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Dear Reader,

A major tech shake-up is underway... 

I’m talking about a fundamental technological shift needed to unlock $17 trillion in new wealth... 

Artificial intelligence, 5G, and the internet of things won’t be possible without it.

At the same time, this will mark the end of Silicon Valley’s 40-year era of tech dominance... 

Silicon Valley is one of the richest areas in America. The average household income is more than $500,000 in some communities... 

However, these days will soon be over... Silicon Valley has peaked. 

This has nothing to do with COVID-19 or political unrest across the U.S.

This development started to unfold years ago.

The signs of Silicon Valley’s decline are impossible to miss... 

Since 2017, more people have been leaving Silicon Valley than coming in.  

The number of homeless people has increased by as much as 42%... 

Legendary investor and PayPal founder Peter Thiel left the Valley more than two years ago... 

Big data unicorn Palantir abandoned Palo Alto in 2020... 

Giants like Google, Facebook, and Dropbox are preparing their exit as well. 

Their engineers have been relocated as much as 840 miles away from Silicon Valley.

These insiders clearly know something’s going on.  

Today I’ll explain what exactly is happening and how — if you prepare right now — your stake in this $17 trillion tidal wave of cash could be life-changing.

The media are slowly catching up on this development...

“Silicon Valley Is Over.”

— The New York Times

“What the ‘Tech Exodus’ Could Mean for Silicon Valley.”

— Bloomberg

“Silicon Valley's Tech Elite Are Leaving San Francisco in Droves.”

— Business Insider

But the mainstream news is merely describing the symptoms. 

Few grasp the underlying problem.

I’m talking about a notorious trap other U.S. industries fell into decades ago...

The same trap is expected to bring down Silicon Valley. 

I’m not the only one to say so. 

Physicist and NYU professor Michio Kaku predicts, "Silicon Valley could turn into another Rust Belt."

TechRadar confirms that “the future of tech is at stake.”

And Singularity Hub proclaims we’re in the “Dark Silicon era.”

Palo Alto, Mountain View, and Menlo Park could become ghost towns. Millions of dollars in retirement accounts are expected to get wiped out.

PC World reports this “Will Cause [an] Economic Crisis.”

But if you understand what this is about, you could not only steer clear of this impending hazard...

You Could Set Yourself up for 950%... 6,893%... Even an Incredible 12,795% Gain

This is about a revolutionary technology needed to unleash $17 trillion in new wealth...

Creating the windfall of a lifetime for those who position themselves correctly today. 

I'm talking about a pattern that has played out across many industries in the U.S. before. 

In the past, those who failed to notice big changes ahead of time lost everything. 

But those who saw what was coming made 1,008%, 1,039%... and even 5,483% gains.

You see, Silicon Valley is going down the same path as once-thriving cities like Detroit, St. Louis, and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Let me show you what I mean...

The U.S. used to be the world leader in the automotive, steel, and coal industries. 

But these industries collapsed — turning a once-prosperous area into the Rust Belt.

Take Detroit, the city rose and fell with General Motors...  

GM used to be one of the biggest corporations on the planet. An iconic giant, unparalleled by any other carmaker.

If there was a safe bet in the market, it was GM... or so it seemed.

On October 26, 1965, its stock hit an all-time high of $56.37.

But this is what happened a couple of years later...

Its stock plunged to $11.68 on January 2, 1975... wiping out 79% of its investors’ money.

That's because GM failed to see the industry steering toward a huge shift... GM was trapped in its old ways.

It started with the oil crisis in the 1970s. Americans wanted smaller cars and GM's gas guzzlers fell out of favor. 

Toyota began to fulfill these market needs.

Had you bought Toyota’s stock back then, you'd be up by 1,008% today.

GM was the wrong company to be in during this shift. 

Just as Silicon Valley companies that don't see the change ahead are the wrong companies to invest in today. 

This could either destroy your retirement or make you rich.

The same pattern played out in the steel industry. 

Consider Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 

The city was once the center of heavy industry with Bethlehem Steel Corporation...

This company used to be the second-largest steel producer in the U.S.

But take a look at what happened to its stock:

Bethlehem Steel fell from $156 in 1955 to an all-time low of $4 in 1986.

That's a drop of 97%... Investors lost almost all of their money.

That’s because Nucor Corporation in North Carolina wiped Bethlehem away... thanks to modern technology. 

It produced steel much faster and cheaper with state-of-the-art furnaces.

As professor Stephen Mihm from the University of Georgia puts it:

"Nucor did more to kill traditional American steel production than the Chinese ever did."

Investors made 5,483% on Nucor...

A $1,000 stake would’ve turned into $55,830.

The lesson is simple... 

Being in the wrong company during critical shifts will destroy your investment. But being ahead of dramatic changes can make you a fortune.

Let me give you one last example of the pattern repeating right now... 

One that could easily deliver four- or even five-digit gains.

St. Louis used to be a fast-growing American city as Peabody Energy turned it into a coal industry hub.

But the coal industry perished. 

Peabody's stock fell from $47 in June 2018 to $1.17 in November 2020...

That's a 97% loss within just two years.

The reason?

As The Guardian puts it, "Natural gas killed coal."

Coal has been increasingly replaced by cheaper, cleaner energy sources. And natural gas companies won big.

Take gas pipeline operator Enterprise Products Partners...

Its stock soared by 1,039% 

What do you prefer — seeing your account getting wiped out or making 10 times your initial stake?

Today I'm going to show you why this is the choice you’re confronted with right now.

Because the pattern you’ve just seen is unfolding in the tech sector as we speak.

Silicon Valley is about to experience the same kind of decline Detroit, Bethlehem, and St. Louis suffered.

However, this time the consequences will be much bigger.

This shift will devastate Silicon Valley for good. At the same time, it’ll create $17 trillion in new wealth...

This is the rare chance for everyday Americans to make 6,893% returns within 12 months. 

12,795% is realistic in the long run.

Like I said, this isn’t about COVID-19...

It isn’t about China coming out on top in the tech race either.

The reason for Silicon Valley’s collapse is simple: physics...

The $1.5 Billion Government Program to Save the Future of Computing

As Dr. Saptarshi Das from Penn State puts it, “traditional computation is dying.”

This is not a guess. This is a fact determined by immutable physical limitations.

Let me explain...

You’ll find microprocessors in every computer, smartphone, and tablet. They’re in your car and even your microwave. 

Microprocessors consist of tiny electronic switches called transistors. These transistors are etched into silicon.

For about 60 years the size of these transistors got smaller and smaller...

As a result, more and more transistors could be crammed on a silicon chip. 

For decades, the number of transistors on a microprocessor doubled every two years.

This observation is known as Moore’s law. 

Computing power kept rising alongside the increase of transistors.

Scientists estimate half of global and U.S. economic growth was caused by this trend and the innovations it enabled.

Thanks to Moore’s law, computers shrank from room-sized mainframes down to a box sitting on your desk. 

Personal-computer pioneer IBM soared by 3,179% as a result...

Without huge increases in computing power, smartphones couldn’t exist. 

Moore’s law allowed Apple stock to shoot up 3,469% after the release of the first iPhone.

And microprocessor manufacturer Intel benefited the most from Moore’s law...  

Early investors made a staggering 19,803%.

But the number of transistors has stopped doubling. Silicon has reached its physical ceiling...

Moore’s law is dead.

As a result, silicon-based microprocessors can’t become much faster than they are today. 

Microprocessor performance began to stall more than four years ago.

As you can see in this chart, performance has hardly increased since 2016:

It’s the end of an era.

And it’s why the Defense Department’s research wing initiated a $1.5 billion project. Its goal is to develop microprocessors that overcome silicon’s limitations.

This project is called the Electronics Resurgence Initiative. 

It’s run by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA).

DARPA has a history of inventions that changed the world...

Take GPS... 

The navigation system in your car and on your smartphone sprung from DARPA’s submarine-geopositioning system.

If you’ve ever used Siri, Alexa, or “Hey Google,” you’ve used DARPA tech... 

The agency developed the virtual assistant in 2002.

And DARPA is the reason you're able to watch this presentation right now... 

The agency laid the internet’s foundation with the ARPANET in 1969.

One little-known company is at the heart of DARPA’s latest project. It's figured out a completely new way to manufacture microprocessors.

Getting in on this company could generate a 950% gain in the next few months...

That’s 10x your money on a single stock.

In a moment I’ll explain the physics behind silicon’s limitations... 

And how this company revolutionized semiconductor engineering.

But first you need to understand why this standstill is a huge problem for Silicon Valley and the whole U.S. economy...

Surging Demand for Computing Power Could Make You 10x Your Money

You see, while microprocessors have stopped becoming faster... 

The demand for additional computing power is skyrocketing.

1.4 billion additional internet users will be coming online by 2023. That means more than four times the entire population of the U.S. will get access to the internet soon.

And the number of connected internet devices is about to soar too. It will surpass the global population by a factor of three.

This surge of internet users and devices will mean one thing for sure...

Computers in data centers will come under a huge amount of additional stress.

As top Google engineer Jeff Dean explains, “It turns out that [we need] more than 1 million times the computing power of the present, not just a tens of times increase.”

Let that sink in for a minute... 

Microprocessors must become 1 MILLION times more powerful.

Think of it this way... 

The currently fastest available microprocessor is like a Ford F-150 truck... 

It can tow 11,100 pounds, which is good enough for a cabin cruiser boat.

But even such a powerful car has its limits. What if the cargo is a multilevel ship? An F-150 won’t cut it.

You'd need a semi truck to tow such a load... 

Imagine what would happen if you put a F-150 under this kind of strain.

The engine and transmission would overheat and the suspension would break...

That’s very similar to how overtaxed microprocessors react... 

You might’ve experienced it yourself. 

Maybe you’ve had too many programs running on your computer. Or too many tabs open in your browser.

Your computer becomes slow to react. It might even crash because it can’t cope with the extra workload.

That’s exactly what’s happening right now in data centers across the world.

Microprocessors are being put under more strain than they’re able to handle.

Just take the rollout of 5G. 

The new broadband standard will cause data traffic to almost triple in the near future... 

That’s because 5G is not just about the latest generation of smartphones...  

Wireless sensors connected to the 5G network will collect huge amounts of data.

These sensors will be spread all across the world.

5G sensors will monitor factories, warehouses, traffic lights, cars, planes, utility poles, medical equipment, surveillance cameras, water pipes... the list is endless.

This network of sensors on just about anything has a name: internet of things.

The internet of things will produce enormous amounts of data. To make sense of all this data, we need more computing power... 

Data growth and computing performance used to rise side by side.

But today, data growth is increasing at an ever-faster pace, while computing performance has stalled.

Scientists call this the “compute-data gap”...

Companies working on 5G and the internet of things can hardly wait for this new tech to be available... 

The compute-data gap is the reason.

And unlimited data growth isn’t the only problem... 

Advanced artificial intelligence needs much more computing power as well.

Fully autonomous vehicles...

Intelligent robots...

And systems for disease diagnosis... 

These applications are impossible to scale without a lot more computing power...

AI’s computing appetite has been doubling every 3.5 months since 2012...

In other words, AI’s computing demand increased by a factor of 537 million since 2012.

As a result, AI companies are facing a dreaded gridlock without this DARPA innovation.

Like I said, semiconductor engineering came to a screeching halt already four years ago.

But not everyone will admit this is a problem.

Intel has blatantly downplayed this issue...

“Intel CEO Says Reports of the Death of Moore’s Law Have Been Greatly Exaggerated,” according to ABC News.

Others, however, assess the situation more realistically...

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently warned that the world is "running out of computing capacity.”

ZDNet calls this “a crisis in computer chips.”

And Erica Fuchs, professor of engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, says that “the moment to panic is now.” 

Semiconductor companies such as Intel could be facing ruin soon...

But one little-known company is expected to be the big winner.

Because it discovered a way to overcome the death of Moore’s law...

All thanks to what I call “God Chip” technology.

Let’s assume this little-known company captures only Intel’s earnings in the near future... 

That would mean its stock could rise by 950%.

That’s enough to turn every $10,000 invested into $105,000.

Of course, this still leaves the business from Intel’s competitors to be absorbed as well... 

And with the global microprocessor market to reach $112.7 billion by 2025, a 950% win is a highly conservative estimate.

I’ll show how this company overcomes the death of Moore’s law in a moment.

But first, let me explain exactly why silicon has hit a wall...

This Company Makes Sure
Silicon Valley’s Demise Won’t
Bring the U.S. Down

The reason why silicon allows for no additional growth is simple...

It's impossible to scale down transistors any further.

Transistors on the latest generation of microprocessors are as tiny as 5 nanometers. 

That’s the size of about 10 silicon atoms.

It’s about 1,600 times smaller than a human red blood cell.

Circuitry below these dimensions starts to behave erratically...

As professor Kaku explains, “electrons leak out of the wires.”

Silicon doesn’t provide enough insulation to prevent this leakage.

And leaking microprocessors are unreliable. They get the wrong results in their calculations, which causes computer errors.

This isn’t the only problem silicon-based processors have... 

Computer chips will need more electricity than what’s globally available.  

Take a look at this chart from the Semiconductor Industry Association... 

As you can see, microprocessors’ power hunger won’t stop increasing.

Business Insider reports this "could fuel a global crisis.”

Microprocessors’ power consumption must be massively reduced... 

Otherwise, computing cannot be sustainable.

Overcoming silicon’s limitations is a matter of national interest. The tech sector is a vital pillar of the U.S. economy. 

Technology plays a major role in almost every other sector as well...  

That’s why DARPA teamed up with this little-known company in a $1.5 billion program... 

To make sure Silicon Valley’s demise won’t bring down the rest of the U.S.

You see, none of the semiconductor companies based in Silicon Valley offer a way out of this dead end.

Intel, Nvidia, and AMD are among the biggest employers in Silicon Valley... 

But their past successes relied on silicon.

This is why their downfall could be just months away... 

And with these companies going down, Silicon Valley is outright doomed.

However, this won’t be the end of America’s incredible tech success story...

Progress will carry on — only without Silicon Valley.

And it's all because of the company DARPA joined forces with.

Not only did it discover how to prevent electron leakage with its “God Chip” technology... 

It also found out how to make microprocessors 10 times more energy-efficient.

As a result, its stock could grow by 950% in the near future. But this is just the beginning... 

According to my estimations, a 6,893% gain is realistic in the next 12 months.

That’s enough to turn a small $500 stake into $34,965...

And a $5,000 investment into a massive $349,650.

I’ll explain in a moment why I believe such gains are possible... 

How this company found a way out of the silicon impasse... 

And what actions you should take today to seize the opportunity presented by this impending surge.

But first, allow me to introduce myself and tell you how...

Find Trillion-Dollar Megatrends
and Future Four-Digit Winners
Long Before Anyone Else

Hi, my name is Jimmy Mengel.

jimmy 2019

I’m a senior analyst at Outsider Club, where I run two research services: The Crow’s Nest and The Adventure Capitalist.

My investment approach is very different from that of your typical financial “guru.”

Whenever I investigate a new situation in the investing world, I’ll do whatever it takes to get the information I need...

I travel around the world, inspect production plants, and interrogate CEOs, scientists, and politicians... 

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I predicted the wave of legalization about to unfold...

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One that could make Big Pharma obsolete.

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Then there’s a cannabis biotech, InMed Pharmaceuticals, that I recommended for $0.21. It surged to $0.60, then $1.06, and hit a high of $1.74.

This boots-on-the-ground approach can be dangerous... 

  • I've been detained in customs in Sweden, Canada, and Mexico.
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  • I’ve witnessed full-scale rioting with army tanks and SWAT teams.

One time I even stood face to face with a group of about 30 prisoners in one of the most dangerous jails in the world.

But my philosophy is to do whatever it takes to identify megatrends well ahead of the crowd.

And to help my readers to get in early.

Some of them have been able to retire rich, walking away with six or seven figures in their pockets. For example...

One reader, Johnny R.S., wrote to me and told me about the 294% he made from one of these recommendations...

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"Bought in on Canadian and UK marijuana stocks about a year ago and have almost doubled my money! I can only see it getting better. In for the long haul."

Now, as impressive as this sounds...

I firmly believe that in the next 12 months, “God Chip” technology will mint more millionaires than marijuana...

This Is More Lucrative Than Any Pot Stock I’ve Recommended

You see, technological innovations have made the U.S. the world’s leading economic force.

And even though Silicon Valley is poised to fall...

This won’t be the end of the American success story.

Because the company that invented the “God Chip” paved the way for the next generation of tech achievements... 

I'm talking about artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and 5G.

Research firm Gartner predicts artificial intelligence will have a business value of $2.9 trillion in 2021...

And the Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy projects the internet of things will reach $2 trillion by 2022...

That’s a combined market of $4.9 trillion by 2022 already.

Add to this number a long-term projection reported by CNBC of $12.3 trillion for 5G over the next 15 years and you’re looking at $17.2 trillion in new wealth waiting to be unlocked...

If this company from Massachusetts captures 0.5% of all this cash, its stock could rise by 6,893% within 12 months.

That’s enough to turn a small $500 stake into $34,965...

And a slightly bolder investment of $5,000 into a whopping $349,650.

Make no mistake, 0.5% is a ridiculously low estimate. This is a very conservative projection.

But these kinds of gains are just the beginning...

Because, the genius innovation behind “God Chip” technology is not just about microprocessors… 

It could completely disrupt another $1 trillion sector...

The off-radar company I’m talking about could grab a huge chunk of this business. Incredible five-figure gains are on the table.

But before I tell you what this other $1 trillion sector is, you’re probably wondering... 

What is God Chip technology, exactly? And why is this happening right now?

Let me explain...

1,000x More Powerful Than Silicon Chips

As I said, it’s not possible to cram more transistors onto silicon than we already have. 

Silicon isn’t a reliable conductor when transistors become smaller than 5 nanometers. Electrons leak.

But there’s one material that’s just one atom thick. Its honeycomb structure can be used to roll up tiny tubes.  

These tubes are near-perfect conductors. They don’t leak electrons and they transport charge very quickly.

I’m talking about graphene. 

It may surprise you, but it’s the same kind of material that's in the center of pencils. And it's truly revolutionary.

To date, it’s the thinnest material ever found…

Its electrical conductivity is about 1,000 times that of copper… 

And it’s 200 times stronger than steel used for construction.

The off-radar company I’m talking about found a way to manufacture microprocessors with these one-atom-thick graphene tubes.

It’s extremely difficult to pull this off...

Billions of tiny 1-nanometer tubes have to be aligned perfectly across a 200-millimeter wafer like this...

As one scientist explains, “It’s like trying to cover the entire state of New Hampshire in perfectly oriented dry spaghetti.”

The method they use for depositing the graphene tubes is called incubation. 

It’s done by submerging the wafer in a bath of graphene tubes until the tubes stick to the wafer's surface.  

Again, it’s very difficult to get this right...

But recently the research team achieved a major breakthrough. 

They were able to reduce the incubation time from 48 hours to 150 seconds.

That’s why the mass production of “God Chips” is around the corner.

And this story gets even bigger...

This technology has another huge advantage over silicon manufacturing...

You see, silicon-based transistors are made at very high temperatures. 

I'm talking about 900 degrees Fahrenheit. 

But the “God Chip” can be manufactured at near-room temperature.

This is a huge game-changer... 

Layers of circuits on top of previously fabricated layers are now possible...

This way, three-dimensional chips can be created.

This can’t be done with silicon-based technology. Existing layers would melt at 900 degrees.

3D chips are expected to blow silicon chips out of the water.

As Live Science reports, “3D Computer Chips Could Be 1,000 Times Faster Than [2D Chips].”

According to ScienceAlert, the “God Chip” is a “huge milestone.”

MIT Professor Max Shulaker says, “[This] completely reinvents how we build chips.”

And one analyst confirms, “[Thanks to this company,] the future is bright for a new generation of computing.”

Artificial intelligence, 5G, self-driving cars, advanced robotics, the internet of things… 

All these applications won’t be possible without this technology.

Companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook can’t wait for this next generation of chips to arrive.

I cannot overstate how big of an opportunity this is. This is the kind of investment people wait their entire lives to make.

And if you get in today, you could rake in a fortune.

This Company Surged by 932% Already...
but This Is Just the Beginning

Like I said, the company behind the “God Chip” teamed up with MIT. 

It’s also officially part of a $1.5 billion governmental project called Electronics Resurgence Initiative run by DARPA.

Yet I estimate not one in 100,000 Americans knows its name.

Make no mistake — I’m not talking about an unproven penny stock. This company has customers across countless sectors...  

Including aerospace, defense, automotive, health care, and energy...

It’s a supplier to Apple, Dell, Raytheon, Lockheed, Cisco, and HP...

And its technology is protected by an astonishing 14,000 patents.

So it's no wonder its stock soared by 932% in recent years...

That’s right, this company could’ve made you 10 times your money already.

But since it’s more than 12 times smaller than Intel, there’s still huge room for growth.

And with the “God Chip” hitting the market soon, I expect it to shoot to the moon. 

This will be like strapping a rocket engine to a Maserati.

According to my conservative estimations, its stock could rise by 6,893%.

A small $500 investment could turn into $34,965...

And with a $5,000 stake you’d pocket a massive $349,650.

Look, there’s not much time to act. I’ll explain why in a moment.

But first I want to show you why I believe a 6,893% gain could be just the beginning...

"God Chip” Tech Could Disrupt Another $1 Trillion Market...

You see, graphene tubes’ application goes way beyond computing. 

They can be integrated in lithium batteries as well. And with astonishing results.

They’ve been shown to double storage capacity of batteries, charge much faster, and hold charge longer.

Right now, graphite powder is being used as the positively charged element in lithium batteries.

But graphene tubes have a lower weight and are more conductive than graphite powder...

Scientific American calls this tech the “Long-Sought Battery Technology Breakthrough.”

Wired confirms, “A graphene breakthrough hints at the future of battery power.”

And Lamborghini is even working on an electric supercar without traditional batteries. It will run only on graphene tubes as a power supply.

I expect the company behind the "God Chip" to also dominate this new battery technology...

Because they’ve figured out how to mass-scale the production of graphene tubes...

According to Wintergreen Research, the global battery market is projected to reach $1 trillion by 2026.

And if this company captures 10% of this market, its stock could rise by 5,902%...

That’s on top of the 6,893% I told you about earlier.

We’re looking at a total potential gain of 12,795% within a few short years.

Enough to turn a small $500 stake into $64,475...

And make you a millionaire if you invested $10,000.

But it’s important you act today...

The Full-Scale Product Launch Could Happen Any Day Now

Look, this is an extremely time-sensitive opportunity.

Because I expect a huge announcement from this company very soon. 

When this happens, investors will rush into this stock in droves. 

Let me explain... 

The first transistor built with graphene tubes was developed in 1998...

And in 2019, this off-radar company figured out how to build a microprocessor with 14,400 transistors...

As a result, we’re looking at an increase in the transistor count of 1,439,900% 

That’s a nearly 1.5 MILLION percent increase in 21 years.

And an annualized increase in the number of transistors of 68,566%.

We have every reason to assume that progress will continue at this pace... 

Remember, incubation time has just been slashed from 48 hours down to 150 seconds. 

That’s a 1,152x increase in production speed...

The number of transistors on the “God Chip” keeps rising as we speak.

According to my calculations, it could surpass the best Intel microprocessor very soon...

When this happens, it will replace every silicon-based microprocessor on Earth.

The “God Chip” will be faster, consume less energy, and put off less heat than any silicon-based chip.

This off-radar company will dominate the semiconductor market. 

It could happen as early as tomorrow.

Imagine this company announcing the full-scale product launch of the “God Chip”...  

This will be the biggest tech shakeup in decades... 

Its stock is set to skyrocket as a result.

But make no mistake...  

This profit opportunity could be gone well before the official “God Chip” launch. Because the market always prices in the future.

It’s the same pattern we’ve seen many times before... 

Like with Canopy Growth Corp. The catalyst for its 3,360% hike was the legalization of marijuana in Canada on October 17, 2018.

But its stock took off months before legalization came into effect.

Had you waited until the October 17 legalization date, you’d have missed out on these gains.

Or what about Fitbit... 

In October 2019, Google announced it was in talks to acquire the fitness smartwatch-maker in a $2.1 billion bid. 

The stock soared by 107% almost immediately — even though no one knew if antitrust authorities would permit the deal.  

That’s an annualized gain of 2,603%. And it was based on the mere anticipation of an acquisition.

The market always prices in expectation.

Let me give you another example... 

In May 2008, rumors swirled that RIM would release the first BlackBerry flip phone.

I’m aware how ancient this sounds.

But back then, these rumors alone ignited an incredible 8,789% stock surge.

Today we’re facing the exact same type of situation...

As one of the scientists involved recently explained, commercialization is "no longer a question of if but when."

The mainstream media could catch wind of this story as soon as tomorrow. 

When that happens, this company's stock could explode overnight. 

Institutional investors such as Vanguard, BlackRock, and JPMorgan have already poured insane amounts of money into this company.

They own 87.9% of the shares available...

And they continue to buy into the stock as we speak...

At the same time, they’re ditching silicon behemoth Intel.

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