Communist China Now Rules 5G...

Trump’s Final Executive Order

Trump is livid — he’s instructed the Pentagon to fight back by putting BILLIONS into these 3 All-American 5G Companies.

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TCN 5G capital

Hi, my name is Jimmy Mengel.

I’m talking to you today because THIS cell phone... the one I’m holding in my hands right now... is ILLEGAL to buy or sell in the United States.


Now, you don’t have to worry — I’ve completely disabled it... and I’ve also removed the battery.

So we’re safe from THIS phone: China can no longer use it to spy on us.

But if I hadn’t disabled it, the communist government of China would know that I’m standing in downtown Washington DC, just blocks from the Capitol.

The signal would go to those cell phone towers over there, just like all cell phone signals do.

But the cutting-edge 5G technology in this phone would also do something else...

Were it not disabled, this phone would also route a secret signal to China, the place where it was made, and my location would be recorded at a top-secret computer facility in Beijing.

China would know that I’m here today on an urgent research trip... and that I’m looking into the international controversy caused by its newest 5G technology.

I’ve come here today because there are several MILLION phones just like this one that are ALREADY in the United States. 

And if a powerful $8.4 billion Chinese company gets its way, there will be millions more of these phones used right here, WITHIN U.S. borders.

And that’s in ADDITION to the millions of phones like this that are already being used everywhere across the globe... 

  • From Paris... 
  • To Moscow... 
  • To downtown Hong Kong, where these phones have ALREADY been used to track the movements of pro-democracy freedom fighters.

No, this isn’t some crazy conspiracy theory.

It’s a well-documented fact... take a look at these headlines.

As I’m sure you already know, the United States and China have been duking it out on multiple fronts for decades now.

But never before on this scale.

This phone — and the 5G technology it contains — has become the DECIDING battleground between the two most powerful countries in the world.

And I have some bad news: up to this point China has been winning, and America is on the ropes.

But there’s hope... 

America is FINALLY staging a comeback.

As the U.S. Secretary of State recently said: “...the tide is turning.”

This story involves not millions of dollars... not billions of dollars... 

  • But literal trillions of dollars
  • Our national security
  • And the future of all U.S. telecommunications

I hope you’ve buckled your seatbelt — because this is a wild ride.

Which brings me to the reason I recorded this urgent video...

And the reason why this story is worth your time.

You see, America’s champion in the fight against this phone is creating the single-largest investment opportunity I’ve ever found.

It could literally make you wealthy in the space of a few short months — perhaps even weeks.

It could easily be the most money you’ll ever make on a tech stock.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at what happened during the rollouts of 3G and 4G...

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In short: the 3G and 4G rollouts represent hundreds of billions in investor profits.

As I’ll explain in detail, Battleground 5G will do all of this and more — and in a record amount of time.

Let me show you how you could make the most you’ve ever made on a tech stock in the weeks ahead.

China Is Trying to Rule the World
Through This Tech Company
— We’re Not Going to Let It

Now, if you’re like most Americans, the name “Huawei” probably doesn’t mean much to you.

It’s a hard name to pronounce — I had to practice several times before I could get it right.

But it’s a name you’ll be hearing more and more. 

Because this Chinese company is so advanced that no other company or nation-state can compete with it.

It's backed by the communist government of China, and it uses that hidden power to bully the rest of the world.

And it’s only getting worse.

Despite how the U.S. government has tried, it’s been hard to slow it down.

The founder of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, began his career as a high-ranking member of General Mao’s brutal communist government.

Then, in the 1980s, he visited the United States and toured the factories of IBM and Intel.

He was so struck by the power and potential of this new technology that he vowed to return to China and found a company that would one day dominate the world.

He’s come far...

Today, Huawei has 170,000 employees and operates in more than 170 countries.

It's officially the seventh-largest tech company in the world — but with the close backing of China’s communist government, it wields far more power than any tech company on the planet.

And its business model is one that intentionally finds areas of the world where it can dominate a market as an undisputed monopoly.

And now its goal is to infiltrate the United States.

As he boldly declared in 2019: “There is no way the U.S. can crush us.” 

It’s a battle in every sense of the word.

This is international conflict on a grand scale — far crazier than the plotlines of most spy movies.

Quite literally, in fact! 

The author of a Huawei versus America article published in The Economist just sold the movie rights to his story. 

But let me warn you... by the time this movie is produced, filmed, and hits the big screen, all the big money will already have been made.

This story is as profitable as it is serious.

Here’s why this situation has become so urgent...

A Matter of the
Highest National Security

America has been worried about Chinese telecommunications for decades.

But matters began to intensify about eight years ago, in 2012.

Pentagon officials alerted the White House that Chinese-run cell phone towers circled our ICBM missile sites in Montana.

And more cell towers were found around our U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM) missile sites in Alaska.

And there were even more cell towers in and around our most remote military bases.

These rural locations all have fewer than a 100,000 cell phone subscribers, so they’re not valuable areas from a commercial standpoint. 

And yet, the name of one Chinese telecommunications company kept popping up at the top of the list...

This company was aggressively putting up towers, even though most of them would surely be operating at a substantial loss.

The name of the company: Huawei.

President Barack Obama was immediately briefed, and he later told CNN there was “credible evidence” that Huawei "might take action that threatens to impair the national security of the United States.”

Not only do these cell phone towers have the potential to interfere with military communications, but they also allow Huawei to track the movements of every single cell phone subscriber... including our soldiers.

Obama instructed the Pentagon to get Huawei out of the USA.

The situation has only intensified since then.

During Trump’s administration, the daughter of Huawei’s founder was accused of illegally selling 5G technology to Iran... which not only made Iran’s 5G network more advanced than ours, it also gave Iran the ability to spy on everyone — including its own people.

She was flying through Canada on a trip to Mexico City, where she was planning on meeting with Mexico to discuss 5G towers on our southern border.

But she never made it...

President Trump personally reached out to Canada and asked if they would arrest her.

The Canadian Mounties are famously non-political, but didn’t hesitate in agreeing to the arrest... 

The Mounties were waiting to bring her to prison the moment she stepped off her plane in Vancouver.

It’s not often that Canada and the U.S. agree so easily on a tense international issue — but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has seen the intel, and after seeing what’s at stake, he’s continued to assist us.

Her fate remains uncertain. 

But America’s hardline stance against Huawei is here to stay...

Trump’s Last Executive Order

Just before the recent election, Trump renewed Executive Order 13873,  which specifically prevents Huawei from operating in the United States.

It reads...

“I... find that foreign adversaries are increasingly creating and exploiting vulnerabilities in information and communications technology and services... in order to commit malicious cyber-enabled actions, including economic and industrial espionage against the United States and its people.”

The instructions of the executive order are simple: Huawei is banned, and a short list of U.S. 5G companies will receive the full support of the U.S. government to help keep Huawei out for good.

And this order isn’t going anywhere.

Incoming President Joe Biden has confirmed his support for the fight against Huawei.

Biden says he opposed Huawei back when he was Vice President, and he remains committed to prohibiting any technologies that support “the Chinese Communist Party’s surveillance state.”

For once it’s not about party politics.

Keeping Huawei out of the U.S. is one thing everybody agrees on.

In fact, in just a moment you’ll hear more about how this war has unconditional support from both sides of the aisle.

And other nations are beginning to join us.

The UK, Australia, and Canada have all followed the United States in banning Huawei.

Even India has taken drastic steps to keep Huawei out, with strict bans and sponsorship of competing technology companies.

But these bans haven’t kept Huawei from growing.

Huawei Trounces Apple and Samsung

On July 30th, 2020, Huawei officially became the world’s largest cell phone company.

Let me read this headline aloud for you...

That’s right... even as Apple made headlines for becoming America’s first $2 trillion company, it was coughing up market share to its Chinese nemesis.

And Samsung has long held the line on the markets in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

But the onset of the coronavirus, and Samsung’s caution in resuming production, gave Huawei the opening it was waiting for...

Pushing production to break-neck levels, Huawei forced its employees to pump out 55.8 million new phones.

Pandemic be damned! That’s how it became #1.

As one industry analyst put it...

“If it wasn't for COVID-19, it wouldn't have happened. Huawei has taken full advantage of the Chinese economic recovery to reignite its smartphone business.”

— Ben Stanton, Senior Analyst at Canalys 

Huawei released an official statement saying it has “exceptional resilience” for pandemic recovery.

The truth: as the rest of the world was furloughed, its factories were putting in dangerous amounts of overtime.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo didn’t mince words when he criticized Huawei for expanding production during COVID-19...

“The Chinese Communist party’s exploitation of this pandemic to further its own aims has been disgraceful.”

If you’re like me, and you’re worried China might use the pandemic to its advantage, well — here it is.

Huawei is a tool being used by China to take over the world’s communications and spy into our private lives...

And the phone I’m holding right now is just a small part of the plan.

It’s just ONE of the 55.8 million, hot-off-the-line new spy devices for the communist government of China, rushed out in the middle of a pandemic.

We live in a new and scary reality where the technology inside this phone represents the difference between freedom and tyranny.

And here’s where this all makes a massive difference for you as an investor...

It’s not just one company...

America FINALLY has a shortlist of innovative companies that, working together, will make all the difference in the fight against Huawei for 5G.

I’ve spent the last few months carefully researching how to make the most of this opportunity. 

And then this next part is breaking news... thanks to brand-new investments from the U.S. government and big tech, there are three companies that are going to lead the way...

And soon

As I’ll explain in detail, we’re just weeks away from life-changing profits on this emergency 5G rollout...

Three “Battleground 5G” Companies
Hold the Key to America’s Security

Millions of Huawei’s phones are already here within our borders. 

And thousands more are pouring in every single day. 

Our current technology is vulnerable... it can’t be stopped without insane cost. 

And there’s no point in pouring billions into fixing yesterday’s 4G vulnerabilities.

But Battleground 5G has built-in protection from all these threats — it’s been carefully designed to keep prying foreign governments out. 

So 5G isn’t just a nice upgrade... it’s essential to our national security.

And I’ve put together a list of the three 5G companies that will lead us out of this mess.

We’re WAY BEYOND the potential of the 3G and 4G winners I showed you above — 10x your money is just for starters...

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The 3G and 4G rollouts have proven what’s possible... and 5G will be even bigger and come at record speed.

You see, the fight against Huawei will set off FIVE sudden market-shifting catalysts that’ll kick off FIVE waves of 5G profits, giving you more than ample time to make the biggest gains you’ve ever made on a tech stock.

You’ve never heard a 5G story like this.

Let’s get started...

Catalyst #1:
Keeping Huawei Out of America
— The Battle for Our Borders

America’s current 4G network is a security nightmare.

As I told you at the beginning of this video, had I not disabled the Huawei phone I’m holding, it would be sending information to China.

While the U.S. has rolled out major upgrades that help limit this threat, it’s ultimately a losing battle...

4G is too vulnerable.

And there’s no point in wasting more money on upgrades for old technology that’s already leaky and outdated.

Which is why 5G is going to be rolled out so fast.

It’s the only surefire solution to this mess.

Here’s a recent quote from former U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper:

“We can only [defend America and its allies] by making greater investments in our common defense... and by working together to maintain a ready and capable alliance network that is prepared to deter any threat, defend any ally, and defeat any foe.”

— Mark Esper

The recommendation is simple... the faster we roll out 5G, the sooner we will fix this threat.

There’s unanimous support from across the intelligence community.

In fact, former Congressional Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers has dedicated all of his post-congress work to taking on Battleground 5G.

He’s held America’s highest security clearance, including briefings that are so secret they’re limited to just the President and a handful of others, and he’s so intent on stopping Huawei that he’s formed a special policy action group. 

Here’s its official stance on Huawei:

“Our goal is to elevate the conversation regarding American national security and the economic benefits of winning the 5G innovation and deployment battle against China...”

— 5G Action Now, a policy group formed by former Congressional Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers

It’s just in time...

Because we’re now seeing a new version of the Huawei threat, this time on our southern border.

Huawei’s plan is as nefarious as it is simple: offer blazing-fast 5G to Mexico’s tech-hungry citizens at ridiculously low prices, and then use those millions of new users to pressure the U.S. from the border.

Huawei isn’t making a dime on Mexico... the towers it's trying to install up and down the border would be run at an enormous loss.

Like most of the other players in this story, Mexico is being used as a pawn in this high-stakes showdown... and Huawei has shown it's willing to lose billions if it means gaining an edge on our border.

Huawei is trying to get tens of millions of new Mexican subscribers to sign up for blazing-fast 5G, and then when those phones are brought into the U.S., those same phones will continue working on our vulnerable 4G networks.

Just imagine what a nightmare we’ll be living in if millions more phones flood into our country and give China access to our every movement.

The only way to stop this infiltration is by switching our network to our new secure 5G, which would shut out those Huawei phones completely.

The Pentagon is carrying out a detailed plan to reinforce our border.

America’s Battleground 5G companies are our first and only line of defense against this happening — and that’s why they’re rolling it out in record time.

In short...

We’re building a wall!

The Pentagon’s plan quite literally calls for a “border wall” of cell towers.

It’s a wall that everyone agrees with.

And building this wall is the first major catalyst... and it’s going to kick-start our new 5G network with billions of dollars in brand-new cell towers that’ll reinforce our national security.

But the second catalyst won’t be far behind...

Catalyst #2:
The Pentagon Is Handing Over
Its Biggest “Weapon” to
Battleground 5G Companies

The fight against Huawei is changing everything.

The Pentagon considers Huawei such an enormous threat that it's finally decided to hand America’s private 5G networks its biggest “weapon”...

The midband spectrum of radio bandwidth.

Please allow me to explain why this is such a big deal.

America’s networks have been begging the Pentagon for DECADES to allow them to use some of this invaluable airspace... but America’s top generals have always said “no.”

Up to this point it’s been reserved exclusively for the U.S. Navy.

The Pentagon reserved it back when the Navy expanded our fleet of aircraft carriers in the aftermath of World War II.

The thinking was that an aircraft carrier needed to send enormous amounts of information as fast as possible to the hundreds of planes on its decks, and to the other ships nearby in the fleet.

It’s one of the “fattest” areas of bandwidth, where it’s easier to send larger amounts of information with higher levels of accuracy. 

This mid-band spectrum also does a better job at cutting through interference from the atmosphere and weather conditions... which is why the Navy has always preferred it.

For obvious reasons, the Pentagon has resisted giving it up, even though newer technologies have made this area of bandwidth less essential for most fleet operations.

China’s military has always used this mid-band area of bandwidth as well, for the exact same reasons.

That is... until just over a year ago.

On December 18, 2018, China made a dramatic announcement: its military would no longer be using this bandwidth, and almost all of it would be given to Huawei for 5G.

Huawei was prepared for this sudden announcement... (it’s almost as if it had received advanced notice of the decision!) and immediately began deployment of the most advanced cellphone network the world has ever seen.

You heard that correctly... Huawei had an entire YEAR head start putting up towers that use this midband area of bandwidth, and it’s one of the reasons why Huawei suddenly achieved capabilities so far beyond ours.

But the Pentagon has finally recognized this threat for what it is...

An act of WAR for the airwaves.

And even though it’s been a quiet creep into wavelengths long forgotten by most of the world, it’s been infuriatingly effective at undermining everything we know about telecommunications.

Which is why the Pentagon is pulling out all the stops in making up for lost time.

Here’s how The Wall Street Journal put it in a recent headline...

We’re witnessing a technological unshackling so rapid it doesn’t have a comparison.

3G didn’t have this.

Neither did 4G.

Neither did any of the technological revolutions before it... INCLUDING the internet boom, which turned hundreds of thousands of investors into millionaires.

This’ll be the second catalyst that sets off the second wave of profits for my shortlist of Battleground 5G companies.

But the third catalyst will arrive right on its heels...

Catalyst #3:
The Military Is Donating
Resources to Help Battleground 5G
Companies Deploy This
Technology in a Hurry

The military has more gifts to offer...

The Pentagon has instructed America’s military bases to make every resource available for these companies to test these new technologies.

As one top official said:

“We are encouraging allied and U.S. tech companies to develop alternative 5G solutions and we are working alongside them to test these technologies at our military bases as we speak.”

— U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

The military bases can be used as “sandboxes” to speed up the testing process.

They have dense populations... but none of the time-eating red tape and roadblocks of the outside world.

5G towers are being set up at a dozen bases. 

From Norfolk Naval Base in Virginia... to Fort Hood in Texas... to Pendleton in California... to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

The military is trying to make up for lost time by making all of its resources available.


3G didn’t have this... 

Neither did 4G.

Only Battleground 5G stocks have been given this advantage... and I’m pleased to report that progress is happening at an incredible pace.

These companies are being handed free resources to develop their networks, and it’s going to be a boon for smart investors who buy shares of these companies in time.

But they’re also in line to get free money to speed things up...

Catalyst #4:
The U.S. Government is Ponying
up More Than a Billion Dollars
to Move Progress Along

The U.S. Senate is proposing new legislation that’ll give $1.25 billion to Battleground 5G companies...

In fact, it’s receiving widespread bipartisan support.

Those aren’t words you often hear in Washington.

But well-known Democrats Mark Warner and Bob Menendez helped co-sponsor this legislation with top-ranking Republicans Marco Rubio and the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee John Cornyn.

Talk about heavyweight support from both sides of the aisle!

It’s something everyone agrees on.

And the Battleground 5G companies I’m following are listed by name by these senators as essential to our national security.

When this legislation gets approved, it’ll create a fourth wave of profits for my three Battleground 5G picks.

But we still wouldn’t be done making money on this opportunity, which brings me to...

Catalyst #5:
Big Tech is Backing
Battleground 5G —
and Millions of Americans
Are Waiting to Buy In

The fifth catalyst is straightforward and will send Battleground 5G stocks soaring even higher...

It’s the moment when the general public will demand 5G, if for no other reason than for its blazing-fast video and web surfing.

Or to put it another way: millions of teenage iPhone users don’t know or care much about Huawei or national security just yet...

But they’re waiting excitedly for faster phones that’ll let them watch even more cat videos and upload pictures on Instagram.

History has proven time and again that they’re willing to pay big bucks for the privilege... and all those billions of dollars will go a long way to completing our 5G network.

Apple, Samsung, and Google will all be releasing their first 5G models beginning in the late Fall.

As these phones come to market, the rest of the 5G revolution will unleash itself...

The Battleground 5G companies will be the ones to support these popular new phones, and they’ll be the first to receive billions in network and development funds.

It’s also the moment that the average Joe investor will jump on the 5G bandwagon and pump billions into 5G stocks.

But by then, it’ll be too late...

All the biggest money will have already been made.

So I hope you’ll follow my advice and get in early... and then the moment the mainstream money sets off this fifth catalyst, that’s the moment we cash in our profits.

If you act quickly, you could walk away with more money than you’ve ever made before on a tech stock.

I’ve done it before, and I’m doing it again...

Revealed: The Three Stocks
That’ll Make a Killing
in the Fight for 5G...


This company literally builds, maintains, and leases the towers used for America’s cell phones.

And so this company is going to be the first company to take off, since it's the first up at-bat...

It's been mentioned by name at the Pentagon as the go-to company to install thousands of new, next-generation 5G towers that’ll keep China out of our airwaves.

This is also the company that’ll build the physical “border wall” of cell towers up and down our border...

And finally put a stop to the flood of phones pouring in from Mexico.

This company is more essential to our national security than most defense contractors — and that’s why the U.S. government is essentially guaranteeing this company’s success.

And history has already shown us what kind of profits are possible.

5G is going to double those numbers... and in record time.

This company has a brand-new tower system that’s being tested, even as we speak, at all of our top military bases.

Once these tests are finished, thousands of these new, secure towers will be built from Texas to California in the biggest cellular rollout since the start of the mobile revolution.

It’s an exciting moment — you’ll need to buy shares now if you want to be a part of it.

But there’s more to come...


This company holds more than 4,200 patents, and it’s the U.S. government's top pick for the processing chips, antenna receivers, and signal boosters used in our new 5G system. 

All of its components are designed in the U.S. and built through safe supply chains we can control — ensuring security from the hardware up, something 3G and 4G never had.

This company is a one-stop-shop. It designs it, oversees its production, and provides for its maintenance.

It's the ONLY 5G supplier in the world to make every single part in the system — from the power converters on the ground... to the tip-top of the antenna array. 

This company is essentially poised to become the “Broadcom” of 5G... 

Meaning it's in the perfect spot to pull in returns like the 2,123% that Broadcom made for investors during the 3G and 4G rollouts.

And Pentagon officials have consistently named this company as one of the few that are essential to building out a secure network.

This company will haul in massive profits as it helps deliver the deathblow to Huawei — and early investors will enjoy the lion’s share of the spoils.

But there’s still one more company I’d like to tell you about...

My Favorite
Battleground 5G Stock...
Which Includes Upside
That’s Nearly UNLIMITED

BATTLEGROUND 5G STOCK #3 is my favorite.

It’s smaller than the other stocks, but it’s the one that’s holding the indispensable key to new, secure 5G network technology. 

It was the FIRST and ONLY small-cap stock to be added to the original consortium, back when it was just IBM, Intel, Google, Verizon, and a handful of others.

This company has only 800 employees... but its entire business is creating the architecture for a network like this.

All the big boys are there to add their input — but it’s this company that’ll build the high-capacity 5G routers that make it all work.

It already holds most of the patents...

And it's been mentioned by name by the Secretary of State, the Pentagon, and the Congressional officials in charge as the company that will have the most impact on defeating Huawei.

Holding shares of this stock is essential to making money on this opportunity...

This is the company that’ll hit the home run the moment the bases are loaded.

I’ve already told you how I made 3,220% when a small-cap company named Canopy Growth went on to become the most important cannabis company in the world.

I was the first newsletter editor to visit it in person and make the recommendation.

And now I’m making the same call for 5G.

5G will have a major impact on America. But it’s not going to stop there. 

As the rest of the world expands its networks (and takes on Huawei) they’ll all use the proven technology of this small company.

Making the upside for this small, innovative firm nothing but bright blue skies.

I urge you to click the button below and get into this stock while you can.

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Jimmy Mengel
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