My 3,220% Winner Canopy Growth Is Dead — The Information Below Reveals The Cannabis Grower That’ll Take Its Place


Fellow Investor,

I've finally done it…

At long last I’ve found the cannabis company I’ve been searching for: an up-and-coming cannabis grower that has what it takes to scale production to a world-class level.

It’s been years since I’ve seen a company like this…

In fact, it’s been exactly five years since I was the first financial newsletter editor to tour Canopy Growth and tell the world about it.

My discovery of this cannabis company was at the dawn of the cannabis boom, and me and the investors who follow my work made 3,220%.

You see, cannabis investing was still brand new just five years ago.

And I remember how blown away I was by the complexity of the technology that went into Canopy’s grow rooms.

I walked through the long, seemingly endless rows of plants with wonder and awe.

I had the good fortune to spend hours with the founder and then-CEO of Canopy Growth — Bruce Linton — and he carefully walked me through every aspect of its production.

And by the time I finished my tour, I knew I had found something special.

I immediately told the investors who read my financial newsletter The Crow’s Nest that they needed to buy shares as soon as possible.

Many of these investors were nervous... they had never bought a cannabis stock before, and they needed a lot of reassurance that this was a good idea.

We bought shares at $1.60 each.

(The hilarious irony is back at the time the share price seemed a bit steep!)

But I was so confident about the potential of Canopy Growth that I recommended going all in.

And, wow, did it pay off…

Those $1.60 shares doubled.

I immediately began to receive excited messages from my readers...

Hello Jimmy, Thanks for the heads up on Canopy. Up 106.5% so far and I agree it's got lots of room to run up even further!

— Dave M.

And then it tripled.

Then it took on even more speed, bringing investors like Dave M. to returns he’d never seen before.

It sailed past $10... and then past $20...

The stock took off and just kept going and going, eventually soaring above $50 a share.

We went on to make a total return of 3,220%.

That’s 33x your money... it turned every $5,000 I invested into $166,000!

This discovery made me and a lot of other investors wealthy, and it solidified my position as one of the top pot stock analysts in the country.

My email inbox was flooded with more messages:

I made out like a bandit with one tiny marijuana stock (I got the tip from Crow's Nest). I got in a little late at $2.12 per share... I can’t believe it! My first stock in 20 years and it paid off big!

— Chris B.

Hi Jimmy!!! I recently pocketed $106,000 when I sold one of your recommendations, Canopy Growth!!!

— Garth G.

Ahoy Captain, I just needed to thank you for your recommendation to buy Canopy Growth. I have had so much trouble with picking the wrong stocks and losing money since I started investing 2 years ago. I had no direction and only made bad turns with no idea what to do... I read your article on the research you did on this company, and went with your suggestion that this could be a great company to invest in. You were so right!

— Anna M.

Today, Canopy is hands-down the largest cannabis grower in the world.

I recently went back to see how things had changed... and wow, how big they’ve gotten.

One of the VPs came right out to greet me — he still remembered me from my first visit, and knows how many investors I’ve brought into the space and how much money I’ve made them.

He asked me what I thought of all the growth… and I told him what a surprise it was to see just how fast it had happened.

It remains the biggest win of my career and the most profitable recommendation I’ve ever made in The Crow’s Nest.

But unfortunately... Canopy isn’t going to be the cannabis company to take us to the next round of growth.

It's jettisoned its founder, diluted shares, and like any large company, won’t be growing at a large enough scale to make a difference for investors.

In short, Canopy isn’t going to be delivering another big win anytime soon — which is why I’ve taken my profits and continued my search for an up-and-coming company that can.

And I’ve finally done it!

The timing couldn’t be better...

Because the cannabis world continues to change... and grow.

As I’m about to show you, the potential of the cannabis market has never been bigger than right now.

Consider this…

The North American cannabis industry is on its way from $9.2 billion today to a massive $47.3 billion in the years ahead.

And it’s going to continue to grow even more from there!

CNBC recently ran the headline: “Cannabis Industry Poised for Tremendous Growth”... and reports that the cannabis industry is expected to blossom to a staggering $200 billion by 2030.

You’ve come along at the right time, because my long wait for another Canopy Growth is about to pay off for all of us...

At Long Last I’ve Found a Cannabis Company With the Chops to Deliver the Next Round of Cannabis Growth


I’ve just returned from an exclusive visit to this innovative company.

As I’ll show you in detail, this company has everything it needs to deliver a Canopy-sized return...

I have hundreds of photos, hours of video footage, and page after page of careful notes from my trip.

And I’d like to share all of it with you today.

This is literally what I do for a living — I put the time and effort into visiting companies like this cannabis grower in person... so I can find the most incredible cannabis investments in the world.

I get out of my office so I can get inside the innovative companies that have the potential to bring us the future of cannabis.

Here’s how I found this unique company...

Our story begins in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I attended an elite, invitation-only cannabis growers' conference.

It’s held at a fancy Danish hotel every year, and it’s the only time when all of the important heads of the cannabis industry are together in one place.

Needless to say, I was kept busy from the moment I arrived.

I spent several long days interviewing dozens of CEOs about all of the latest advances in cannabis.

As I’m sure you already know, the cannabis market is expanding at an unprecedented speed, so you can only imagine how much there is to take in.

My head was beginning to spin.

And after countless meet-and-greets, I’ll admit that my neck grew tired from so many hours of nodding politely.

But then I met the executives from this cannabis grower: they told me about several of the new strains of cannabis they’re growing, as well as their plan to scale operations.

My ears perked up...

Their plans were innovative.

And I admired their boldness.

They told me how they currently had 300,000 square feet of growing space, and then they showed me a book of numbers documenting their unusually high yields.

This was starting to sound promising.

But I’m cautious. Even before I got into cannabis investing, I had a long career of stock research.

I’m not easily impressed anymore.

So I hope you’ll appreciate my astonishment at what they told me next...

They explained how they were in the process of scaling their operation to a MILLION square feet — over three times the size!

But I assumed it would take them forever to build all of these greenhouses.

“How many years will it take to complete?” I asked.

Their answer: actually, we’ve already started, and the expansion will be completely finished just a few months from now.


I was stunned! Surely they couldn’t be serious…

Now, this company has been on my radar for several years — I’ve kept close tabs on its medicinal extraction techniques.

But this was the inside scoop that made all the difference.

No other company in the world is attempting an expansion on that kind of scale.

I knew I had to see this for myself... and soon!

I wanted to be the first financial analyst to get a look inside its new operation — just like I was the first to lead the charge into Canopy for a 3,220% return.

The company agreed to a full tour, and so I began making my travel plans that very evening.

Which brings us to today.

I brought my camera, a video guy, and a notebook full of hardball interview questions.

I hope you’re paying close attention, because very few people have seen what I’m about to show you...

I’m One of the Only Financial Analysts in the World to Leave My Office and Travel to Where the Big Moves in Cannabis Are Happening

Again, my name is Jimmy Mengel.

Jimmy Mengel
Managing Editor,
The Crow's Nest

I use boots-on-the-ground research to find cannabis stocks that nobody else is paying attention to.

Like the gains I made on these five cannabis stocks, which were all made in the last 24 months...

  • 163% on a cannabis beverage producer 
  • 266% on a medicinal cannabis company
  • 269% on a cannabis hydroponics grower 
  • 570% on a cannabis research firm 
  • 582% on a cannabis greenhouse company 

I also used my in-depth research to make 220% on a weed company called Helix TCS and 428% on a marijuana grower named Future Farm Technologies.

In total, here’s how much you would have made in a single year if you’d invested $2,500 in each of my cannabis plays.

And the biggest reason why I’m able to make such consistent money is because of my insider-level access to the cannabis world.

This is your invitation to follow my lead:

  • You don’t need to live in a state or country where marijuana is legal
  • You don’t need to know anything about cannabis or concern yourself with the political or legislative side of things
  • And you don’t need to risk huge sums of money

You also don’t need to wait forever for these gains to happen.

Just like my massive gains on Canopy Growth… this stock is going to move a lot sooner than you might think.

This Is Your Warning: This Stock Is So Close to Taking Off It Could Skyrocket in Just Three Weeks


This company is scaling its production fast, and so we don’t have much time...

We’re just weeks, if not days, away from a series of major announcements that will send this stock soaring.

My tour began with my flight to Ottawa, the capital of Canada — a gorgeous city that hosts the very impressive Canadian Parliament building where cannabis was legalized only a year ago.

My driver picked me up early the next morning, and we drove for almost an hour until the road ended abruptly in a river.

Then, after a short wait on the riverbank, a small ferry appeared to take us across the water to the cannabis facility on the other side…

The landscape was impossibly green and fertile, and it felt as if anything was possible in this surprisingly lush riverside atmosphere.

My driver pulled off of the ferry and there it was right in front of me: a million square feet of greenhouses.

It wasn’t complete, of course.

But the construction was much further along than any of the reports I’d read suggested.

Once again... this is why I bother to visit these facilities in person!

I’m able to make observations that no financial report can show.

Just take a look at this video footage.

As you can see for yourself in these clips, progress has come a long way, and it won’t be long before construction on these new greenhouses is finished.

This company hasn’t announced anything officially yet about the greenhouse completion — but the moment it does, the share price is certain to respond.

That’s why I’m giving you this urgent heads up... so that you won’t completely miss out on these massive gains.

There’s no other cannabis grower like this in the world.

And these developments are about a lot more than just greenhouse space; this company is also scaling its expertise.

I witnessed this firsthand when nearly a thousand greenhouse employees arrived for work.

This company continues to expand its workforce by the day...

As I learned, this company is growing so fast that it hasn't had enough downtime yet to pour the asphalt for its parking lot.

So as employees arrive for work, they have to squeeze their cars anywhere they’ll fit in this giant, dusty field of endless gravel.

It’s definitely not going to win this company any awards for best employee parking... but as I found out by asking around, nobody is upset.

Every employee I interviewed loves working here — dusty gravel parking lot and all.

Now, you’d think a tiny river town would have trouble finding a thousand employees.

But it turns out the best hydroponic agriculturists in the world vie with each other to get jobs at this company.

This cannabis grower is pushing the boundaries on what’s possible when it comes to growing a cash crop, and everyone in the building is so inspired by the mission of this company that many employees moved across the country for this job.

I hadn’t seen employee devotion like this in a while… not since… well, not since I was the first newsletter writer to tour a little cannabis company named Canopy Growth.

And let’s be real for a moment, we all know how much this makes a difference.

This company isn’t molding widgets. It's growing plants. And every bit of nurture and care comes out in the final product.

In fact, this company’s Master Grower is officially the best in the world... she won a 2019 award for Master Grower of the Year, as well as other industry accolades, making her globally recognized as #1.

Her system is unrivaled, and I took careful note of her attention to detail all throughout my tour.

Nobody Else Is Growing Plants with This Level of Care and Technological Sophistication

Which brings us to the grow operation itself.

After a complete security screening, I was asked to scrub up and put on a full cleanroom suit.

Thankfully I was ready for this part...

I’ve made so many visits to cannabis growers now that I’m a pro at putting on foot covers, hairnets, and even a beard covering.

(I can’t stand the beard covering, because it’s hot and it’s itchy and it’s insulting, but it’s one of the tough sacrifices I’m willing to make to bring you the inside story.)

Once I was suited up, I was met by the Assistant Master Grower for a full three-hour tour of his growing process.

Let me take a moment to walk you through the greenhouse.

It all starts in the Mother Room, where carefully selected “mother” plants are selectively cut down into small saplings called “clones” that will grow into the flowering plants that will produce the crop.

These are the actual little saplings that will grow up to produce the crop.

Each greenhouse can hold more than 3,000 of these plants.

Depending on the specific variety, each plant will grow to maturity in three months, and then produce buds for only three to four months before being retired from production.

This tightly-controlled lifecycle is what results in maximum potency, and this cannabis grower’s production sequence is the tightest I’ve ever seen.

Not even Canopy is doing this...

It’s painstaking work to keep a greenhouse of this size in full rotation.

My point is that this grower has lined up its ducks in a perfect row… and now it's ready to triple the number of ducks.

It all comes down to scalability.

Producing a consistent, quality product at rapidly-growing scale isn’t an easy task — there are only a handful of companies in the world with the expertise to meet this demand.

This was also an important factor in the success of Canopy Growth.

I’ve been asked dozens of times: “Jimmy, how did you know that Canopy Growth was the company to pick?”

The answer is, I didn’t.

Five years ago, Canopy Growth was just one of many possible candidates for king of the cannabis market.

It wasn’t until I went and visited myself, and walked through the sweltering hot greenhouses, that I was confident in its ability to boost production to these levels.

I wasn’t convinced until I talked to everyone from the CEO down to the janitor.

And I mean this literally.

(To this day, I trust janitors more than anyone else in the company. They’re more than happy to speak their minds if you bother to stop and listen!)

Canopy Growth made so much money for investors because it was one of the few companies able to scale up its world-class production.

And this fact is more important today than ever before.

Lots of companies think they have what it takes to grow at scale — but we’ve already seen the hard reality that very few of them do.

Even Canopy has reached its peak for now: its production has plateaued and its scaling has leveled off.

Which is why I’m so glad to find the cannabis grower I just visited...

Coming Soon: A Million Square Feet of Cannabis


The world over, what other company is going to triple the size of its business on this scale within the space of a single year?

Just think about that for a moment.

And its plan is to boost production while improving quality even further.

Which is one more reason why I had to see this facility for myself — it was the only way I could know for sure that they’re capable of such an incredible feat.

I grilled the head grower about his plans for all of these tens of thousands of new plants.

I asked about humidity, air handlers, and plant rotation.

And I’m happy to report that we aren’t going to find anyone else more qualified to pull off this growth.

Of course, there are no guarantees in life.

But the bold, innovative spirit of this company felt strangely familiar… for the first time in five years I was reminded of what I saw at Canopy Growth in the early days.

It’s taken a long time to find and I hope you won’t take it for granted.

We’re here at the perfect moment.

This company is big enough to be a real player on the market — there’s nothing tiny about the 300,000-square-foot growing facility that’s already in operation.

But it's still small enough that it can grow not once, not twice, but THREE times the size in a single year.

This is a rare opportunity — you can look all you want, but you’re not going to find another company that’s so perfectly situated for explosive growth.

And again, there’s a lot more to this company’s growth strategy than just square footage.

It also comes down to the very plants themselves...

Let me show you why this company is growing what may be the world’s most perfect cannabis plant.

In Search of the Perfect Cannabis Plant

Now, I’d like to take a minute to talk about the cannabis plant itself — and why this cannabis grower is so unique on the world scene.

You have the main growth stem.

The distinctive bladed leaves.

And then of course the most important part, the bud — the female flower that provides the heady scent and potent product that’s changing the world.

All too often, financial analysts talk about companies and agricultural crops as if they’re ready-made products that magically come from a box on the shelf.

They’re not.

As the farmer of any crop can tell you, it takes a lot of art and science to consistently grow quality plants.

But that challenge compounds when it comes to cannabis — the smallest changes in the growth of the bud will affect the end product.

Even small inconsistencies in its horticulture can instantly be noticed by any user.

More than almost any other plant in the world, predictable growth conditions are a non-negotiable must.

And when you factor in medicinal and pharmaceutical standards — as this company does — it requires the very highest level of agricultural science.

And when you’re talking about a plant that’s as potent and powerful as cannabis, getting things right is the only option.

Dozens of professional medical organizations now recommend cannabis therapies, including:

  • The American Public Health Association
  • The American Medical Student Association
  • The American Nurses Association
  • The National Multiple Sclerosis Society Foundation
  • The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

And even the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has now approved a cannabis-derived epilepsy therapy for patients as young as two years old.

You heard that right… the stodgy old FDA has given the go-ahead for America’s youngest patients to get the cannabis-based medicine they need.

There are currently more than 10,000 different clinical studies underway on cannabis... making it the most studied substance on the planet right now.

All of this medical research will result in billions of dollars in medical therapies.

They’re coming through the pipeline as we speak.

And this cannabis grower is one of the few companies in the world with the experience, technology, and expertise to deliver medical cannabis on the scale that’s required.

That’s why I took the time and care to inspect this grower’s facility myself…

I don’t want to get us lost in the weeds here, but there are some important details that make all the difference in scalable growth for medical marijuana.

Which brings me to a particular strain of cannabis that this grower specializes in… Purple Kush.

The Scalable Magic of Purple Kush

These short, hearty plants aren’t what most people expect when they think of cannabis.

Even though they have the familiar Indica cannabis leaves, the stocky body and fat buds aren’t what most growers are used to.

The magic is in the potency…

You see, most plant varieties contain 10%-15% THC, the active compound that gives cannabis its effect.

20% is very good.

And plants that consistently yield 25% and above are truly rare.

(And let me stress here what a big deal consistency is… any company can produce a couple of big yields — but nailing a high yield number cycle after cycle, year after year, is still a rare art.)

And yet, this variety of Purple Kush consistently, predictably yields an agronomically unprecedented 30% THC.

In short: instant double potency!

I just showed you how the 3-4 month rotation of the lifecycle in the greenhouse works — when you’re doubling your yield-per-lifecycle, especially for medicinal yields, the result is double the profits.

But as you might expect, growing Purple Kush requires the highest level of scientific skill.

Purple Kush isn’t like other cannabis plants.

And the moment you enter this grower’s specialty greenhouses, which are packed with almost 3,000 Purple Kush plants, you immediately notice the difference.

It hit me as a blessed relief: the blistering heat and clingy atmosphere typical of the other greenhouses was totally absent.

The rooms housing Purple Kush are kept near 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

(The exact temperature is actually a trade secret — yes, this is serious business — and I was not allowed to record or report the exact number.)

And while the humidity is still over 50%, it felt truly pleasant after sweating my way through the other muggy greenhouses.

The relatively cool, relatively thin air requires great skill to maintain.

It’s not as simple as turning on a few air handlers.

Most varieties of cannabis can be cooked at a variety of high temperatures and still yield reasonable results.

But Purple Kush requires a subtlety and restraint unlike most strains of cannabis — if the temperature goes too high, your crop withers and dies on the spot. Too low, and the yield of THC drops like a cartoon anvil.

Worse still, the water and nutrient balance rides a razor-thin line when it comes to maximum yield, and so you have to monitor the rate of absorption like the mother of a newborn baby. Almost literally.

So I hope you’re impressed when I say that this cannabis grower is the world’s foremost grower of Purple Kush.

Not only does it have the world’s single largest concentration of this variety, it also has the highest yields.

Which means this grower holds the key to medicinal yields that no other company in the world can match.

Plant for plant, it’s an advantage that crushes any competition, especially when it comes to scalability.

I’ve searched high and low for a company with this kind of capability — and it was a relief to find a company so committed to a true study of growth science.

Scalable growth is the defining difference that’ll deliver solid gains regardless of anything else.

The timing of this expansion is perfect; we’re at a unique moment in history, and big things are happening.

Which brings us to some really big news — and one more reason why this stock is ready to take off at a moment’s notice.

This Cannabis Grower Was Just “Uplisted” to the NYSE


Up until recently, you could only buy shares of this company on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

That’s the case with quite a few cannabis companies, and it’s a hurdle that slows down many investors.

But Wall Street is impressed enough with this company to add it to the big leagues.

This company has just completed its uplisting to the NYSE.

Not only will this make it easier for you to buy and sell shares, it’s going to add fuel to the stock price.

While I’ve never minded trading stocks on a foreign exchange, there’s no denying that it holds a lot of stocks back from their full potential.

Even Canopy Growth didn’t have this advantage!

I made that 3,220% up in Canada.

In fact, five years ago when we bought shares in the earliest days, many of the investors who followed my lead could only buy shares using pink sheets, which was a time-wasting hassle for everyone.

Can you imagine how much more explosive the growth could have been if Canopy Growth had the full trading advantages of a big U.S. stock exchange back when it was first trading?

And it’s not just easier for retail investors.

It also opens up the doors to institutional buyers...

The majority of institutional investors, funds, and ETFs have strict reporting requirements that are only met by the stocks on the U.S. exchanges.

As I’m sure you’ve read in the news, there’s billions upon billions of institutional money ready to pour into cannabis.

Everyone from BlackRock (yes, I’m talking about the megafund with $6.84 trillion in assets under management!) to public pension funds in California are putting money into cannabis.

But as a general rule they’re only investing in U.S.-listed companies, and this cannabis grower will be the first of its kind eligible for this big institutional money.

That’s why this is such a perfect moment to be a cannabis investor.

And of course regular U.S. investors are going to buy up this stock, too, and in a way that we’ve never seen before in cannabis investing history.

Once they know about it, that is...

Just like with Canopy, I’m positioning my readers ahead of the coming bandwagon to buy this stock.

Average Joe investor hasn’t even heard of this company... yet.

I urge you to follow my lead:

  • You’ll be the FIRST into this stock before the price skyrockets — everyone else will miss out on the biggest profits
  • You’ll be the SMART money — with access to exclusive interviews and inside tour details nobody else gets to see
  • You’ll be in the perfect spot to CASH IN the biggest profits — I’ll tell you how long and how far we should ride this stock, just like I did for Canopy Growth

But consider yourself warned... this is your ONLY chance to be a part of this opportunity.

We’re just weeks away from these major announcements, so you need to make your move if you want in on the profits.

And there’s one more exciting detail I haven’t shared with you yet.

Make A Fortune on the Unstoppable Gains Hidden Behind This Door

I know it sounds dramatic. But I literally stood in front of this door and was denied access inside.

The door was double-locked, complete with keypad and video cameras.


Because a major $13 billion beverage company has recently put a massive sum of money into developing the top-secret technology that’s on the other side.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you, I didn’t get to see this next part with my own eyes.

But I did get to talk to the creators of the incredible technology inside, and I AM allowed to give you details on how it works and why it’s going to change the entire cannabis industry.

Let me pause here for a moment and bring you up to speed on some important facts.

  • The beverage market is suffering. Sales of soft drinks have flatlined across the board, and even Coca-Cola and Pepsi are feeling the burn.
  • Beer isn’t in much better shape, which is why every beer company in the world is trying to expand their offerings…
  • Energy drinks have hogged all of the money for more than a decade. Monster Beverage’s stock grew more than 70,000% during the energy drink phase. And we all know how effective Red Bull was in promoting its brand. But sales have now tapered precipitously. The cash cow is officially dead.

Which brings us back to cannabis — and this door.

Behind the double locks and the keypad is a cannabis extraction system that’s designed especially for beverages. Soft drinks. Beers. Liquors. Energy drinks.

But not ordinary ones… cannabis drinks.

They’re already selling in California and at a handful of distributors in Colorado. Canada will allow these beverages next year. And the rest of the world has been chomping at the bit to get a taste.

The days of big wins in the cannabis industry are really just beginning...

That’s why the CEO of this major beverage company said that putting money into cannabis was a no-brainer.

For him, there’s only one question... and I quote: “do you want to be a spectator, or do you want to be a participant?”

His choice was participant, and that’s why his $13 billion company is already putting hundreds of millions into cannabis.

This partnership opens up sales channels to the biggest beer and beverage markets in the world.

These powerful new developments can put dollars straight into your pocket. As all of these new revenue streams are announced, shares of this cannabis grower will tick higher and higher.

This Is Your Warning to Catch the NEXT Canopy Growth Right Now… or Risk Missing It Completely


Let me sum up the three big reasons why this stock will soar in the next three weeks:

  1. Its expansion is almost complete... and the announcement of its progress will be the biggest event in this company’s history. A million square feet will cement its spot as a major cannabis grower
  2. It's just been added to the NYSE... no other cannabis company in the world has been in this unique position of such rapid expansion AND a recent U.S. listing. Not even Canopy Growth had this advantage!
  3. And its partnership with a major $13 billion beverage company dovetails perfectly with its expansion... Once it announces what’s behind this door, every investor in America will want a piece of this cannabis company

So it’s now or never if you want to be inside first!

I reveal all the profitable details in my $99 Special Report...

“The NEXT Canopy Growth Is Just Weeks Away From Taking Off”

This report will give you full access to…

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  • And you’ll also find out...

new-black-check-mark Essential details and video about Purple Kush

 My overview of the construction and expansion to a million square feet

 What’s behind the blue door

All you have to do is click the button below to get started.


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