Artificial Intelligence "Stealth ID” Technology Creates Trillion-Dollar Market

A new device — greenlighted by Trump EO 13769 — combines AI and Machine Vision to...

  • End terror attacks and mass shootings...
  • Become the go-to security tool in schools, stadiums, political events, and more...
  • And send the tiny $0.50 stock that owns the technology surging for short-term 2,500% gains.


Dear Reader,

Thirty years ago, the DNA revolution completely transformed the war on crime.

Forensic science became standard protocol for police, the FBI, and other government agencies...

Forever transforming how we find and fight criminals.

Since then, thanks to advanced DNA analysis, violent crime has dropped dramatically...

And DNA technology companies jumped fantastically, enriching all early investors.

Like Illumina, the largest producer of DNA sequencing technology that supplies police departments.

It surged for a whopping gain of 39,400%.

Good enough to turn a meager $1,000 investment into a half-million-dollar windfall.

The next big player in the space, Thermo Fisher Scientific, is a leader in genetic testing. Including big innovations like FBI-approved DNA lab kits.

It jumped 24,000%.

Good enough to turn $5,000 into $1.2 million.

Now, it’s happening again.

What’s now being called the next “quantum leap forward in crime fighting” is here. Only it could be even more transformational this time around.

It’s a new stealth technology that’s promising to end all terror attacks, mass shootings, and more.

A way to “ID” shooters and terrorists that would render public attacks virtually impossible — all without:

  • Firing a single bullet
  • Any new gun laws
  • Or more spending on bloated police forces

On February 10, 2017, Trump issued Executive Order 13769...

Which greenlighted “Stealth ID” technology to be deployed at airports and the border...

Igniting a gold rush from Arlington to Palo Alto.

Apple, which just staked $390 million into it, plans to use it as an essential feature of the iPhone X.

Facebook put down $60 million.

And Alibaba was part of a funding round for this technology that raised a stunning $600 million.

But the biggest money comes from the Department of Defense (DoD). In a few short years, it’s already earmarked $8.6 billion for this new “Invisible Detection” technology.

And it’s well past the “prototype” stage...

As we speak, these Stealth ID devices are being quietly deployed in stadiums, schools, hotels, casinos, concert theaters... you name it.

It’s been used to guard...

The White House...


The latest Taylor Swift concert...


And even the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta where the Super Bowl was hosted.

And the thing is...

It’s not just changing security at high-risk public venues.

It’s transforming how businesses engage their customers.

That’s why American conglomerates with a total market cap of $7 trillion are rushing to “Stealth ID” technology.


  • Walmart
  • Rite AID
  • Intel
  • ShopRite
  • Heineken
  • Colgate
  • Tyson
  • And Kraft-Heinz

In stores everywhere, this “Invisible Detection” technology is hiding in plain sight. It’s completely upending how businesses make money.

And this is where the real profit opportunity is.

If there’s one thing I can say for certain during my investing career, it’s this:

“When Military Tech Goes Commercial — New Riches Are Made”

Think of the personal computer, the iPhone, the Internet.

Most of the technology we use now, in everyday life, came from the military.

And the investors who bought into the innovative companies that brought this tech to consumers...

They all retired millionaires.

That’s the opportunity I’m sharing with you today.

There’s one tiny, virtually unknown company that has a lock on all the tech behind this game-changing device.

At the moment, shares trade for a mere 50 cents.

But my research shows it could surge no less than 2,500% in just the near term. And the upside from there is unlimited.

How can I be so certain?

Look no further than another company, Patriot One, which is developing a similar terror-fighting technology.

In this case, it’s a near-field radar device used by soldiers to detect weapon threats. This allows soldiers to identify if a nearby enemy, or “civilians,” are carrying concealed weapons.

Although its product has yet to be deployed in real life...

Shares took off for unbelievable gains on just the potential alone.

They’ve soared from 10 cents to $2.58 a share.

That’s 2,500% in less than two years.

And that’s just a small sliver of the wealth at stake here.

You see, this new “Stealth ID” technology is not only more advanced — it’s fully developed and already being used in real time.

We know this works, because it’s already being used.

Which means the upside potential here is substantially bigger.

Could it deliver life-changing 40,000% gains like DNA tech giant Illumina?

That’s certainly possible.

Illumina returned those gains because it seized substantial market share early.

And that’s what this tiny company has: a first-mover advantage.

In fact, it’s already lined up a long list of major Fortune 100 clients!

Whether you see these riches at all depends on one thing:

If you’re willing to take action immediately while shares trade at a mere 50 cents.

Fair warning though: You don’t have long to act.

Right now, a recent catalyst has already begun to make this technology a household name...

Sending it into major public venues and stores nationwide.

This life-saving device even took center stage at the stadium where the biggest public event of the year — the Super Bowl — was hosted.

In just a moment, you’ll discover exactly how this catalyst opened the door to a 2,500% short-term gain.

And here’s the best part...

I’ve been closely tracking this for a year, waiting to share this opportunity with my readers.

Now, the time is finally here.

You see, this tiny company just quietly started trading days ago. Nobody knows about it.

But once word gets out, the opportunity to buy in at 50 cents will be over. You may not even get a chance to buy at $3, or even $13, ever again.

There’s no time to waste.

Stay tuned, because in the next few minutes, you’ll discover...

  • The details on “Invisible Detection” and the company behind it.
  • A real demonstration of how it works and why it’s so transformational.
  • Where and why companies are using this to change the way they make money.
  • How security teams everywhere are deploying it to prevent shootings and terror attacks.
  • And much more!

But before I go any further, allow me to introduce myself.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself



Hello, my name is Jason Simpkins.

I’ve built a career out of predicting the rise of key profit trends.

I’ve made 137%, 329%, and 661% on the rapid growth of medical marijuana.

And I predicted the skyrocketing climb of Bitcoin.

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Lithium is an essential material for missiles, submarines, and hundreds of other defense applications.

It’s an essential material in electric car batteries.

I led readers to a host of gains...

Now, I’m not always right.

But my track record has remained remarkably consistent over the years.

I’ve predicted takeovers and buyouts.

Like Rio Alto Mining, which delivered a huge premium to my subscribers.

Outsider Club article, August 4, 2014 

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I also predicted bull markets in palladium and gold that brought investors even more gains.

And that’s not even my best work.

What I actually care most about are massive, market-defining geopolitical events.

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No other investing “expert” wants to talk about these things.

But I do.

Take a look at what I wrote in February 2014:

Outsider Club article, February 21, 2014

That was just weeks before race riots erupted in Ferguson and my hometown of Baltimore.

I even predicted trouble in Ukraine before Russia invaded.

Again, no other investment analyst is talking about these things…

But I am.

Because I’m not just in the finance business. I’m in the chaos business.

I’m in the civil war, civil disruption, and civil strife business.

And that’s where I make the most money.

I regularly make double- and triple-digit gains from security and defense stocks.

But it’s not just about timely calls on the big names...

I want to show you how to do so much more.

I want to show you how to thrive in chaos, how to turn every disaster into fortune.

And one of the ways you can do that is by beating the public, and Wall Street, into military technology.

Believe me when I tell you that military tech mints millionaires for those smart enough to know where to look, and bold enough to buy in on the ground floor.

Need proof?

How the Military Minted 11,300 Millionaires

The Pentagon is secretly responsible for some of mankind’s greatest inventions.

Since 1958, the innovators at the Pentagon’s research arm, DARPA, have radically changed the world, and our lives.

MIT professor Michael Dertouzos even credits DARPA with “between a third and a half of all the major innovations in computer science and technology.”

For instance, thermal imagery began in the 1950s and 1960s as a program to give our military enhanced night vision — a priceless battlefield advantage.

The companies at the center of this development, Honeywell and Texas Instruments, were only microcap contractors.

Now they’re Fortune 500 household names.

The Pentagon’s internal government network, ARPANET, eventually became the Internet... paving the way for companies like Google, which has shot up 1,115%.

In fact, Google’s IPO minted 1,000 instant millionaires... plus several thousand more since then as the stock surged.

And then you have the personal computer, the result of a DARPA program called Sketchpad.

Under this program, DARPA-funded scientists at Xerox Corporation’s PARC facility created the first recognizable PC with a word processor, a printer, file folders, title bars, scroll bars, drop-down menus, and multi-tasking.

Of course, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates would later commercialize this technology, leading to the explosive launch of microcap stocks like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, and Dell to the top of Silicon Valley.

It’s hard to say how many new millionaires were minted from the invention of the PC.

Microsoft alone spun off 10,000 millionaires.

And Apple created 300 millionaires overnight.

The point is, Pentagon inventions don’t just change the world, they change financial fortunes.

Once they leave the realm of government, they’re all but guaranteed to make investors rich.

The list goes on and on.

You’ve got GPS, originally known as Transit. The military kept this technology for itself for over 40 years. It reached the public a decade ago, and now every new car has one.

The world’s leading GPS producer, Garmin, has soared for 1,546%.

There’s the microchip, first developed under the DARPA program MOSIS.

This paved the way for the astronomic growth of the semiconductor giant Intel.

And there’s the computer mouse, which DARPA invented as an accessory to the personal computer.

Now you have Logitech, the world’s leading mouse producer, whose stock has returned 3,338%.

Make no mistake, the military is the “invisible hand” behind history’s greatest financial growth stories.

Life-altering inventions like...

  • GPS
  • Virtual reality
  • Cloud computing
  • The personal computer
  • And the Internet itself

And now I’ve identified the next big technology that’s about to join the list.

One that could be the next big military millionaire-maker.

It’s so controversial, not everyone will want to take part in the fortunes it produces.

But like it or not, it’s already becoming part of our everyday lives.

At all of our biggest public events. In our phones, in our cars, our trips to the grocery store.

There’s no way to escape it.

But in truth, that’s a good thing, because…

It will stop more terrorism than the biggest bombs and guns...

It will transform how businesses make money...

It will make mass shootings a thing of the past...

All without firing a single shot!

I’m talking about a new form of facial recognition technology. One unlike anything you’ve heard of.

This new development is revolutionizing security and business.

And I’m not just going to show you how...

I’m going to show you how to profit.

One Tiny Company Just Created the Next Generation of ID Technology


Facial recognition is becoming an “everywhere” technology.

In our phones. With the iPhone X...

The new Samsung...

In our cars to stop theft...

At the airport to stop terrorists...

It’s ubiquitous.

But one tiny company just emerged at the forefront of the facial recognition tech race.

It’s deploying “Stealth ID” or “Invisible Detection.”

It leapfrogs all current “Face ID” technologies, with pioneering advances like object identification.

This means it analyzes more than just faces — things like guns, knives, and other dangerous weapons.

It can identify these objects and “persons of interest” — all in just moments.

So if a terrorist brandishes a weapon at a concert, sporting event, or political fundraiser, the new “Invisible Detection” technology instantly detects it...

Alerts the police or in-house security...

And stops the destructive loss of life before it happens!

That’s why, in just the last few months, this new “Invisible Detection” technology has been used at major venues like...

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, with an inventory of yachts totaling in the billions of dollars.

There, with thousands of attendees present, FBI-trained security used this technology to set up a perimeter.

One that would alert their security command center if any unusual activity was detected.

And it was completely invisible!

That’s just the beginning. It’s also been used for security at...

NASCAR venues


And the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, the site of Super Bowl LIII.

But most importantly of all…

This new technology is now being used in schools to protect our children.

The $2.7 Billion School Security Industry

The school shooting epidemic is one of our nation’s most tragic and enduring problems.

It’s flummoxed politicians and administrators who want to ensure our children’s safety, but be mindful of our Second Amendment rights.

And the proposed solutions have been lackluster, at best.

Some $2.7 billion a year is now being spent on school safety measures.

And what’s come of it?

New surveillance cameras and more security officers...

Bulletproof chalkboards and backpacks…

Armored doors and panic buttons.

And yet the problem hasn’t gone away.

Because all of these measures only kick in after a shooting starts.

Not a single one is preventative.

But this technology I’m telling you about today is.

This “Stealth ID” stops shooters before they take action…

It can read faces and interpret mood, identify weapons hidden on a person’s body, and it can alert the authorities — all by itself.

Imagine that.

No more Columbines. No more Newtowns. No more Parklands.

No armed teachers and no restrictions on our Second Amendment rights.

And it’s not just security either...

There’s another big mega-trend where this technology is taking center stage.

The rise of digital marketing in stores.

The Next Big Breakthrough in Advertising

The Internet gained steam for one reason alone:


It made advertising more measurable and accountable.

The rise of online shopping, however, has been greatly exaggerated.

70% of sales still happen in regular brick-and-mortar retail. And that’s where this opportunity is.

What we’re now seeing is the complete reversal of that trend:

Advertising in stores, streets, and on signs is being digitized.

Thanks to digital signs, in-store marketing is becoming as measurable and accountable as the Internet.

Just look at how this works:

Take Best Buy, for example.

In 2014, many left the company for dead.

But the technology retailer invested $200 million to make over its stores. Now the average store has 200 digital ads.

Best Buy now is literally selling ad space, which helped reverse its terminal decline.

In the past few years, Best Buy’s stock has soared a whopping 569%!

And this trend is still in its infancy.

Less than $1 billion is spent every year on in-store digital ads. But that’s set to change in a big way.

“Invisible Detection” is now being adopted by heavy hitters like:

  • Walmart
  • Rite AID
  • Intel
  • ShopRite
  • Heineken
  • Colgate
  • Tyson
  • And Kraft-Heinz

In total, market research firms put sales at a whopping $32 billion in just three short years.

What’s the profit potential?

At the moment, this company is still pure ground floor — with just a half-million in revenue last year.

But with its Fortune 100 client list, leading edge in the space, and unparalleled advancements...

It is now positioned to seize a sizable share of that multibillion-dollar windfall.

If it captures just a tiny fraction of the market, all early investors will be rich — no matter how much they put down!

Say it captures a mere 10% of the market. In other words, roughly $3 billion in annual revenue.

That’s a 659,000% sales surge in just three years!

Heck, if it even gets half of that, or a quarter, we’re still looking at 1,000-fold returns or more.

And this “Invisible Detection” device is already at the forefront of the whole market!

Which is why the world’s #2 chipmaker just partnered with the tiny company behind it.

Intel Just Inked a Deal With The Tiny Stock Behind “Stealth ID” Technology

Intel boasts a $250 billion market cap. It's one of the world’s largest tech companies.

And just recently it inked a deal with this “Invisible Detection” device. Why?

In short, Intel’s software is the perfect match for these devices. It allows them to detect faces and weapons on any computer. No need for an Internet connection. No need to process the data at some other site.

This means faster and more efficient detection of terrorist threats, on a much larger scale. It significantly reduces costs and increases profit margins.

It also means “Invisible Detection” devices can now be deployed almost anywhere, expanding its customer base!

The company is already in talks with major U.S. cities to deploy on their citywide security camera networks and with major oil companies for pipeline monitoring.

Plus, Intel is in the process of bundling this technology with its products and using its in-house sales force to dramatically ramp up sales.

This is a big greenlight for a major tech buyout. One that could catapult the tiny company from 50 cents a share to $30 and beyond.

But how much money can you make immediately?

Why 2,500% Short-Term Gains Are On The Table


The best example is Patriot One, which is developing a device to detect weapons on battlefields.

It’s not yet completed, but the profit potential sent its shares surging sky-high.

From 10 cents to past $2.50.


This one is poised to do a whole lot better though.

While Patriot One hasn’t left the prototype stage...

“Stealth ID” is not only finished, it’s also superior in profile.

It can detect more weapons.

It has facial recognition technology.

And it has a huge database to profile both weapons and shooters.

What’s more, it’s already generating cash from a long list of Fortune 100 clients.

It’s just a matter of time before the market catches wind and investors stampede into the tiny company that controls it.

Sending its shares surging from 50 cents to $3 and beyond.

And when I say it’s a matter of time, I mean just weeks.

NFL Stadium Put this Company’s Proprietary Technology on Full Display...

As I mentioned before, this “Stealth ID” device is now being used for security at the Mercedes-Benz stadium. And there’s good reason for that...

That stadium hosted Super Bowl LIII.

The Super Bowl is the highest-risk sporting event in the U.S.

In the lead-up to this year’s game, law enforcement spent two years preparing for security.

Two. Years.

The FBI, Homeland Security, state police, Atlanta PD, and others cooperated to secure the venue inside and out.

The numbers explain why.

100,000 fans.

30,000 workers.

1 million visitors in town.

The logistics were a nightmare for any security team.

But they all got a boost from this “Stealth ID.”

Because this “Invisible Detection” device was used as the main security tool for dozens of government agencies.

This device monitored every single person who attended and worked that game, looking out for weapons, contraband, and attendees who had previously been banned.

It scoured the crowd for known terror suspects.

And it did it all without a single person even knowing.

It was completely invisible to the naked eye.

Of course, it wasn’t invisible to the biggest corporations and investors.

They took notice.

How could they not when this tiny company IPO’d just weeks later at a shockingly low price of 50 cents a share.

And now, everybody wants a piece of the action.

Action that promises to send the shares of the tiny company behind it completely parabolic.

And that’s why I want you to get in immediately, before that happens...

Before it produces short-term 2,500% gains...

Before it launches into every school, hotel, theater, and stadium...

And before it captures the lion’s share of an explosive $32 billion advertising market.

This is the last shot to get in on the ground floor, and I don’t want you to miss it.

That’s why I’ve included everything in my brand-new dossier, “Invisible Detection: 2,500% Gains on the Stealth ID Mega-Trend.”

In it, you’ll get:

  • The name, ticker symbol, and full company profile.
  • The full billion-dollar market opportunity, and how much money you can make.
  • Exactly how “Invisible Detection” works, its various applications, and where it’s being deployed.
  • Other major catalysts, like a big buyout, that could send shares soaring.
  • My exclusive interview with the CEO and “boots on the ground” insight you won’t find anywhere else.


This report will get you started right away — it has the potential to start delivering life-changing gains just weeks from now.

But that’s not all.

I’d like to also provide you with a SECOND report...

It’s titled: “The Complete Cyber Threat Defense Portfolio.”

The $108 billion cybersecurity market is growing by leaps and bounds, and is expected to more than double to $232 billion by 2022.

That kind of growth will bring about incredible, life-changing gains...

I’ll reveal the names of four more innovative companies that are almost certain to profit.

They include...

  1. An established cybersecurity company that protects 85 Fortune 100 companies
  2. A debt-free firm that’s purchasing smaller firms and providing security for privileged-login clients
  3. An IT powerhouse with an entire suite of data security solutions
  4. And a company that builds and maintains next-generation firewalls for the most secure clients in the world, including major U.S. intelligence agencies

I’ll also reveal the name of an ETF that’s well positioned to capture significant gains from the across-the-board macro growth in the space.

But there’s still more.

I’ll send you a THIRD report that covers my newest picks in military defense.

“The Total Tactical Defense Portfolio.”

With enemies like North Korea, Russia, Iran, and China, the U.S. military can’t afford to be idle.

In this report, I highlight the six defense contractors that will see growth due to their innovations in tactical defense.

These picks will generate outsized gains in the years ahead.

Taken together, your report package will arm you with everything you need to succeed in the weeks and months ahead.

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— Martin W.

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And today we’re seeing more growth than ever before.

Global defense spending is at its highest level since the Cold War, an astounding $1.67 trillion.

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President Trump has already authorized $716 billion in national defense spending.

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Remember, Trump’s executive order greenlighted this “Stealth ID” to be deployed at airports and the border.

Recently, it was deployed at the White House.

Then again at a Taylor Swift concert.

The Pentagon is spending $8.6 billion on “Stealth ID.”

And its applications go well beyond security...

It’s entering everywhere from hotels and casinos to hospitals, schools, and stores.

Tech giants from Apple to Facebook are unleashing hundreds of millions to get the first edge.

When military tech enters the marketplace, one thing is for sure:

New millionaires are minted.

And one 50-cents-per-share company has beat them to the punch.

It just quietly IPO’d, opening the floodgates for investors to buy in. Nobody knows yet. But once word gets out, its shares will go parabolic. How high?

The only company with a similar product — not yet developed — has soared for 2,500% gains.

This tiny play is poised for similar life-changing gains. If not more. And we don’t have to guess when.

Homeland Security, the FBI, and other major agencies just used it to prevent a terror attack or shooting.

This put it on the map of every government security agency in America.

And that’s just for starters...

With Silicon Valley looking to get the edge, will a major buyout be next?

It’s all but guaranteed.

To get you started immediately, all of the lucrative details are in my new dossier:

“Invisible Detection: 2,500% Gains on the Stealth ID Mega-Trend.”

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Fight on,


Jason Simpkins
Investment Director, The Wealth Warrior