The #1 Gold Stock of the Decade

Backed by TWO legends of the mining investment world, this newly listed firm has made one of the RICHEST gold discoveries of the last 50 years...

And it could hand you gains of 3,727% or more virtually OVERNIGHT...

Here’s how to claim your stake while it still trades for just a few dollars a share...


Dear Reader,

This is hugely exciting.

In one of the coldest, most remote regions of North America... 

There’s a historic, rapidly developing gold discovery that VERY few folks outside the mining world know about.

Drilling samples indicate that this could be among the richest, highest-grade gold finds in all of the world, one that could be worth billions of dollars.

It’s completely untapped. 

It’s 100% owned by a company that just recently went public.  

It’s armed with management that would be a “dream team” for any mining company.

And shares are trading for around $4 right now. 

But don’t expect that to last long, especially as more drilling results roll in over the coming weeks.

According to the world-renowned geologist advising this company, “There is abundant evidence of additional high-grade showings elsewhere across the property: historic drill holes with high-grade intercepts, till samples displaying abundant free gold, till boulders of vein material displaying rich visible gold. In my opinion, this project is vastly underexplored.”

I believe this is one of the biggest moneymaking opportunities I’ve EVER seen, and it’s all right in front of us...

With gain potential of over 3,700% in the near term… perhaps even overnight, as I’ll show you in just a moment.

I’m not the only one who thinks that this stock is primed to produce absolutely explosive profits...

Because this little firm is backed by TWO of the mining world’s biggest investing legends…

One of them is a self-made MULTIBILLIONAIRE who made his fortune in gold. He runs an $11 billion global asset management firm focused on precious metals.

He’s famous for landing 10-bagger investments. He’s got a track record that’s simply unmatched. 

He’s an absolute TITAN of the industry. And he’s also one of this company’s biggest shareholders.

The other investing legend is hailed as “the most esteemed gold executive in Vancouver”...

In fact, he’s damn near a billionaire himself.

He turned a tiny $50 million mining startup into one of the largest gold-producing companies on the planet, worth over $10 BILLION.

Shares of his firm soared over 1,300%.

Enough to turn every $5,000 you invest into $70,000.

As he says, “You have to be alert and responsive when good fortune appears in front of you.”

That’s exactly what he’s doing right NOW. He’s scooping up shares of this company on the cheap. And so should YOU.

See, these two investors are the ultimate insiders in the gold mining industry.

And they’re pouring millions into the stock of this small mining company I’m about to reveal. They each own a MASSIVE position.

And their bets are about to pay off BIG-TIME.

Because this mining team is delivering some of the most exciting drilling results that I have EVER seen... 

How promising are they?

Gold Mine in the Making...

Well, according to their drilling samples, this firm could be sitting on one of the richest, highest-grade gold discoveries in mining history. PERIOD.

I’m talking RICHER than the gold discovery made in Peru by a mining firm called Aurelian Resources...

Shares of Aurelian soared from around $1 to $40 virtually overnight after it reported extremely positive exploration results.

That’s a 3,900% gain.

Good enough to turn a $5,000 stake into $200,000. That’s the kind of wealth that puts you into an early retirement.

This firm’s gold is even RICHER than Kirkland Lake’s major gold find in southern Australia...

Kirkland Lake is a mining company that’s developed what is currently the highest-grade, lowest-cost gold mine in the world...

Making its shareholders a mint.

Shares of Kirkland Lake bolted from $1.62 all the way to $62.

That’s good for a gain of 3,727%.

But here’s the thing...

I believe that this gold play I’ve found is poised to eclipse every single one of these big home runs.

Because this firm has unearthed some of the highest-grade gold in recorded history!

In fact, its drilling program hit the single best drill hole in the history of this mining jurisdiction.

It instantly became one of the best in the world.

And it grabbed the attention of perhaps the TWO most legendary investors in mining. They both immediately plowed millions of dollars into this small firm. 

This is hands down the most profitable opportunity I know of... one that could allow you to turn a tiny stake into millions of dollars.

The stock has all the makings of a golden ROCKET ride.

And you have the rare chance to claim a stake right now for just a few dollars a share... before it blasts off to $20... $40... $60 a share or higher.

Let me give you the full story...

Extraordinary Gold Discovery...
ENORMOUS Billion-Dollar Potential


Consider one of the most significant gold discoveries of the past 10 years... 

It was made deep down underneath the fields of southern Australia.

This discovery is dubbed the “Swan Zone.” And it’s the mother lode in every sense of the word. 

We’re talking a multimillion-ounce cache of the richest gold the world has ever laid eyes on.

It’s currently the highest-grade gold mine in the world, operated by a mining firm called Kirkland Lake Gold.

It’s already produced over 2 million ounces of ultra-rich gold... worth over $4 BILLION and growing.

It’s turned Kirkland Lake into a company worth over $14 billion.

And it’s been a bonanza for shareholders...

Shares of Kirkland Lake soared from $1.62 to over $62.

That’s a 3,727% gain.

Which turns a $5,000 stake into $191,350.

Enough to buy that beachfront condo or new RV you’ve had your eye on.

So what does this gold mine in Australia have to do with the tiny mining company I’ve been telling you about?

The same geologist that was involved in the discovery of the “Swan Zone” that led to Kirkland Lake’s multibillion-dollar fortune also reviewed THIS company’s drilling results…

And after seeing them, he swiftly declared that this newly listed company has discovered, “a potential second Swan Zone, the only one in the northern hemisphere.” 

The gold formation that this company found is “almost identical” to Kirkland Lake’s. 

This is absolutely HUGE.

It means that THIS small company could be sitting on the richest undeveloped gold mine on the entire planet.

And it could be an absolute fortune-maker for this company and its early investors.

This geologist is world-renowned.

He’s not just responsible for the success of Kirkland Lake. 

He’s also responsible for the success of another mining firm called Novo Resources.

Their share price went from $0.80 cents to $8.83 in less than two years.

That’s a 1,003% gain.

Why is this geologist so confident that this new firm’s discovery could produce billions worth of gold? 

Well for starters, it shares very similar mineralogy to Kirkland’s Lake’s famous “Swan Zone”... 

The kind of features that these super high-grade gold deposits are known for. 

These types of world-class gold systems are also EXTREMELY rare. 

And the fact that this one is at such a shallow depth makes it incredibly unique... and so exciting. It’s less than one-tenth of a mile beneath the surface.

So the gold has been discovered at a much shallower depth than that of Kirkland Lake’s “Swan Zone,” which is located over half a mile underground.

This makes extracting the gold much easier, cheaper, and faster.

That’s why this company’s mine could rapidly become one of the world’s BEST mining assets.

This Mine Could Be Much BIGGER and Much More LUCRATIVE Than Kirkland Lake’s
$4 Billion-Plus Gold Mine

This “second swan zone” is located within the company’s extensive 370,000-acre exploration property. 

And there is already evidence of gold in multiple areas within their claim.

According to this world-renowned geologist:

There are prospects up and down the overall strike of this system that have also hit high grade. Even the surface work that’s been done recently is quite astounding. I’m optimistic we are in this sweet spot within these epizonal deposits pretty much down the entire length of the property. I expect a lot of good news out of a lot of different areas. The entire property is prospective. It’s not just a one-hit wonder.

Exciting, isn’t it?  

We’re talking about multiple high-grade gold discoveries within their large land package. And they own ALL of it.

That’s why this could be the golden opportunity of a lifetime. 

And it’s NOT in some war-torn country, either.

This gold play is found in the most mining-friendly nation on planet Earth...

I’m talking about our northern neighbor, Canada. 

This discovery has been made in arguably one of the most mineral-rich regions in the world — the island of Newfoundland.

As a recent headline from The Chronicle Herald said, “Central Newfoundland Becoming Hotbed for Mining Activity.”

The Central Newfoundland gold belt has many similarities to the Bendigo goldfield in Australia, which has produced over 22 million ounces of gold...

And is also home to Kirkland Lake’s $4 billion gold mine.

This small company is the largest mineral claimholder in the entire province of Newfoundland... with over 373,000 acres.

To put that into perspective, that’s over 282,000 football fields worth of rich, gold-bearing property!

I’m going to show you how to be first in line to collect profits from this unstoppable gold play of the decade.

But First, Please Let Me Introduce Myself...


My name is Luke Burgess.

Perhaps you’ve read my articles before in Energy and Capital, in Wealth Daily, on Kitco, and on

Or perhaps you’ve heard me on the radio. I’ve done countless interviews about gold.

These folks seek me out for ONE reason...

Because they know I have a knack for timing gold's moves... and making huge returns in the process.

For instance...

In early 2004, I began heavily investing in gold and other precious metals after watching the value of the U.S. dollar decline rapidly for several months.

Shortly thereafter, signs of a serious slowdown in the broader markets emerged, and I began urging others to start investing in gold and other hard assets.

Over the next several years, gold soared. Gold was driven to record highs in 2011. My readers and I were sitting on dozens of triple-digit and several quadruple-digit gains in gold stocks.

Just take a look at what some of my readers had to say about that run...

$59K Profit!!!

Hi Luke — Wanted to thank you for your recommendations for the last two years. I currently have about $195,000 invested in your recommended stocks and after thinning my winning position in GNI and WTZ, I have made a profit of $59,222.41. I have kept track of all trades and decided to calculate the totals today. Thanks again and you can use this email if you so desire.

— Jerry L.

Bought an RV!

I was sitting in my RV and realized there would be no RV if it wasn't for you. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

— Cyndi H.

Financial Life-Changer!!!

Luke — I want to thank you for the heads-up. Did the necessary due diligence and looks more like a grand slam than a home run to me. Large position established over the last few weeks, see some institutional buying showing up here and there... could be a financial life-changer here. Keep doing what you're doing, finding the microcap specials! Thanks again. Regards.

— Ray C.

$30,000+ Profits!

I have already made $30,000+ and have been a member of your newsletter for a little over a year. Keep up the good recommendations. Thank you.

— Ben H.

In November 2015, when gold was sitting at $1,000 an ounce, I made another historic call...

Here’s what I wrote to my readers:

"A shortage of new mine-ready projects, coupled with sustained demand, could translate into hefty profits for prepared investors — which is why the time to act is now! Physical gold is fine to own. But to really leverage rising gold prices, we want to be into equities right now."

I began recommending several gold and precious metals stocks to my readers. Again, it was nearly perfect timing.

Gold prices bottomed out just one month later in December when the Federal Reserve decided to raise interest rates.

And EVERY SINGLE ONE of my recommendations took off. We banked profits of:

  • 48% on Goldcorp
  • 50% on Barrick Gold
  • 79% on McEwen Mining
  • 100% on Sandstorm Gold
  • 151% on Royal Gold
  • 157% on Avino Silver and Gold Mines
  • 201% on First Majestic Silver
  • 242% on Endeavor Silver

But here’s the thing...

I believe that those gains are just a mere taste of what’s coming next.

Because the same forces that've been driving gold prices higher and higher since the early 2000s are STILL at work today.

Only now, those forces are set to drive gold to levels NEVER BEFORE SEEN in human history...

Why Gold (AND Gold Stocks)
Are About to Go Supernova

See, here’s what most “analysts” don’t understand about the current gold bull market… let alone where it's headed.

This bull market in gold did NOT start yesterday. It didn’t even start last year. Or the year before that.

This current gold bull market actually started in 2001... took a breather from 2011–2018... and recently resumed its primary trend higher.

Gold recently hit an all-time high of $2,067 an ounce... obliterating its previous record of $1,921 an ounce back in 2011. 

So how high can it go from here?

I predict that gold prices could easily reach as high as $6,500 an ounce.

That’s because what we're seeing today is a setup in gold prices similar to one that occurred during the 1970s gold bull market, which created a slew of new millionaires.

Let me explain...

Between December 1974 and August 1976, gold prices dropped 40%.

But then, from the August 1976 bottom to January 1980, the average monthly gold price increased 514%.

A few of the big gold producers dished out big returns during the ’70s stagflation-induced gold bull:

But it was the smaller junior mining companies that went on the most impressive runs during that time span:

And here's the thing...

Right now we’re seeing almost the exact same pattern play out.

Between September 2011 and December 2015, gold prices decreased 40%.

An equivalent 514% increase from the December 2015 bottom could put gold over $6,500 an ounce.

In short, you have NOT missed the boat on gold.

With so many potent catalysts behind today’s prices, the yellow metal could be set for its biggest run yet.

Gold Mania Catalyst #1: The Biggest Government Stimulus Plan in History — Before the pandemic, the world was swimming in debt. After delivering two stimulus packages  — including the largest one in American history — the United States is now over $27 trillion in debt. The printing presses are on full blast, and they won’t be turned off anytime soon. All of this devalues the dollar and its purchasing power. And it leads to rising gold prices. 

Gold Mania Catalyst #2: The Largest Central Bank Gold Buying Spree Since the '70s Is Happening NOW — A whopping 36 of the world’s biggest central banks are trading more dollars for gold now than at any other time in the last 50 years. This is unprecedented in modern history. It shows a complete lack of faith in unbacked paper currencies. And trust in only ONE asset: Gold.

Gold Mania Catalyst #3: Negative Interest Rates — Money-starved central banks around the world have instituted negative interest rate policies for the first time in history. What it means is that instead of earning interest on bonds, investors are being charged to loan money to the government. Today, more than a quarter of the world’s bonds are paying a negative yield. That’s over $15 TRILLION in negative-yielding government debt. These trillions from portfolio managers, pension funds, and insurers looking for a return will drive gold to all-time highs.

These three catalysts are pouring fire on gold’s inevitable and relentless march higher. They could propel gold to $6,500 an ounce or more.

That’s why you need to act NOW.

So you can set yourself up for the chance to make life-changing gains in the gold market over the coming months. 

And the absolute best way to do that is to claim a stake in the small stock I’ve been telling you about today.

THIS Is the Gold Story of a Generation


On their first drilling attempt, this company found one of the richest, most significant gold intercepts ever in Newfoundland’s history.

The gold isn’t just high-grade, it’s BONANZA-grade.

Meaning that it’s the richest and highest-quality gold in the world. 

It didn’t take long before two self-made billionaires took notice and joined forces to invest in this operation.

So who are they?

One of them is Eric Sprott. 

He’s the self-made billionaire investor and founder of Sprott Inc., an $11 billion global asset management firm focused on natural resources and precious metals.

He’s arguably the world’s most influential mining entrepreneur.

The other man is Robert McEwen.

He turned a $50 million junior gold miner into an over $20 billion juggernaut. 

His company, Goldcorp, became one of the largest gold mining companies in the world before eventually being bought out by Newmont Mining.

These two mining heavy hitters have invested unheard-of sums of money into THIS company.

This company has already made two VERY high-grade gold discoveries on its property. In fact, they’re BONANZA-grade!

The potential exists to expand these high-grade zones, but also to potentially find NEW high-grade zones along the huge gold-bearing structure within their enormous claim.

Insiders are comparing it to Kirkland Lake’s “Swan Zone” in Bendigo, Australia, which is the most prolific gold discovery of the last 10 years. And it’s currently in production as the world’s lowest-cost high-grade gold mine.

Except that THIS company’s gold discovery I’ve been telling you about appears to be a lot larger and much closer to the surface.

With the gold at a shallower depth, it's much easier to extract and can be produced at HALF the cost.

This could be one of the world’s most profitable gold mines in the making… one that could contain millions of ounces of gold... worth billions of dollars. 

We are talking multiples of what Kirkland Lake’s $4 billion gold mine is worth. 

And here’s something else...

Billionaire Eric Sprott was also an early investor in Kirkland Lake Gold. He got in when the stock was trading just a few dollars a share...before it shot to $62.

Now he sees massive potential in this $4 company I’ve been telling you about. He is one of this firm’s single largest shareholders.

This is hands down the most critical company to go public in the gold sector in the past decade!

We may never witness anything THIS explosive ever again. This stock could lift your wealth to an entirely NEW level. And quickly.

As I speak, there is an aggressive drilling program underway at the property. 

There is already evidence of high-grade gold in multiple areas within its 373,000-acre claim. And so far the hits are shallow. 

This is spectacular news for this company and its shareholders.

But I cannot stress this enough...

Things are moving RAPIDLY as the company continues with its aggressive drilling campaign... which is due to wrap by the end of the year. 

Big news could break at almost any time. 

That’s why I urge you to pick up shares of this promising company right now, BEFORE the rest of the market catches on to this story.

Before the news hits the rest of the financial community...

And quickly launches the share price of this company from $4 to $10... or $20... even to $50 a share or higher. 

We’re Talking SKY-HIGH Profit Potential Unlike Anything I’ve EVER Seen
in the Gold Industry

There is absolutely no limit as to how high this company can go.

Remember, the same geologist who was responsible for the success of Kirkland Lake and their billion-dollar gold mine believes this little company could be sitting on an even BIGGER fortune-maker... 

A potential "second swan zone.” The only one in the entire Northern Hemisphere. 

The gold system is shallow, at just 75 meters below the surface... it's easier to access... and the size of it could be MASSIVE.

This has the potential to be one of the biggest discoveries in HISTORY. 

We could be witnessing the birth of a multibillion-dollar gold mine here.

And we are still in the early stages. That’s why you need to move on this NOW for your chance to lock in the biggest gains.

This has the potential to blow Kirkland Lake’s 3,727% gold gains right out of the water. 

Most folks have never heard of this company before — and have no idea about the kind of profit potential it holds. 

It is small. And it is newly listed. It just went public in late 2020. 

With the election results and vaccine rollouts dominating the news, investors haven’t been paying any attention to it. 

I’d say that 99% of folks don’t even know it exists.

Which is why YOU have the rare chance to scoop up shares for around $4 right now... 

But it will NOT remain this cheap for long.

The company now has not one but TWO high-grade gold discoveries just a little over a mile apart.

More positive exploration results from its drilling campaign over the coming weeks could send this stock soaring.

Just like they did for a company called Aurelian Resources...

Shares increased from about $1 to $40 almost overnight!

That’s a 3,900% gain.

Its mine ended up producing 14 million ounces of high-grade gold. 

The stock took off and Kinross Gold, a senior mining company, bought the firm for $1.2 BILLION.

I expect that this stock could see a similar outcome. 

It could trade for $40 a share or more just weeks from now.

Because the fact is that this gold stock could SOAR even if the price of gold doesn’t budge another dollar.

And even if it doesn’t get bought out.

But gold IS moving higher. Much higher. And very soon. It’s practically inevitable.

I believe that gold is on its way to $6,500 an ounce.

And this tiny company could absolutely EXPLODE in value. 

It could turn every $5,000 into $191,000.

Or every $10,000 into $382,000. 

I’ve written up my full recommendation for this tiny mining outfit sitting on the richest gold mine yet to be developed in the whole world.  

Not only will you get the name and ticker symbol of this company, but you'll get specific details on what price to pay for the shares, who the people behind this tiny firm are, the companies that are looking to sign deals with this small firm... everything.

It’s all in a special alert I’ve titled "Newfoundland’s NEW Riches: The Junior Gold Stock That Could Make You Huge Gains."

And I want to send you the link to download it immediately.

Here’s the thing, though...

I did this research for the exclusive benefit of my Junior Mining Trader members. And I’d be doing them a major disservice if I were to simply release this recommendation to the public. 

Because each and every member has paid their membership dues to have exclusive access to my trading recommendations for these small mining exploration companies with massive upside potential.

So I can’t just give it to you outright, but I can offer you the next best thing... 

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Not a single stock makes its way into my portfolio without having the potential for 50-to-1 returns.

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You Get All of This by
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Most gold investors know that the biggest upside comes from the smaller companies. 

Yet investing in these companies takes constant research and diligence. And it helps to have connections throughout the industry to get the full story on opportunities as they’re announced.

Even with the upside potential, most investors don’t know where to start or have the time to do all this.

You can't just rely on annual reports... or “earnings-per-share figures.”

You need to understand the supply chain and have some “boots on the ground,” too...

I’ve seen hundreds of different kinds of mining operations firsthand. I've traveled to far-flung places around the globe to inspect companies.

I’ve ventured into Mexican valleys.

I’ve traveled deep into the Ontario wilderness.

I’ve flown to Albania to check out a copper mining property high up in the mountains.

Do you think this is something your broker would do for you?

I'll be sending you reports directly from the field. I'll be inspecting projects, meeting the management teams, and “kicking” the actual rocks.

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But this all assumes you choose to try Junior Mining Trader today...

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But here’s your loophole...

Every membership is protected by a full 90-day money-back guarantee.

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So what’s the membership fee for Junior Mining Trader?

The retail rate for a year of Junior Mining Trader is $3,000. But I’ve got more good news. You won’t pay that much for it — not even close.

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That’s a $1,000 savings.

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I Like to Think of This as Giving You a $1,000 Stake in This Explosive $4 Stock...

At $4 per share, that buys you 250 shares.

And how much could you cash out with?

Well, if this company is indeed sitting on a “second swan zone” as insiders believe it is — meaning that it owns the richest undeveloped gold mine in the world, worth billions of dollars — and the stock soars 3,727%...

That $1,000 stake could turn into $38,270. And it could happen in the coming weeks.

As I mentioned, there is an aggressive drilling program underway at the property. And more positive drilling results could send shares flying.

That’s why you absolutely must take action NOW.

Get Started Now and I’ll Help You Grab the Gold Profits of the Decade

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And while you’ll have 90 days to try it, risk-free, I think you’ll want to stick around.

Gold is in a huge bull market. With so many potential catalysts, it’s ready to explode. And it could be on the way to $6,500 an ounce.

We could see this stock make up to 3,700% gains from here — at least for those investors who get in fast.

There will be news coming out constantly. I will keep you updated as it breaks.

The only place I’ll be publishing this up-to-the-minute information is in the Junior Mining Trader alerts.

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Good investing,

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Luke Burgess,
Editor, Junior Mining Trader

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P.S. BREAKING NEWS: This firm just announced that it made a THIRD high-grade gold discovery on its property... and it’s part of an entirely new gold zone! This is absolutely HUGE. I urge you to get in now, while you still can. To get the full details, click here now.