China's Trade War Gift to You

China is threatening to cutoff supply of rare earths used in iPhones and Guided Missiles...

One company is stepping up to bring new supply online — and it could make you 3,900% in the weeks ahead


Right now, at this very moment, America’s most important defense executives are meeting in a boardroom, discussing the price of an extremely rare commodity.

JMM_rare_earths_bldgsThey’re drinking stale coffee.

Stacks of reports, still warm from the printer, nearly cover the long table.

Conversations are tense and detailed.

How do I know?

Because maintaining a secure supply of this extremely rare commodity is a 24/7 job...

It’s the reason meetings take place constantly, across the country, at every hour of the day.

At the Pentagon.

At the Congressional Armed Services Committee, which meets in the Rayburn Building next to the U.S. Capitol.

In the boardrooms of the nation’s biggest defense contractors... Boeing’s headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

And at Northrop Grumman’s Aerospace Systems Headquarters in Redondo Beach, California.

There are also meetings held in hundreds of offices and command centers around the globe.

In secret boardrooms for dark defense contractors you’ve never heard of.

So what are all these political officials, engineers, and scientists talking about?

The answer: rare earths.

It’s a commodity so scarce that the word “rare” is right there in the name.

These earths have mysterious properties... powerful magnetism... incredible heat resistance... astounding conductivity.

Engineers and scientists are discovering new uses for them every single year. Ever since their discovery in 1787, their demand has continually increased.

Today it’s not possible to build an MRI machine, a communications satellite, or a radio telescope without rare earths.

Rare earths are also the “wonder” materials that make our most sensitive military technologies possible: jet fighters, spy equipment, and ballistic missiles.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, these essential defense applications are the reason why rare earths are the subject of so much discussion.

Rare earths are fantastically useful — and there’s no substitute for what they can do.

But unfortunately, as the name suggests, they’re also incredibly rare.

And due to the tense geopolitical climate we live in, the U.S. government, defense contractors, and scientists have to work overtime to get the essential commodities we need.

In fact, it’s the law.

In 2013, U.S. Congress passed a law that mandates that all major U.S. agencies find safe sources for rare earths, since rare earths are: “essential for economic growth, national security, technological innovation, and the manufacturing and agricultural supply chains.”

In short, maintaining a steady supply of rare earths is a full-time job.

But, thankfully, a solution to this problem is on the horizon...

A small mining company has just discovered several new rare earths deposits in Sweden — the birthplace of rare earths technology.

As I’ll explain in a moment, these new deposits have world-changing potential.

Today’s defense scramble is creating a spike in demand that could easily lead to 3,900% gains in the weeks ahead.

Because America isn’t the only country worried about the supply of rare earths.

On the other side of the world, the same kinds of discussions are taking place.

In the People’s Government offices of Beijing, China.


In the industrial centers of Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Shenyang.

In the many government buildings of Pyongyang, North Korea.


On the stage of North Korea’s high council chamber.

JMM_rare_earths_img9And it’s a sober reality that in Iran’s capitol of Tehran, rare earths are a subject of constant discussion.

Secret wars have been fought over them...

One of the largest sources of rare earths in the entire world, over $1 trillion of mineral wealth, is in the sprawling, dusty country of Afghanistan.

Rare earths are one of the primary reasons that Soviet Russia invaded the country in 1979.

The subsequent Taliban and other warring factions have largely been funded by specific rare earths sales to China.

Iran relies on Afghanistan to get what most countries aren’t willing to sell it.

And mostly recently...

JMM_rare_earths_10It’s no coincidence that Trump’s 4,000-troop mini-surge in Afghanistan was planned around mining regions.

Rare earths were the #1 topic discussed during Trump’s recent meeting with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani during a meeting at the U.N. on September 19th, 2017.

And yes — to answer the question that’s on your mind, the U.S. is in such a tight spot for our rare earths supply that we’re willing to make deals with Afghanistan to preserve our stake.

Trump’s administration even went so far as to call it a “recoup” for some of the heavy spending the U.S. has done in the region.

The U.S. Department of Energy is taking this issue very seriously, investing $100 million into a program that will enable the U.S. to “plan strategically for its national security needs.”

JMM_rare_earths_img12Energy Secretary Rick Perry is leading the charge, and has discussed rare earths at length, since the entire nuclear supply program falls under his purview.

“ energy-dominant America means self-reliant, it means a secure nation, free from the geopolitical turmoil of other nations who seek to use energy as an economic weapon.” —Secretary of Energy Rick Perry

Competing for rare earths with Iran, North Korea, and other hostile nations is a troubling prospect.

But China’s central role in rare earths production is the most concerning. And in the wake of the trade war, it is threatening to cut off supply.

Here’s how Lesley Stahl put it in her investigative piece on 60 Minutes:

“From smartphones to cars and defense missiles, modern U.S. life depends on rare earth elements... but China dominates the industry.”

— Lesley Stahl, on 60 Minutes

Congressional, Senate, and Pentagon reports also lay out a clear case.

“With rare earths essential to every major U.S. defense platform from missile guidance control, directed energy weapons and electronic warfare, to electric drive motors, radar, sonar and optical systems, our deep dependence on Chinese-sourced rare earths poses a significant strategic risk.”
—Senate Report, Strategic Materials Testimony

And here’s a quote from a Pentagon report that was presented to America’s top generals:

“It is essential that a stable non-Chinese source of rare earths be established so that the U.S. rare earths supply chain is no longer solely dependent on China’s rare earths exports.” —Pentagon Report

Even the popular television show House of Cards — which is famous for shaping its plot lines around actual events — showed several episodes where America had to go toe-to-toe with an aggressive billionaire just to maintain our rare earths supply.

In the show, America’s desperate need for rare earths nearly changed the course of the Presidential election... and compromised our national security with China.

The geopolitical intrigue in that television plot line is chillingly close to reality.

Here’s what Mike Pompeo, former Director of the CIA, testified when asked about this issue by the Senate Defense Committee:

“It's a very real concern... we use them for important technologies to keep us all safe, those very rare earth elements.” —Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA

As I’ll explain in a minute, the security of the rare earths supply is a full-time concern of frightening proportions.

Let me first show you why rare earths are so important to so many countries, especially the United States...

Rare Earths Put a Man on the Moon


The entire world remembers July 20th, 1969, when the United States successfully put Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the moon.

It was a triumph of American science and engineering.

But in order to achieve that success, American rocket scientists required very specific materials for the job.


Rare earths were at the top of that list.

The Apollo 11 lunar module was only possible because of these scarce commodities.

Rare earths provided the incredible heat resistance that protected the thrusters...

Rare earths provided the efficient electrical conductivity that enabled the guidance system...

And rare earths provided the powerful magnetism for navigation and dozens of other systems.

Today, rare earths are used in cell phones, hard drives, medical devices, wind turbines, airplanes, jets, defense equipment, and hundreds of other specialty applications.

The iPhone uses not one... not two... but eight different rare earths.

There are 25 lbs. of rare earths used in a Toyota Prius.

And more than a 1,000 lbs. of rare earths in a fighter jet.

As former White House Official Dan McGroarty explained it:

“The guidance systems on weapons system and tomahawk cruise missile, any of the smart bombs have rare earths in them. Lasers. I'd be hard-pressed to name anything that we would consider worth building today and going forward that would not have a rare earth compound in it.”
—Former White House Official Dan McGroarty

There are 17 different rare earth elements, and each one has unique properties and uses.


Get ready for some really strange names…

I’m talking about yttrium, dysprosium, europium, terbium, and neodymium.

That’s why even experts call them “rare earths” for short.

And each one of these rare earths plays a crucial role in the defense of our country.

As CNN reported just a few months ago:

“...the production of rare earth minerals has long-reaching implications for the U.S. Department of Defense... there is widespread use of rare earth materials in defense systems, including precision-guided munitions, lasers, communication systems, radar systems, avionics, night vision equipment, satellites and more.”


In short, rare earths are absolutely essential to America’s safety.

But I have some bad news: the U.S. produces exactly 0% of the rare earths we need.

We’re forced to import all the rare earths used in every single fighter jet, ballistic missile, and communications satellite we build... making us 100% vulnerable if that supply is ever interrupted.

And recent years have been nothing but a string of supply interruptions...

For starters, demand has been on the rise worldwide for the last decade — every modern nation on the planet is buying record amounts, and there simply aren’t enough rare earths to go around.

And today we’re seeing demand that’s nearly 4x that.

As Bloomberg declared just a few weeks ago:

“Rare earths are booming...”


This insatiable need for rare earths gives a lot of power to whoever controls the supply.

This is where the plot thickens.

China is the #1 rare earths supplier on the planet, and it's been playing hardball with its exports.

As I’ll explain in a minute, it's using its monopoly on rare earths to bully the U.S. and other nations into doing what it wants.

This tension has created a high-stakes stare down between the U.S. and China over this vital resource.

But America finally has a solution in sight...

A small mining company is about to open a new rare earths project that’s completely unlike any the world has ever seen.

This new project will be custom built — literally from the ground up — to meet America’s rare earths demand.

This new mine is going to free our country from China’s control.

And this new mine can also make a select number of investors very rich.

You’ve never seen anything like this... and over the next few minutes I’d like to show you the three giant reasons why.

Gerardo Del Real Editor PhotoHello, my name is Gerardo Del Real.

And I’m an expert at making money on opportunities just like this.

I’ve been covering the mining industry for over a decade...

And during this time, I’ve made triple-digit returns on silver (128%), gold (277%), copper (512%), potash (627%), and lithium (832%)...

But many of my biggest wins are in rare earths.




They’ve brought me a host of triple-digit returns... and beyond.

For example, just a few years ago I made a killing on a rare earths company called Rare Element Resources.

This small company focused its exploration and mining efforts on six of the rare earths most needed by the defense industry — bringing it early success when geologists from the Fraser Institute confirmed the results.

By the time Rare Element filed its Plan of Operations, the stock had skyrocketed 3,900%.


I was able to sell my shares and collect a life-changing profit.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering...

How was I able to discover such a unique, insider-level opportunity?

There’s one big reason why...

You see, I do something most analysts never do...

I strap on my boots and visit many of these mining sites in person.

That’s right — I climb onto a plane, fly to the location of a new mining opportunity, and physically inspect the mining site with my own eyes.

Over the course of my career I’ve visited a long list of countries, and after all these years I’ve learned there’s no replacement for walking around and seeing things for myself.

It’s a lot of work, but it pays off...

The investors who follow my research often write to tell me how valuable my recommendations have been.

Here’s what investor Charles K. wrote to tell me:

Thanks for the great mining stock buying opportunities. Great work!

He’s happy because he’s already seen a number of significant gains, including several wins that took a $10,000 investment and earned $4,266... in just five months!

But that’s not all.

I haven’t told you about the biggest win of my career...

That came from a rare earths mining company called Quest Rare Minerals.

I heard about this opportunity early through some industry sources.

After careful research, I knew Quest would give me exposure to a rise in rare earths demand.

It played out even better than I expected...

Each stage of development at the mining site brought a new round of profits — from feasibility study to site development to mining plan. All told, I was able to collect gains of 7,042%.


Again, these are actual closed returns, and the proceeds are in the bank.

I earned these giant returns by putting in the time and effort to fully research every aspect of these opportunities — including climbing into the dirt and grime to make site visits.

I used all of this research to strategically plot my entry.

So by the time demand started to rise, I was already in place to collect the windfall.

It’s important to note here that the defense industry played a pivotal role in these previous rare earths wins...

And all of that was before the insatiable need we’re seeing today.

The world’s desperation for rare earths has never been greater than right now.

And this new rare earths project is perfectly positioned to make a killing on the international scramble for rare earths.

Here’s why...

Reason #1:
This New Mine is Set to Open at the Perfect Time


Because at this very moment, the supply of rare earths is in a crisis-level shortfall.

“This is a pressing issue as supply for many strategic resources is expected to fall behind demand...” —MIT

And demand continues to climb.

According to a major industry report by Adamas Intelligence, the rate of annual demand growth is on its way to “unfathomable new heights”:

“From 2020 through 2025 the rate of global demand growth for these rare earths will accelerate year-over-year, resulting in major annual demand increases by 2025 that can only be satisfied by the continuous and accelerated development of new mines.”
—Adamas Intelligence

And it only goes up from there.

As Nikkei Asian Review just reported:

“The prices of rare-earth metals... have increased significantly due to supply-demand imbalance.” Nikkei Asian Review

It’s so extreme that prices are literally climbing by the day, and the prices for many rare earths have seen “a 90% spike from a year earlier.”

MIT has kept tabs on the ridiculous rise in demand for dysprosium.

It’s not hard to see why the demand curve is so steep — dysprosium is used in electric cars, electric motors, nuclear reactors, and hard drives.

And all that demand continues to push prices higher, setting up suppliers for years of record profits.

In short, it’s the perfect moment to open a new rare earths mine.

Any new mine would do well.

But this isn’t just any new mine...

Not only does it contain the rare earths used by the world’s most advanced manufacturers, from Apple, to Tesla, to Toyota...

It also contains the rare earths that defense contractors need most.

This is important: when this new project opens for business, it will be the only rare earths mine in the world with a secure Europe-based supply chain.

I take the time to arrange the meetings, make the phone calls, and — as I said earlier — even to fly out and visit mining sites in person.

I’ve been in this industry long enough to have earned my place.

So when I called the CEO of this mining company to ask some questions, my call was put through right away.

The CEO greeted me by name and told me to fire away with my questions.

And so I did...

I also asked him hard questions about his plan to maintain profitability, regardless of what the future brings.

He outlined a watertight strategy that included details I didn’t expect — proving once more he’s ahead of the curve in the raw materials industry.

In fact, I’d like you to hear the CEO’s answers for yourself…

I recorded the entire interview, and in just a few minutes I’ll tell you how to get a copy of the complete transcript.

But let me first show you a bit more about why defense contractors need more rare earths than ever before...

And why this new project is uniquely suited to help meet the insatiable demand.

The Scramble for Rare Earths

Teddy Roosevelt’s old adage on war was never truer than today:

“Wars are, of course, as a rule to be avoided; but they are far better than certain kinds of peace.” —President Theodore Roosevelt

Because today we find ourselves teetering back and forth between war and the “certain kind of peace” that’s unendurable.

Where our security and peace of mind are continually under threat.

Rare earths are at the center of that unease...

The Director of Intelligence position was created after 9/11, and the sole function of the job is to sound the alarm for potential threats to U.S. national security.

Here’s what the former U.S. Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, said about rare earths in his 2013 Worldwide Threat Assessment, which he delivered before a packed Congressional committee:

“[Rare earths are] essential to civilian and military technologies and to the 21st-century global economy... and advanced defense systems.”
—U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper

We’ve seen this kind of tension before.

And it’s always had a massive effect on rare earths demand.

During the Cold War, U.S. consumption of rare earths skyrocketed — quintupling in less than 10 years.

And the intense arms race with the USSR brought a tenfold increase from there.

We spent the 1980s putting more and more rare earths into our defense technologies — expanding the capabilities of our ICBM missiles and building up an arsenal of more than 11,000 missiles.

Russia scrambled to keep up... and eventually surpassed us, building 12,000 ICBM missiles and 45,000 nuclear warheads.

How did Russia manage this feat?

The answer lies just to the south... in China.

97% Of All Rare Earths Are Controlled by China

JMM_rare_earths_img17This is the Baiyon Ebo mine in Northern Mongolia...

It has always been owned by China, but it’s not far from the Russian border, and it was built through a partnership with the USSR.

Almost half of the world’s production of rare earths comes from this one giant mine.

Most of the mine infrastructure was built during the Cold War for the sole purpose of providing Russia with the rare earths needed to scale up ballistic missile production. The rare earths from this mine are what allowed Russia to become a true threat to the U.S.

It should come as no surprise to you, then, that the area around the mine is filled with heroic statues meant to inspire the aggressive mission of rare earths mining.


They’re still there, even after the collapse of the USSR.

And now that China is 100% back in control of the mine, its role hasn’t changed much... this mine gives China an advantage over the rest of the world.

“...rare-earth metals... are heavily concentrated in China, making supplies vulnerable to political tensions.”

Nikkei Asian Review

There’s no denying that when it comes to rare earths, China is in charge...

CNN has identified China’s control of rare earths as a formidable threat to America’s security:

“China's dominant position in the production of rare earth minerals has long-reaching implications for the U.S. Department of Defense...”


And as one defense analyst recently observed:

“Absolutely, China could cut off the supply... Processing rare earths is the end of the hose. China controls the spigot the hose is attached to.”
—Defense Analyst Jeff Green

It’s certainly happened before...

How a Conflict on the High Seas Led to a Rare Earths Crisis


JMM_rare_earths_img19Let me tell you a story that shows what China is capable of when it doesn’t get its way.

Far off in the East China Sea are some small, uninhabited lumps of rock called the Senkaku Islands.

Japan claimed these islands back in 1895 and maintained control of them until World War II.

But, recently, China has taken an interest in the islands — it wants them because of some potential undersea oil reserves, as well as some strategic military significance.

To dispute Japan’s claim, Chinese scholars dug up an old chart drawn way back in the 1400s, which allegedly shows that the pre-modern Chinese navy had discovered and charted the islands.

I’m not making this up.

China used this old chart as proof of discovery, and told Japan it wants the islands back.

Japan disagreed.

There was an uncomfortable standoff for several years.

And then the dispute came to a head in 2010, when several boats from the Japanese Coast Guard ran a patrol around the islands.

One of the coast guard boats lost control of its rudder and accidentally collided with a Chinese trawler that was fishing in the area.

All hell broke loose, with outrage on both sides.

And the U.S. was pulled into the middle, since we have treaties with both countries.

Japan apologized for the incident, but it wasn’t enough.

China set out to punish Japan for the mistake.


By instantly cutting off the supply of the strategic material no country can do without: rare earths.

China used its monopoly on rare earths to bully Japan and the U.S. into submission.

It immediately cancelled all shipments of rare earths to Japan — instantly crippling Japanese defense manufacturing.

And because U.S. officials were obligated to take Japan’s side due to our treaties (even though we remained neutral on the status of the islands)...

China slapped the U.S. with a rare earths supply quota.

“Almost overnight, the price of rare earth elements soared 4,000% worldwide, demonstrating China’s ability to control the market at will.”

—Fox News

Our defense industry immediately felt the impact of those insane prices.

Thankfully, a U.S. rare earths mining company named Molycorp was able to rush in to fill the shortfall.

It was instantly rewarded for its service.

Molycorp’s stock shot up 644% in less than two years as it filled the supply gap.

Molycorp enjoyed many other successes, and investors were overjoyed...

An informal survey shows that investors were happy to do their part for U.S. rare earths independence.

And they were also happy about the giant returns they were making.

However, it wasn’t to last.

Weak management and an unfortunate debt crisis forced Molycorp to close in 2015 — and there hasn’t been a rare earths mine in the U.S. since.

With Molycorp gone, the U.S. no longer produces any rare earths.


We don’t have a backup supply.

“Now we're 100% dependent on foreign... rare earth elements for what we need every day to run this country.”

The Department of Defense needs 800 tons a year just to maintain our current weapon systems.

And none of that includes the manufacture of new ships, vehicles, and planes.

When you put it all together, it’s easy to see why these numbers are increasing at an alarming pace...

And our overwhelming need for more rare earths makes us vulnerable to China’s control.

China continues to be unrelenting on the control of rare earths.

“...the rare earths sector is overwhelmingly dominated by China, causing some concern in Washington that Beijing has a stranglehold on raw materials vital to modern defense technology and prompting an interest in finding alternative sources.”


And even when it comes to normal supply operations, China’s track record isn’t good...

“Because Beijing's actions are highly unpredictable, businesses that deal with rare-earth metals cannot afford to become complacent.”

Nikkei Asian Review

You see, China’s rare earths mines are hellholes.

And the Chinese government is at odds with its own mining companies.

Almost 40% of the mines in China use illegal practices and are under constant threat of being shut down.

Supply interruptions are bad news for everyone, since they introduce chaos to an already tense market.

Let me also be clear...

Most Chinese people — and I should note here that I have many friends and colleagues who are Chinese — are just as upset as we are.

China’s own people are tired of the environmental fallout, of the human rights abuses, and the exploitation of the mining industry.

And now there’s finally a new mine that can make this possible.

This new rare earths project offers a clean, responsible alternative to China’s chaos.

And it can prove it with 100% legal certifications.

After all, buying from a questionable supplier can also be against the law — the U.S. legislation Dodd-Frank prohibits American companies from buying materials like rare earths and tungsten from conflict zones, and Europe has even stricter laws.

It can be tricky to buy rare earths from a legal supplier — not to mention expensive.

This new project in the forests of Sweden will be the only rare earths mine in the entire world that can offer full compliance with all stringent legal requirements.

It meets the world’s highest standards:

  • On-site recycling of extraction reagents
  • In-house mineral separation facilities
  • World-class exploration potential

But most important of all, this project will produce the rare earths the U.S. defense industry needs most.

Yttrium is near the top of this list.

Yttrium’s high resistance to heat makes it the perfect ingredient for jet propulsion.

This new project has more yttrium than any other mine in Europe.

Which brings us to...

Reason #2:

This New Mine is America’s Answer to a Dangerous Supply Crisis

Yttrium is an essential, non-negotiable, non-replaceable material for America’s newest jet, the F-35 joint strike fighter.


After 19 years of development — and a number of frustrating hurdles — this modern marvel is finally ready for service in the skies.

It’s the cornerstone of America’s air program, and the Air Force, Navy, and Marines each have their own customized version.

The U.S. military has ordered 2,443 planes, for a total cost of $400 billion.

This officially makes the F-35 the most expensive weapons system in history — and it guarantees our air superiority.

That is... if it has the yttrium to build the replaceable parts needed for every single flight.

New yttrium-based materials are one of the reasons that the U.S. military has been able to further refine its missile and communications technologies.

It’s the reason the afterburners on our jets can now withstand greater temperatures, increasing thrust and reducing wear.

If you want to launch 75 jets in a matter of minutes from a single aircraft carrier — like we’re doing right now with America’s brand-new carrier, the USS Gerald Ford — then these are the afterburner technologies you need.

In short, our air superiority hangs on rare earths...

And China has a terrible, negative history of playing hardball with yttrium, manipulating and hoarding the supply.

China has violated its own trade agreements several times — putting the U.S. in a tricky position.

For example, in 2012 the U.S., the E.U., and Japan all joined forces to sue China in a trade court over the control of yttrium.

JMM_rare_earths_img26It took months of costly litigation to keep the supply of rare earths open.

The U.S. is ready to take back its sovereignty…

This new rare earths mine is ready to help.

There’s more yttrium in this mine than any other mine in Europe, and it can offer the U.S. a safe, reliable supply that will keep our jets in the air.

So now I hope you can appreciate why boardrooms across the country are filled with discussions about the rare earths supply.

If you invest in this new rare earths mine in Sweden, you’re positioning yourself to help solve this problem with a supply that’s safe, dependable, and secure.

Also, there’s one more shocking fact about China’s rare earths production.

While it has massive supplies of certain earths, it doesn’t have all of them.

Plot twist: even China is forced to import certain rare earths.

China is actually a net importer of many rare earths — putting it in the same market scramble as everyone else.

A new report from an important industry source describes why:

“As China’s insatiable demand for rare earth elements continues to grow... China’s domestic production will struggle to keep up... leading the nation to become a net importer of certain rare earths at the expense of the rest of the world’s supply security... [and] highlighting the imminent need for additional sources of supply.” —Adamas Intelligence

There’s only one country in the world that has all 17 rare earth elements...

Safe, quiet Sweden.

Reason #3:

This New Mine Is Being Built from the Ground Up with Unique Advantages

Sweden isn’t a random choice for a rare earths mine.

It’s a return to the birthplace of all rare earths technology.

Rare earths were first discovered in Sweden in 1787, and Swedish scientists developed all of their first uses.

JMM_rare_earths_img27More than half of all the rare earths are named after Swedish towns or inventors.

So, while it’s true that China and Afghanistan have extremely large quantities of rare earth deposits, Sweden still has the most variety...

Sweden has deposits of all the rare earths, including several earths that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

The 1970s and 1980s saw a dramatic increase in uses and demand for rare earths.

Most of these technologies were developed using the dirt-cheap earths that were available from China, where oppressive labor and reckless environmental practices kept prices low.

The sophistication of the 1990s and 2000s led to a precise use of a wider variety of specific earths.

And this new mine contains 11 of the 17 rare earths, giving it a supply advantage over other mines.

This includes europium, which is the primary material used in modern MRI machines.

In fact, there’s 1,500 lbs. of europium in every machine — it’s the “wonder material” that made it possible for scientists to create the new open MRI machines that aren’t as claustrophobic, put out less radiation, and provide more accurate imaging.

JMM_rare_earths_img28So if you or a loved one benefit from an MRI scan at some point in the future, it’ll be thanks to this mine in Sweden.

I have more good news.

The country of Sweden recently decided to throw its weight behind this mining project, offering support in the permitting process and access to its geological experts.

Sweden is just as motivated to break free from China’s grip.

Not only is it in its own national interest, but the U.S. defense industry is a major part of the country’s GDP.

Many people don’t know this, but many of the U.S. military’s most sensitive jet engine parts are manufactured in Sweden.

And, just recently, Sweden signed a $1.2 billion contract with the U.S. to purchase Patriot missiles.

In short, it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep this relationship safe and secure.

Sweden is doing its part by supplying the rare earths we both desperately need.

And there will be plenty to go around...

The world’s best geological surveyors have confirmed that its contents are worth a whopping $10.8 billion.

It’ll take decades to extract it all, but the value is there all the way down.

This new rare earths mine also offers other competitive advantages:

  • One of the world’s largest sources of highest-value rare earths
  • Enough capacity to supply the U.S. and Europe for 20 years
  • Meets the world’s highest environmental and sustainability standards
  • Meets 100% of all legal requirements
  • And most important of all... frees the U.S. from China’s political grip

But I’ve saved the best detail for now...

This mining project contains not one, but two rare earths deposits — which, as you might expect, gives you literally double the potential for the same investment.

It’s rare to have two deposits so close together.

But that’s part of why Sweden is such a unique location... it offers a diverse range of rare earths, in geologically-rich clusters, that you can’t find anywhere else.

I believe this mining company has what it takes to change the world... and that this opportunity can make you the biggest gains of your life.

I know, because I’ve done it before.

I’ve used my firsthand research to earn life-changing 3,900% and 7,042% gains on rare earths.

And I’m confident this new opportunity can do all of this and more — it’s one of the best rare earths investments I’ve ever found.

I’ve put all of the lucrative details in my new report...

jmm-rarest-of-all_report “The Rarest of Them All: Unique Profits from Rare Earths and Other Resources.”

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There’s an insatiable need for rare earths.

And the U.S. is in the middle of a high-stakes stare-down with China... this new mine is America’s answer to a supply crisis.

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But there’s an extra chapter to this profit story... this rare earths mine is owned by a company with a strategy to supply more than just rare earths.

A Bonus Round of Profits:
Genius Positioning as the “One-Stop Mine Shop” for the Future’s Most Essential Resources


This mining company knows the world is in a scramble for rare earths — but there’s a bonus level to its ingenious business strategy.

Now let me share more details on how it's going to make money supplying lithium and cobalt.

All of this is in addition to its rare earths potential.

And there’s some good money to be made on graphite, lithium, and cobalt.

I’ve done this before, too.

Just a few years ago I recommended a lithium company to the investors who follow my research.

A year later we were sitting on 832% gains.


And the demand for lithium continues to rise.

“Demand for battery-grade lithium compounds is expected to skyrocket in the next decades... Top producers are looking at a bonanza if they can ramp up investment fast enough with end-user commitments in hand.”

Fortune Magazine

And as Bloomberg announced in a recent headline:

“It’s hard to keep up with all that lithium demand...”



This perfectly describes the potential of this company’s lithium mine...

It’s also in Sweden, not far from the new rare earths mine.

And its contractual commitments are nearly complete.

As you might expect, “The Tesla of Europe” is at the top of the list, and has already announced its intention to include lithium in its tight Scandinavian supply chain.

But it’s not just lithium.

This “one-stop mine shop” has also staked out several sources of cobalt in nearby Finland.

Demand for cobalt is exploding — and once again, it’s because of electric cars.

As Bloomberg recently declared:

“They’re aiming to capitalize as a battery boom sends demand for cobalt soaring more than 30-fold by 2030.”


Bloomberg goes on to quote one of its sources:

“There’s no way that current supply is going to keep up... Some of the forecasts for cobalt supply are pretty dire.”


These days, most cobalt comes from controversial sites in Congo, and international restrictions have cast doubt on the future of this supply.

This mining company is finally solving this problem with local cobalt, sustainably sourced, using the latest technology and safe, environmentally-friendly practices.

The world’s most successful companies have all committed themselves to choosing only responsible suppliers.

Tesla, Apple, Volvo, and Volkswagen have all made public statements about their sourcing of cobalt.

It also plays well in socially-conscious Europe, where legal sourcing for materials like cobalt can be a costly challenge.

In short: this “one-stop mine shop” will be able to sell every ounce of cobalt it digs up at premium prices.

This is your chance to score additional gains on graphite, lithium, and cobalt — in fact, I’ve calculated that this additional potential could be worth as much as 826%.

I’ll rush you this report so that you won’t miss out on these additional gains.

“The Future’s Most Crucial Supply: Earn At Least 826% On Your Money Supplying Graphite, Lithium, and Cobalt Through This 'One-Stop Mine Shop' "

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jmm-only-stock_report"The Only Stock You Need for the Lithium Boom"

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It reveals the name and details of a small lithium mining company with outstanding prospects...

This lithium miner has a 75% interest in the Cauchari project, which is an advanced lithium exploration project in Argentina.

The company also holds a 100% interest in five other lithium properties totaling 85,543 hectares.

My report will reveal everything you need to know, as well as an exclusive interview with the CEO.

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