Beijing’s Death Star

Top General: “Our Entire Integrated Defense Can Be Dismantled”

One Company Can Save Us

Its Shareholders Will Retire Early


Fellow Investor,

In 2019, someone placed a report from the Pentagon on my desk. (I don’t know who. I just found it there.)

It was from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and it was alarming to say the least.

It turns out China is building a top-secret “directed-energy” weapon.

tww laser china

That’s a laser weapon — like the Death Star in Star Wars.

And it’s going to be used to blow up our satellites...

Our cell phone towers...

And even our power grid...

If we don’t stop it.

Luckily for us...

One company can stop it.

It won’t be easy. There’s a lot at stake and a very small window to act.

But the small, virtually-unknown company I’ve found makes a crucial component for laser weapons...

The Crystal Diode.

tww laser diode

Yes, that’s it.

I know it doesn’t look like much but this tiny component is vital to our national defense.

And only a select few companies make them.

Or rather, ONE company makes the kind of crystal diodes strong enough to power laser weapons like the one China is building.

This one, small supplier of crystal diodes is the go-to vendor for our country’s top defense contractors — companies like Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, to name a few.

That’s why this company and its shareholders are about to be handsomely rewarded.

Because China’s Death Star could destroy EVERYTHING we hold dear.

And the only way we can counter it is with laser weapons of our own...

So, please, indulge me for a moment.

Let me explain the threat a little more clearly...

As well as the potential solution...

And most importantly, let me show you the massive profit opportunity laying at your feet.

China Has Developed Magic Crystals to Power a Doomsday Device

Let’s not sugarcoat this...

China fully intends to push the United States out of the Pacific and retake Taiwan.

That’s the plan. Period.

And to do that, it’ll have to overcome the world’s most powerful military machine — the last remaining superpower.

It goes without saying, but that won’t be easy.

China is going to need every single technological edge it can get.

One such edge is a new material uncovered by Chinese scientists...

It’s called caesium bismuth germanate (CBGO). CBGOs are non-linear crystals — a chemical compound that converts low-energy beams into high-energy beams with “unparalleled efficiency.”

There’s a very complicated scientific explanation for this, of course, but that’s the gist of it.

CBGOs are 13 times better at converting infrared lasers into highly energized green beams.

These are, in fact, magic crystals that increase the power, intensity, and frequency of lasers.

And China has wasted no time taking advantage of this breakthrough discovery.

No, Beijing immediately put these magic crystals to work in a secret military program called “Project Guanlan” — a codename that translates to “Watching the Big Wave.”

With this high-power laser, China can already shoot down into more than 500 meters (1,640 feet) of water.

This gives it the capability to detect and potentially sink our submarines...

With a space weapon.

And that’s not all.

These lasers can shoot back up into the sky, as well.

Beijing’s Death Star can reach 22,236 miles into space to shoot down our satellites.

This means it can target virtually any U.S. assets — land, sea, or space.

Here’s a direct quote from the head of the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), Brigadier General William Whittenberger:

“Radar [can be] overloaded, computers and terminals overheated, rendering command and control centers ineffective, guidance capability on missiles blinded or burned, satellites overloaded, cell phone towers destroyed, all by directed-energy systems.”

General Whittenberger knows the magnitude of this threat better than anyone else, because he is quite literally our first line of defense against these attacks.

His primary worry is that we’ve become too dependent on our current military technologies, and that it’s lulled us into a false sense of superiority.

As he recently warned the Pentagon:

We need to harden against these threats or become a victim to our own success.”

The threat is real.

China can target our subs, our aircraft carriers, our fighter jets, and our tanks…

But it can also target our satellites, our cell phone towers, and our power plants…

Even government buildings like the Pentagon and White House are at risk.

Everything is within reach of China’s laser weapons.

I don’t just mean in the future, either.

I mean right now.

This isn’t hypothetical.

THOUSANDS of Laser Attacks: How Much More Can We Put Up With?

Did you know that the U.S. military has been attacked by Chinese lasers literally thousands of times over the last five years?

I certainly didn’t.

And neither did anyone else that I knew.

But again, there have been literally thousands of attacks on U.S. soldiers, many resulting in damage and injuries.

It’s gotten so bad that even The Wall Street Journal published a story about how China is using low-powered lasers to harass military planes...

tww laser wsj 1

The article explains how laser attacks have become a regular problem for all of our military planes in the Mideast, Africa, and Asia.

Publicly, the military has called many of these attacks “minor.”

But behind closed doors, and in top-secret DIA reports, the Pentagon has made it clear that these attacks are simply practice runs for what’s to come.

That is, China isn’t trying to start a war (yet). It's getting ready for one.

That’s why, on his first day on the job on January 1st, 2019, then- Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan gave a stern warning to top Pentagon officials:

“...remember China, China, China.”

tww laser cnn 1

General: “Our entire integrated air defense can be dismantled…”


China. China. China.

  • China can’t compete in the air against our billion-dollar F-35 joint strike fighter... but it’s a sitting duck for a laser strike.
  • China is completely outgunned in the water by our new naval destroyers and aircraft carriers, including our new $13 billion USS Gerald Ford supercarrier... but the Ford is completely helpless against a laser attack on its communications tower.
  • And China has no answer to our stealthy submarine fleet, especially the USS South Dakota, which is hands-down the world’s fastest nuclear submarine... but the South Dakota has no defense against a laser that’s beamed through 1500 ft of water. Experts tell me that it would only take 90 seconds for a laser to puncture its hull.

That’s why China has turned to high-powered lasers.

Because they’re the only thing that can truly challenge U.S. military superiority.

And with breathtaking new advancements — the development of magic crystals — they’ve succeeded.

Now, Pentagon brass is meeting every single day to discuss this new laser threat.

And there’s a lot to talk about...

The Department of Defense is still reviewing an incident from May 28, 2018...

Two U.S. pilots were flying a C-130 on a routine flight to a U.S. military base in Djibouti when, just a minute before landing safely, both pilots were injured by a Chinese laser.

A spokesman for the Pentagon said:

“...ask the Chinese about the motivation. But it’s serious, we take it seriously.”

Now, you’d think this might be the first incident of this kind, but it was actually the latest of almost a dozen recent attacks.

But as I told you at the beginning...

The true scale of the attacks we’ve already endured is much greater than you might have suspected.

Just ask our allies...

That’s right.

It’s not just us.

The Royal Australian Air Force, a key ally in our fight to dominate the Pacific, regularly reports laser attacks, too.

The worst of them occurred just last year.

On May 28, 2019, Australia reported that its fighter jets were attacked by Chinese lasers while flying routine military exercises in international waters — a gross violation of international law.

The attacks were serious enough to cause injury to the pilots and compromise the flight systems of the jets.

And China’s laser capabilities continue to escalate.

It’s an alarming threat to all militaries everywhere.

But what’s worse is that there’s a lot more at stake than strictly military targets.

You’re a target, as well.

So am I.

So is every American.

Because when China starts gunning (or rather beaming) for our satellites, we’re all going to suffer the consequences.

tww laser cnn 2

Industrial Accident… Or Secret Attack?

Everything about China’s new strategy will send chills down your spine...

Because at the end of the day China isn’t interested in an open war.

Not yet anyway.

It wants us to think that we’re top dog and that everything is just fine — until it’s too late.

That’s why it’s likely that the first attacks against our power plants, communications systems, and financial networks will look like accidents.

It’ll take us hours, days, weeks, or even months to figure out that we’re being targeted in a carefully planned attack.

Here’s a quote from a Chinese defense researcher in Xian, China:

“...nobody will know where the attack came from. It will look like an accident.”

Take 5G, for example.

China Takes Aim At 5G

You know all of those fancy 5G cell towers we’re building across the country?

Well, as General Whittenberger told the Pentagon, those towers can be destroyed by a laser weapon that’s far beyond the reach of detection or retaliation.

Yes, I know, everybody’s talking about how great 5G is going to be:

How we can get rid of phone and cable lines for good...

How we can retire our entire fiber network and save billions...

How we can use 5G to bring about the next generation of incredible mobile technology...

And sure, it sounds wonderful!

But it also means we’re bundling up all of our vital communications and putting them all into one convenient spot... where it can be obliterated in seconds by a Chinese laser!

tww laser 5g

This single 5G tower will have enough bandwidth to replace 25 building-sized communications centers.

But that also makes us vulnerable...

All of our communications could be destroyed in one little fireball.

There goes our cell service, our data service, our email, our streaming video, our alarm and security systems.

You’ll be standing alone in a house full of devices that have been suddenly turned into useless bricks of silicone.

No way to call 911... no way to reach your family...

Our power grid is in a similar situation.

We’re amassing more and more of our power generation and transfer stations into just a few spots.

While it’s efficient and saves us a boatload of money, it also means the power grid of the entire mid-Atlantic can be dropped in seconds by destroying three completely unguarded transfer stations in rural locations.

(I won’t point them out here, but it only takes a 10-minute Google search to figure out our biggest weak points... that’s how easy it is.)

Despite the low security, I’ve been told by military experts that it’d actually be quite difficult to blow up these stations using bombs or direct sabotage.

They’re not easy to break.

But a space laser, a Death Star, is a total game changer.

Our transfer stations may as well be targets at the shooting booth of your local fair.

Thankfully, our defense agencies aren’t asleep at the wheel.

They’re doing everything they can to keep up...

America’s top generals have asked for an unprecedented amount of money to meet this threat head on.

And the money is on the way.

We’re Talking About $317 Million, and That’s Just for Starters…

I hope you’re paying attention, because what I’m going to discuss in the next few minutes is crucial to the safety of our military, our country, our way of life — and to you and your family.

It’s also the crux of a massive profit opportunity for investors.

You see, this emergency defense initiative is creating one of the most important investment opportunities of our lifetime.

And I’ve found the one stock that’s going to benefit the most.

Tens of millions of dollars are being sent to one laser defense firm.

It’s already locked in deals with Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin — two of the Top 5 largest defense contractors in the United States.

These two companies already have a giant purchase order from the government for new lasers.

But there’s a big problem — neither of these companies have the crystal diodes they need to build them.

My laser defense pick is the only firm in the world (outside of China) that can build the crystal diodes these companies need.

America’s national security depends on this one small firm...

But you need to move fast if you want to be a part of it.

The U.S. is mounting a bold response — and we’re doing it in the only way possible: by building lasers of our own to defend ourselves.

It’s just like the old saying...

“You can only fight fire with fire.”

And you can only fight lasers with lasers.

We’re putting a never-before-seen amount of money into laser technology.

Republicans and Democrats
Finally Agree! Millions in Defense
Funding is on the Way

This is a deadly arms race, and the U.S. needs to catch up.

To put it bluntly, we’ve never seen a rush of defense funds like this...

The 2018 Congressional spending bill put $93 million into laser technology — which was already an unprecedented amount, a sudden 23% increase over the previous year, and a clear sign where things are headed.

But we’re in an emergency situation.

Which is why the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense immediately followed up with $317 million for research and production of high-powered laser technology.

That’s right, ALL of that money is earmarked specifically for lasers.

And I’m not even including all the other projects that one might consider laser-adjacent — like platforms and accessories.

It’s $317 million just for lasers.

That’s never happened before!

It’s such a huge sum, in fact, that the Pentagon is now spending more on laser technology than all previous years combined.

And I should note here that this money is coming from both sides of the aisle — the support is unanimous.

Rep. Tim Ryan is a Democrat from Ohio, and he said that spending money on lasers is...

“...absolutely critical to our national security. No one can sit in classified briefings as I have and learn what our adversaries are doing right now and not feel a keen sense of urgency to invest more into these technologies.”

Ryan is a member of the House Appropriations Committee and has led the way on this funding.

Rep. Mike Rogers is a Republican from Michigan and the former chair of the Congressional Subcommittee on Intelligence and Counterterrorism.

He’s been consistently outspoken about these initiatives, and in October of 2019 he wrote:

“China is racing ahead at full speed and trying to steal a march on a distracted United States in order to claim unrivaled technology leadership during the 21st century. We cannot afford to lose this critical competition... The Chinese model for achieving technological superiority is a clear and present danger.”

I should note that Rogers co-authored these statements with Rep. Glenn Nye, a Democrat from Virginia.

There’s no denying we live in a politically divided world. But when it comes to this area of the defense budget, everyone is remarkably on the same side.

If only all political issues were this clear cut!

Which is a huge benefit to you as an investor...

Cryptocurrencies, cannabis, even 5G and mobile technology have all been held back by political infighting and legal roadblocks.

But not lasers.

The money is rocketing straight through the defense pipeline — and I’ve taken careful note of where it’s going.

In fact, not only are lasers receiving their own earmarked funding, they’re also adding laser-specific research onto other technologies.

Like the U.S. missile program.

There are hundreds of millions of dollars set aside for our missile program, and now we’re seeing some of that money being used to assist the laser effort.

Here’s a quote from Michael Griffin, the Defense Undersecretary for Research and Engineering:

“You’re going to see, in upcoming budgets for missile defense, a renewed emphasis on laser scaling across several technologies.”

And what’s truly amazing is that investors are free to fund this key area of defense when we need to most AND then reap a windfall in return.

Remember, we’ve never faced a threat like this before: these lasers are game changers for defense.

China doesn’t want to take over our country, because frankly it doesn’t need to: With the use of these lasers, it can disable our defenses, cause widespread panic and chaos, and sever the lifeline of our economy.

Best-case scenario: China is going to use the threat of these weapons to force our hand in the current trade war. It's already made public statements that confirm this.

But there are many worse scenarios as well: including all U.S. communications satellites being shot down from the sky.

Let me explain how these lasers have gotten so powerful...

The Battle for Deadly “Magic Crystals”

Obviously, a Death Star requires a whole host of new technologies...

Concentrated, high-energy radiation.

Nano surfaces printed using the latest nanotechnology.

Fuel cells and advanced power storage.

As you can see, it’s quite the laundry list of things you need to build a high-powered laser.

Some of these things are specific to what kind of weapon you’re building — a laser that can shoot down a satellite is built quite differently than one that’s fired into the ocean.

But there’s one crucial ingredient that every single one of these lasers absolutely MUST have: special crystal diodes to concentrate the laser beam.

And I have some really bad news...

China is way ahead of us.

It's developed special crystals for these diodes that can handle far more power than anything we’ve ever tried.

They were developed through a Chinese defense research initiative called Project Guanlan, which means “Watching the Big Waves” in Chinese.

The “magic” behind these non-linear green crystals is that they can be used to double the frequency of a laser beam.

They’re used to pack more energy into a bandwidth space until the beam is forced into a higher frequency.

Think of it this way...

A low-powered laser is a six-lane highway full of cars that are driving at 20 miles an hour.

A high-powered laser using these green crystals is like taking the same number of cars and forcing them into a single lane by accelerating them to 120 miles an hour.

That’s how you make a doomsday laser — a Death Star.

China has an unknown number of these lasers, and they’re completely operational.

America, on the other hand, is playing catch up...

And only one U.S. firm can build what we need.

Which is why America’s two biggest defense contractors have written emergency contracts to this one small company...

I’d like to tell you the name of that company today.

On the Front Lines of the Defense Industry

My name is Jason Simpkins.


I’ve built a career out of predicting the rise of key profit trends.

I’ve made 137%, 329%, and 661% on the rapid growth of cannabis and CBD oil.

I was also front and center during the lithium boom.

Lithium is an essential material for missiles, submarines, and hundreds of other defense applications.

It’s an essential material in electric car batteries.

I led readers to a host of gains...

tww laser seven

In 2013, when oil was trading over $100 a barrel, I told readers to short it. Then, in 2014, it crashed to roughly $30 per barrel. So in 2015, I told readers to buy it. And it subsequently rebounded to more than $70 per barrel.

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But I do.

Take a look at what I wrote in February 2014:

Outsider Club article, February 21, 2014

That was just weeks before race riots erupted in Ferguson and my hometown of Baltimore.

I even predicted trouble in Ukraine before Russia invaded.

Again, no other investment analyst is talking about these things...

But I am.

Because I’m not just in the finance business. I’m in the chaos business.

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And I’d like for you to join me.

I’d like to give you insider-level access to one of the most consistently lucrative sectors of the market...

Defense and security.

You see, I regularly make double- and triple-digit gains from the biggest names in the defense industry.

These are firms that implement game-breaking technology long before it ever goes public.

tww laser general

tww laser lockheed

But it’s not just about cashing in on industry giants...

The biggest gains come from small, well-placed firms that contract with these big defense behemoths.

And this laser defense firm is something truly special.

It is the ONLY company that has an answer to China’s laser threat.

I’d like to show you exactly what that is...

My Laser Defense Firm Is On The Case:
$5 Million In Funding and
Two HUGE Contracts

No one in the United States or Europe is sitting around waiting for China to hand over its advanced Death Star technology.

They’re putting money into a competitive solution

In fact, the firm I’ve found just secured $5 million in funding.

Immediately, $3.5 million of that capital is being poured into equipment for the express purpose of increasing “manufacturing capacity for low size, weight and power (SWaP) laser diode pump modules in support of high-volume directed-energy programs.”

Furthermore, in addition to ramping up production capacity, the investment will finance research and development to increase emitter brightness and better manage the heat from lasers.

Next, as I mentioned before: The two biggest names in defense have turned to the only firm in the world (outside of China) that can develop the laser diodes they need... this laser defense firm.

Here are its goals:

  1. Come up with a stable crystal structure for the diodes. This will include developing a non-linear green crystal diode (Magic Crystals) of our own.
  2. Design and build the diode layout.
  3. Amp up the power supply; Power generation and transfer are literally the name of the game when it comes to high-powered lasers.

This laser defense firm is leading the way.

Most of its engineers came from Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin — not the other way around.

Its ability to stay nimble and innovative has kept it on the cutting edge of this technology.

Then it sells what it invents back to the big boys for production.

This symbiotic relationship has consistently been an ideal arrangement for U.S. defense.

It’s also been a boon to investors...

tww laser firm

This company has pulled in steady growth of more than 100% a year on laser innovations.

And that was back when the defense department was only putting a paltry $40 million into lasers!

Now that lasers are a top priority, with $317 million on its way, we’re going to see incredible government-backed growth on a record-breaking scale.

This Laser Defense Firm is Deploying New Tech To Save Thousands of Lives

Lasers are without a doubt the primary focus of its objectives — but I should note here that it has contracts to add components to everything from helicopters to submarines.

It has a number of lucrative projects underway...

  • It's building new LIDAR for self-driving cars and self-driving tanks. These are the laser devices that let self-driving vehicles “see” what’s around them. These projects are already worth millions.
  • It has a new line of jet-mounted and helicopter-mounted lasers that scan the terrain below. The exact details are top secret, but it’s safe to say that this firm is bringing one of the biggest advances to U.S. reconnaissance since the invention of the spy plane.
  • It's even developing next-generation handheld laser guns that will give our soldiers infinite ammunition on the battlefield.

But perhaps one of the most important projects it's undertaking is a $67 million contract to build laser arrays that can detect hidden road bombs (IEDs).

Once deployed, it will save tens of thousands of lives...

This is important because IEDs do more damage to soldiers and civilians than any other weapon.

IEDs have consistently been the #1 threat to our deployed forces.

For example, in 2010 alone there were 3,366 U.S. soldiers who were wounded or killed by IEDs.

In 2014, at the height of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, there was a shocking total of more than 4,300 IED explosions that killed more than 65,400 civilians.

And in the same year, 367 doctors and humanitarian aid workers were also killed by these hidden bombs.

Soldiers, doctors, diplomats, and innocent men, women, children — the IEDs don’t know the difference.

And that’s why this laser defense firm was awarded this important contract.

Its laser-based advanced infrared technology is the best in the business, and it’s being custom built to find these IEDs at a safe distance.

The cutting-edge infrared technology developed by this laser defense firm will make all the difference in finally putting a stop to these tragedies.

This is an area of defense investing where I feel damn proud to put up my dollars — I don’t have to wonder if I’m making a positive difference in the world.

This laser defense firm is on a mission to save lives.

Top-Secret Projects for DARPA — Plus “Black Budget” Funding

In November of 2017 this laser defense firm was awarded a major contract from DARPA — the highly top-secret defense research division of the Pentagon.

Additional funds and contracts have been awarded since then.

And this doesn’t even include any secret funding, since DARPA has access to several “black budget” funds that aren’t officially disclosed in the U.S. spending budget.

As a general rule for defense investing, if a firm has a contract with DARPA, it’s a pretty safe guess it has other secret contracts as well.

And given the urgency of our laser program — and the need to advance development far into the future — it’s a near certainty that this defense firm will benefit from secret funding for a long time to come.

This is a boon for you as an investor.

For three major reasons:

  1. This firm will be able to sell and market non-secret developments discovered from the secret research.
  2. Due to the sensitive nature of its government work, this firm is required to carry minimal debt. Uncle Sam has made sure this firm is fiscally sound — eliminating the need to worry about bad financial moves.
  3. Firms in this elite area of research are essentially “Too Secret To Fail.” For obvious reasons, the government won’t allow companies like this to go under or get into financially compromising situations where vital secrets can be sold, stolen, or lost.

I’m sure you might be wondering...

Wait, Isn’t All of This Laser
Information Classified?

The short answer is: yes.

But the longer answer is that in a race that requires this kind of urgency, the U.S. military isn’t hiding anything about the fact that we’re building lasers to catch up with China.

Grab any general at the Pentagon and he’ll tell you quite plainly we’re developing these technologies.

The Pentagon WANTS China to know we’re close to a response.

They want it out in plain sight that we can fight fire with fire.

As you may have seen in the news, China recently held several parades where it showed off its weapons...

tww laser post

tww laser wsj 2

It showed off a hypersonic missile and a stealth combat drone — and an entire army of goose-stepping soldiers.

China’s President Xi Jinping gave a speech that was televised to every corner of China, saying: “There is no force that can shake the foundation of this great nation.”

That’s China’s way of showing us that it isn't weak.

Here in America, we do it a different way.

We break off $317 million and hand it off to thousands of the world’s smartest defense scientists, engineers, and manufacturers, publicly putting them on-mission to respond to this threat.

That's why I've put everything you need to know in this urgent special report...

"The Laser Defense Firm That Will Let You Retire Early"

tww laser defense report

And I'd like to put it into your hands as soon as possible.

As I’ve explained in detail, Congress has authorized $317 million for lasers — the largest amount in history.

And this laser defense firm is the only company capable of producing the necessary technology to compete with Beijing’s Death Star.

Its crystal diode is the only technology that even comes close to competing with China’s Magic Crystals.

That’s why the biggest defense contractors in the world, companies like Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin, are lining up to enlist its services.

And like those companies, you and investors like you only have a small window of opportunity to take advantage...

To get ahead of the competition...

And to profit. 

Let me be clear...

This is an emergency situation and it won’t wait for anyone — you need to act now or miss it completely.

Those who pass it up will regret it for the rest of their lives...

While those brave enough to enlist, to jump in and join the fight...

Will retire millionaires.

It’s all here, laid out in front of you in this free report.

"The Laser Defense Firm That Will Let You Retire Early" includes:

  • The name and ticker symbol of this laser defense firm
  • A complete financial report and market overview
  • A full explanation of this laser technology

And I’m ready to email you a copy of this report right now so you can get started right away.

But that’s not all.

I’m so determined to see you succeed...

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“'Victory Checks' Collect a
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What Nobody Is Saying About
the 5G Revolution

Like I said...

China has the potential to crush our 5G capabilities.

But first we have to actually build the network.

And President Trump has made it clear we’re not going to do that with a Chinese sleeper cell like Huawei.

This is the real reason why the Trump Administration is targeting Huawei...

It’s the secret conflict waging behind the trade war.

But without Chinese suppliers, who do we rely on to bring the 5G revolution to America?

Well, President Trump is turning to a handful of U.S. contractors with top-secret security clearance...

Companies that are trusted to build and secure the 5G infrastructure — antennas, routers, and chips.

And I’ve identified these top ground-floor American 5G leaders... and assembled their details in a THIRD report:

tww 5g mega war report

"The 5G Mega-War: Profit From the $12 Trillion Race for Wireless Dominance"

So by now you’re probably asking yourself: What’s the catch?

What’s all of this going to cost me?

Well, a heck of a lot less than you probably think...

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I want to build a community of like-minded people...

People who are concerned about the direction the world is headed...

People, who don’t just want to survive chaos, but thrive within it...

Because at the end of the day, there’s no avoiding it.

The world is changing — with or without us.

So if you want to walk away from this opportunity, that’s fine.

No hard feelings.

Go with God.

But I do hope that, instead, you’ll join me.

Because if you do, you’ll get a heck of a lot more than three potentially life-changing reports.

You’ll get weekly updates, and monthly newsletters that I spend hours, days, and even weeks writing.

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I hope you’ll follow these recommendations and make some real money from them.

I hope you’ll email me, introduce yourself, and share your thoughts, concerns, and war stories.

And I hope that together we can prepare for the worst-case scenario, but achieve the best possible outcome.

What’s all of that cost?


That’s it.

That’s all I’m asking for — a one-year subscription.

And if you don’t like what I have to say...

If you don’t like the stocks I’m analyzing...

If you don’t like the opportunities I’m presenting...

I’ll send your money right back to you.

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I believe you should thoroughly vet anyone you take financial advice from — and I’m no different.

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A portfolio full of winning stock picks...

A constant stream of newsletters and updates...

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...worth a shot?

I hope so.

And I look forward to showing you life-changing profits.

All it takes is a phone call to our friendly customer support staff (toll-free) at 1-855-877-8623. Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM, ET.

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Fight on,


Jason Simpkins
Investment Director, The Wealth Warrior