This Little Chip Will Soon Be on Every Amazon Package

A mysterious two-inch “chip” is being spotted on packages, pill bottles, purses, and countless products.


  • Why it’s on the verge of capturing a $19 TRILLION market...
  • Details on the tiny 30-cent stock with a dozen patents on the device...
  • And the coming rollout that will send shares surging on a historic run.


Dear Reader,

Take a look at your clock.

Every second, Amazon ships 360 packages. It shipped over 1,500 packages while I read this sentence.

That’s 3 million packages a day.

5 billion packages a year.

And that number is projected to DOUBLE over the next few years.

Which makes what I’m about to tell you all the more remarkable.

You see, a mysterious two-inch chip is now being spotted on thousands of Amazon boxes.

Over the next few months, this chip is set to become a common feature on every package shipped worldwide.

Just like a stamp.

And it goes well beyond Amazon.

In a matter of months, it will be spotted on every product imaginable.

Every shirt, pair of jeans, or purse.

Every food item.

Every pill bottle.

Like a barcode, nothing you purchase will go without it!

Forbes says it will “power the $19 trillion Internet of Things.”

Think about that.

The Internet of Things is a historic mega-trend that will drive all technology in the 21st century.

It’s set to eclipse everything from the smartphone to the Internet.

And leading analysts claim this device is the missing link that will make it all happen!

Now here’s the most exciting part...

One tiny tech play with 18 patents on this technology just recently IPO’d.

And it trades at a mere 30 cents per share.

Which means right now, for a brief window, you have a chance to get in on the ground floor.

The kind of opportunity you may never see again.

And I do mean brief...

A massive rollout will soon begin that places these chips onto millions of products worldwide.

A launch that will go down in history, like the launch of the iPhone.

And could send the tiny play behind it surging from 30 cents to $3... to $30 and beyond.

All in a matter of days, or even hours!

No other device in history has spread so quickly — not even the iPhone!

In just a moment, you’ll get the full details on this historic opportunity, including its name and ticker symbol.

You’ll see why the technology it owns is so revolutionary and so transformative...

That it’s set to take the lead position in the trillion-dollar Internet of Things market.

You’ll see how some of the biggest consumer brand names are already lining up behind this technology, including L’Oréal and other household names.

And you’ll see why it’s on the verge of a billion-dollar buyout that could make every early investor rich — no matter how much you invest.

But before I do, let me explain why:

The Internet of Things is a $19 TRILLION Opportunity...

And This Tiny Company Is Leading the Pack

You might have heard one or two things about the Internet of Things.

It seems like some futuristic buzzword that’s too far off in the future. But it’s not.

In fact, it’s already here!

The number of Internet of Things devices has already surpassed the number of mobile devices.

In the next 18 months, over 20 billion devices worldwide will be connected.

Spending on the Internet of Things is already being counted in the trillions.

In a few short years, sales will soar to the tune of $19 TRILLION.

That’s more than the entire U.S. economy!

That’s why companies are rushing at breakneck speed to get in on the action.

Microsoft just invested $5 billion.

IBM is investing $3 billion.

Google is investing $3.2 billion.

The Japanese mega-conglomerate Softbank just staked down a stunning $32 BILLION.

And the long list of names of those buying in is astounding.

Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Intel, Cisco, Dell, AT&T, just to name a few.

In total, the investment in the IOT will amount to $15 TRILLION in the next few years.

But the biggest winners won’t come from the likes of Google or Apple.

You see, most of this money isn’t just going to new research or innovation.

Instead, it’s flowing to acquisitions of tiny stocks on the cutting edge of IoT technology.

Some of which have soared for astronomic gains on lucrative buyouts.

The Internet of Things (IOT) Billion-Dollar Buyout Frenzy

Like Hughes Telematics.

It was a pioneer in machine-to-machine software known as telematics.

In short, this allows cars and other moving vehicles to share data, just to name one benefit.

It traded at just $1.20... before being bought out by Verizon for $12 per share.

A 1,000% gain!

Fleetmatics, another telematics firm, IPO’d at $15.

And was bought out by Verizon for $60 a share just two years later.

A 300% gain!

There’s Altera Corp, an Internet of Things chipmaker.

In 2015, Intel purchased it for $16.7 BILLION — its biggest acquisition EVER!

Investors saw 330% gains on the buyout.

In late 2018, IBM shelled out $34 billion for Red Hat, a maker and distributor of key cloud computing technologies. Not only was it IBM’s biggest deal ever, it was the third-largest tech deal in U.S. history.

Longtime Red Hat shareholders reaped nearly 2,500%.

But now we’re on the verge of the biggest Internet of Things winner YET...

And the opportunity is in the TRILLIONS.

Let me explain:

Printed Electronics...
The Overlooked TRILLION-Dollar Trend in The IOT


What you’re seeing is a new space-age technology.

It’s called “printed electrochromics.”

I call them “smart chips.”

In reality, they are electronics so small that they’re embedded right into inks that can be printed on nearly anything.

We’re talking advanced sensing and connectivity capabilities on a nano-scale.

These inks are self-powering and internet-connected.

They are ultra-low weight, microscopically thin, and flexible.

They include built-in sensory technology that measures heat, movement, and touch.

And they can be printed, then put to work immediately!

All for less than a penny per use, they can be on every shipped package, every piece of luggage, every prescription bottle… improving safety, logistics, and record keeping.

Digitizing it all in an instant.

Now, it’s being actively deployed by 40 of the world’s biggest consumer brands, including L’Oréal. And some I cannot name that are much bigger and more recognizable.

That’s just the beginning though.

It’s on track to take hold in some of the world’s biggest markets.

The applications are virtually limitless! Take the food industry.

On Every Food Package...

Smart inks can tell you:

Whether your food is contaminated.

Whether it’s past expiration and rotten.

And whether the item is actually organic, or non-GMO.

Food recalls are a major cost to the industry.

Something like $55 billion every year.

The major problem boils down to one thing:


Food is often stored along the supply chain at high degrees of heat.

And by alerting the retailer whether a product is “too hot”...

These smart chips can stop that!

The organic food industry has even bigger implications.

The market is expected to reach $350 billion.

Everything with organic food depends on the label.

But how do you know if a food item is really organic?

Smart inks can be integrated early in the supply chain, tracking the origin of the food, including when, where, and how it was produced — right from the farm to your table.

Organic food makers will see a major boom in customer trust!

On Every Pill Bottle

Then there’s pharmaceuticals.

A $1.2 trillion industry.

These smart inks solve some of the industry’s biggest problems.

Prescription drugs are now being counterfeited to the tune of billions each year.

Drugs pass through so many hands before reaching the pharmacy, it’s impossible to know their origin.

As a result, over 100,000 patients lose their lives to counterfeit drugs every year.

And pharmaceutical companies lose as much as $200 billion.

Another problem is temperature.

Drugs must be kept at room temperature, or lose their effectiveness and even become dangerous.

Too often, drugs are stored at high degrees of heat and humidity through the supply chain.

And finally, patients don’t take their medication at right times or in proper doses.

This makes it hard for doctors to treat them, or maintain accurate medical records for patients.

These smart inks can help solve all of these issues.

They verify the drug’s origin and authenticity.

Track their temperature.

And monitor the number of pills in each bottle.

That’s why major drug makers want these smart inks on their prescription packages.

That’s also another big benefit.

Drug addiction.

The opioid epidemic is growing exponentially, wreaking havoc on tens of thousands of lives.

Several years ago the death toll from opioid overdose was around 24,000.

It’s now reached 66,000 per year.

These labels can help track the lifecycle of dangerous drugs from start to finish, helping to fight the opioid epidemic now gripping the nation.

On Every Shirt, Pair of Jeans, and All Clothing!

Another application is the retail industry.

Counterfeiting has gone from an acceptable thing at the margins of the industry...

To a major cost for big retailers.

In fact, a stunning $1.8 TRILLION is lost because of counterfeit goods each year.

But smart chips can stop that.

They authenticate the brand of your purse, jewelry, or clothes, tracking your item from factory to store. And the consumer can scan the label with a smartphone to verify its authenticity.

Consumers can now have faith that they’re buying the actual brand name.

This will revolutionize the shopping experience!

Another way smart chips save money is by stopping shoplifting, which costs stores over $100 billion every year.

Smart chips confirm whether something is purchased, allowing retailers to track stolen items.

In short, this is like a new 21st-century barcode!

On Every Advertisement

And then there's the trillion-dollar advertising industry, where print is still king.

Even with the surge in online ads, over half of all marketing still happens in print.

Think mailers, billboards, and magazine inserts.

And these smart inks now give print an advantage previously only enjoyed by online ads....

Allowing customers to interact with the ads, either by touch activation or smartphone.

Some are now using it on print ads and seeing substantially stronger results. Like Toyota, BMW, and Lexus.

In other words, print is becoming the new marketing technology!

Again, none of these are hypothetical examples.

These smart labels are now being used in all of these trillion-dollar markets — and there are thousands of other applications!

But how does it work, exactly?

How Does This Space-Age Technology Work?


As I said before, this field is called “printed electrochromics.”

And the technology is truly amazing.

On each label is a unique kind of ink that’s programmed with a tiny bit of electricity.

Also included is a tiny sensor that detects motion, temperature, and touch.

If there’s any motion, touch, or change in temperature...

The display will reveal the extra levels of information stored in the sensor and can transmit the information.

And get this:

It has no battery!

Which means it’s completely and easily disposable.

How is this all possible — without a source of electricity?

It’s simple.

Each label is printed with multiple tiny layers underneath.

At the bottom is a tiny layer of electrolytes that store charged particles.

When the sensor is activated, the stored charge powers the display to convey the information. The smart labels use so little energy that they can power themselves with this small charge.

This is how printed electrochromics works!

Another way is through the NFC (near field communications) technology that’s now in every smartphone.

Just hold your smartphone up to the label and:

If your package has been dropped...

If your food is spoiled...

If your medications are fake...

If your purse is actually a knockoff...

You will get the full rundown!

In just a moment, you’ll see details on the tiny company with all the patents on this technology.

It just IPO’d and trades for 30 cents per share.

An unbelievable bargain when you consider the opportunity at stake is in the trillions of dollars.

I’ll get into that more in a moment.

But first, let me tell you about the exciting news underway...

News that could kick off a historic 10,000% growth sales surge.

The Rollout of This Technology Begins

Right now, the production of these “smart labels” is surging.

Something to the tune of 10 million orders.

You see, up until now, these labels were produced sheet by sheet...

A method that limits their potential for truly mass-scale production.

But the company has now just started what’s called “roll-to-roll” production.


This is how newspapers are printed, rolling off the press.

For years, the big printing houses sat almost dormant as media shifted to the Internet.

But this company is reeducating the entire printing industry, partnering with it so smart inks can be integrated into existing printing equipment.

And that’s where the potential is:

Since virtually all brand names print their labels with roll-to-roll machines...

“Smart labels” will now be printed at a pace that keeps up with its large corporate clients.

And the profit margins are sky high!

That means most of its sales are pure profit since the inks cost pennies or less per application but the company that controls the technology can charge much more.

It can also license the technology to embed electronics into inks and get a royalty that never ends, which is how investors can reap long-term rewards.

With the new roll-to-roll production, sales are expected to grow from just hundreds of thousands per year...

To the hundreds of millions per year — a 10,000% sales surge.

2019 is expected to be the year when the shift to roll-to-roll production starts.

Potentially setting this 30-cent stock on an astronomic breakout to $3... $30 and beyond.

And putting these smart labels on every:

  • Package
  • Pill bottle
  • Food item
  • Purse
  • Print ad
  • And more...

Just like a barcode, you’ll never see products without it ever again.

I want to get you in on this opportunity immediately.

Which is why I compiled all of the never-before-heard details in my brand-new dossier:

"Get Rich on the Barcode of the Future: One Tiny Stock To Jumpstart the $19 Trillion Internet of Things"

In it, you’ll find:

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