This Machine Can Save a Million Lives in 60 Minutes

It detects: coronavirus, SARS, influenza...

It detects: E. coli, listeria, staph...

Threat of outbreaks could send the stock behind it from under $1 to $20 or more!


Fellow Investor,

According to the World Health Organization, your best defense during a viral crisis is to wash your hands with soap and water...

Good luck with that advice!

But thankfully, hand washing is no longer going to be our only defense against the constant onslaught of biological threats we face these days.

Nick_publisher_glamor_shot_2018_257x223Hi, my name is Nick Hodge.

And today I’d like to give you an urgent update about a new disease detection machine that’s changing everything.

This machine can save millions of lives. Billions of dollars. And as I’ll explain, it can even save the lettuce in your refrigerator...

All in less than 60 minutes.

It starts with viruses.

Just take a look at this grim list of viral outbreaks...

2002 — SARS — 1,000+

2009 — Influenza pandemic — 203,000 casualties

2014 — Ebola — 11,300 casualties

2015 — H1N1 — 2,035 casualties

2018 — Kivu Ebola — 2,242 casualties

2020 — Wuhan Coronavirus — ?

These outbreaks have killed thousands and brought entire economies to their knees.

And these are just the biggest ones!

A long list of horrific viruses is killing people across the world, everywhere from Bhutan to Wuhan… from America to Zimbabwe. 

This machine changes how these viruses are detected, allowing doctors and governments to find pathogens in just 60 minutes. 

(Right now, most labs take days.)

It also identifies bacterial threats.

I, for one, have had to clean out my fridge and throw away all of my lettuce six times in the last few months due to risk of e. coli and listeria.

I’m sick of it! 

It’s already hard enough to keep a healthy diet — I don’t want to be the poor sucker who dies the moment he bothers to eat a salad.

I’m sure you don’t want to be that poor sucker either.

This is worth your time and attention...

Over the next few minutes I’m going to explain why this machine can protect you and me from viruses, bacteria, and other threats.

I’ll explain why this machine is changing our world for the better.

And I’ll also explain why this machine is about to take over the disease detection market and make early investors wealthy.

We’re in an emergency situation so there isn’t much time — let me bring you up to speed.

This Machine Can Save a Million Lives in Less Than 60 Minutes

The predeccesor instrument was located in Grand Central Station, used at the U.S. Olympics, and also used to detect bio threats on US soil.

superbugs_fogging_captionIt’s America’s greatest hope against a viral outbreak.

But there’s more...

This machine is so effective at its job that it should be mandated by the FDA to be used at airports, military bases, public facilities, universities, school cafeterias, and restaurants across the country.

You heard that right: I’m talking about everywhere from JFK Airport in New York to the Chipotle in your neighborhood...

Very soon they’ll rely on this technology to protect us from the viral and bacterial threats that dominate the world we live in.

This machine takes just 60 minutes to detect any and all of these pathogens:

  • E. coli
  • Staph 
  • Listeria
  • Even antibiotic-resistant bacterial “superbugs”
  • Plus thousands of other threats and diseases that have never made the news

For years, these epidemics have crippled entire parts of the world.

They’ve made millions sick and they’ve cost billions of dollars in losses.

They’ve interrupted billions of lives, probably yours included.

Even the ever-optimistic Bill Gates had sober thoughts on this dark subject...

“…There's one area though where the world isn't making much progress… and that's pandemic preparedness.”

He pointed to studies that estimate how a 1918-like flu outbreak could kill 30 million people in the first six months.

I hope you’re paying attention — because this machine may very well become one of the most important inventions of our time.

It’s taken many years and millions of dollars to get here...

This Machine Is Finally Ready for Primetime... It’s Taken a Remarkable Journey to Get Here

This machine was built by a scientist with a long history of winners in the field of disease detection.

This isn’t his first time he’s invented a new, completely unique device to find pathogens.

He’s done it several times now... with multiple life-saving technologies under his belt.

One of them is an anthrax detection device backed by Homeland Security.

Another is a biothreat detection device backed by the Defense Department.

And then there’s a flu detection device backed by the National Institutes of Health.

He is a virologist and influenza expert who has been trusted by the US government to handle infectious diseases. He has worked his whole career to protect the U.S. from a biothreat and is now bringing this technology into the hands of anyone with this easy-to-use solution.

Machines he's helped developed have also been commercially successful.

He was the lead scientist that developed ddPCR technology that detects rare cancerous mutations — and the company he built it for was later bought out for $162 million after only three months of sales.

Early investors in that company made a fortune.

Which is why this Pentagon scientist has such an impressive record.

His devices save lives... prevent outbreaks... and stop terror attacks… all while making smart investors wealthy.

But this machine is set to be even bigger — exponentially bigger.

Its safe to say this machine is the biggest accomplishment of his career.

(I’ll tell you how you can get a copy an exclusive interview he gave about the technology in just a few minutes.)

All of his PhD work was on influenza, and this machine brings him the closest he’s ever gotten to his dream of stopping these widespread diseases before they can spread.

New diseases are emerging at an alarming rate, with coronavirus now having killed thousands. Bird Flu (H5N1) is also back and has a 60% mortality rate. And new diseases morphing faster then ever with antibiotic resistance growing.

He believes this machine could turn his impossible dream into a reality.

So what makes this machine so important?

Introducing the Lifesaving Magic of Direct Amplification

This machine solves the biggest problem in disease detection today...

Weak samples.

Pathogens are small — and there’s a lot of material in a sample to sift through if you want to find them.

Take contaminated water, for example.

It takes just a few tiny parts per million of a pathogen to make someone sick, but you have to sort through millions of other parts to see if they’re there or not!

Lab scientists are essentially looking for a needle in a haystack.

And so they have to slowly culture the samples over several hours (sometimes days!) in a giant lab until there’s a large enough amount of the pathogen to figure out what it is.

But this machine eliminates all that...

This machine can do something no other machine on the planet can do...

It can directly amplify a test sample a trillion times!

Thanks to the patented power of Direct Amplification, it can deliver clear, readable results in no time at all.

Which is a complete game-changer for disease detection.

Direct Amplification gives this machine three unstoppable advantages:

  • This machine can be used on-site... you don’t have to send samples to the lab, which only wastes valuable time
  • This machine is extremely accurate… doctors, scientists, and food inspectors can be confident in the diagnosis
  • And this machine is fast... it can deliver results in 60 minutes, meaning people don’t need to be quarantined for days like with the latest outbreak of coronavirus

There’s no other machine in the world that can do anything like this.

But that’s not all.

This machine was also designed to be eminently practical.

One of its most important features is not what it can do, but who can do it. Unlike normal lab tests, this machine was designed so that anyone can use it.

In short, Direct Amplification simplifies the whole process.

Just load the cartridge with a sample of whatever you want to test... food, water, medicine, saliva, blood, or surface samples from an airplane or restaurant... 

And then press “GO” on the touch screen.

It’ll start by enhancing your sample a trillion times.

Then you can customize the test for whatever you want to look for — it can be just a single pathogen, or a full panel.

And then in 60 minutes it’ll produce a full report, complete with auto-analyzed results.

These are all industry-changing innovations…

Since anyone can use it, it’s now possible to get test results from places that were never practical before.

Like an industrial poultry farm...

Now an untrained farmhand can take a sample of the water the chickens drink from.

And this machine will report, in just 60 minutes, if there’s any exposure to bird flu.

Or at a produce greenhouse...

Now a produce packer can take a sample of the water used to wash the lettuce and other vegetables...

And this machine will give a full report on the presence of any e. coli, listeria, or other pathogen.

In just 60 minutes!

There’s a reason this technology is so advanced.

It’s coming from a research site with a win record nobody can match…

EVERY Technology Coming Out of This Military Research Complex Has Changed the World
(And Made Investors Wealthy)

It’s known to the public as the Livermore Lawrence Laboratory.

But to insiders, it’s the birthplace of dozens of world-changing inventions — everything from Google Earth to The Human Genome Project. 

It employs 6,000 of the world’s top scientists in its square-mile campus...

And countless inventions and even entire markets — everything from The Internet itself to the cellular chips inside cell phones — have their roots in the government research at this site.

This is especially significant for us as investors.

Because every single time a technological advancement or invention from Livermore is released, it gets commercialized by the private sector and creates billions in new wealth.

All told, over 100 companies owe their success to the inventions from this research site.

Here are a few recent examples…

  • Chromosome Painting — A cancer and chromosome disorder detection device invented at Livermore that’s gone on to support a billion-dollar market. Vysis recognized this value and licensed the technology, and was then acquired by Abbott Laboratories for $355 million in 2001.

  • Droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) — Invented at Livermore for detecting rare cancerous mutations and providing very accurate gene copy number counts. The technology was used to found QuantaLife, which was later purchased for $162M in 2011.

  • Rapid PCR Technology — Invented at Livermore to significantly shorten the time for genetic analysis. The technology was used to found Cepheid, which manufactures instruments for rapid detection of infectious diseases and some cancers. Cepheid was acquired by Danaher for $4 billion in 2016.

Also, the RDRAM memory chip, now patented by Rambus — a billion-dollar company...

Even an automotive-safety device, now standard protocol for almost every car in America, has its roots here.

It now saves the auto industry $14 billion every year... not to mention the countless people who are alive today because of this innovation.

The list goes on.

Which brings us to what is perhaps the most important area of research yet: disease prevention.

They’ve put millions into this technology.

The Pentagon scientist behind this machine was able to use this research to help create his patented design — in fact, he was a key player in the development of the Livermore research.

And now it’s time to bring this machine to market.

We’ve never needed it more than right now…

We’re in crisis mode.

But even under “normal” circumstances, this machine is an essential tool for maintaining the safety of everyday life…

There’s a $40+ Billion Market Up for Grabs — You Have Just Days to Get in on the Ground Floor

Disease prevention is a big, expensive business...

America will spend $24.4 billion on food safety by 2025.

And $12.9 billion on doctors' diagnosis tests.

And $6.3 billion on agricultural tests.

And $3.5 billion on water safety.

All told, there’s more than $40 billion at stake.

This machine is on the “ground floor” of taking over this market... and it’s going to happen fast. 

Now, I know that phrase gets abused a lot.

But truly: as you’ll see for yourself over the next few minutes, this machine offers an immediate solution to a very big problem.

It’s going to take off fast — and when it does, you’re going to want to be on board, or risk missing it completely.

Right now, shares of the company behind this machine are trading for around $1. 

But as I’ll explain in detail over the next few minutes, they’re worth a heck of a lot more.

And the emergency circumstances in which we find ourselves are only going to add to that urgency.

This machine is going to go through five different “profit levels” as it takes on market share — and each level could have a profound (and positive!) effect on the world we live in… and the accounts of investors who act today!

Stopping Deadly Virus Outbreaks

Imagine waking up, surrounded by doctors clad in space suits and respirators.

Every time you breathe out it’s a hazard, and everything you touch must be sterilized or destroyed.

That’s the reality of a coronavirus-level outbreak.

China’s 2020 New Year’s celebrations were all cancelled. Tens of thousands of flights were cancelled, office buildings and schools were locked, and billions of dollars of revenue were lost. 

Over 35 million people were quarantined. 

Entire borders were closed.

The DOW careened 400 points on the news alone.

The virus quickly spread to dozens of countries, including the U.S. And it quickly started spreading from human to human.

We still have yet to see how far this crisis will spread.

Dozens of government agencies are already asking to purchase this machine.

This situation is unfolding quickly.

Here’s how this machine can end the coronavirus outbreak — and save the lives of millions from viral threats.

The first step is to put this machine in every airport and metro station...

Government agencies are working around the clock to stop outbreaks before they spread. This machine will make it possible to before they cross a border. It also saves billions by eliminating the need to shut down public transportation completely.

The next step is to put this machine in hospitals and doctors' offices...

Giant labs will become a thing of the past for these kinds of tests — now they can be performed right on the spot, in just 60 minutes.

And then this machine can be put to work protecting busy locations... stadiums, schools, universities, office buildings, etc...

The virus will have nowhere to hide! Which is exactly what it takes to eliminate such a deadly disease.

This machine will also bring an end to harsh quarantines.

Not long ago, NBC reported how 6,000 people were forced to remain on board a cruise ship for days with an infected person in mandatory quarantine.

It turned out later to be a false alarm — just a case of the flu.

This machine would have made all the difference... not only would it have relieved everyone of the worry of coronavirus and let them go home, it would have found the “normal” case of flu as well!

Sales of this machine are expected to ramp this year, and it’s not yet clear how high they’re going to go.

The one thing that can be said for sure is that it’s going to happen fast.

You have just days, if not hours, if you want to be part of it.

This machine will be adopted across the industry.

Viral threats like the coronavirus crisis will provide the speed.

But it’ll be the protection of America’s giant food supply that’ll provide the scale...

Keeping America’s Food Supply Safe — A New FDA Requirement Makes this Machine Mandatory

If you’ve ever wondered how many people in America get food poisoning every year, the answer is 48 million.

Those numbers are from the CDC — and they don’t include the influence of tainted food on other diseases.

Which is why Congress has decided to get serious about protecting our food supply.

It's done with the embarrassing outbreaks that make America seem like a third-world country.

Previously, companies only had to clean up outbreaks when threats like e. coli or listeria appeared.

But just recently, a congressional bill called the “Food Safety Modernization Act” has shifted the emphasis to prevention.

Which makes good sense!

But like most government regulations, it’s time-consuming and expensive.

Companies are now required to take serious new prevention measures, including...

  • 3x more FDA inspections
  • Required records for all testing results
  • Inspection of all foreign and imported food

It’s a regulatory blitzkrieg that will force the food industry to dramatically overhaul its practices. 

The problem is, most of these companies haven’t started preparing for the FDA’s new rules.

The technology in this one machine will solve that problem — it can get our food supply back on track.

It’ll make a big difference. 

Because e. coli alone…

  • Causes 265,000 illnesses annually
  • Leads to over $400 million in medical costs and economic harm
  • Kills more Americans each year than sharks

That’s right: the real JAWS is a tub of tainted lettuce.

Which is why these new FDA rules have received very few complaints.

In fact, most companies have been on board for a while.

Like Chipotle, which coughed up over $6 billion in value a few years ago from e. coli and other food outbreaks...

Just look at that chart!

Food safety was the #1 factor in Chipotle’s share price.

Not only has it tightened all of its food practices, but it's gotten very serious about regular food testing.

And this machine will make all the difference for Chipotle’s food supply.

That’s not accidental...

A member of the management team behind this machine was a key part of Chipotle’s food safety recovery.

He was the one who pushed for a practical, easy-to-use machine that anyone in the supply chain could operate.

And it’s going to make all the difference as this machine takes over market share.

Because it’s not just Chipotle.

Disease outbreaks have wreaked havoc on...

  • Nestle
  • General Mills
  • Costco
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Archer Daniels Midland

And then there’s McDonald’s.

You may remember this headline...

“395 people sickened in McDonald’s salad outbreak” — CNN

In the fall of 2018, officials had identified a total of 511 lab-confirmed cases.

People in 15 different states got horribly sick after eating a McDonald’s salad.

To put an end to the outbreak, McDonald’s had to completely stop selling salad at 3,000 of its restaurants. All told, the food industry as a whole has averaged a loss of $55 billion a year from these outbreaks.

It’s easy to see why the FDA mandated a solution to this problem — and why this machine is so essential to America’s future health.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently hosted a panel on how America can prevent these outbreaks.

Present were representatives from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The technology in this machine was at the center of these discussions.

The tests we currently use to test our food take days to deliver results.

But by then most of that food is halfway across the country in a hundred different grocery stores.

We’ll also see early adoption of this technology from cruise ships.

Cruise ships offer a unique opportunity to demonstrate the full capabilities of this machine.

Because cruise ships constantly suffer from food safety issues...

And we can’t seem to get through a full year without hearing about at least one viral outbreak.

This machine will redefine what it means to take a quality cruise — one where you don’t have to hole up in your cabin with your arms around the toilet.

Accurate diagnosis is everything when it comes to staying healthy.

Which brings us to something that only this machine can do...

Bringing an End To Antibiotic Resistance

Given all the urgency, let me step back and give you the long view as well. 

This way you have the complete picture.

This machine offers a lot of long-term benefits that deserve to be mentioned — and most important of all is its ability to bring an end to antibiotic resistance.

Now, the ironic truth is that this is perhaps the longest-lasting contribution to the world this machine may offer.

But because the threat is so slow-moving, it’ll be under-appreciated until decades later.

You see, antibiotics are unnecessarily prescribed tens of thousands of times a year — usually due to misdiagnosis.

But this machine will help bring about a new age of diagnostic accuracy.

There’ll be no more guesswork for America’s doctors.

This machine will enable them to backup their observations with readable results.

This is a big deal, because antibiotic resistance has already become one of the biggest public health threats of our time.

Currently, more than 2.8 million antibiotic-resistant infections occur in the U.S. each year, and more than 35,000 people die as a result.

The CDC has predicted that by 2050, 10 million people will die from antibiotic-resistant strains every year — surpassing the number of deaths due to cancer in present times.

This machine has the technology to bring all of this to an end. 

It can identify bacteria and reveal if they are antibiotic-resistant — and to which antibiotics — in just 60 minutes. 

Considering that everyone from America’s biggest drug companies to the National Institutes of Health is willing to put big money into stopping antibiotic resistance, this unique capability will ensure lasting growth for this machine.

The technology inside will literally save millions of lives.

And not just human lives...

This Machine May Well Save Your Dog’s Life — And Preserve the Safety of America’s Cattle Herds

There are 25,000 vet offices in the United States, and collectively they perform 5.4 million tests a year.

With 90 million dogs and 95 million cats to serve, this is a major market. 

(Who would’ve thought there’d be more cats than dogs in America!? I promise I double checked these numbers.)

Here’s a picture of me with my dogs.

If you’ve ever gotten a lab test at the vet, then you know just how long the wait can be for results. 

It can be days, sometimes a week for lab results. 

And meanwhile you’re having to clean up after a sick pet at home.

This machine would change all of that. With results in less than 60 minutes, your dogs and cats have much healthier lives — and it’ll be a lot less of a pain for you as a pet parent.

During a recent beta test at a large vet hospital in Massachusetts, the speed and accuracy of the results astounded all of the animal doctors.

A vet named Dr. Sam Steward said this machine “ really going to be a game changer. Our team’s enthusiasm for this technology has been so overwhelming.”

Which is also great news for us as investors.

Vet diagnostics has become a $5.4 billion market.

New technology has been especially lacking in animal science, and so I expect this machine to grab a large chunk of market share.

The small, innovative company behind this machine has just hired a new team of marketers who specialize in vet sales, so we should expect a large boost in this area in the weeks and months ahead.

But pets aren’t the only place where this machine will make a difference in the lives of animals.

It has an even larger role to play in the lives of millions of horses, cattle, hogs, and other farm animals.

These large farm populations are all but helpless when outbreaks appear — once the disease appears in a few animals, it’s nearly impossible to keep it from spreading to the rest of the herd.

Food safety outbreaks are devastating to farmers... dozens of traditional family farms have gone under when an outbreak has been discovered.

This machine can preserve America’s oldest industry.

It’ll keep us safe in the heartland.

It’ll also keep us safe overseas... and from threats beyond our borders.

Preventing Bioterror Attacks and Protecting Our Soldiers

This technology began as a military project and will see some of its most important work as a military project.

Plans are already in the works for this machine to be placed at border crossings.

But it can do so much more...

It’s also our first line of defense against a bioterror threat.

I’m sure you remember the 2001 Anthrax Letter Attacks that terrorized our nation’s capital. 

Or as it was codenamed by the FBI: Amerithrax.

Five people died and 17 others got sick from letters that were laced with weapons-grade anthrax.

Hundreds of thousands of pieces of mail had to be destroyed — all told it cost $300 million to clean up postal facilities and buildings across the country.

This machine could have identified the anthrax threat before it hurt anyone.

It’s fast and inexpensive, and it’s positioned to become an essential part of our national security.

Because I’m sure you’ll agree — bioterror remains a big threat to this prosperous country.

We still have plenty of enemies who wish us harm.

This machine was specifically built to be our defense.

Remember, this Pentagon scientist got his PhD and started in the industry through his study of anthrax and smallpox. 

There are few others in the world with his qualifications.

I also predict that it will play a large role in protecting our deployed soldiers overseas.

And on a brighter note, this machine also opens up new possibilities.

Right now the military spends billions shipping food across oceans and deserts.

But this machine would make it possible to source more local food from areas near our bases — constant testing could ensure these local sources are reliable. 

It would save taxpayers billions, improve the quality and options of food available to deployed soldiers, and build goodwill in overseas communities.

In short: this machine is a game changer for the way the military does business.

The company behind this machine is already in talks with the Pentagon and defense contractors.

They know the military well...

Backed by Insiders in Military and Bioscience

In truth, we could call it a “Dream Team.”

The company’s president has a legendary track record.

Before joining this company, he was a senior advisor at Canaccord, where he raised capital for new companies... mostly medical device startups.

He was VP of Auryn Resources, where he won a major capital fusion from Goldcorp — the world’s second-largest gold miner.

And he was also a consultant to Cayden Resources, which was bought out by Agnico Eagle for $205 million.

But that’s just for starters...

Just look at this incredible management team... including:

  • The director of the BioWatch program at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory who has chaired proposal reviews at the CDC and National Institutes of Health.
  • An executive at the billion-dollar medical device company Boston Science Corporation, and founder of two successful medical device startups.
  • The founder, Chairman, and CEO of a health care medical device startup that was sold for $294 million in 2013.
  • And an expert on food outbreak prevention, the former head of Food Safety at Chipotle who was hired to ‘right the ship’ following its food scares, just signed on to join this company’s Scientific Advisory Board.

The management team has collectively created 75 patents and a total of $1.4 billion in research activity.

And right now shares are trading for under $1...

I can say with 100% confidence that this company is worth so much more.

Why wait to buy it later, when shares are above $5 or even $50, when you can buy right now for under $1?

Why $1 Shares of this Stock Could Surge to $20+ in the Weeks Ahead

As I explained earlier, disease detection is a big market — the U.S. alone spends $40 billion a year.

This machine has created a unique situation… because of its capabilities, it can capture market share in every single part of the industry.

In short, the upside potential is virtually unlimited.

And because we’re in an emergency situation with coronavirus, it’s going to happen fast.

You have just weeks if you want to be a part of it.

There’s still one more important detail I haven’t shared with you yet…

This machine isn’t just a breakthrough for science, it’s also a breakthrough for business.

The company behind it has thoughtfully put together what’s called the “razor blade” model of business.

You see, this machine requires a brand-new cartridge for every single test.

They’re patented and completely one-of-a-kind. The cartridge is essential to the Direct Amplification that amplifies a sample a trillion times. 

And this cartridge has unusually fat margins.

The value of these cartridges is come from the unique technology inside of them, not the cost of the materials.

So this company is able to charge profit-heavy margins on its cartridges with a clean conscience. 

It’s a stream of revenue that’ll never run out — and it’ll ensure the success of this company for years to come.

The fact that shares are still under $1 each is because this company has spent so long in the research phase.

But now that this machine is ready for commercial primetime, it’ll take off quickly.

I should also note that technology in this machine is ripe for a buyout. 

If this were to happen, your sub-$1 shares would skyrocket in just days.

It’s certainly been the trend for this area of the disease market...

  • Becton Dickinson acquired HandyLab for $275 million in 2009
  • In 2013, BioMerieux acquired BioFire Diagnostics for a cool $450 million
  • Mega-health care conglomerate Roche acquired Iquum for almost $500 million

And this device is more valuable than all of those buyout targets.

To get you started immediately, I’ve compiled a full report on this ground-floor opportunity called...

Emergency Response:
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I do the boots-on-the-ground research most analysts don’t feel like doing — or can’t afford to do.

I’ve been in a three-man helicopter over the Canadian wilderness... stood on the edge of 500-foot-deep mines... and attended $5,000/seat conferences across the country... all in the name of securing the full stories behind the biggest wealth-creating opportunities in the world.

I have a vast network of contacts that extends all the way to the financial elite…


That’s me on the left. The "other guy" in that snapshot is John Paulson, American hedge fund guru and billionaire.

Not everyone can bend his ear at a private seaside dinner.

I love what I do.

And it’s been rewarding — I was a millionaire by 30 and a multimillionaire by 35. 

I’ve been at this for a while, and I know what it’s like to make money in both good times and bad.

I was one of the few financial analysts in the entire country to prosper during the 2008 recession.

In 2008 I made 23 recommendations... and every single one of them was a winner. 

So how did I manage a 100% success rate during the biggest recession of our lifetimes?

By doing things differently...

That's what Early Advantage is all about.

Giving readers like YOU the early advantage on any money-making or money-saving opportunity available... long before the rest of the market catches on:

  • Before the lithium boom took off, I set up my readers with a company called Lithium X. It had huge advantages over most lithium companies, including unparalleled management in the sector. It also owned a proven deposit in the “Saudi Arabia” of lithium: the brine salt triangle of Argentina. In just four months, the stock surged from $0.15 to $2.50 — an earth-shattering gains up to 1,667%. And we booked the profits! That’s good enough to turn just $10,000 invested into $166,700 in a few months.

  • Before the last election, when marijuana became legal in one dozen states, I set up an exclusive deal for my readers with a small medical marijuana firm. This allowed us to buy in literally days before the company’s IPO. In just eight days, the company’s shares took off for 211% gains and we booked the profits. That’s more than triple our money in just a week’s time!

  • And I've closed, in total, more than 280 double- and triple-digit winners on my stock recommendations alone — my portfolio’s win rate over the course of a decade is 83%!

I want you to see for yourself how profitable Early Advantage could be for you.

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I’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

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It’s easy to understand why: one single recommendation could easily pay for your entire subscription.

Case in point, one of my followers, Chris G., recently sent me this note:

Thanks Nick, I grabbed a quick 36% gain today. That'll take care of this year's subscription price!

Another of my followers, who wishes to remain anonymous, chimed in:

I just renewed Early Advantage. Made $6,000 on one play, so my membership has more than paid for itself. Keep 'em coming!

And another of my followers, Donald M., said he made a profit of $27,649 last year.

I’d like to help you achieve your biggest financial goals.

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Or perhaps you’re here to get some extra cash to buy a new boat, build a vacation house, or take a trip around the world.

All of that is up to you!

My job is to help get you there.

Like Todd S., who wrote to me:

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I never rest when it comes to researching the next opportunity — I’d like to share the most important picks from my portfolio right now.

"The New Uranium Supercycle: Profit from the Rebirth of Uranium"

With the stroke of a pen, President Trump could reignite a “lost” American energy sector. The U.S. currently has 99 nuclear reactors but only mines enough uranium for one of them. The rest is imported, some from not-so-nice places. Trump’s Section 232 mandate is poised to make American uranium great again… and it will take a few select uranium stocks with it.

"Get Rich on the Barcode of the Future: One Tiny Stock To Jumpstart the $19 Trillion Internet of Things"

New technology allows electronics to be printed right inside of inks. These inks are connected to the Internet, and can sense things like location, touch, and temperature. They are poised to be printed on every product and package in the future. A 21st-century “Bar Code” that Forbes says will power the $19 trillion ‘Internet of Things.’ And one tiny company has patents on it.

"Crypto66: Mint Dollars from Bitcoin’s Backdoor"

This unique investment allows you to harness the power of cryptocurrency’s upside while significantly minimizing the risk. For less than $1.00 you can get access to the business of mining top cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum — without having to touch a single digital coin or open a crypto wallet.

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Call it like you see it,

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