce platform.

A $680 investment during Amazon’s early days would have made you a millionaire.

Rare and exceptional? Absolutely. 

But the power of building a market-disrupting platform is undeniable...

Make no mistake: This little-known company I’m tracking today offers similar upside potential.

Could this tiny company deliver 151,297% gains like Amazon?

Look, no one can make this kind of projection.

But even a fraction of that could change your life...

I’ve been watching the development of this Alameda-based company for some time now and I can tell you without reservation...

The Time to Get in Is Now


Just consider the insiders from Apple, Amazon, Tesla, SpaceX, and Blue Origin who joined this firm...

These are men and women who could make a KILLING working pretty much anywhere they wanted...

But they chose to join this company.

That tells me they have full faith in its incredible upside and long-term viability.

Investors who follow these insiders today have a singular shot at building extraordinary wealth very soon.

Like I said, this company only has to catch 5% of the global satellite market to potentially grow 8,933%, according to my calculations.

Enough to turn every $500 into $45,165...

Every $2,000 into $180,660...

And just $12,000 could turn into $1 MILLION... $1,083,960 to be exact.

You might NEVER have another opportunity like you have today, right now.

All the information you'll need to move on this opportunity can be found in my brand-new investment report.

It’s called “The New Space Age: An Exclusive Guide to a $1 Trillion Opportunity.”

Inside, I’ve documented every detail necessary to help you strike it rich off this Alameda-based company that’s set to dominate the space industry...

Including the name and ticker symbol.

And since I would never want you to buy too high...

Or sell too low...

I’m including strict buy-under thresholds and will publish sell alerts the moment it’s time to lock in profits — all of which I’ve laid out in an easy-to-follow guide.

By quickly reviewing this report, you could position yourself for a quadruple-digit revenue surge in a few months.

So you do NOT want to miss this.

But as you can imagine, the fast-growing space industry offers profit opportunities beyond just this one company. 

In fact, I’ve identified two additional highly specialized companies that I project could deliver four-digit windfalls... 

Space Industry Opportunity No. 1: The 10X Space Infrastructure Gem

With thousands of satellites circling the planet soon, a new danger threatens the entire industry.

Space debris.

This junk not only includes dead satellites but also rocket bodies, bolts, nuts, and even tiny flecks of paint.

According to NASA there are millions of pieces of space junk flying in orbit.

And they’re moving incredibly fast... 18,000 miles per hour. That’s almost seven times faster than a bullet.

Each of those pieces has the potential to destroy satellites and manned spacecraft.

That’s why debris removal will become a crucial service for the massive space industry upsurge ahead.

And I’ve uncovered an off-the-radar company that’s set to become the dominant player in the debris removal business.

It is working on a robotic arm that will be able to pull out dead satellites and other debris as well as salvage stranded spacecraft.

The global space debris market is projected to be around $2.9 billion in 2022.

With thousands of satellites in orbit soon, this number is going to explode...

And this company could grab a huge chunk of this money.

It handed investors 1,184% gains within less than 24 months already...

That’s exactly the kind of growth I’m expecting to see from this company in the coming months.

And this company is not only about debris removal. 

It has a space infrastructure “side business” that already generates recurring revenue — almost $2 billion per year.

You’ll discover everything you need to know in this exclusive report. But it’s not the only bonus you’ll receive.

Space Industry Opportunity No. 2: The $12 Billion Satellite Linchpin

One of the biggest challenges for satellite makers is the harsh environment out in space.

I’m talking about space radiation.

Cosmic rays constantly bombard satellites. They can penetrate their surface and destroy sensitive electronics.

To withstand this permanent stress, electronic components for satellites must be hardened.

Very few companies make these parts.

But thanks to my research I’ve uncovered one tiny company that not only makes these specialized components, but...

And this is important... 

I believe it’s positioned perfectly to swoop in and make an absolute fortune off it. 

After all, a single nanosat can cost as much as $1 million. And with 12,000 satellites expected to be in space by 2028...

That's $12 billion right there for building the satellites alone. 

A significant amount of that money MUST be spent on radiation-hardened components.

This company is perfectly positioned to grab the lion’s share of that $12 billion business... just for the satellite components. 

And this company already has massive contracts with some of the biggest players in the aerospace industry.

I’m talking about Lockheed, Raytheon, and the U.S. government.

All of them rely on components made by this company.

Right now the stock trades for less than $10...

Waiting until you hear some talking head on CNBC mention this company could be a costly mistake...

You might end up missing out on tens of thousands of dollars in just two years.

Inside this report you’ll discover everything you need to know about this company and why I recommend every investor should hold at least a small position in this play.

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Because they’re well aware that this company is set to dominate the global satellite launch business — a $271 billion opportunity that is set to more than triple during the next decade.

Even if it grabs just 5% of this $271 billion market, it could grow 8,933%.

And today you have the chance to get in on the ground floor.

Remember, the best of the best left Apple, Amazon, Tesla, SpaceX, and Blue Origin to join this company.

These people don’t gamble... They recognize the next BIG thing when they see it.

You must act now if you want to ensure your shot at maximum upside potential.

The opportunity is right in front of you. I urge you to seize it today. 

The choice is yours. I hope you make the right one.

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