Claim your share of the fast-moving gold bull market with...

Monthly shots at six-figure paydays as gold rips to new highs!



Hi, I’m Nick Hodge, the founder of the Outsider Club and the publisher of Junior Mining Trader

Welcome to the Paydirt 2020 Summit. 

I put this together for you today because 2020 has been the most insane year I’ve ever seen in my investing career.

I’m sure you probably feel the same.

And, fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you’re positioned... we ain’t seen nothin’ yet:

  • We have no idea when or if coronavirus is coming back, and how that will affect stocks
  • No idea what’s going to happen with a contentious 2020 election
  • And the markets continue to be the biggest rollercoaster at the volatility theme park

I consider myself fortunate...

Because I’m invested in gold. 

And history has proven time and again that the more uncertainty there is in the markets, the more people value gold.

Which is why we’re seeing gold going up... and up... and UP.

It’s already at record prices in most currencies and is near all-time record highs in U.S. dollars. 

I’ve pulled in five- and six-figure gold-stock gains in the first half of 2020 with help from the gentleman you’ll be hearing from today. 

And I’m setting up for much more this year and beyond.

But I’m not putting my money into just any old gold investment. 

Today you’ll hear about a completely new way to take advantage of the coming gold bull market. 

In fact, the gold bull has already started to charge — we’re already seeing record-setting gold prices and stock gains that far outpace even the hottest tech stocks. 

With volatility rampant and government tinkering the only thing propping up the markets...

You can do much better.

Because gold can secure everything you’ve worked so hard for... and it can bring you some of the biggest gains you’ve seen in your life.

Today I’ll show you how I and others are making incredible gold-stock returns... turning every $500 invested into $35,000.

Which brings me to the man joining me in this webinar, Gerardo Del Real...

He’s an expert on making outstanding gold returns during times of great uncertainty. 

He’s consulted on gold-stock investments for billionaires, has done quite well for himself...

And I can say he’s personally made me and his subscribers a small fortune — including the recent five- and six-figure wins I just spoke of — with his intimate knowledge of gold stocks. 

There’s no time to waste when it comes to changing your financial future. 

With gold and gold stocks moving higher so quickly we needed to record this video ASAP to show you why NOW may be your only chance to get in before historic, never-before-seen gold gains.

Gerardo knows better than anyone else how to pull in life-changing returns... let me read off some of his past wins...

  • 350% on Almadex Minerals
  • 400% on Midas Gold
  • 500% on Tasman Metals
  • 832% on Nevada Sunrise

And then there’s the life-changing 7,042% he made on Quest Rare Minerals.

But as you’re about to hear for yourself — we’re really just getting started.

Gerardo, thank you for taking the time to be with us today. 


Absolutely, Nick.

While it’s been a busy time for me here in Austin, Texas, with quarantine and keeping up with everything, my focus is always on how to best position myself to protect what I already have and then also set myself up for BIG gains.

Gold is the only thing that can do both of those things at the same time.


Now, I know you have a detailed explanation of your junior gold trading strategy that you’ll share with us in just a moment. 

But before we get too far... I’d like you to clarify something from the outset.

When most people hear about investing in gold... they’re thinking gold bars. 

Or if not gold bars... then ETFs that track gold’s price like the GLD or something that holds all the big miners like Barrick and Newmont. 

But you’re not going to talk to us about any of that today, correct?


That’s right, Nick. And I’m glad we’re getting this out of the way.

I have a MUCH better way to make money trading gold stocks than any of those things.

I make money on gold companies themselves — but not just any companies.

I specialize in the junior mining companies that are exploring for and developing new gold projects.

The gains they provide in the process — especially when gold prices are rising — can be historic because of the leverage they offer investors. 

And if you know how to trade them you can make an absolute fortune. 

Professional investors have been paying for my advice about how to do this for over a decade now. 

I’ve consulted on behalf of billionaires' portfolios and written high-priced reports for strategic resource investment clients around the globe. 

In the last resource bull market, I made thousands of percent for me and my clients on everything from rare earths to uranium to gold. 

Gold has been in a bear market for nearly a decade now. 

But for reasons we’ll discuss, gold prices are back near all-time highs and gold stocks are breaking out left and right.

It’s a gold trader’s playground. 


Before we get too much further, I should bring everyone up to speed on who you are and what you do.

This story starts way back in 2005. You were investing in real estate — flipping houses and making money on the booming housing market. 

In that pre-2008 market, you couldn’t restore houses fast enough... and you quickly had a portfolio of properties.

But as you sensed the real estate implosion coming... you used your market sense to take some of those gains and position yourself in the asset class that was poised to move next: precious and rare metal stocks. 

That market foresight is one of your greatest attributes as a junior mining trader...

But there’s something else that sets you apart...  

Unlike most armchair analysts, you put in the hard work to actually deliver on your trading advice because you’ve got your own money on the line. 

Even a decade ago, you knew, as most keen investors do, that you can’t just buy a few bricks of gold and call it a day. 

While the price of gold is important, that’s not where you’re going to make money. 

You also can’t just buy a few ETFs or big-name gold companies. 

To gain the most positive market exposure to gold that’s possible you’ve got to be in the junior miners.

And rising to the top of that sector has brought you quite far.

You’ve debated investment strategies at the same conferences as Peter Schiff, Rick Rule, and Charles Krauthammer. 

And been a paid consultant for many high-net-worth investors like billionaires and industry insiders.

It’s all rather impressive if you ask me.

And today, with gold stocks quickly rising, you’re going to reveal all the details on your most profitable setup yet: the grand reopening of the gold bull market and how to trade the tiny companies inside it for millionaire-making returns. 

We’re calling it Paydirt 2020.


Well thank you for that, Nick.

But it’s not the prestige that matters to me. While I like to rub elbows in my little corner of the investing world, I’m not one of those analysts whose only credibility is a showoff list of big names. 

At the end of the day, my only goal is to make real money for myself and my subscribers.

I’m trying to make financial dreams become a reality.

This business has allowed me to build a life for me and my family that I never thought possible. 

It can allow you to take $20,000 and turn it into $160,000 in a year’s time.

Many of the investors who follow my work have seen those kinds of returns.

They’re truly life-changing.


You’re being modest, Gerardo. I’ve personally taken $37,000 and watched it turn into over $400,000 on a single tiny gold company you introduced me to. 

On another company, I took $28,000 and turned it into $90,000.

I’ve never seen anything like it. 

Subscribers are having similar experiences and they’ve never seen anything like it either. 

Paydirt 2020 is already paying off while the rest of the world and markets are witnessing mayhem. 

My email box is full of letters from concerned investors who have no idea what to do right now.

The stock market can’t make up its mind on where to go.

Or just look at other commodities like oil, and that crazy ride. It actually went negative at one point this year!

You can’t rely on this recovery... 

Over 50 million Americans have cumulatively claimed jobless benefits and earnings are in the toilet. 

And everyone knows that when stocks do go up... they’re only going up because of Federal Reserve money printing and stimulus to the tune of trillions of dollars. 

“Don’t fight the Fed,” they say. 

But if the Federal Reserve can print unlimited dollars as it has now said... why can’t we all just get unlimited free dollars and be rich?

Because of course, that’s not how reality works. 

In reality, all that printing and debt just drives gold prices higher. 

That’s exactly what’s happening now. 

And there’s no end in sight.

The Federal Reserve announced in response to COVID-19 that quantitative easing would be UNLIMITED...

That means there is no limit to how much paper money the Fed will create to combat this ongoing crisis. 

They’ve already printed much more than they did in 2008.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell even went on 60 Minutes and told the nation that as a central bank he has “the ability to create money digitally.”

PELLEY: Fair to say you simply flooded the system with money?

POWELL: Yes. We did. That's another way to think about it. We did.

PELLEY: Where does it come from? Do you just print it?

POWELL: We print it digitally. So as a central bank, we have the ability to create money digitally. And we do that by buying Treasury Bills or bonds for other government-guaranteed securities. And that actually increases the money supply. We also print actual currency and we distribute that through the Federal Reserve banks.

That digital toilet paper is just fuel for gold’s fire.

Not even in 2008 did the Fed have a printing press with no cap.

Unlimited CRUSHING DEBT, that’s what is being created. 

And now we’re already starting to see inflation and higher costs creep in. 

The debts are now much larger than the entire GDP.

And corporations are in the same boat.

You saw how most major corporations can’t survive two months of interruption before facing bankruptcy.

That’s why they need all these costly bailouts... and yet more money from the federal government.

You see where I’m going with this. But you understand the problem better than anyone I talk to. 

How do you see it? 


Nick, to say there is a severe disconnect between the reality of the economy and the performance of the stock market is an understatement.

Billion-dollar deficits are now trillion-dollar deficits with leverage piled on. 

There is a coordinated global effort around the world by central bankers to reward asset owners and punish savers and those who don’t have exposure to financial assets. 

Central Bankers are openly embracing an unsustainable reflation of financial assets that eventually will cause the greatest asset bubble we've seen in our lifetime... and maybe ever. 

The good news for us is that the bubble will send gold to historic highs. 

Not only during the reflation... but after the bubble pops as capital rushes into gold seeking refuge in the millennia-old hedge against instability and financial restructuring... Gold.


That’s why many investors have gotten out of the markets altogether.

Including billionaire Warren Buffett, who’s sitting on a mountain of cash... a record-breaking $137 billion.

He says "The position isn't that huge when I look at worst-case possibilities.”

He says if you buy stocks this year he doesn’t “know whether it’ll work out over two years at all.”

But unless you have billions to sit on... I don’t suggest waiting it out on the sidelines.

Because this uncertainty is creating a never-before-seen boom in gold.

Gerardo has continually made money during times of great uncertainty.

He even made money during the 2008 stock market crash, when everyone else was losing their shirts.

That’s the last time gold kicked off a record run. 

Most people have forgotten, but gold actually went down for much of 2008. 

It didn’t hit record prices until 2011 — taking gold stocks on a fortune-creating ride for three years. 

Gold went to a record price of $1,923 per ounce and many junior gold stocks went up 10,000% to 20,000%. 

As we’ve outlined, the pieces are in place for this gold bull market to be even bigger. 

And what we’ve set up with Paydirt 2020 can set you up to become a millionaire with gold stocks faster than you ever thought possible. 

It could make your 2020 — and every year after that.

We’re in the early innings of a gold bull market that’s going to happen whether stocks go up or down... or bounce around in a sea of volatility like they’ve been doing.

It’s a strange time in history.

With negative rates... Record global debt... And a pesky global pandemic... it’s looking like gold will be the only thing left standing.

I should also point out that you don’t need to be Fort Knox.

All you have to be is a smart, motivated investor who’s ready to use these uncertain times to make a fortune following Gerardo’s gold-stock trading advice.

In short: Gerardo makes it possible for anybody to be part of these life-changing gold plays.

Plays like the 7,042% he made on Quest Rare Minerals that turned every $500 invested into $35,000.

And every $1,000 invested into $71,000!

Gerardo, can you walk us through one of the recent gold trades you’ve made?


Absolutely, Nick.

Let me tell you about my trade in Great Bear Resources. 

It’s one of the hottest mining stories in years. 

It’s gone from $.75 to $18.21 — growing 2,328% in two years — as it pursued a hot new discovery in the Red Lake district of Ontario. 

With my junior mining trading system, I was able to get my readers in extremely early ahead of a life-changing run.


I remember all the great feedback you received over that trade. 

You even picked it as your 2019 top pick in a MoneyShow special report and blew everyone else out of the water. 

Few people ever see stock trades that rip that far that fast. 

But that was last year and you have bigger expectations for gold stocks this year with the Paydirt 2020 trades you’ve got lined up.

Can you help us understand what you’re looking for here for this junior mining trading system...



Nick, I sent you a simplified list of the main things that trigger one of my trades this morning so you could put it up for everyone to see. 

There are a few thousand companies in the world of junior mining. 

None of them are making any money because they aren’t selling anything. 

Instead, they’re looking for or developing the next round of gold projects to be put into production. 

As such, they’re valued based on market sentiment as they execute their business plan and achieve certain milestones, or catalysts

My specialty is narrowing down the thousands of companies to just those who are approaching these catalysts. 

It’s how I’ve made my money over the years. There are a lot of factors involved, but it can all be summed up into the three stages of what I call the Paydirt Profit Cycle:

Those events are:


Here’s how you can score paydirt trading gold stocks in 2020!

THE MACRO is the big picture or what’s going on in the world. That means the price of gold, yes. But also what the dollar is doing. What bonds are doing. And what the interest looks like on global debts.  And as we’ve already said above, the MACRO story we’re seeing all around us is part of why we’re at a unique, never-before-seen moment in history ripe for explosive gold gains.

THE MICRO is where I dial down to a specific sector of the gold market like gold explorers or developers. My system eliminates thousands of junior gold stocks immediately, so I’m only choosing from a small group of those poised for rapid gains based on the macro and the most important part of my three-factor gold stock trading system...

THE TRIGGER. This is where I use my experience, my boots-on-the-ground research, my emails and phone calls with the CEO and management to find the catalyst that’s going to take this company to the next level.

It’s always very specific, so this is why research is everything to find this catalyst. It can be:

  1. drilling results...
  2. or a buyout situation, like a merger or acquisition of another company...
  3. or it could be the restart of an old gold mine...
  4. an upcoming permitting decision...
  5. or an update to the project like a preliminary economic assessment or resource update.

Successfully reaching these catalysts can re-rate the shares of junior mining companies much higher in a hurry. 

Like when Revival Gold went up 70% this year after it announced it had increased its gold resources at its project in Idaho. 

Or when K2 Gold went up 143% in three days in July this year on the back of positive gold exploration results. 


And you’ve got your own money in these deals. 

You have real skin in the game which makes the stakes that much higher. 

You aren’t like most newsletter writers who recommend a stock and don’t care whether it goes up or down because they don’t own it. 

Because you aren’t a newsletter writer at all. You’re a trader first. 

That’s how you got into this game to begin with. 

And that’s what people who follow you love. 

As Keith A. wrote to tell us:

“Gerardo is my favorite... I really enjoy his thorough reporting and that he is invested in the companies that he recommends. If I’m putting my money into his recommendations it gives me confidence knowing that he has his money there too.”


Yes, Nick, I personally only trust experts who have skin in the game.

I got into junior miner investing to secure my family’s financial future... plain and simple.

And the reason I’m talking to you today is because I want to help others do exactly the same.

I want you to see what it’s like to make 10x your money on a life-changing gold stock. 


Well Gerardo, you’ve already shown several people. Including me. 

You put me onto Magna Gold not long ago. 

We bought Magna at $0.10 ahead of several catalysts that you saw coming, including exploration results and a mine acquisition. 

Well it truly paid off.

I watched those shares rise from $0.10 to over $1.30 in short order... making 1,200% on every $10,000 I invested. 

That position is now worth six figures. 

I should probably send you a bottle of Titos for that one.


Make it two bottles when it goes even higher. 



But only if you tell me how you found it.


It all goes back to the catalysts I outlined earlier. 

A good trade is normally on the verge of one or two of them. 

But Magna was the rare case that checked all the boxes. 

It was exploring multiple projects...

It was seeking to acquire and restart a mine. 

And there were new permits and resource updates that come along with all that.

Meaning it was hitting multiple catalysts while gold prices were moving higher. 

That’s how you can make six figures quickly in a gold bull market. 

There aren’t a lot of opportunities like that. 

But now that we’re witnessing a grand reopening of the gold bull market... companies are out being active again... 

The catalysts abound... That’s what makes the Paydirt Profit Cycle possible.


Magna was also one of the trade alerts you issued this year as part of that project, right? 



And we’re STILL not done with Magna as it has many catalysts ahead that we can trade.

We’ve closed one big win on it... Have another one up triple digits... And I expect there will be much more to come. 

With what I’ve put together not only do I identify multiple companies to trade at any given time... but we can trade them each multiple times based on my timing of the catalysts. 


So Gerardo, how many trades do you typically make a month?


Great question. 

I only make recommendations if the opportunity is there. I’m not going to force something if the setup doesn’t present what I’m looking for. 

That wouldn’t help me or my readers.

I guarantee at least one rock-solid trade every month. 

Sometimes it’s a lot more — as many as five or six. 

Believe me, with my own money often on the line, I want to make as many profitable trades as possible. 


And that reminds me... I have a phone testimonial I’d like to play for you.

Investor Jack S. left us this voice message, and has given us permission to play it for you today:

“Gerardo makes money for me. Big time. Big time! My god. If I had put all my money from other subscriptions into what he’s been talking about and doing? Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. He’s been giving me a Christmas present every month. And all I can tell ya is we’re not talking about nickels and dimes here. This guy is really, really great. Enough said.”

Like I said earlier, I know firsthand how much your junior mining insights can pay off. 

It’s life-changing money. 

That’s what I love about your Junior Mining Trader

It gives everyone the opportunity for gains like that... up to five or six times per month

And with your track record, connections, and insight... it helps stack the deck in our favor to maximize returns in a notoriously risky sector. 

If the risk/reward isn’t in our favor... or if you don’t think we can make needle-moving returns... you don’t send an alert. Plain and simple. 

Because sometimes the smartest action is doing nothing at all. 


I’m not doing nothing, Nick. 

I’m waiting for the right setups where I can put you in position to make 10x returns while keeping the risk to a minimum. 

I’m able to do this because not many professional investors, and certainly hardly any institutions, play in the junior mining market. 

Many of the stocks we trade are too small and don’t meet the minimum requirements for banks and institutions to invest in. 

If they were in this market with their algorithms... these inefficiencies I find wouldn’t exist. They’d identify them in seconds. 

It’s one of the things that gives me a leg up. 


And is it because these companies are so small that you can reap such massive wins? 


That’s right. 

Many of the juniors we trade are priced at $0.50 and less. 

And in gold bull markets prices tend to move very quickly. 

It’s not uncommon to see shares move from $0.10 to a dollar very quickly. 


Just like Magna did? 



The market caps are also tiny. Often below $100 million. 

Which means if too many people catch wind of a juicy trade idea it could be spoiled for Junior Mining Traders

That’s why the invitation we’re extending today is only available through this special webinar and to a limited group of traders. 


So tell us how this is going to work. 

Because I think this is going to make those willing to follow your junior mining trading advice a lot of money. 


I think you’re right, Nick. 

Junior Mining Trader was built for the explosive gold bull market that’s now at hand. 

Let me give you two quick examples that I think illustrate perfectly what I mean. 

First, I run a buy-and-hold service called Junior Mining Monthly. In that service we take long-term positions in precious, base, and energy metals companies. 

And as any professional investor knows, you trade in ranges around your core positions. 

So while we may buy and hold a company like Magna in Junior Mining Monthly... 

I’ll constantly be trading it in Junior Mining Trader as opportunities arise. So this is perfect if you’re already with me on the buy-and-hold side. 

But the beauty is you don’t need to be in order to profit from the Paydirt Profit Cycle at Junior Mining Trader

Anyone can execute these trades whether they’re typically gold investors or not. 

Second, many opportunities in a gold bull market aren’t buy and hold. 

To make maximum profits you need to trade around the catalysts I mentioned. 

I’ll want to get in and out just based on a drill hole or the release of some other news... and then get right back out once that catalyst materializes. 

One trade I just put out went up 16% in a day. 


And I’ve seen some that have gone up more than that.

I saw one of your Nevada gold plays go up 55% in a day the other day. 


When a gold bull is on.... the returns can be epic. And a gold bull is certainly on. 

I’ve got a new trade locked and ready to go. 

And if things keep going like they have been, this one could deliver the fast and epic returns a hot gold bull is known for.

It checks all the boxes on the diligence list I showed you earlier. 

Plus it has a list of upcoming catalysts poised to send it higher starting in a matter of days. 

If things go how I think they could... this could be one of those stocks that turns a few thousand into a few hundred thousand very quickly. 


I know a thing or two about doing that based on your picks, Gerardo. 

And your subscribers do, too. 

That’s money I’ve used to buy cars and ATVs, to set up annuities for my parents, and to fund my kids’ education. 


That ain’t cheap when you’ve got three of them. 


I know you know all about it. 


And while I expect this and all trades I issue at Junior Mining Trader to be big winners...

The truth is it’s only one of several trades I have lined up right now... each with similar upside potential. 


So how do those watching set themselves up to start making consistent gold stock trading wins with Junior Mining Trader like we’ve talked about today? 


We haven’t actively promoted Junior Mining Trader in over a year. We simply didn’t have the gold market for it. 

The only folks we offered it to were those already following my buy-and-hold mining recommendations. 

But with a gold bull market picking up steam... not only are more people asking for trading info... but I’m able to provide more opportunities. 

It’s not fun trying to trade gold stocks when gold is going down. 

But now the trend is our friend. 

Plus, now it’s battle-tested. 

If I was able to deliver wins during gold's bear market the last few years... just wait and see what I can do with the wind at my back. 


So you’re ready to take new members?


You bet. But like I said a few minutes ago... the invitation we’re extending today is only available through this special webinar, and to a limited group of traders. 

While gold was in the doldrums over the past few years I took the opportunity to sharpen my skills and seek out the companies that would provide the most explosive upside once gold prices turned around. 

That’s why we haven’t been actively selling it. 

But now that gold prices are quickly moving higher... it’s time to put all my tools to use. 

Junior Mining Trader is already reaping fast gains and ready to be rolled out to a wider audience. 


So today is like a grand reopening? 


Yeah, but not like at a cheap furniture store. 

This is the grand reopening of a gold bull market and fast profits in a short time from tiny mining stocks. 

But only for a limited group. 


So who gets in? 


Only those who understand that gold bull markets only come around every so often. 

And when they do... they deliver absolutely rip-your-face-off profits. 

You mentioned making a couple hundred thousand dollars on a stock that moved from $0.10 to $1.30. 

That pays off your house... and truck, with some still leftover.

What I’m talking about is $0.10 to $10.00. Buy a second house and truck. One for the kids, too. 

I’m looking for people interested in building that kind of wealth from this gold bull market. 

But I’m also only looking for  those who understand that this won’t last forever. 

Gold moves in cycles. 

It’s been 10 years since gold set record prices. 

If you didn’t act back then.... the opportunity was gone for a decade. We need to make our profits NOW... while gold is hot. 

If you recognize those two things.... And can follow my simple trading instructions in exchange for the opportunity at multiple five- and six-figure wins on a monthly basis...

And if you can handle the risk that comes with trading junior mining stocks to bag shots at gains like:

  • 337% on Great Bear
  • 500% on Tasman
  • 832% on Nevada Sunrise
  • 3,900% on Rare Element Resources
  • And 7,042% on Quest Rare Minerals

Month after month... 

Then pay attention. 

Because I believe what I’ve created with Junior Mining Trader is the most all-encompassing junior mining investment service in the entire world. 

Not only will you get the trade opportunities every single month...

My members also get a whole suite of additional tools to enhance and maximize their trading experience. 


I will second that Junior Mining Trader is the best service of its kind that I’ve ever followed. 

But I’m basing that on the stock picks. 

What else are you offering in addition to the opportunity at multiple five- and six-figure wins on a monthly basis?


Because gold bull markets like this come around so rarely... you need all the tools to maximize your profits now. 

I view this as a chance at generational wealth. Not just for me and my kids... but their kids. 

I hope you do, too. And it starts today. 

If you’re one of the few who get in when we open the doors... you’ll have access to a host of benefits, insights, and opportunities that most gold investors couldn’t even imagine. 

Tools that could create multimillion-dollar fortunes very quickly. 


That sounds fantastic. What have you put together? 


First you’ll get an exclusive report on the trade I’ve got lined up right now. 

It reveals all the details on the new trade I’ve got locked and ready to go.

It checks all the boxes on the diligence list I showed you earlier. 

Plus it has a list of upcoming catalysts poised to send it higher starting in a matter of days. 

If things go how I think they could... this could be one of those stocks that turns a few thousand dollars into a few hundred thousand very quickly. 

It’s called: "Paydirt 2020: Set for a 7,042% Gold Trade"

In it are all the details on your first trade: 

  • The company name and ticker...
  • A brief summary...
  • Why I think it could go much higher...

And simple instructions on how to execute the trade. 

You’ll have it in seconds... and you’ll be all set to buy as much of it as you want. 

7,042% — which I’ve made before in resource stocks — turns:

$500 into over $35,000. 

And $1,000 into $71,000. 

And if you put in more like you’ve done recently, Nick... $15,000 into over $1.07 million!

Gold stocks can of course climb even higher than that. 

When the fear and the greed get going in a gold bull market... gains of even 10,000% are on the table. 


And just to be clear... we’re still just talking about one stock pick, right? One of several that Junior Mining Trader could be providing each month? 


That’s right. 2020 is a historic moment for the Paydirt Profit Cycle.

We’re seeing the big-picture MACRO fundamentals driving gold prices higher. 

My junior mining trading strategy goes through the MICRO... diving into the subsectors of junior gold to identify the explorers and developers not just poised to benefit from higher gold prices...

But that have several different TRIGGER catalysts coming that minimize risk and give them multiple shots at higher share prices.

That first report — "Paydirt 2020: Set for a 7,042% Gold Trade" — covers just the first one you’ll receive from me. 

And every time there is a new one — up to several times per month — I’ll send you a Junior Mining Trader Alert

You can expect every single one to contain:

  • The name and ticker symbol of a gold or mining stock set to deliver you a five- or six-figure payday.
  • Why the company checks all the boxes in my diligence list.
  • The current valuation and upcoming catalysts — including dates — I believe could move much higher. 
  • And all the info you need to get in before that happens. 

Nick, this is one of the ways I’ve built my wealth. It’s one of the ways you’ve built yours. 

It’s how you can use a gold bull market to create generations of wealth by simply executing a few monthly trades. 

These alerts come by email to your computer or phone. And we’ve set up a text alert service as well to make sure you don’t miss a single one. 

The system I’ve set up is designed to make success easy for you. At Junior Mining Trader, I’ll be with you every step of the way. 

I don’t just issue new buy alerts and then never follow up. 

I also send out updates on the trade. 

When to buy more... at what price. 

And when to sell for maximum profit. 

Nick, you’ve already shared that you made several hundred thousand dollars on two of the companies I told you about. 

What’s a couple hundred thousand dollars every couple of months? 


It’s millions of dollars, Gerardo. 


That’s what I’m talking about here. 

That’s why I know I could charge $25,000 a year for my Junior Mining Trader Alerts alone.


I’d pay it. 


I know you would, Nick. But I’d never charge that. 

You can afford to pay that because you listened to my advice. 

I’m trying to get people who’ve never listened to me.. or believed in the power of gold stocks for that matter... to recognize the millionaire-making potential for the first time. 

That’s why the first Paydirt 2020 trade and the Trader Alerts aren’t the only things I send my members.

I told you that I think Junior Mining Trader is the most all-encompassing junior mining investment service in the entire world.

And I stand by that statement. I show my members how to make money from all sorts of junior mining stocks and setups. 

That’s why every new member immediately receives: 

"Golden Giants: The Foundation for Massive Gold Gains"

Earlier we went through a list of what I look for. The boxes each company must check to be capable of delivering five- and six-figure trade returns. 

I have put all those criteria in this report. 


You’re giving away your secret sauce? 


I sure am. I don’t just give my members the fish... I show them how I catch them. 

And I’m updating these reports all the time. 

Things move fast in a gold bull market. Especially one that’s just getting started. 

That’s why you get access to everything through my...

Junior Mining Trader
Secure Traders Portal

You’ll get secure login credentials to this private portal as soon as you join. 

That’s where you’ll find every Junior Mining Trader special report, alert, and model portfolio. 

So you can check in on trade instructions or gains in real-time at any time. 

It has the “Golden Giants” report so you can get up to speed on junior mining and what I look for in these trades. 

And it has the “Paydirt 2020” report with your first trade so you can get started immediately. 

Plus there are several profit-packed reports we won’t even discuss here. 


It really is the most all-encompassing junior mining trading service in the world. 

You’re giving people a way to turn this gold bull market into generational wealth. 

And if it happens like you say, it will happen in a very short amount of time. 


Yeah, these cycles don’t take decades. You can make your riches much faster than that. 


Especially when you’re delivering a Christmas present every month like Jack was telling us. 

But it’s not just Jack. 

George F. wrote to us praising your name: 

“Thank you Mr. Del Real... thank you! The results have been amazing... since using your publication my portfolio has risen... to a rapidly advancing $110,000. The results have been amazing... This is truly a dream unfolding! Thank you for your publications based on hard work and something that today is hard to find... your HONESTY and INTEGRITY!”


I love reading notes like that when they come in. 

And I want to get more of them. 

If you’re watching this today then I want you to know that with the gold bull market at hand... the next six-figure letter could be coming from you. 

Especially because I’m going to give another bonus to anyone who joins TODAY. 

It’s called:

"Junior Jackpot: Core Holdings"

I told you earlier I run a buy-and-hold service in addition to Junior Mining Trader

In that service, I recommend the best-of-breed gold and silver exploration and development companies to hold for long-term profits. 

Oftentimes my trade ideas are born out of that list of junior mining companies. It’s usually around two dozen names. 

I find my members have better success the more they educate themselves about the sector... and the more they understand my process. 

So you can get inside my head a bit... and so you can get access to the nexus of stock names from which I select my stock ideas...

I’ve put that list of names into this report. 


Man, Gerardo. You’re giving it all away. I know you’ve sold reports on individual junior mining names for thousands of dollars. 

Here you’re including over two dozen stock names. 

It’s like they’re getting your entire buy-and-hold portfolio for free...


Like I said, brokers and institutions pay tens of thousands of dollars for services and reports like this. 

But with this grand bull market reopening, you’ll get it for much less than that today. 

I want to make this not only the most profitable decision of your life... but also the easiest. 

So if you ever have any questions about Junior Mining Trader you’ll have a direct line to our... 

VIP Support Desk

This is a dedicated service only for our highest-level subscribers. 

You get Monday-to-Friday white-glove treatment from our dedicated customer care team. 

Plus 24/7 email access. 

Reach out any time. I often include a personal note with my team’s response. 

This is a top-notch trading service and you’re going to get top-notch treatment. 


Gerardo, you really are giving people the VIP treatment. 

You’re giving them everything they need to make a fortune in gold stocks in as fast as a few months. 

So tell us already. What’s this gold bull market grand reopening pricing? 


Offering this level of service doesn’t come cheap or easy. 

Our payroll is over half a million annually. 

And that doesn’t include the cost of the research I do — the site visits, the dinners, you know all about it. 


I do. 


That’s why I was saying brokers and institutions pay tens of thousands per year for this type of service. 

But because that isn’t the audience here... and because I don’t want people to miss out on this life-changing gold bull market...

Where I’ve already shown how a single trade can turn $1,000 into $71,000...

Here’s the deal:

When you join today you won’t pay anywhere near that $25,000 price tag — even though one Junior Mining Trader Alert could return you several times that. 

Like I said, I want this to be both the most profitable and easiest decision you’ve ever made. 

So I’m offering everyone today my unprecedented double guarantee:

Guarantee #1: 

You’ll have three full months to enjoy Junior Mining Trader and all the profit opportunities it delivers. 

We’re guaranteeing your complete satisfaction... if you ever feel that Junior Mining Trader isn’t right for you, for ANY reason, all you have to do is make a quick call to your VIP Support Desk and we’ll provide a 100% full refund. Easy, simple, no questions asked. 

We don’t want to charge you for something you’re not using. You’ll still get to keep everything, including the reports, knowledge, and any profits you’ve gained. 

Guarantee #2:

I’m guaranteeing you a monster winner. If I don’t give you the opportunity to make 4.5x your money on a single trade...

I will give you a second year for free. 

Just call your VIP Support Desk to request it. 


You’ve created a no-lose situation, Gerardo. 

You either provide everyone with the chance to turn ten grand into $45,000 or you give them the most valuable thing we have: free access to our top-tier research. 

And that’s on top of the money-back guarantee. 


I am confident in this gold bull market and my ability to navigate it. 

It’s where I’m putting my own money. 

But as I said multiple times throughout this presentation... there is a limit to how many people I can serve with such white-glove treatment.

So today’s invitation is only going out to a limited group. 

We’re taking just 250 new members today. 

Those slots are now open on a first-come, first-served basis by clicking the button below. 

Plenty of people will make fortunes during this gold bull market. 

Will you be one of them? 


I hope so. 

Fortunes are already being made with your tiny gold stock picks and it’s still early in this gold bull market. 

All you have to do is click the button below right now to secure your spot. 

This gold bull market is shaping up to be epic. And Gerardo and his team are making it easy for everyone to profit from it like the pros. 

Gerardo and his first 7,042% profit opportunity are waiting for you on the other side. 

These gold markets with generational wealth-creating potential only come around once a decade. 

It is here right now. 

How are you going to play it? 

Just click the button below to get started.

I’m Nick Hodge, publisher of Junior Mining Trader... on behalf of Gerardo Del Real and the entire team... 

Thank you for tuning into the Paydirt 2020 profit summit.

To your wealth,

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