America’s No. 1 Cannabis Investing Expert reveals...

The Big Pot Short Squeeze of 2021

And why this could be the LAST wave of 1,000% pot stock gains


Hi, I’m John Carl with the Angel Financial Network.

Welcome to today’s special broadcast, “The Big Pot Short Squeeze of 2021.”

By now you’ve heard the story...

Reddit traders piled into over-shorted companies like...


Which roared 500% in one week.

Movie theater company AMC...

That soared 300% in that time.

And BlackBerry surged for similar gains.

Hedge funds were wiped out to the tune of around $19 billion in a matter of days...

While wealth transferred to the pockets of retail traders.

Some became millionaires.

But as incredible as it sounds...

The media is not reporting the REAL short-squeeze story happening under the radar...

And it’s not with a beaten-down old company like GameStop.

Instead, it’s happening in a specific sector of the market — where retail traders are earning even bigger gains like...

1,000% on Tilray

500% on Aphria

And 2,100% on Sundial Growers

All in a matter of months.

As hedge fund shorts hemorrhaged $5 billion...

I’m talking about marijuana — pot stocks.

This is the real short squeeze story you’re NOT being told...

Its potential is far bigger than GameStop.

And according to Jimmy Mengel, a man recognized widely as America’s no. 1 pot investor...

It’s only just the beginning. 

Today we’ve invited Jimmy to break down this development...

He’ll reveal the next group of pot stocks that could be primed for as much as 1,000% gains if history is any guide...

And why now is the best time to buy marijuana he’s ever seen.

Why listen to Jimmy Mengel?

It’s because he was among the FIRST experts to scream “BUY!” on the red-hot marijuana megatrend.

He was on the ground floor of the billion-dollar pot revolution as early as 2013, back when nobody paid attention.

Most importantly, Jimmy uncovered and shared top marijuana plays with readers...

All of this long before “marijuana mania” set in and pot stocks surged for virtually overnight 10x, 100x, and even 1,000x gains.

One of these was Canopy Growth Corp, a little-known $1 pot stock at the time that’s now become something of a household name in the marijuana space. Some even call it the “pot blue chip.”

Jimmy recommended his readers get in back then at $1.86 a share, after multiple tours of the company’s operations, interviews with the execs and workers, and a thorough analysis of its wealth potential.

Then it shot up to $12, $25, and reached a high of $50.

Readers who chose to exit the play had the chance at life-changing 3,360% gains.

The kinds of gains I’ve never heard any newsletter ever report. And that wasn’t his only 10-bagger.

Jimmy showed his readers how to get in Cronos, another future marijuana blue chip, when it traded below $2 per share.

It jumped to $8 in a few months... then $12...

That’s when Big Tobacco made a $2 billion bet on the company...

One that sent its shares roaring to $25.

That’s a 1,000% gain on another marijuana blue chip for readers who chose to sell at the right time.

There’s a cannabis biotech, InMed Pharmaceuticals, that Jimmy recommended for just $7. And it surged to $10, $19, and hit a high of $57.

That’s a 714% gain.

And the cannabis REIT, Innovative Industrial Properties, Jimmy recommended at $15... soared to over $200.

That’s a 1,233% gain for well-timed investors.

These calls made Jimmy a legend in the cannabis investing space.

It’s why many now call him America’s no. 1 pot investor. 

How did he do it?

He saw the wave of legalization about to unfold...

He saw it had the same wealth potential as alcohol stocks that generated 10-fold gains after Prohibition.

And he saw marijuana’s potential to replace dangerous opioids and become a leading form of medicine...

One that could make Big Pharma obsolete.

He then put his boots on the ground and went directly to the sites of the top cannabis companies.

And most importantly, he recommended his readers get in early.

And while every play is not a winner, some readers have earned as much as six figures on just one of Jimmy’s recommendations. For example...

One reader Garth G. wrote...

“Hi Jimmy!!! I recently pocketed $106,000 when I sold one of your recommendations, Canopy Growth!!!”

Johnny R.S. wrote about the 294% he made from one of these recommendations...

"Thanks a lot for the million-dollar idea Mr. Mengel. You Rock!"

Here’s what reader Chris B. was willing to say on record:

"I made out like a bandit with one tiny marijuana stock (got the tip from The Crow's Nest)... over the last few weeks I earned 400%! It paid off big. Thanks Jimmy! I can't wait to see what’s next."

Here’s what Cless K. said...

"Bought in on Canadian and UK marijuana stocks about a year ago and have almost doubled my money! I can only see it getting better. In for the long haul."

As happy as Jimmy is to have helped his readers get rich on pot stocks...

He believes this next wave is where more millionaires will be minted than before.

That’s because the marijuana industry is entering a new era.

A new phase of growth.

It’s not just legalization. That’s only the tip of the iceberg.

As pot goes above ground...

Big companies are consolidating. They’re building operations in multiple states.

They’re merging and acquiring.

They’re growing to dominate biotech, food, and agriculture...

Just to name three of 30 industries that pot is taking over.

That’s why all of the hedge funds that are short...

Are getting absolutely slaughtered... losing billions in the process.

As Main Street traders reap windfalls...

Including Jimmy’s readers!

These shorts are fighting an unstoppable new crop of marijuana monopolies...

The future Pfizers, Walmarts, and Amazons of marijuana.

And that’s why this is the short squeeze of the year.

Its potential is so much bigger than just GameStop.

It’s like trying to short Tesla at $50.

Amazon at $500.

Or Bitcoin at $1,000 (if you could short Bitcoin).

It’s a wealth transfer of unheard-of magnitude.

And Jimmy’s readers are among the first beneficiaries.

But they’re not the last.

Jimmy now says the biggest... and LAST wave of pot mega-profits is here. 

Only you DON’T need to do any high-frequency trading.

You can buy these stocks and ride the gains...

As Reddit traders spark a potential 1,000% buying frenzy. 

It’s that simple.

Jimmy has all the simple stocks you need...

The simple instructions...

And the simple reasons why they could light up for the biggest gains of 2021...

Bigger than cryptos, EVs, semiconductors, or any other sector.

And potentially bigger than GameStop.

So without further ado,

Jimmy, I’m handing the floor to you.

Thanks, John.

I’ve been waiting six years for this moment.

In 2015, I released a public memo urging investors to buy into Delta-9.

And a basket of the market’s hottest pot stocks back when they were only $1.

Names like Canopy, Cronos, and OrganiGram.

And they’re now each billion-dollar companies.

A lot of folks got rich.

But look...

As thrilled as I’ve been to position my readers for gains of as much as 1,000%, 1,233%, 3,360%...

I’ve been somewhat disappointed by the marijuana market. As strange as it sounds...

It’s fallen short of my expectations.

By now, I believed we would see the Pfizer, Walmart, and Amazon of pot.

We haven’t yet. 

And my prediction, while right on the gains, fell a little short for the marijuana industry as a whole.

I’m happy to announce...

That’s all changing.

Pot stocks are now finally making the pivotal move I’ve been waiting for.

And I’m not talking about legalization. This is much, much bigger.

Right now marijuana is shifting from a renegade Wild West industry...

To a mature one.

It’s going from an outlaw market... to an American institution.

It’s the same turn that Bitcoin made when it launched from $2,000 to $20,000 to above $50,000...

The same turn Tesla made when it launched from $1 to $50 to $800.

Marijuana is making that turn now.

And it could launch a select group of pot stocks for the biggest gains yet.

Pot Is About to Have Its “Bitcoin Moment”

American cannabis is no longer in basements and backyards.

It’s big institutional money and conglomerates.

Small shops are becoming big chains.

Brands are gaining mass clout.

And billion-dollar buyouts are already happening.

The teams are getting sorted. The lines are being drawn.

It becomes clear who is the best of the best.

And consequently...

If you want to make the biggest pot profits...

The kind that could soar for as much as 1,000% or higher...

This could be the LAST TIME for you to get in.

Your LAST Chance for 1,000% Pot Profits

I mean this 100%.

Because as you’re about to see...

These companies are on the verge of becoming boring. 

Yes, boring.

Now, let me be clear...

I mean that in the best way possible.

They’re going to become as boring as Walmart.

Or Chevron.

Or Phillip Morris.

Just plain dull dividend aristocrats.

And I love these kinds of companies.

I recommend companies just like them to my readers all the time.

They’re excellent long-term wealth-preserving and growing tools.

But unless you’re already rich...

Unless you already have the capital built up...

You need REAL growth. That is, if you’re going to turn a tiny investment into a retirement nest-egg.

And that means you need to get them right now.

So if you want to make that possible with pot...

Your window to buy in is closing quickly.

The Short Squeeze About to
Be Heard Around the World

Because right now, some big hedge funds are going all in...

But AGAINST marijuana.

They’re making massive short bets worth billions.

And that’s bad news for them as you’re about to see.

It’s similar to when hedge funds tried to take on Tesla.

They loaded up on a record number of short bets...

$20 billion worth!

They called Tesla a bubble. They said it was overvalued. And they pointed to its balance sheet.

This was when its share price was $50! 

We know how that turned out...

Tesla’s stock rallied 1,500%.

Bulls got rich, creating a new class of “Teslanaires.”

And hedge fund shorts lost $40 billion — just in 2020.

Now they’re doing the same thing to marijuana.

But its potential is even bigger than Tesla.

Because it’s not disrupting only a single market like oil.

It’s disrupting ALL the old ways of doing things.

From alcohol and cigarettes to medicine and clothing.

It’s a $5 trillion threat.

That’s the market opportunity from only five industries it’s disrupting...

Five out of 30!

It’s making powerful enemies...

So it’s no surprise that those with a vested interest in the status quo...

Are now spreading bold-faced LIES...

The same lies they once said about Tesla.

But they’re dead wrong. 

And they’re now paying for it badly, as we prepare to reap the riches of their mistakes.

Only we’re NOT trading options.

We’re NOT high-frequency trading.

We’re simply buying top-notch pot stocks that these short sellers hate.

Keep in mind that all investing comes with risk...

But my readers are up big with this approach, earning gains of as much as...



And 492%

All in recent months.

And while my readers are making money hand over first, the hedge funds already lost $5 billion...

We’re eating their lunch!

And it’s only the beginning.

You see, they’re not learning their lesson. They’re doubling down.

They’re betting more money against pot than ever...

With $5 billion in total short positions. 

But this isn’t GameStop. This isn’t AMC. And it’s not BlackBerry.

This is REAL innovation. This is hyper-growth.

It’s not a dying industry.

It’s the future of over 30 different markets.

This is like betting against Tesla in 2019.

Bitcoin in 2019.

Or against Amazon in 2010.

This is one Fortune headline from that time:

“The Amazing Amazon Stock Bubble”

And the rest is history...

Each time the short-sellers screamed “overvalued!”

They said they were bubbles. The growth had run up and it was all over.

Where is the profit, they ask? Where is the value?

But they all miss one thing...

These industries — cryptos, EVs, digital sales — were all reaching a precipice.

A turning point...

The moment right before they were going from rogue, upstart industries...

To institutionally accepted powerhouses.

I call this the “Clean Turn.”

We’re at a Historic Turning Point
for the Marijuana Market


That’s exactly what marijuana is doing.

It’s going clean. It’s going legit.

These smaller, no-cash companies are vanishing.

They’re being bought out...

Along with their intellectual property...

In buyouts worth $1 billion or more.

And the big money is all in...

Big Tobacco is staking $2 billion.

Big Alcohol $4 billion.

And two of marijuana’s biggest companies are merging, creating a $5 billion behemoth.

The big guys are consolidating...

Big Marijuana is shaping...

And shaping fast.

This is happening before American legalization!

There’s a whole new crop of conglomerates now emerging...

American conglomerates.

They already employ 321,000 full-time American workers.

And here’s the most exciting part...

So far all of the pot stocks gains we’ve seen — as outstanding as they are — are from two things:

  1. Canada, and other countries going legal
  1. Or...
  1. Single U.S. states going legal

Yet America is the world’s no.1 potential cannabis market.

California alone leads the world in marijuana sales.

We’ve hardly scratched the surface of states like Florida, Illinois, or New York...

Much less dozens of other states where pot was just legalized.

The potential is untapped and enormous.

Even conservative institutions like Bank of America are making big-time projections.

It’s projecting the U.S. cannabis industry to go from $13 billion in sales now...

To $166 billion by 2030.

That’s a 1,200% market growth surge.

And though past performance is no guarantee of future growth...

It’s clear:

Whoever dominates this legal American market...

Whoever becomes America’s Big Marijuana...

That’s where we’ll see the biggest pot profits yet...

And we don’t have to wait for legalization.

Not anymore.

The Birth of America’s Marijuana Supply Chain

You see, for years no pot stock could dominate the U.S. market.

It was still federally illegal. And each state passed different laws and regulations...

But nobody had the cash or legal knowhow to navigate the complexity of these different environments.

That’s why Big Marijuana has yet to emerge in the US.

Some operated a few farms here. Others some dispensaries there. But the industry remained fractured and local.

That’s all changed now...

Because a few innovative marijuana companies figured out a way to circumvent the ban on interstate cannabis sales...

It’s a new model of business in cannabis...

One that’s catapulting it to the mainstream...

Even before pot is legalized.

They’re operating in dozens of U.S. states.

Everywhere marijuana is legal...

They’re building cannabis empires...

With thousands of acres of crop...

Hundreds of dispensaries...

And even their own brands.

All 100% legal.

This is called an “MSO”...

Or multi-state operator.

This is the “cream of the crop” in America’s marijuana space...

The world’s most lucrative cannabis market...

And I’ve honed in on the absolute best of the best:

The top three winners in this space.

The No. 1 Pot Stocks for 2021 and Beyond

They’re not well known.

Not like Canopy or Cronos. But they should be.

For 111 million Americans, pot is already legal.

And if they were to buy any CBD, marijuana, or hemp product...

Odds are, they’re going to buy from one of these stocks.

They now run nearly 1,000 dispensaries between them.

They operate in at least 42 states.

And they hold virtual monopolies over some of the biggest potential marijuana markets — states like Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, Arizona, and New Jersey. 

In some cases, over 50% of the entire market!

How can they control market share in an industry like marijuana?

You see, in the past, a state like Colorado or Oregon would reward licenses to virtually everyone.

This created unlimited competition...

And problems with regulation.

The newly legal states learned from those mistakes.

And instead they’re only issuing a fixed number of operational licenses. So if they reward 30 licenses...

Maybe two or three companies will receive them.

The winners? Whoever has the cash and experience navigating complex regulations...

It divvies up the entire market to this group — and blocks any other potential competitor. 

And that’s where these companies are taking market share...

In states with big populations and a fixed number of licenses...

They’re achieving what investors call a “wide moat.”

In layman's terms, this means they have a huge competitive advantage that no startup can contend with.

It’s like starting the race 10 laps ahead.

Now, for the reasons you just saw, I would recommend these stocks anyway.

They’re wonderful companies... America’s future Big Marijuana.


Reddit and r/wallstreetbets have handed us an enormous opportunity.

Perhaps the opportunity of the 21st century.

Because the hedge funds are short BIG on these three companies.

Some of Wall Street’s Biggest Short Bets

So far, the Reddit traders aren’t sitting back quietly.

They’re driving up pot stocks through the roof...

Outperforming GameStop and other “meme stocks.”

And now these stocks are the next potential beneficiaries...

Because of this... not only could we get rich from the growth of Big Marijuana...

We get to ride a short squeeze for out-of-this-world 1,000% potential gains...

Putting the likes of the GameStop rally to shame.

We’re positioned better than anyone in the market!

And sure, all investing carries risk. You should never invest more than you can afford to lose. After all, there are no guaranteed winners. 

But I can promise two things:

One of these will be the world’s first cannabis company to hit $1 billion in annual sales.

And all of them are going to emerge as America’s cannabis kings.

That’s because these companies are all leveraging their...

  • Recognized brands
  • Deeper pockets
  • Deep industry knowledge and legal expertise

To build mini empires.

They’re carving up the world’s most lucrative cannabis market one state at a time.

They’re achieving what the American marijuana industry has never done before:

Legal, profitable, nationwide businesses.

Yet they’re totally undervalued — by as much as 1,000%!

Investors are still on the fence about federal legalization. Will it come? When? How?

But it doesn’t matter...

Because these stocks are already positioned to dominate the world’s no. 1 cannabis market — no matter what happens on the federal level.

And that’s why the short sellers are going to get absolutely crushed.

They’ve already lost $5 billion... and that’s just the beginning.

Could they lose $19 billion like they did with GameStop?

Or even $40 billion like they did with Tesla?

However much it will be, their loss is your gain.

This is why you can’t wait for Congress, Biden, the DEA, or anyone else...

The biggest opportunities in pot are unfolding right at this moment.

And to get you started, I’ve compiled all the details in my brand-new market research briefing:

America’s Three Kings of Cannabis: Get Rich From the Big Pot Short Squeeze of 2021

Which you can claim right away, absolutely free of charge.

But why?

That’s the question.

Why with all of this enormous potential...

Would short sellers bet AGAINST not just marijuana...

But the absolute best future kings of pot?

They don’t see what I see...

They don’t go where I go.

What they don’t know is about to crush them.

And reward us massively.

They sit behind a desk calculating balance sheets...

They see numbers, and think it’s a bubble. But real money isn’t made by calculators.

It’s made by having an edge. And that’s what I have.

See, for the past 8 years, I’ve made outlandish money in marijuana with one method:

I go directly to the grow sites. I see the operations. I meet with the execs and workers.

I know with my own two eyes: These aren’t some small-time no-name startups...

They have real dispensaries, real farms, real cash, and profits.

I can tell the good strains from the bad.

The cream of the crop from the rest.

It’s how I’ve earned multiple 10x winners.

Nobody in the industry has my connections.

Nobody has my Rolodex.

Nobody knows this market like I do.

I’m your “key” to the biggest gains in pot...

To potentially beating Wall Street’s biggest firms...

And beating them bad...

We’re going to take that $5 billion from these Wall Street clowns...

And put a share in our pockets.

No need for options, high-frequency trading, or anything overly risky.

We can simply buy and hold these stocks as the big guys get fleeced.

Who else deserves to lose more than they do?

Even better...

This wealth transfer is going to Main Street NOW.

My readers are among those at the forefront.

I want you to join us.

I want you to become one of the retail winners...

Who flip the board on Wall Street...

And raid enormous treasure.

It starts with your report on the three kings of cannabis. And it doesn’t stop there.

I want you to join my crew of retail investing pirates.

As we go on missions to raid Wall Street...

And take their loot, all 100% legally.

Again, none of this is hard work. It’s not fast trading. And we never trade options.

I do all the hard work for you. I identify the biggest potential stocks in the fastest-growing sectors...

I put my boots on the ground.

And I share all the details you need to get in right away — as soon as I pull the trigger.

So along with your free report...

Today I’m going to give you a risk-free test drive of my flagship research service, appropriately named The Crow’s Nest.

Welcome to The Crow’s Nest

Again, my name is Jimmy Mengel.

I’m a managing editor at the Outsider Club.

I publish my findings in a monthly online newsletter called The Crow’s Nest.

The goal of this research service is simple: help ordinary investors make fast, safe profits on the biggest financial trends that you’ll NEVER read about through the mainstream press.

It goes well beyond pot stocks...

Like when I test-drove a fuel cell vehicle in California and reported from the ground on this energy breakthrough.

And recommended a fuel cell stock before it jumped 400% in weeks...

That was only the beginning as fuel cell stocks surged 700%, 2,445%, and even 9,500% in the next two years.

Then the big analysts all got on board, with one conclusion...

The fuel cell market is worth TRILLIONS.

Bank of America $11 TRILLION Projection
“Like smartphones pre-2007 and the internet before the dot-com-era.”
Goldman Sachs $12 TRILLION Projection
“A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”
“Demand Will Skyrocket 1,000 Times”

I got in early on the gold and silver supercycle by meeting with the world’s no. 1 rare coin company...

And shared the stock, which went on to surge 663%.

Then gold roared to a record high of $2,000, and even Warren Buffett got in.

Tiny mining stocks soared 1,000% or higher in months.

Whether it’s fuel cell energy...

Gold and silver stocks...

Or marijuana legalization...

I leave no sector unturned.

Over the past few years alone, I've led my readers to 100 HUGE GAINERS.

That’s an average of...

One Double- or Triple-Digit Gain
EVERY 10 Trading Days


  • Up to 3,360% on Canopy Growth Corp
  • Up to 1,188% on Innovative Industrial Properties
  • Up to 566% on Where Food Comes From
  • Up to 400% on Ballard Power
  • 428% on Future Farm Technologies
  • 200% on Hempco
  • 113% on Newtek
  • 220% on Helix TCS
  • 208% on Boeing
  • Up to 212% on Sherwin-Williams Company
  • Up to 226% on Abbott Laboratories
  • Up to 127% on Lowe’s
  • Up to 133% on Abbvie
  • Up to 245% on Cresco Labs
  • 241% on Capcom
  • 182% on Charles River Laboratories
  • Up to 343% on Aurora Cannabis
  • 90% on CME Group
  • Up to 104% on Curaleaf Holdings
  • Up to 580% on Collectors Universe
  • Up to 1,000% on Cronos Group

The list goes on. 

Sure, there are no guarantees when it comes to investing...

But the average winner in my open model portfolio is 101%.

That means you could have picked any one of my stock insights...

And DOUBLED your money on average.

In total, I’ve delivered cumulative gains of over 10,800% since I started this track record.

I’ve achieved this success with a simple strategy that combines two of the most powerful types of plays:

  1. Fast, speculative “home run” plays

And once you’ve made your quick fast profits...

  1. Safe income dividend plays

In order to generate long-term income and growth for your retirement portfolio.

I’ve found this one-two-punch approach is the best way to not only get rich...

But stay rich...

While earning a lifetime income stream that funds your whole retirement.

My readers have certainly told me as much.

Jerry B. writes,

“Hi Jimmy, I only joined Crow's Nest recently. I'm up 167% thanks to your recommendation!”

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“I’m up 119%. I am a happy fellow with that. I like your approach, keep up the good work and stay safe!”

Mike Jones says,

“I can't tell you how happy I am. You have handed me my first winner since I got back into the market in September 2019. I bought & sold this stock 3 times since February.”

I’m honored to have helped everyday Americans see triple-digit gains. But the massive pot short squeeze underway has even greater potential.

In addition to your free report, “America’s Three Kings of Cannabis: Get Rich From the Big Pot Short Squeeze of 2021,” here’s what you’ll get with your membership to The Crow’s Nest...

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Just as with marijuana, I was among the first in this market... positioning readers for as much as 700% gains. Since then, I’ve achieved a little notoriety for this prediction, and now everyone is willing to pay handsomely for my insights on this energy revolution. But you don’t have to. Today you get all of my inside scoop on blue gas, my no. 1 stock, my complete rundown of the market, and upside potential for you. It’s all in your bonus report you get the moment you start your risk-free trial membership today.

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Test-Drive The Crow’s Nest
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 So you’ve seen the charts. The proof. The wealth at stake.

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You have nothing to lose and a massive retirement windfall to gain.



Jimmy Mengel
Investment Director, The Crow’s Nest 

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