“[This strategy] has been giving me a Christmas present every month” — Jack W.

New Trading Strategy Gets You In And Out of Mining Stocks
Every 30–60 Days

  • 86% winner in 34 days
  • 42% gain in 14 days
  • 60% profit in 38 days

Starting today, I’ll show you an opportunity to
Turn $10,000 into $469,140


Want to get extremely rich from junior mining stocks?

Ok, that sounds like pandering.

But I’ll show you a strategy that’s flipping everything taught about stock investing on its head.

And the early results on how to do this have been amazing. Stunning, in fact.

You’re about to discover exactly how to start landing 42%... 86%... and 60% profits in as little as 30-60 days with junior mining stocks.

Yes —  not in 3–5 years... or 3–6 months…

Just 30–60 days.

This has nothing to do with day trading or options, either.

For the first time ever, after making a fortune myself in the space,  I’m releasing this powerful strategy.

By following this strategy month after month, I’ll prove
to you it’s 100% possible to turn $10,000 into
$469,140 when you’re done.

What’s even more exciting is that many of the recommendations close out much earlier than 60 days.

I’m talking...

Winners In As Little As

By next month, you could be cashing out similar profits like I’ve already recommended to my readers.

I’m talking:

  • A 49% gain in 35 days on Mariana Resources. That’s a 517% annualized return.
    This trade alone would turn $10,000 into $61,700.
  • Or, a 62% gain in 40 days on Canasil Resources. That’s a 565% annualized return.
    Imagine turning $10,000 into $66,500.
  • How about a 42% winner in 14 days with Revival Gold. That’s a 1,090% annualized return.
    That would’ve turned $10,000 into $119,000.

Those aren’t the only ones.

I also recommended these payouts in under 60 days…

  • A 29% return in 18 days with Mawson Resources. A 579% annualized return.
  • A 24% return in 35 days with Leading Edge Materials.
  • A 52% winner in 38 days with Almaden Minerals.
  • A 12.5% profit in 17 days with NewCastle Gold.
  • A 60% gain in 38 days with Midas Gold Corp.
  • Even an 86% winner in 34 days, also with Mariana Resources. That’s a 2,256% annualized gain.

... Meaning, that’d turn $10,000 into $235,600.

You just can’t get bored with rapid-fire wins like an 1,090% annualized gain in 14 days.

Like I said... this is an entirely new way to invest in the mining space.

Some even call it...

“A Christmas Present Every Month!”

Jack S. actually called into our offices here in Baltimore, Maryland and what he said blew my socks off.

That guy [Gerardo Del Real] is just fantastic, there’s no other way to say it. I make money. No...he makes money for me. Big time! My God! He’s been giving me a Christmas present every month...and all I can say is we are not talking about nickels and dimes...this guy is really, really great.

That’s an actual phone call we had with Jack.

Jack’s not an outlier, either.

We also received these messages:

Mike H. wrote:

Thanks for the great mining stock buying opportunities. Great work!

He’s happy because he’s already seen a number of gains in just a few months.

And subscriber George F. told me:

Thank you Mr. Del Real... thank you! Since using your publication my portfolio has risen... to a rapidly advancing $110,000. This is truly a dream unfolding! Thank you for your publications based on hard work and something that today is hard to find... your HONESTY and INTEGRITY!

One man, Vernon, told me:

The results have been amazing.

That’s because he’s been enjoying rapid profits of:

  • 59%
  • 35%
  • 32%
  • 25%
  • 45%
  • 54%
  • 183%

Vernon made all these gains in a matter of months.

Starting with $10,000 in each, you and Vernon would’ve seen $43,300 in profits in record time.

In this presentation, let me show you exactly how to get started like Vernon, Jack, and the others and be on your way to turning $10,000 into $469,140.

Of course, to do this will require following some guidelines.

That’s why I’ll also reveal my top Three Commandments to follow when investing in the mining space. These are the heart and soul to making fast profits. None of it is luck or timing.

Plus, as a bonus, you’ll get the very first trade to make with my 30- to 60-day mining strategy. It’s a company trading at its lowest point ever, but a top billionaire invested $6 million after one elevator ride.

You’ll get all of this today.

How you think about the resource stock space will be completely changed by the time you reach the bottom of this page.

I’ve dedicated over a decade of my career to the natural resources space for one reason…

It’s the fastest way I’ve ever found to get incredibly rich.

Not in short bursts of time like cryptocurrencies…

And not with Vegas-style gambling like trading options.

Instead, junior miners can deliver regular, consistent windfalls again and again.

It’s these rapid, lucrative profits that have bought me a nice place in Austin, Texas, spots in the beautiful mountains of Alaska, and even in the hills of Mexico.

I’m Proof Anyone Can Get Rich In Junior Mining Stocks Fast


My name is Gerardo Del Real, by the way.  I’ve turned my mining stock investments into a sizeable nest egg.

I’m lucky enough to travel around the world, from Ireland to Colombia and beyond, looking for these opportunities.

None of this is to brag. Rather, to show you what’s possible in this space.

Because I wasn’t born into the picks and shovels world. I started off in many other careers, including marketing and real estate, before beginning my investing journey into metals and energy.

I’m Exhibit A that anyone can build a fortune quickly in this sector.

Like when I made 500% on Tasman Metals.

Or an unbelievable 832% on Nevada Sunrise in six months.

This would’ve turned $10,000 into $93,200... again in six months.

But, those are nothing compared to my biggest win that helped me amass a fortune.

7,042% on Quest Rare Minerals. You could’ve turned $10,000 into $714,200.

That would more than fund a retirement for life with that one play alone.

But, like I said... I didn’t grow up knowing all this. I’ve spent over a decade building up the connections and the eye to spot winners.

After years investing in real estate, I stumbled on the amazing world of mining companies and resource stocks.

I’d always been aware of the space. After all, my family is from Zacatecas, Mexico, which is world renowned for its silver mines.

However — this was the mid-2000s. And I sensed real estate was about to collapse.

As you know, I was spot on.

Before the market tanked in 2008-2009, I had the foresight to become a private consultant for mining investors. I met with influential mentors all over the space.

One man I help consult for is a billionaire. I can’t share with you his name due to privacy. However, I am allowed to say that I’ve both helped make and save millions through the years.

Most importantly — however — during this time of consulting and investing myself, I’ve built up quite a Rolodex.

I’m talking sitting down with top names in the industry, companies with mines and projects worth hundreds upon hundreds of millions.

Yet, these CEOs pick up the phone when I call.

I write the resource publications for the Outsider Club and co-own Resource Stock Digest. Every month, over half a million readers get my research.  I even began releasing some of my private CEO interviews.

Today, you’re more likely to find me exploring a mine Mexico than on the golf course. I’m the one there sloshing through the mud and talking to the locals, not sitting behind a desk.

My real estate experience in spotting potential mines has surprisingly paid major dividends for both my subscribers and my personal bank account.

Like when I landed this 400% winner on Midas Gold, thus turning every $10,000 into $50,000.

Or, my 350% profit on Almadex Minerals.

And that’s not all.

I cashed out 138% returns on True Gold…

And — one of my top picks — a 3,900% whale from Rare Element Resources.

Imagine turning $10,000 into $400,000.

Yet, I believe you’ll make much, much more money with what I’ll show you today.

...maybe even better than that 39X winner I just showed you...

Because you won’t be waiting 3–5 years to see profits. You won’t be biting your nails hoping you picked the right stock.

Instead, you’ll be following a completely different method getting you in and out of profitable mining plays in under 60 days.


  • Jumping in on Midas Gold and getting out with 60% profits in 38 days
  • Or, buying Canasil Resources on December 21st and selling on January 29th, making 62% in 20 days
  • Or, investing in Mariana Resources on March 23rd and cashing out on April 26th for 86% in 34 days
  • How about a 42% profit from Revival Gold in 14 days
  • Even a 52% winner from Almaden Minerals in 38 days

The way to these 30–60 day windfalls is by following my Three Commandments. I’ll show you these in a moment.

Following them could easily turn $10,000 into $469,140, starting this month.

You won’t need to day trade either. 30–60 days is enough time where you aren’t chained to your computer or phone.

Yet, it continues to pump out winners for my readers.

Compared to some of the most popular stocks in the world... this strategy could easily beat them all out.

63X More Profit Than GOOGLE

I just showed you Mariana Resources with an 86% winner in a mere 34 days. 2,256% if you annualized that out.

In 2017, when stocks went on a record tear, you wouldn't even come close to this with top tech stocks.

Look, in 2017:

  • Netflix returned 52%
  • Google returned 36%
  • Amazon returned 56%
  • Tesla returned 50%
  • Facebook returned 53%

While these gains would be lauded by financial advisors and slick Wall Street salesmen... you’d be leaving massive profits on the table.

Annualized over the entire year with my system, you could’ve been making up to:

  • 43X more profit than Netflix
  • 63X more than Google
  • 40X more than Amazon
  • 45X more than Tesla
  • 42X more than Facebook

And I’m not cherry picking. Tech was one of the top performing sectors of 2017.

The resource and mining arena wasn’t.

Those who invested in the top resource ETF funds were even worse off.

Take a look at the performance in the last 12 months for U.S. News’ top recommended resource ETFs...

  • The Fidelity resource ETF made 21% per month
  • Guggenheim S&P 500 ETF returned 1.41% per month
  • Vanguard Materials ETF gained 1.23% per month
  • PowerShares Materials ETF earned just 0.71% per month
  • Materials Select ETF took home a mere 1.34% per month

It goes without saying... but, I have to ask...

Would you rather be making 0.71% per month or 86% per month?

Let’s get the full picture.

Using my system every 30–60 days... you’d see as much as 12,113% more profit than one of the top five resource ETFs in the world.

Not to mention... these paltry ETF funds are run by suits on Wall Street. Expect an annual fee to get their top-shelf advice.

I mean... give me a break.

Like I said in the beginning... let me show you a new way to get rich from resource stocks. And you actually have a shot at real profits.

You’re about to discover my strategy that does 12,000% better than top resource ETFs... even earning up to 63X more profits than Google stock.

Plus, you’ll also see — for the first time — my Three Commandments to spotting these opportunities.

At the very end of the presentation... I’ll even give you the first resource stock to trade that could be the start of you turning $10,000 into $469,140.

A well-known billionaire has just put down millions on the stock, signaling a big move soon.

We could easily see a 100% move in the next 30 days.

First, it’s important you understand how this strategy came about.

The Origins of My 30-60 Day Mining Strategy


When I first began investing in the junior mining space over a decade ago, I invested the old-fashioned way.

What’s the old-fashioned way?

You buy a metal or energy stock like gold and lithium before it takes off… wait a few years... then cash out in style.

It works.

I already showed you my winners of:

  • 832% on Nevada Sunrise
  • 3,900% on Rare Element Resources, and
  • 500% on Tasman Metals

Like I said, the old-fashioned way to invest still works.

When I tell folks about these wins, like my 400% on Midas Gold or my 7,042% on Quest Rare Minerals — their mouths hang open. They’re interested. They lean in.

But, I’d always get this pushback without fail... they pause, then say: “Well, the junior mining space is just too volatile and too risky for me…”

It’s true.

Resource stocks can go up and down like a ship in a storm. Still, I didn’t understand.

A 70X bagger on Quest Rare Minerals is life changing.

Then one day... it all made sense. I realized:

  1. You don’t want to wait years for your profits to materialize (if they ever do), plus...
  2. You don’t want to ride the volatility rollercoaster that is mining stocks

I’m all-in on the mining space. I talk with CEOs of mining companies weekly. After years in real estate, I’m able to visit a mine and judge if it will be viable.

But, the average investor only sees the stock price and its wild movements.

No matter how many big winners I trot out... I always get hesitation from new mining investors. And I get it.

No one wants to see big swings in their portfolio every day. It’s a heart attack waiting to happen.

That’s when the light bulb went off...

I immediately began looking for ways to make resource stock investing a more viable option for anyone.

You shouldn’t have to sit on the sidelines pining away for your own pot of profits while others reap the rewards.

That’s why I found a better, more conservative way to profit for you.

This new strategy to invest might be even more lucrative than anything I’ve ever done in my life.

I’ve shown you some of the winners:

  • A 52% winner in 38 days with Almaden Minerals.
  • A 24% return in 35 days with Leading Edge Materials.
  • A 29% profit in 18 days with Mawson Resources. That’s a 579% annualized return.

These lightning-fast returns beat the markets many times over.

In 2017 — during a massive bull market — the S&P 500 returned 21.7%.

Yet, I’m showing you how you could make 28% in 18 days rather than 21% in 365 days.

21.7% comes out to about 1.80% per month.

Yet, I’m showing you trades that could return 15-40X more than that per month.

This is how I made my nest egg. The one my family depends on.

And I believe it’s how you could, too.

Because I’ve never found a better way to amass a seven-figure account than in the resource space and I’ve been involved in multiple industries.

Mining stocks can mint you fortunes even larger
and faster than big-name stocks.

Let me show you.

Since December 1999, Microsoft stock has returned only 52%.  Meaning, if you invested $10,000 over 18 years ago, you’d have an account worth $15,200. That’s an annual return of around 2.9% per year.

Coca Cola’s even worse.

Yes, Coke. Warren Buffett’s rumored ‘favorite’ stock. Since mid-1998, if you invested $10,000 in the stock, your account now would be worth $9,839.

A big, fat loss — 1.61%  to be exact.

These are Wall Street’s banner stocks.

However, you’re about to discover something much better.

In the next few weeks, rather than 0.33% gains per month, you could be enjoying:

  • A 42% profit in a company like Revival Gold in 14 days
  • A 52% winner from another like Almaden Minerals within 38 days
  • A 39% gain from Abacus Mining in 53 days

The 'Three Commandments’ you’re about to see are at the core of this proprietary strategy. All you have to do is follow it, month after month, and you’ll see it’s entirely possible to turn a mere $10,000 into a $469,140 fortune.

You simply take two minutes to make the trade. Then, 30—60 days later, carve out another two minutes to sell.

All you need is your phone or a computer.

You’re not day trading.

You’re simply taking advantage of the movements in the mining sector.

The Opportunities Are Endless In This Space

Here’s what I mean…

Check out this chart of my winner, Almaden resources:

See how the stock goes up and down like a pogo stick? That’s the mining sector for you.

Here’s another of my winners, Leading Edge Materials... again, up and down.

Third time’s a charm... here’s Canasil Resources.

These roller coasters will give you lots of excitement with a side of stress.

For some, the thrill keeps them going. For most, I’ve found, they’d rather not buy a ticket. Instead, they sit on the sidelines and miss out on massive profits.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. And that’s why I created this strategy. It’s tested and now ready to go.

With my 30–60 day mining strategy, we’re simply taking advantage of these ups and downs.

We’re not timing the market... we’re following Three Commandments that signal when the stock will make a rapid move upwards.

Let’s look more closely at another winning play I recommended.

Here’s Mawson Resources.

Just in the span of 12 months here, there are 30% drops, 45% drops, 23% drops. It’s a wild ride.

However... what if you could take advantage of these moves?

If you bought the stock here... and sold here…  you’d make 50% in 11 days.

Maybe you bought here then sold 7 days later for a nice 34% winner.

Suddenly, you’re looking at 161% in total gains vs. if you bought and held the stock the entire 12 months, you’d be up only 21%.

Now — this sounds too easy, I get it. It’s obvious you should buy low and sell high. That’s the first rule of investing, right?

But, there are two differences:

  • You know WHEN to trade. And, second...
  • You don’t get greedy. The graveyards are full of investors who got greedy with resource stocks.

When my subscribers nabbed a 29% winner in Mawson Resources, they got in right before a catalyst bumped the stock.

None of this is guessing, luck, or some technical indicator.

You simply follow my 'Three Commandments’ and you’ll know when to buy.

Not to mention — you don’t need to necessarily buy at the bottom and sell at the top to get away with a monster.

To be honest, that’s typically impossible to get exactly right.

But, it doesn’t matter. You could still see quick profits in 30–60 days even if you don’t get the timing perfect.

Like when I recommended Revival Gold. One of my commandments warned me this was a ‘buying’ opportunity.

Watch as the stock then bumped upwards.

At that point, mindful of the volatility, we quickly locked in profits. After which, the stock did indeed start moving downwards 20%.

The exact same process happened when I recommend Almaden Minerals to my subscribers. A ‘commandment’ alerted me of a coming upwards movement.


I rang the bell and we rode the stock up 52% in 38 days.

Again, due to volatility, we went ahead and took our money off the table. The stock then dropped 55% the next few months.

Now, just because the stocks may go down, that doesn’t mean these are bad companies.

I’ve grilled the CEOs of many of these miners personally. Others, I’ve spent $5,000 on a plane ticket to visit their sites.

I’m investing in these companies along with you. I eat my own cooking. And I have to.

When you’re spending $5,000 on a ticket, not to mention the cost of a hotel, cab fare, and food... then, on top of that, returning the following year for an update, I’m easily dropping $10,000 — $15,000 in research.

And that’s just on one company.

So, these opportunities aren’t poor companies nor are they ‘pump and dumps.’

Volatility is just the nature of the resource space.

We’re taking advantage of that volatility better than the buy-and-hold investors.

To make it easier to start, I have for you my #1 trade at the moment that will get you in on a company moving towards becoming a world-leading mine.

The billionaire invested in it has found Tier 1 mines before.

And my #1 trade is on its way there now because…

Tier 1 Mines Will Deliver Us the Windfalls

As a refresher, a Tier 1 mining company is one that has found possibly decades-worth of metal and resources at its sites.

These types of companies can produce massive profits over their lifespan for investors.

Here’s a look at Cameco Corp. Now the largest uranium company in the world.

Early investors have seen windfalls as high as 1,506%. 

Barrick Gold, the largest gold mining company in the world, has handed investors gains as high as 9,328%. 

Ivanhoe Mines, founded by notorious resource investor and billionaire Robert Friedland, has helped some investors profit as high as 4,950%.  

As a company gets closer to ‘Tier 1’ status, it hits milestones along the way.

I call them catalysts.

These catalysts are what accelerate the stock 60%... 29%... even 49% and more in a short period of time.

The beauty of junior miners — which are companies that haven’t hit ‘Tier 1’ status yet — is how much on-site research you can do in their mines.

It’s a lot harder to do this once they’ve hit the big time.

For example, when I’m traveling across the world, meeting with CEOs, visiting mining sites, talking to locals… this is all possible because the company is still a junior.

With my connections, I’m able to get a backstage look.

These backstage meetings allow me to see the potential of a company and whether it has the legs to last as long as a Barrick Gold or Ivanhoe Mines.

When we invest using my strategy, we’re taking profits as these junior miners hit milestones.

Based on the 'Three Commandments' I’ll show you, we’re projecting this company will eventually end up as an A-list stock in the resource space.

Once that happens, the stock gets picked up by the mainstream, then fewer people can visit the mines or talk to the CEOs, and our advantages dry up.

However — until then — we’re able to siphon profits in chunks and we can do it quickly.

Doing this consistently again and again like clockwork is how you’ll have a shot at turning $10,000 into $469,140.

Here’s what you need...

The Three Commandments to Making 30–60 Day Profits in the Junior Mining Space


It’s important each of our picks follows two to three of these commandments or else we pass. They help us take advantage of the volatility in this space and flip the table to our advantage.

Each of these commandments acts as a catalyst. Remember, these catalysts are the springboard to the almost instantaneous profits we’re looking for.

When we find these catalysts, we’ll look at buying the stock. Then, once we see the profits and the catalyst’s effects on the stock have passed, we’ll sell to fight against volatility.

After I share with you these Three Commandments, I’ll then share my first trade for you to make.

I told you already a notorious billionaire has invested in it.

That billionaire is Robert Friedland, the most famous resource stock investor in the world. Like I mentioned earlier, he founded Ivanhoe Mines, now a well-known Tier 1 mine.

Friedland has quietly carved out a 60% stake in the company I’m about to show you.

But, he’s done it in a ‘backdoor’ way. I’ll show you what I mean in a second.

Point is — this stock has the potential to shoot up 80-100% if not more in 30 days.

That would double your account in a month. Meaning, $10,000 would turn into $20,000.

I’ll share with you that stock and why Friedland has an eye on it. I’ve visited the company and I agree with his investment, as I’m personally invested as well.

This stock has checked the boxes on my commandments, hence why it’s a BUY right now.

Before I show you the stock, it’s important you know the Three Commandments.

Let’s look at the first one.

#1: Share Structure is King

Share structure is based on how many shares are outstanding, plus who is holding them and how large a position major shareholders have.

See, mining companies need regular cash flow to keep the lights on.

Any roadblock or stoppage could set off red flags to both shareholders and new investors. That’s why you’ll typically hear about junior miners raising new capital regularly.

This cash infusion comes with a price, though. That is the investors receive shares, and typically warrants, in exchange for money.

Warrants are like options where the investor has the option to buy shares of the mining company at a specific price.

I like to see warrants going for higher than the stock price.

For example, if the stock is trading for $1. But, the warrants allow the new investors to buy the stock at $2, that’s a bullish sign to grab a few shares.

You also typically want good liquidity. If insiders hold 80% of the stock, that could prove harmful in seeing quick gains because the stock isn’t being traded much.

One company that had a strong share structure was my pick Canasil Resources.

My readers saw a 62% gain in 40 days with it.

The first thing I noticed with Canasil was its shares were trading low as tax-loss selling was running rampant. I had visited the project in 2016 and thought the infrastructure was solid.

Canasil owns an exciting silver discovery in Durango. Just a few days before my recommendation, two other companies signed Letters of Intent to fund more exploration at Canasil’s site.

On top of this, Canasil spun off one of its British Columbian properties and distributed shares.

This provided great diversification for any Canasil shareholders.

As a result, the stock responded positively and we rode the profit train to a 62% winner.

Finding a good share structure starts with digging into the financials of the company. Check out the top shareholders and what kinds of deals have been constructed and that will tell all.

It’s not just about how many shares are outstanding, but who owns them. I actually don’t like the share structure of the first trade I’m going to share with you but I love who owns the majority of the shares.

Let’s look at the second commandment.

#2: Follow a Great Team and Its Stakeholders

I like to think a great business idea is only 10% of what makes a successful venture. I truly believe the people pulling the levers make the real magic.

With junior miners, this is absolutely the case.

I like to look for management teams with extensive experience in the resource field.

That’s why I’m about to show you my very first recommendation for my strategy, and the man behind the curtain is the top resource investor in the world, Robert Friedland.

But, shareholders are only one piece of the puzzle. The stakeholders might be even more important.

Stakeholders are everyone involved in the project. That means the executive team as well as the employees. But it doesn’t stop there.

I also look at the locals around the site as stakeholders. They vote in politicians who approve or deny permits, requests, expansions, and more.

Not to mention, bad press can also tank a stock.

Northern Dynasty is one of the most notorious mining companies around. It sits on the Pebble Mine in Alaska, which houses what many believe to be the greatest source of mineral wealth ever discovered.

While Northern Dynasty looks to expand, opponents have argued against it. Many of them happen to be locals.

They believe it will hurt the salmon fishery businesses and inject harmful chemicals into the watersheds.

Needless to say, the stock has been a nightmare for shareholders. Since 2011, it’s tumbled over 95%, meaning you’d be left with $500 on a $10,000 investment.

Not good.

When I’m visiting a mine, I talk to the locals as part of my research. I ask them their concerns, find out what questions they have, and ask about how the company has treated their town.

One company that checked all these boxes was my recommendation Revival Gold.

We made a 42% winner in just 14 days with it. That’s a 1,090% annualized return.

The company is led by CEO Hugh Agro, who was a mining engineer and an executive previously with Kinross Gold. Kinross helped shareholders see 1,000%+ gains on two separate occasions, including 1,535% and 1,948%.

That’s a plus in my book.

On top of that, Revival holds a 100% interest in the Arnett Gold Project. This site sits in Lemhi County, Idaho.

MarketWatch recently reported Idaho as “one of the biggest job creators” in 2017. It attributed the rise to a “strong acceleration in… mining jobs.”

With a great team and happy stakeholders, this led to an excellent acquisition after I issued a buy alert.

14 days after my recommendation, you would’ve been 42% richer. A $10,000 investment would’ve gotten you a $4,200 windfall in a mere two weeks. Annualized, that’s $109,500 in profit.

That’s what an amazing team and stakeholders will deliver.

But here’s what may surprise you...

These first two commandments: Share structure along with great teams and stakeholders aren’t the fastest catalyst to profit.

The last commandment will typically send the stock into a frenzy.

However, these foundational pieces I already mentioned are what set the table for the last commandment.

Think of the share structure and the stakeholders as the wood to your fire. The last commandment is the fuel that ignites the flame.

A rock-solid foundation will keep the flame lit longer. A poor one will cause it to burn out fast and die.

That’s what this last commandment brings you.

In fact, it’s this last commandment that is at the heart of my #1 stock pick I want to show you.

It’ll be the first building block for you to potentially turn $10,000 into $469,140.

That’s why it’s important to stick with me just a little longer. This commandment is the ticket to the riches I’ve already made.

Including my 3,900% winner on Rare Element Resources. An opportunity that would’ve turned $10,000 into a whopping $400,000.

Or, my recommendation on Nevada Sunrise. An 832% winner.

And, of course, my biggest winner of 7,042% with Quest Rare Minerals. A play that would’ve turned $10,000 into $714,200.

This last commandment will be your right-hand man to turn $10,000 into a $469,140 portfolio. Maybe more.

Here it is...

#3: Beat the Trends to the Punch

In the junior mining space, getting ahead of the trends is the Midas touch. With the right information at the right time, there’s an unlimited upside in this space.

Beating the trends is fairly simple.

  • Is the company about to be bought out?
  • Is the company about to buy out another company?
  • Will the resource estimate be revised upwards?
  • Has a new feeder been found?

And, the list goes on and on.

The point is this — getting ahead of these news clippings is the treasure map to six-figure profits.

This might sound obvious.

After all, that’s why insider trading is illegal.

But, this isn’t insider trading we’re talking about

This comes from doing things others won’t. Which brings us to the advantage of junior mining again.

Look — Wall Street brokers can’t recommend junior mining companies. They’re too small and too volatile. That’s why you see Netflix and Amazon stock on the front pages.

There aren’t nearly as many dedicated analysts and researchers in junior miners as Apple or Google.

Which means you aren’t competing against the house anymore. The house being Wall Street.

I promise you this subset is a mere fraction compared to household-name stocks.

That’s why when I say I’m visiting a mine in Mexico or Idaho, it’s extremely important. Because I’m gathering information no one on Wall Street is doing.

Like I said, junior miners are trying to get to that Tier 1 status. In the meantime, we’re able to cash out on the milestones they hit. Plus, we can secure better information than others because we’re looking for increased estimates.

I’m a real estate guy. I’m looking for site viability. Meaning, are there possibilities that more resources are buried deeper.

When these trends are positive, it sends a junior miner rocketing upwards.

Right now, I have a gold junior miner already in my portfolio. It’s gone up 50% in 29 days.

I can’t tell you the name of it out of respect for my subscribers.

However, it’s catapulted 50% because we got in right before a revised resource estimate. It’s also in Idaho, which I showed you is awesome for the stakeholders. Plus, it recently got a great deal from a new investor.

This three-pronged stock ticking all Three Commandments was enough for me to issue a buy alert, and now we’re reaping the benefits.

We beat the trend. One simple revised estimate was enough for us to make $5,000 on a $10,000 investment.

Those are the types of profits you should come to expect when you follow my strategy.

Now, just because you missed out on this recent 50% winner doesn’t mean you’re late.

In fact, my #1 stock trade right now is one I expect to move up to 100% winner.

Your First Trade to Bank 100% in 30 Days


I gave you a few hints already, but here are more.

It’s a mine I visited in South America. I already told you billionaire Robert Friedland has taken a major position in it.

The stock has been beaten down the past 12 months due to some issues in the share structure. Remember the first commandment?!

Typically, due to my commandment on share structure, this would signal to stay away.

However, this is a rare, rare instance we’re looking at. Although the share structure isn’t perfect for my taste, this company is something special.

I believe it could be the largest profit maker from my system.

I’m talking a 100% winner in under 30 days.

And it’s done it before.

In the past, it’s delivered:

  • 150% in 30 days.
  • 150% in 31 days
  • 101% in 28 days

I believe another 100% in 30 days is due right now.

The company mines copper and gold and is sitting on potentially 67 million tons of it.

It’s at the early stages of its exploration.

...meaning it’s right in the sweet spot for flash miner profits...

It's on its way to Tier 1 status, but has a ways to go. This means we will be presented with multiple opportunities to get in and out.

I visited the site and the infrastructure is top notch. It’s easily accessible by plane and car. I talked with the locals and they were happy with its progress.

All positive signs for me.

The area shows high-grade zones of copper and gold. The wide abundance of minerals shows striking similarities to other Tier 1 copper-gold companies along the same region.

As for its team... it’s led by a CEO with over 17 years of mining experience. He’s helped raise over $700 million for other projects in the past. Meaning, his Rolodex is one to envy.

Robert Friedland owns over 50% of the company through one of his subsidiaries.

I mentioned the share structure isn’t ideal due to Friedland’s huge ownership stake. But, to counter that, currently 15 million warrants sit outstanding for this company.

The price they exercise at is 750% higher than the share price now. This gives us huge leverage as investors.

Why I overlook the share structure piece is partly due to the shocking story of how Friedland got involved in the project.

The CEO happened to be on the same elevator as Friedland one day. In 30 seconds, he convinced the billionaire to open up his wallet to the tune of $6 million.

What’s even more interesting…

Friedland’s subsidiary he invested through owns a proprietary mining technology. This amazing technology allows the company to see deeper into the Earth’s crust than any other machine.

This saves millions in unnecessary drilling costs as well as hours in exploration time. I was blown away when I saw it.

And the team handling it has been involved in some of the biggest world-class deposits in the world, including Voisey’s Bay, Oyu Tolgoi, Kamoa, and Platreef.

Copper has pulled back recently.

But, renewable energy is about to cause a spike in demand. Think electric cars and battery storage. These all require pounds and pounds of copper to run.

However, the current pipeline for copper projects is at the lowest level this century. That means the company, backed by Robert Friedland, could take the reins and gobble up demand as it occurs.

Check out this chart illustrating the problem we’re about to face:

With any news about copper prices, renewables, or increased demand for electric cars, this company I’ll show you could double overnight.

It has a ton of opportunities to shoot up fast and it is trading for dirt cheap.

It's not even stopping with its own mines. It recently just signed a joint venture with another copper company to siphon some of its profits when copper goes on the move again.

The shots on goal this company has are immense.

And I believe it will serve as your opening move to turn $10,000 into $469,140.

Get Everything in My Brand-New Report


I’m ready to share this company with you inside my brand-new free report, “Flash Mining Profits in 30 Days.”

Inside: You’ll get complete details on the company, the ticker symbol, and Robert Friedland’s involvement.

Plus, I’ll also include a copy of the Three Commandments you can keep for yourself.

I don’t share this information lightly.

This is a company I’ve personally invested in. I’ve spent almost $10,000 flying down to South America and grilling the CEO up close.

I’d say over 300 hours have been dedicated to this one company alone.

And now I see it as a potential 100% winner for you in the next 30 days.

But, that’s just the beginning.

Because there’s little value in knowing this strategy and the commandments if you don’t have a consistent way to make money month in and month out.

With this trading strategy, we’ve averaged 37% per month in profits on closed positions.

Over the year, that’s 444% in cumulative gains.

Meaning, every month, a mere $10,000 would produce an average of $3,700 in pure cash.

Take that money and spend it as you like.

Over 12 months, think of it as an extra $44,400 in retirement checks.

Over 10 years, that’s $444,000 in profits.

But, there’s a way to accelerate your earnings even faster, and I’m about to show you.

This is how you turn $10,000 into $469,140 in a record amount of time. Enough to fund a retirement for a lifetime.

Pay off your debts... travel the world like I do... buy up property in beautiful places like in Alaska where I have... put your kids and grandkids through college... whatever you decide.

That’s what’s at stake here with my strategy, commandments, and the profit accelerator I’m about to show you.

How to Turn $10,000 Into $469,140

Here’s what to do...

Say you pocket $44,400 in profit in year one. Again, my strategy recently made 37% monthly on average. That’s $3,700 per month on a $10,000 stake.

You could sit on those profits year after year. After 60 months, that’d be $222,000 in profits.

Not bad.

But, let’s grow this thing fast.

If you allowed yourself, and reinvested your earnings from year one, you would see $60,828 profits in year two.

That’s a 37% increase from year 1.

Watch as we continue at that pace.

In 60 months, you’d be up to $459,140.

With your initial $10,000, that’s an account worth $469,140.

This is just an example. It’s a way to show you what’s possible with my strategy.

But, honestly, you’re free to take out profits as you wish.

That’s the beauty of it all. You aren’t waiting 3, 5, 10 years for a company to explode. You’re taking money off the table as you go.

It greatly reduces the risk of investing in this space. Because if you put all your money in the wrong mine, you could bust.

Instead, you’re getting to enjoy the huge profits in the resource space without betting the farm.

You’ve already seen the very first junior miner that will get you going.

It’s backed by Robert Friedland…

I’m personally invested…

It could hand you 100% gains in less than 30 days... it’s done it three times before…

And you can get inside with my new, free report, “Flash Mining Profits in 30 Days.”

Get Every Pick Inside Junior Mining Trader


But, I’d be doing you a massive disservice leaving you to find the next 59 picks yourself in order to get you an account worth $469,140.

That’s why I’m introducing you to my service, Junior Mining Trader.

Gerardo Del Real
Managing Editor
Junior Mining Trader

This service has only one purpose…

Get you in and out of junior miners in 30–60 days with a profit.

I’ve already shown you a handful of my winners so far:

  • 49% gain in 35 days...
  • 62% gain in 40 days....

How about a 42% winner in 14 days with Revival Gold. That’s a 1,000% annualized return turning $10,000 into $110,090.

  • Then, a 29% return in 18 days…
  • A 24% return in 35 days with Leading Edge Materials…
  • A 52% winner in 38 days…
  • A 12.5% profit in 17 days…
  • A 60% gain in 38 days with Midas Gold Corp.

Even an 86% winner in 34 days with Mariana Resources. That’s a 2,225% annualized gain which would turn $10,000 into $232,560.

As a subscriber to Junior Mining Trader,  expect one to four trade alerts every month whether that’s to buy, like I’m recommending today with my 100% winner…

Or, to sell and take a profit, like this alert:

This service is only for serious investors. After all, this is an active trading service.

No — you aren’t tied to your phone or computer.

But — it is important you stay awake and alert for the next move.

Here’s everything you get as a member of Junior Mining Trader.

  • Unlimited Portfolio Access: See the open positions and closed winners all in one place. Some trades we hold for longer than 60 days as a catalyst event may have been delayed. Some trades are such obvious buyout candidates that they stay on until that happens.
  • Active Trade Alerts: Whenever it is time to ‘buy’ or ‘sell’, I’ll shoot you an alert email. Inside the Junior Mining Trader portal, you can see all the archived alerts in case you missed one. During trades, it’s not uncommon for me to send two to three emails in one day because this space is exciting and fast paced.
  • Monthly Recaps: I’ll update you on my recent mine visits. Any positions not closed will typically get an update so you know where they stand. I’ll also give you a peek at where I believe the markets are heading and where I’ll be looking for opportunities next.
  • The Junior Mining Trader VIP Support Desk: When you become a member of this exclusive community, I’ve made sure you’ll get personal, white-glove treatment every step of the way. If you ever have any questions or concerns, just call our VIP Support Desk any time between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. (ET). They'll be happy to assist you.

So far, my early subscribers have been amazed.

I already told you about Jack S., who called up our offices and what he told us is why I set up this service.

That guy [Gerardo Del Real] is just fantastic. He’s been giving me a Christmas present every month.

Jack’s not alone either.

We also received these messages:

Mike H. wrote:

Thanks for the great mining stock buying opportunities. Great work!

He’s happy because he’s already seen a number of gains in just a few months.

And subscriber George F. told me:

Thank you Mr. Del Real. Since using your publication my portfolio has risen... to a rapidly advancing $110,000. 

I told you already about Vernon, who said “The results have been amazing.”

That’s because he’s been seeing rapid profits of:

  • +59%
  • +45%
  • +54%
  • +183%

With an average return of 37% per month — or $44,400 potential profits in 12 months — it wouldn’t be a stretch in any way to charge upwards of $10,000 for this service.

Normally, I would retail Junior Mining Trader for $5,000. And, frankly, that’s still a bargain.

I travel the world spending tens of thousands looking for these picks.

The first recommendation I’m giving you... one that could double your money in under 30 days... I’ve personally walked around the site.

I’ve spent close to $10,000 just on that company alone.

Over a year, that’d be $120,000 in expenses that are going right on my credit card.

However, I’m going to make you a deal.

It’s a deal you’ll probably never see again.

Remember, the retail price will be upwards of $5,000.

In the first year, at our current average rate, you could be seeing $44,400 in profits…

Yet, you won’t pay anything close to this.

Before I share the price, let me share the most incredible thing about this strategy yet.

Why Today Is the Absolute Best Time Ever to Use This 30–60 Day Mining Strategy

This is why you want to invest in these junior miners right now.

All the profits I showed you in 30–60 days... every one of those trades came during a bear market in the space.

Resource stocks have been taking a beating the past two to three years.

Kitco says junior mining stocks have “bottomed.”

Mining.com calls the current climate a “mega-bear market.”

You saw the pitiful returns of U.S. News' top ETFs.

  • Vanguard Materials ETF gained 1.23% per month
  • PowerShares Materials ETF earned just 0.71% per month

That’s to name a few.

Meaning, you could be making 86%... 49%... even 62% monthly gains in a beat up market.

Here’s why that’s relevant.

In a bear market, the shares are going to be dirt cheap.

Some of the companies I recommend are solid, potential Tier 1 material... and they might trade for $0.10.

A mere $0.05 move is a 50% winner for you.

That’s the exciting thing.

You’re spending less money to make these profits. Yes, this strategy will work in a resource bull market, but the stocks will cost more.

That’s why I’m bringing Junior Mining Trader out now. I have another 10 companies on my radar right now where I’m waiting for the window to invest.

The time to invest is when these stocks line up with the Three Commandments I’ve laid out for you.

  • Share Structure is King
  • Follow a Great Team and its Stakeholders
  • Beat the Trends to the Punch

I put these in the free report I just mentioned.

Following my strategy and the commandments, you could easily turn $10,000 into $469,140.

Junior Mining Trader should help you get there.

Before asking you to take the plunge with me, let me share with you my VIP guarantee.

Guaranteed $45,000 in Profits in 12 Months

When you decide to join me and make monthly winners…

And I’m talking profits that are:

  • 43X more than Netflix and
  • 63X more than Google

I make you this pledge…

Within the first 12 months, you will have the opportunity to see $45,000 in profits on a $10,000 investment.

That’s already over the profits you’d make if we continue to see 37% per month.

I expect you'll see $10,000 profits with the first trade I’m giving you today.

However, nothing is guaranteed with investing. If you don’t see an opportunity at $45,000 profits, you will get a second year of Junior Mining Trader absolutely free.

That second year is worth $5,000 alone.

However, for your subscription... as a special for the launch of this strategy... I’m not going to charge you $5,000 right now.

I won’t even charge you $3,000.

To potentially turn $10,000 into $459,140, I’m only going to ask for $1,999.

That’s a full 60% off my retail price.

Plus, you get my VIP Guarantee.

You get the first recommendation that I’m personally invested in inside my bonus report, “Flash Mining Profits in 30 days.”  Again, I expect it should make 100% in the next 30 days.

And once you see some of these profits in your own account, I know you’ll want to stay for years to come.

All you need to do now is click the button below.

You’ll be taken to another page to put in your information on a secure site. Your information is completely private and will never be shared.

After this, you’ll get a welcome letter from me with information on getting started and what to expect with your subscription.

This is important.

It’s the first thing to read after you click the button below and put in your information on the next page.

Buckle up... because this is the new way to get rich in the resource space... and quite possibly anywhere.

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To your wealth,


Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Junior Mining Trader