The Secret to 10... 50... Even 80 Times Your Money...

The Most Powerful Cannabis Patent in the World Just Expired...

And It’s Opened a RARE $800 Billion Profit Window

Early investors are already moving on an opportunity that could turn every $1k into $7,900


Dear Reader,

Right now, the cannabis market is worth an estimated $10 billion.

But six months from now, it’s primed to explode 80-fold.

This gives you the opportunity to make a fortune...

And it’s all thanks to one overlooked event.

Let me explain...

The U.S. Government Just Slipped Up. Big Time.

For more than two decades, the U.S. government has reigned over the cannabis industry with an iron fist.

It alone decided who could and who couldn’t make money...

And its power was all thanks to a single slip of paper — one known as Patent 507.

I’ll explain more about the patent in a moment, but first, understand this...

The U.S. government just slipped up.  Big time.

And it all happened in one day, a crucial event that went unnoticed by most investors.

Yet it gives you the chance to earn 10... 50... even 80 times your money.

But to truly understand the power of Patent 507 — and exactly why it’s so important...

You first have to understand the power of the cannabis industry itself.

80 Times Your Money in the Next Year Alone

Over the past couple of years, the demand for legal cannabis has gone parabolic.

Thanks to legislation all over the globe, there hasn’t been a faster-growing industry since the Internet.

Even if nothing had changed, the cannabis market was projected to grow by at least 25% per year for the next five years...

Creating a $100 billion market in just half a decade.

But something did change...

Giving rise to an industry that could well be worth $800 billion within just a few years.

I don’t have to spell out what that means for investors.

But I will.  This is HUGE.  It’s bigger than anything we’ve seen in the history of the stock market... and it’s set to create more millionaires than the dot-com boom.

I’m talking about 10... 50... even 80 times your money in the next year alone.

And it’s all thanks to that slip of paper I mentioned earlier — Patent 507.

Get In on This Massive Cannabis Surge

On April 21, 2019, the U.S. government let Patent 507 expire.

It wasn’t an accident. It wasn’t an oversight.

It was done on purpose, and it could easily go down in history as one of the greatest follies of all time.

For the government, that is.

For ordinary investors all over the globe, it’s the best possible thing that could have ever occurred.

You see, Patent 507 is what gave the U.S. government strict control over the cannabis industry.

And it wielded that power excessively.

It allowed it to create severe rules that prevented companies from making new products...

It gave it the power to exact punishment for any infringement...

And it let it control every aspect of any company that was lucky enough to get in on the cannabis craze.

In short, it limited the market to a severe degree.

But that’s over and done with.

Now, companies and investors alike are about to rake in obscene amounts of cash.

How to Turn $500 Into a Life-Changing Windfall

Nothing like this has ever happened before. In history.

But it amounts to this:

Anyone can take advantage of the cannabis industry without reserve.

Companies that were once forced out of the most lucrative market on Earth can now jump in with both feet.

And investors the world over now have a virtually endless choice of companies that are set to pay out massive profits.

The good news is, it doesn’t take a ton of capital to take advantage of this.

Just a few hundred bucks could turn into a life-changing windfall.

The only thing is, you must pay close attention to everything I’m about to outline.

Because now that Patent 507 has expired, the dam has fallen and a tidal wave of profits is set to be unleashed.

Dozens of companies are already flooding the cannabis market, positioning themselves for incredible growth.

Hundreds of executives are in the process of signing deals, creating new products, and taking their companies to new heights...

The entire industry is set for an epic explosion... even more explosive than what we’ve seen already.

And in the event you aren’t aware, what we’ve seen already has been creating millionaires faster than you can count...

This Is a Perfect Storm for Profits

Even before Patent 507 expired, the cannabis market was red hot.

As Forbes says, cannabis stocks “have been making people rich.”

And these aren’t high-placed execs or expert brokers here...

These are ordinary investors who have been catching massive wins from explosive cannabis stocks like these:

  • 5,950% on Novus A&D Corp.

  • 4,500% on Cannabics Pharmaceuticals

  • 11,500% on Weed Inc.

  • 4811% on Abattis Bioceuticals

  • 1,850% on American Cannabis Company

  • 17,400% on Agritek Holdings

Again, these all happened before Patent 507 expired.

This time around, the gains stand to be even more ridiculous...

Because we’re currently at the beginning of the single-greatest development the cannabis industry has ever seen.

We’re in uncharted territory here.

Not only do we have a red-hot industry ripe for the picking...

But it’s now been coupled with a prolific patent expiration that stands to send things to dizzying heights. 

In short, this is a perfect storm for profits.

Here’s why...

When Patents Expire... People Get Insanely Rich


In 1987, Eli Lilly was issued a patent for a drug it created known as Prozac.

Today, the name is world-famous.

But in 1987, no one had ever heard of it.

And Eli Lilly guarded its patent, much like the U.S. government jealously guarded Patent 507.

In short, Eli Lilly — thanks to its own patent — had almost full control over the antidepressant market.

It was essentially the only player in the game, and its patent ensured no one else would be able to join it for decades.

But in 2002, the patent for Prozac expired.

Once that happened, there was no going back.

Eli Lilly couldn’t renew the patent, and it opened the books for new companies to join the race.

And when that happened, investors made an absolute killing.

One of the companies that skyrocketed was Lundbeck.

It came out with a drug known as Lexapro, and its stock went on a tear.

Investors had the chance to rake in 207% gains...

But it wasn’t the only opportunity.

Pfizer also jumped in the ring with its own drug — Zoloft.

Then this happened...

Shares of Abbott shot up by 667%.

Then there was GlaxoSmithKline.

It developed Paxil, and it was a massive success.

All told, the stock soared by 944%.

Nearly 10 times your money. On just one stock.

All of this happened immediately after Eli Lilly’s patent expired.

It happens time and time again.

EVERY time a patent expires, people tend to get insanely rich.

But get this...

All of the gains I just showed you occurred in the pharmaceutical market.

It wasn’t red hot like cannabis is today.

So when I say we’re in uncharted territory here, I’m not exaggerating.

One of the most powerful patents in the world just expired...

AND it happened in the fastest-growing industry on Earth.

It’s a recipe for MASSIVE profits.

I’m talking 10... 50... even 80 times your money.

"It’s an absolute gold rush"

— Massachusetts attorney John Scheft

So far, 33 states have legalized medical marijuana and 10 have legalized recreational Marijuana.

And that’s just the U.S.

All together, 19 countries have legalized marijuana in some form.

Canada recently legalized it nationwide, and in the first year, the government made $8.2 billion.

One fact is true of almost every market.

The bigger the reach, the bigger the gains.

And the gains in cannabis have been incredible.

Even corporate America is taking a piece of the action.

Recently, Constellation Brands — a beverage company — invested $4 Billion in Canopy growth...

Marking the largest corporate investment in the cannabis market ever.

Even chains like CVS Pharmacies, Rite Aid, and Walgreens are getting in on the action.

CVS recently partnered with Curaleaf — a cannabis therapeutics company — to supply all of its locations with cannabis products...

Creating the largest cannabis distribution chain in the world.

Everyone wants a piece. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So what does this mean for you?

Money. Potentially life-changing amounts of it.

"New millionaires and potential billionaires are about to be made."

— Troy Dayton, industry CEO

Consider this...

Even before the expiration of Patent 507, the global cannabis market was projected to hit $146 billion by 2025.

But that’s a drop in the bucket compared to what it could be worth now.

And it’s all thanks to the expiration of Patent 507.

So what is Patent 507, exactly?

It was a license the U.S. government used to control the medical developments of a cannabis molecule known as CBD.

And without a doubt, CBD is an absolute game changer.

Harvard Medicine calls it a wonder drug” and “the new penicillin

CBD is being used to treat some of the world’s most deadly and serious diseases...
  • Alzheimer's
  • Parkinson's
  • ALS
  • Epilepsy
  • Dementia
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain

The U.S. alone spends more than $780 billion treating these diseases every year.

And there have been more than 23,000 published studies showing the effectiveness of CBD treatments.

Yet the government used Patent 507 to block almost everyone from getting in on the action.

But now that it’s expired, a whole new playing field has opened up.

And we’re looking at a $10 billion industry that’s soon to be worth as much as $800 billion.

Here’s why...

According to the Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center:

  • 300 million senior citizens suffer from Arthritis
  • 5 million suffer from Alzheimer’s
  • 1 million suffer from Parkinson’s
  • 300,000 suffer from Multiple Sclerosis

And CBD has proven to be one of the most effective treatments.

Now, there are 618 million senior citizens worldwide.

So if even just 1% of them turned to CBD — which is now extremely possible thanks to the patent expiration — we’re looking at driving the cannabis industry to new heights.

But here’s the best part... 1% is extremely conservative.

In a new survey from Brightfield Group and HelloMD that compared the use of CBD to traditional medications:

  • 42% of the CBD users said they had stopped using traditional medications like Tylenol pain relievers, or prescription drugs like Vicodin and had switched to using cannabis instead.
  • 80% said that they found the products to be “very or extremely effective.”

Think about that for a second. 42% stopped using traditional medications and switched to CBD.

Almost half.

And that’s based on just the medical side of things. This doesn’t even include things like CDB supplements for people of all ages, beverages, edibles, lotions, and vapes.

This makes $800 billion look like a conservative estimate...

Meaning this could be the most incredible investment opportunity we’ll ever see.

And for years, Patent 507 blocked any of this from happening.

Until April 21, 2019.

When Patent 507 expired, it sparked a global revolution.

Now tens of millions of people who suffer from countless health problems will have unprecedented access to new treatments.

This is similar to what we saw when the Prozac patent expired, like I showed you earlier.

Only this is much bigger in terms of the tidal wave of cash that’s bound to hit in the coming weeks.

Imagine one investment turning $5,000 into more than $1 million.

Well, that’s now possible...

The Marijuana Revolution


And some of the biggest names in the medical community are jumping on board the CBD train...

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Emmy-winning medical expert, has done two special documentaries on medical cannabis.

Gupta proclaims: “It’s time for a medical marijuana revolution.”

He’s not alone either...

TV medical expert Dr. Mehmet Oz believes medical marijuana “should be widely available," as it’s "hugely beneficial."

Universities are also sitting up and taking notice...

Oxford University, one of the top schools in the world, recently launched a multi-year, multimillion-dollar study on medical marijuana.

Thomas Jefferson University, founded in 1825, recently announced a center for medical cannabis.

The college will focus on offering accredited educational courses for physicians and pharmacists.

The science is out there, and support is flooding in.

Cannabis is here to stay, and CBD is leading the way.

And now that Patent 507 has expired, a new generation of CBD treatments will hit the shelves, doctors’ offices, and pharmacies.

“It’s irresponsible for the medical community NOT to offer this...” says Dr. Gupta.

Thing is, now it can. And will.

How Much Do You Stand to Make?

So the real question here is how much do you stand to make thanks to this unparalleled opportunity?

Well, as I’ve mentioned... we’re in uncharted territory.

But there is one bit of history we can look at...

In November 2017, GW Pharmaceuticals created a drug known as Epidiolex.

It’s a medication that uses CBD to treat seizures.

And it was so effective — and needed — that the government actually allowed the company to sidestep its patent and market the drug.

The results were astounding...

The drug worked as advertised, and is on pace to be worth $2.2 billion per year by 2025.

But there was also this...

Once investors caught wind of what was going on, the company absolutely exploded.


The stock skyrocketed by 1,105% in just 10 months.

That’s enough to turn every $5k invested into $60,250.

And this is all due to just one drug from one company, before Patent 507 expired.

Now, the vault is wide open.

Anything could happen.

Could you really expect gains of 1,000% or more?

Absolutely. In fact, I believe you could expect even more.

And there will be dozens — even hundreds — of companies out there taking advantage instead of just one.

It’s insane.

The only catch is this: You must act quickly.


There’s no time to lose with this opportunity.

How do I know?

Because I’m Jimmy Mengel, and I’ve been following the marijuana market for close to a decade now.

And I’ve also uncovered three stocks that are primed to pay out absolutely massive gains.

But before I get into the names of these companies, let me briefly tell you a bit about how I operate...

These 3 Companies Could Be 10 Times More Lucrative Than Anything I’ve Ever Recommended

I’ve been at the forefront of this explosive industry for close to 10 years now...

Years before the mainstream media caught on... and eons before any of our competitors had any idea what was going on.

I’ve traveled the world in the name of uncovering THE hottest pot stocks on the planet.

This includes...

  • Trips to leading marijuana firms in hot spots like California, Colorado, and Canada...
  • Sitting down with CEOs and founders of the world’s most exciting and profitable cannabis companies...
  • Speaking to famous cannabis advocates like TV host Montel Williams, former NFL offensive lineman Eben Britton, and even Gene Simmons from the band KISS...

Of course you might already know me by name.

I was invited to CNBC’S Closing Bell to speak about stocks...

I’ve also written countless articles and conducted dozens of interviews with well-connected insiders.

In fact, during the last election, I predicted:

“Investors will see the writing on the wall. They’ll see a major election in 2016 that guarantees a shift in policy.

They’ll see dozens of states likely to pass legalization bills in November.

And they’ll snap up shares of marijuana companies in a frenzy... driving share prices up 1,000% or higher.

You need to move right now, because these stocks will start surging long before pot prohibition is officially over.”

And I hit the nail on the head.

Leading up to election night, American Cannabis jumped 2,066%...

And Agritek Holdings exploded for gains of 5,800%

My predictions were spot on.

And if you’ve followed me since then, you’d have witnessed an incredible string of winners...

  • 709% — Cronos Group Inc.
  • 436% — Aurora Cannabis
  • 484% — Canopy Growth
  • 457% — Innovative Industrial Properties
  • 266% — CannaRoyalty Corp.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There is FAR more to come.

And I don’t say this to brag.

I simply want you to see how serious I am when it comes to pulling in massive gains from explosive marijuana companies.

I’ve got THREE of them to share with you today.

And if my track record is any indicator, we’re looking at some HUGE gains here.

The Cannabis Craze Hits Record Numbers


In addition, cannabis has never been more mainstream.

Look no further than world-famous songwriter Willie Nelson.

It’s no secret he’s been a lifelong advocate of pot...

But he was also very much against Patent 507 because of the restrictions it placed on the cannabis market.

You can see here, a “protest” photo he posted on social media to raise awareness.

Of course, he doesn’t have to worry about that any longer because, as you know, Patent 507 just expired.

Not only that, but Willie recently introduced a line of CBD-infused coffee beans in an attempt to cash in on the beverage craze.

And he’s not the only one touting the effects...

Morgan Freeman uses CBD to treat his fibromyalgia.

And Michael J. Fox, having long suffered from Parkinson’s disease, uses cannabis to ease his symptoms.

The list of famous people lining up in support of cannabis goes on and on...

  • Former boxer Mike Tyson is currently developing a marijuana farm called “Cannabis Resort”
  • Choreographer and dancer Mandy Moore uses CBD treatments to ease her chronic foot pain
  • Actor Busy Phillips uses CBD gummies to treat her anxiety
  • Whoopi Goldberg has her own CBD brand
  • Tom Hanks teamed up with Cornell University to study how CBD can help people with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Actress Olivia Wilde uses CBD lotions regularly
  • Singer Melissa Etheridge used cannabis products to ease the side effects of her breast cancer treatments

And it goes on and on...

So it should be no surprise that nearly 23 million Americans already use CBD in some form.

As I’ve said, the cannabis industry is the fastest-growing industry on Earth.

Couple that with the expiration of Patent 507, and it’s a perfect storm for raking in massive profits.

There’s never been a better time to get into cannabis stocks.

And I have THREE that stand to go vertical at any moment...

Cannabis Power Play #1

The first company almost single-handedly started the CBD craze with a revolutionary epilepsy treatment.

The only problem was that Patent 507 stood in the way.

But now, this company has free reign to become the “cannabis king” it rightfully deserves to be.

And when I say its epilepsy treatment is revolutionary, that’s no overstatement.

Already, it's met with critical acclaim for treating a five-year-old girl who has one of the most severe forms of epilepsy in the known world.

She was having nearly 300 seizures per week.

But after using this company’s treatment, the number of seizures she had was reduced to zero.

That’s right. From 300 seizures to zero thanks to a single treatment.

So it shouldn’t be any surprise that this company is on the fast track to becoming the #1 CBD brand in America.

Already, its line of products is sold in over 4,000 retail locations.

On top of all this, there’s imminent news that this company will be uplisted to the NASDAQ.

That alone could propel this company to 300% gains or more almost overnight.

Thing is, once this news is official, there’s no going back...

And you want to be in before this happens.

Otherwise you’ll miss out on the biggest potential gains.

Cannabis Power Play #2

The second company I’d like to share with you, and perhaps the most explosive, has its hands in literally every aspect of the CBD industry...

EVERY market that CBD touches is connected to this company.

This includes monster markets like these...

  • Beverage — $108 billion
  • Agriculture — $992 billion
  • Food — $2 trillion
  • Health Care — $3 trillion
  • Medical — $7.7 trillion

And that’s just for starters.

But it boils down to this: Moving forward, there won’t be a CBD product in the world this company isn't connected to.

You see, it's responsible for testing and approving all of the crops that grow CBD.

It's essentially the FDA for the CBD market.

Every farm growing CBD must have tests performed to ensure safety.

And this company is the go-to firm.

Right now, it's opening testing facilities in every state where cannabis is grown.

Two of the most recent are in Kentucky and South Carolina.

It's not just a force in the U.S., though.

In addition to the state and local contracts it's amassed...

It's also partnered with governments in Jamaica, Australia, and South Africa.

And it seems like more deals are popping up every day.

Of course, that’s what happens when you’re the face of one of the fastest-growing markets on the planet.

Cannabis Power Play #3

The last company I want to show you is absolutely crushing the insanely popular vape market.

Many CBD users don’t want to inhale the harsh smoke or deal with the burning sensation of smoking marijuana.

So, in huge numbers, they’re quickly turning to the much milder and more enjoyable vaporizer experience.

In fact, the numbers are so huge that the vape industry is the fastest-growing segment of the cannabis market.

Already, this company is the #1 vape brand in the most competitive cannabis market in the U.S. — the state of Washington.

But it has a far greater reach than just the one state...

It's also expanding into:

  • California
  • Oregon
  • Nevada
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • Florida
  • Illinois

And while it specializes in innovative vape designs and devices, it also has its hands in several CBD products and high-end edibles.

It's also taking over the competition... literally.

It just purchased five small startups that will drastically expand its operations, adding $30 million to its revenue every year.

In short, this is one of the only companies that will be able to meet the rising demand the market will have for CBD vaporizers.

On top of that, its technology is patented. So it's the ONLY one that can use its innovative designs.

And I think you remember how powerful patents can be.

But like the other two companies, time is of the essence.

The cannabis market moves FAST.

So you must take action on these stocks before they start moving.

I know from experience that this can happen seemingly overnight.

And this time we’re talking the chance at 10... 50... even 80 times your money.

So let me show you how to get in today...

You Could Have Made 3,375%


As I mentioned earlier, my name is Jimmy Mengel.

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Then there’s Future Farm Technologies.

In June 2017, it was just beginning to break ground on a 10-acre greenhouse in Florida that would supply the Sunshine State’s retirees with medical marijuana.

By December, the stock had delivered a 428% return for my readers.

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Jimmy Mengel
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