Gold’s Upside Breakouts (see both asterisks)
to complete its Base Formation normally
results in much higher gold prices.


See for yourself the two similar Upside Breakouts (2 asterisks) from 2 Bottom Formations.

Mr Dines is a widely-acknowledged leading authority on gold stocks investing, and is calling for a resumption of gold’s rise toward new all-time highs!

THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE to get in early, but the train is already leaving the station!

Leading stock averages have been relatively flat since our switch (on 2 Feb 18) out of the FAANGs and into golds and silvers, a great call! Since then, golds have been inching higher, and we predict much higher levels ahead.

Why gold? “Big Money” has been shifting into “haven” areas lately: gold and silver, cryptos, bonds, utility stocks – and even Facebook sought its own currency, the Libra. Currencies are a Dines Letter specialty, and Big Money seems to be concerned about something – enough for them to invest into havens.

Let us share with you what might be concerning Big Money.

Careful analysis reveals that stock markets are still in “Group Rotation.” 

Big Money continues to ease out of their huge holdings of FAANGs (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google) and into the “haven” groups: Treasurys, gold, silver, utilities, and even confirming bitcoin’s uptrend! 

Meanwhile, we have been flashing a “Buy” signal on gold and silver stocks loud and clear, at rock bottoms.

Many of the low-priced gold and silver stocks are still upstream from the Herd. The eventual, perhaps imminent, stampede could cause tremendous spikes of as high as $5,000, possibly $9,500 an ounce on a spike.

Things are suddenly beginning to happen quickly. 

While the Dow sits near around where it was a year and a half ago… gold’s Upside Breakout has quickly leapt to six-year highs — and individual precious metals stocks are racking up serious percentage gains!

Golds have been ignored, as unworthy of consideration – which is exceptionally bullish, based on Mass Psychology.

All a financial newsletter could hope to do is lead its followers toward profit, hopefully as early as possible, because that’s where the largest percentage profits begin.

And that’s why the time to initiate positions in gold and silver stocks is immediately, as the big money has already begun to move into them.

It’s not too late to buy some gold bargains! 

An upcoming issue of The Dines Letter will include our list of buy-rated gold and silver stocks with precise Buy-Hold-Sell instructions. 

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For example:

In 2007, while most advisors told investors to stay invested, Mr Dines led his readers safely out of real estate and housing-related assets, and into gold and silver stocks. That was on the international television show The Nightly Business Report (Public Broadcasting System). While the overwhelming majority of Americans subsequently saw their nest eggs disappear, Mr Dines' readers thrived.

And I do mean thrived.

In the aftermath of the largest financial disaster in modern history, all 10 of the gold stocks Mr Dines recommended saw an average gain of 340%!

That’s right: within three years of the financial collapse, Mr Dines’ subscribers more than quadrupled their money.

And please note that this giant gain of 340% is not cherry-picking his best-performing stocks…

It’s the average profit Mr Dines' subscribers enjoyed! That’s outstanding performance.

But going against the crowd when the facts say so has nearly always paid off for Mr Dines and his readers.

  • At rock bottom $35 gold, the “experts” satirized gold as an investment — see his picture on the cover of New York magazine with the antennae of “The Original Gold Bug”! Mr Dines was the lone voice urging investors to buy the precious metals — which then soared 2,300% over the next nine years!

  • On June, 15 1982, when everyone was pessimistic on stocks, and the Dow was at rock bottom at 796, Mr Dines said “buy stocks” in what he foresaw as “The Mother of All Bull Markets.” The experts scoffed. Yet the Dow subsequently raced up 1,376%.

  • In 1996, Mr Dines was the first to publish investing in Internet stocks, becoming “The Original Internet Bug,” which went on to deliver stunning, historic, and legendary profits to his loyal subscribers.

Prior to the Internet bust of 2000, The Dines Letter recommended the sale of its Internet stocks, having made “killings” in the previous years. To name a few prominent names, The Dines Letter sold VeriSign at a 454% profit, CNET at 463%, Security First Tech at 530%, Terayon at 720%, Checkpoint at 1,366%, and Exodus at a 2,433% profit.

In 2014, Mr Dines dared to become "The Original Pot Bug," at a time when mere possession was a felony crime, but he already perceived the sea change of opinion favoring its acceptance and eventual legalization. As the momentum picked up speed, TDL went on full investment mode on 14 Mar 2016 and presided over a 1,944% rise in pot stocks, using his own "Dines Potluck Index". Currently the US market posted $52 billion annual sales with TDL's top 3 recommendations making 2,569%, 933%, and 485% gains respectively since recommended. So far.

No broker, no advisor, no editor, or journalist about whom we know even comes close to matching that track record.

His solid-gold reputation has led to pervasive international media coverage in The Wall Street Journal, Time, Forbes, Barron’s, Newsweek, to name just a few... as well as appearances on television’s 60 Minutes (twice) and Bloomberg television (many times).

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