Russia and China have placed offensive weapons in space. We never did. Now we’re rushing to play catch-up.

It’s the Mother of All Arms Races!

Making money may never be this easy again

You could capture a 2,395% gain — as soon as this year — with a small, “uniquely capable” defense and space exploration company

Its twofold mission:

  1. To help America become the dominant power in space — exactly like it helped make America the most powerful country on Earth
  2. To provide America with the futuristic technology that has and will again take America to the Moon, Mars, and beyond


Dear Investor,

Talk about being in the right place at the right moment in history.

Today, you have an opportunity to profit from what’s about to become the largest, most wide-ranging, and most expensive arms race in history.

A race to dominate space!

We’ve got alarming proof that China and Russia secretly began militarizing space years ago.

In a clear violation of international law, and the treaties they signed!

Their goal was to acquire a first-strike capability against America — from space.

“Our adversaries are weaponizing space whether we like it or not. The only question is will we be prepared to defend ourselves?”

— Senator Ted Cruz, Senate Armed Services Committee

There’s no way to sugarcoat this.

As it stands right now, we have no defense against an attack that starts in space… and ends down here.

“If people could fully understand the threat we have today from Russia and China, they would understand how serious this is and how important it is to protect our space assets.”

— Congressman Mike Rogers, House Armed Services Committee

If Russia or China were to order an attack today… they could bring us to our knees.

As recently as this past September they proved it beyond any doubt!

I’ll tell you exactly what they did and are continuing to do.

And why it’s no coincidence that President Trump recently directed the Pentagon to create a sixth military branch.

A U.S. Space Force.

To defend our interests and assets in space. And to defend America here on Earth.

To achieve this critically important end, the Pentagon selected a small “works in the shadows” defense contractor to even the playing field. Just as this company made America the most dominant military power here on Earth, it’s going to help us dominate space.

This Company Is Your Best Chance to Get In on the Ground Floor of the Mother of All Arms Races

As dangerous as an arms race in space is, it could be a gold mine for investors.

Even the average Joe could end up a multimillionaire.

Recent history is filled with examples of defense stocks in times of crisis creating fortunes for everyday investors.

Take Lockheed Martin for example — before it became the $100 billion mega-company it is today...

Its Titan rockets were among our first ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles).

A Titan Rocket in its silo

Titan rockets also lifted our Gemini astronauts into orbit — winning us our first space race.

Lockheed Martin also built dozens of other defense systems for our country.

And this is what Lockheed Martin did for investors…

Had you bought Lockheed Martin stock early in its history when it was trading for just $0.95 a share…

And held those shares until they peaked at $338 a share last year…

You could’ve captured a 35,479% gain!

That would’ve turned a $10,000 investment into a $3.5 million windfall!

How many homes, how many vacations, how many expensive toys and trinkets could you buy with $3.5 million burning a hole in your pocket?

General Dynamics, another defense contractor, could’ve added an additional $1.4 million to your bank account.

General Dynamics built the first Atlas rockets that carried John Glenn into space.

Today, General Dynamics manufactures submarines, warships, tanks, the Tomahawk cruise missile, and the powerful Atlas V rocket.

The firing of a Tomahawk missile

Had you bought shares of General Dynamics on the same day you should have bought shares of Lockheed Martin…

You would’ve paid just $1.42 a share.

And those shares would’ve risen to $221 a share last year.

A gain of 15,464%

A $10,000 investment could’ve handed you $1.4 million!

Still, Boeing could’ve gotten you the biggest win of all!

Passenger airliners and the venerable B-52 bomber aside…

Boeing today manufactures the Ground-based Midcourse Defense System (GMDS).

The GMDS missile system can detect, intercept, and destroy enemy missiles mid-flight.

Boeing’s GMDS anti-missile killer

Boeing also manufactures our current ICBMs, the Minuteman III.

The Minuteman III

Had you bought Boeing early in its day, when it was trading at just $0.83 a share…

And held those shares until last year…

When shares reached $345…

You could’ve captured a stunning 41,466% gain!

In other words, a $10,000 investment could’ve handed you $4.1 million.

But that’s all in the past now.

You’ll never see gains like that from these defense contractors again.

They’re too big and their shares are too expensive.


You could soon see equally explosive gains with the defense contractor and aerospace company I hinted at earlier.

It’s still unknown to the majority of investors.

So, its shares trade at a fraction of the price of the big three above.

And this company could deliver a 2,395% gain as soon as this year.

And that could be just the beginning.

Here’s why…

America today possesses the strongest, mightiest, most powerful military force on the face of the Earth.

Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran, haven’t a chance in hell against us in a military conflict.

And they damn well know it.

They don’t have the arms or the money to wage war against us.

However, what they do have… and if they use it… will leave us with no choice but to surrender.

In Outer Space, Russia and China Discovered Our Achilles Heel


And they’ve created “space-based” weapons to target it.

We are, in a word, defenseless!

That’s why hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent to build a defensive shield.

A record $716 billion is already headed to the Defense Department next year.

And even more money is set to follow.

It has to, if we’re going to have any chance of winning this space arms race.

Now let’s be clear: we didn’t start this arms race.

But we’re sure not going to lose it.

"We are not the people who choose to weaponize space, but if we are challenged we will respond. The Defense Department is today working on a means to project our national power onto our adversaries."

— Michael Griffin, the Pentagon’s top engineer

And the uniquely qualified company that I referred to earlier is already playing a primary role in projecting our power…

That’s why you could capture a 2,395% gain long before the first U.S. Space Force rocket lifts off.

And that could be as soon as this year!

Because as you can understand... a Space Force, or a Space Corps, is an urgent national priority.

Just to give you an idea of how unprepared, under-equipped, and undermanned we currently are...

Across all active-duty branches within the U.S. Armed Forces, we only have approximately 18,000 troops devoted to defending space.

The Coast Guard has more than twice that many troops!

That means, militarily speaking, we’re a third-rate space power.

And we are vulnerable to a preemptive attack.

Even NASA, an organization committed to the peaceful exploration of space, is lobbying aggressively for a U.S. Space Force.

Jim Bridenstine, the head of NASA, has said:

“As a nation, we are so completely dependent on space to the point where our adversaries have called space the ‘American Achilles heel.’

And these adversaries are now developing capabilities to deny us access to space.

If they succeed, they could bring this country to its knees.

We need a separate force that can focus exclusively on space given how important it is to the American way of life and how it is becoming more contested every day.”

Which explains why President Trump in a recent speech stated:

"When it comes to defending America, it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space. We must have American dominance in space.”

We Must Build an American Space Force!

As Secretary of Defense, General James “Mad Dog” Mattis famously said:

“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet."

That’s why President Trump ordered the creation of a U.S. Space Force.

America has no other choice.

Russia and China have violated the longstanding “Outer Space Treaty,” signed and ratified by more than 100 countries.

That treaty expressly prohibits “placing weapons of mass destruction in Earth orbit, installing them on the Moon or any other celestial body, or otherwise stationing them in outer space.”

Still, that hasn’t stopped China and Russia from turning space into a deadly new battleground.

They’ve developed weapons that can target something on which we as a nation are 100% dependent.

Without which we are deaf, dumb, and blind.

And at the complete mercy of our enemies.

I’m talking about…

Our satellites.

In particular, our GPS satellites.

You may think GPS is only for directions, but these satellites do far more than that.

There are 2 billion GPS receivers in use around the world.

They provide hyper-accurate clock synchronization to all industries that need exact timing calculations to conduct business.

If one or two GPS satellites are knocked out, not to mention three or four.

Almost everything in America falls apart.

All financial markets will shut down.

Because they all rely on GPS signals to conduct, record, and timestamp transactions.

Without GPS satellites you can’t buy or sell stocks or bonds.

Every banking transaction requires a timing signal from a GPS satellite.

If there’s no GPS, there’s no banking in the United States.

All your money will be frozen and out of reach.

The telecommunications industry, the Internet, airlines, electric utilities, cloud computing businesses, and TV broadcasters require precise GPS timing as well.

The entire U.S. power grid requires GPS satellites to regulate the flow of electricity.

The same applies to our water system.

Your mobile phone, your television, and your credit cards rely on GPS satellites.

“GPS is the single point of failure for the entire modern economy.”

— Congressman John Garamendi, member of the House Committees on Armed Services and Transportation and Infrastructure

Without our satellites, our military will be completely vulnerable.

Every second of every day our armed forces communicates and conducts reconnaissance via satellite.

The U.S. Air Force alone operates 77 satellites, and 41 are GPS satellites.

Operation Desert Storm in 1991 proved just how critical GPS satellites are for the military.

General "Stormin' Norman" Schwarzkopf Jr. was able to streak across large swathes of barren Iraqi desert at night.

And land a knockout blow to Saddam Hussein’s forces.

Today, there isn’t a military commander from sergeant on up who doesn’t rely on satellite information on the battlefield.

Our ships, aircraft, and missiles all rely on our satellites.

Without our satellites our military can’t monitor the movement of enemy forces.

Not being able to see enemy forces places us in the gravest danger!

And that’s the point.

Russia and China have secretly developed weapons designed for this one purpose.

To blind and immobilize our military.

They might not even need to attack us once they knock out our satellites.

Because without our satellites…

Our Economy, Our Infrastructure, Our Way of Life Will Crumble

Nothing will work, not the traffic lights, not the ATMs.

There’ll be no electricity, no running water.

No gas at the pump.

No cell phone communication.

Life as we now know it would grind to an immediate halt.

This is why President Trump called for the quick creation of a U.S. Space Force…

A Space Force is the best, maybe only way to prevent a preemptive attack.

Because Right Now Russia and China Possess Satellite-Killing Weapons!

As far back as 2007, China was developing and testing one such satellite-killing weapon.

It took the Pentagon completely by surprise.

And we still have no defense against it!

China fired a missile at one of its old weather satellites to test the missile’s accuracy.

It scored a direct hit.

Not long afterward, it fired another missile, this time into deeper space where the Pentagon parks its most sensitive satellites.

China’s most recent “shoot to kill” satellite test was conducted last February.

Secretary of Defense Mattis confirmed the result, and flatly admitted that the Chinese “could take out our satellites.”

The Chinese know that we have no defense against such an attack.

So they weren’t making an empty boast when they told the world that the U.S. is pretty much at its mercy in space.

China is now launching more rockets into orbit than we are.

It's building on its own space station.

And it's launched the world’s first satellite that can communicate with “quantum cryptography.”

In other words, it's developed an “unhackable” satellite-based military communications network.

Russia has been testing anti-satellite technologies, too.

“Russia is known to be working hard on anti-satellite technology”

— Newsweek

Just in the last few months our intelligence agencies have uncovered…

A Secret Russian Weapons System In Orbit

It can launch swarms of small “kamikaze satellites” from a mother ship orbiting the Earth.

These kamikaze satellites can be programmed to slam into and disable our satellites.

Needless to say, the White House and the Pentagon are alarmed.

Also, as I write this, I’m reading that the Russians have launched “inspector satellites.”

These are robot satellites designed to inspect and make repairs on other satellites.

But they could also latch onto our satellites and rip them apart.

Maybe worst of all, in September, a Russian Mig-31 “Foxhound” took off with a never-before-seen mystery weapon.

That, too, is believed to be an anti-satellite weapon.

The Foxhound is one of the fastest and highest-flying jets ever built.

Its ability to push Mach 3 near the edge of space with large weapons payloads makes it an ideal platform for firing anti-satellite missiles.

Russian military academies are already teaching their future generals how to fight in space.

Instructing them to occupy, in classic military doctrine, the high ground in battle.

And we’re not the only country the Russians are targeting in outer space, either.

France claims a Russian spy satellite recently flew close to one of its communication satellites 22,000 miles above the Earth in an attempt to intercept top-secret communications.

France’s Defense Minister said:

“We know for a fact they are putting objects into orbit, testing potentially offensive capabilities, conducting maneuvers that leave little doubt about their aggressive motives.”

There you have it. The Russians and Chinese are militarizing space.

While we have not.

We have no weapons, defensive or offensive, deployed in space.

All we have are satellites. Satellites that conduct surveillance, missile detection, and communication.

Yet, we’ve got no way to protect those satellites, our astronauts, or ourselves.

NASA head Jim Bridenstine put it this way:

“NASA has hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of satellites in orbit right now, plus we’ve got our American astronauts in orbit… We are dependent on space being safe and accessible.”

But now, finally, we’re heading into space.

In force.

Locked and loaded.

“Mad Dog” Mattis Has Put Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping on Notice…


“So this is the reality… We are not initiating this. We are saying we will be able to defend our satellites in space.

At the same time, if someone is going to try to engage in space with military means, we will not stand idly by.

We will defend ourselves in space if necessary.”

A United States Space Command is being formed.

It will create “a unified combatant command, to improve, evolve, and plan space war fighting.”

And by 2020, less than a year from now…

30,000 personnel are expected to be recruited to man the U.S. Space Command and its military arm, the Space Force.

The Space Force’s mission will be to deliver ordnance, vehicles, supplies, and personnel at speed to any area of operations using “high-load thruster-powered” rockets and other space carriers.

A special defensive perimeter will soon be built around our space assets. That will include space minefields or even fighter-class spacecraft.

As stated…

The Space Force’s role will be to defend strategic points, organize into squadrons, and assault enemy space installations if necessary.

Beyond that, its mission will be to build outposts and settlements and defend them.

That’s why President Trump has ordered NASA back to the moon.

It’s to establish bases and settlements there, and then to do the same on Mars.

“Leadership in space means security, technological prowess, and innovation. Our future prosperity depends on our leadership in space.”

— Congressman Brian Babin, Chairman of Congress’s Space Subcommittee

And that’s why U.S. companies are gearing up to conduct business in space.

From mining asteroids for precious and industrial metals…

To Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ plan to start delivering supplies to the moon by 2023.

And as a first step towards securing America’s presence in space…

Congress has ordered the Pentagon to develop orbiting anti-missile systems.

Air Force General Carlton Everhart, the head of the Air Mobility Command, says he wants to use orbiting platforms as supply depots.

“If I can resupply from space I can go across the globe in about 30 minutes,” the general said.

Make no mistake, the U.S. is thinking big about the future of space.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said he expects the moon to become “a type of gas station” — a fuel depot for our missions to Mars and beyond.

He also sees the number of U.S. satellites increasing almost 20-fold.

From 850 satellites today to 15,000!

It’ll be up to the U.S. Space Force to guarantee the safety of our people, our assets, and our freedom in space.

Of course, it goes without saying that this will all cost a lot of money.

But this is money that needs to be spent.

And a great deal of that money will be funneled into the uniquely qualified defense company I mentioned earlier.

A company that is vital in the manufacture of rocket launchers, missiles, rovers, satellites, and more.

Because it’s the only company of its kind.

And it can produce exactly what the military, NASA, and commercial, space-faring enterprises require.

Loren Thompson, chief operating officer with the Lexington Institute, a defense-focused think tank, said:

“A military service focused exclusively on space would inevitably place a higher priority on satellites, launch vehicles and ballistic missiles… and that could have a big impact on [this company].”

And as I’ll show you… you could see a 2,395% gain.

That means a $10,000 investment in this company could return a “space dividend” of $239,500.

Wouldn’t that be quite the trade?

You invest $10,000 and get back $239,500 in return.

And with that $239,500, you could buy yourself a second home, top off your retirement account, or do anything else you want to do.

Now before I show you why you could earn $239,500, and even more with this company…

You probably want to know who I am to tell you all this.

My name is Jason Simpkins.


I’m an editor of the Outsider Club, a publisher of sector-focused investment newsletters.

I also serve as the investment director and editor-in-chief of our newest, just-launched newsletter…

The Wealth Warrior.

The Wealth Warrior was created for three critical reasons.

  1. Our country, as you’ve already seen, is increasingly under assault by a host of bad actors at home and abroad.
  2. This, in turn, has prompted a massive spending increase in the defense and security sector.
  3. Therefore, recognizing an opportunity for outsized financial gain, our readers have asked for recommendations on companies best positioned to benefit from that increase in defense and security spending.

The Wealth Warrior focuses exclusively on large and small defense contractors and security companies whose fortunes and profits are now rising — dramatically.

In short, The Wealth Warrior is all about military and high-end security tech.

Weapons and weapons systems that American companies are developing, introducing, and delivering to our war fighters.

This month, The Wealth Warrior’s #1 investment recommendation is this “behind the scenes” defense and aerospace company I’ve been referring to.

Why do I say. “behind the scenes”?

I’ll explain it this way: the big three defense contractors I mentioned earlier…

Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Boeing, and a long list of other defense and aerospace contractors, including Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, and even Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin all rely on this one company.

Also, the weapons that I previously showed you …

The Titan and Atlas rockets, the Tomahawk and GMDS missiles, the Minuteman missiles, and a long list of other weaponry…

They would’ve never gotten off the ground without this company’s products.

I’m talking about rocket engines, thrusters, and other specially-designed propulsion systems.

And while all the big defense and aerospace companies build the rocket casings and many of the things that go into a rocket or missile

This company makes them fly.

In fact, it’s the only “independent” American company that does that.

And its latest propulsion system is straight out of every sci-fi space flick you’ve ever seen.

A jaw-dropping example of movie magic becoming reality…

But before I show you its newest rocket engine, the likes of which you’ve only seen in movies…

Let’s get a few things out of the way...

If you don’t believe we as a country need to protect ourselves from a first strike from space…

Because you don’t think the threat is real…

And that everything this relatively small company is building for the U.S. military to counter that threat — for which it could receive billions and billions of dollars — is a waste of money…

…Stop reading.

If you believe that our tactical and strategic land-based missile systems are also a waste of billions of dollars…

Stop reading!

If you don’t believe that outer space, beyond Earth’s orbit, is indeed the next frontier for us to conquer…

Stop reading!

If you don’t believe governments and corporations, public and private, will land on asteroids, as they’ve already begun to do…

To mine rare and exotic metals whose value is beyond anything you can imagine…

Stop reading right now!

If you don’t want to see the proof that this company’s engines will take us where no human or machine has gone before…

Don’t read any further!

And finally, if you doubt that a $10,000 investment in this company could return to you $239,500 — nearly a quarter million dollars — as soon as the next few months…

You’re in for a big, shocking surprise!

Because the very next rocket that lifts off from Cape Canaveral in Florida, or Vandenberg Air Force base in California…

Will likely be using a first-, second-, or third-stage rocket engine built by this company.

In other words, when that rocket or missile roars into space — that’s not fire and smoke coming out of those engines.

That’s money — real profits — heading to investors of this company!

And if you want some of that money for yourself…

Don’t wait!

The reason for this increased interest in this company is twofold.

After the Space Shuttle program was scuttled almost 10 years ago, and Washington lost all interest in space exploration and space defense…

To the point where we’re currently sending our astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) atop Russian rockets…

Investors in this company still saw their shares power 1,196% higher!

Even though the company was basically in quiet cruise mode.

But now…

We’re heading into space again.

And this is the company the Pentagon and NASA are calling on to take us there.

Because this is the company whose engines…

  • Powered every land-based and submarine-based ICBM the U.S. military has fielded since the Cold War. Including the current tip of the spear, the Minuteman III
  • Will power the replacement for the more than 45-year-old Minuteman missile
  • Power the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense anti-missile system (THAAD), and the Patriot anti-missile system
  • Will power the JAGM (Joint Air Ground Missile), the replacement for the Hellfire and Maverick air-to-ground missiles
  • Power the Stinger shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missile
  • Will power the Navy’s new MK48 anti-submarine and anti-surface torpedo
  • Will power the Phantom Express, a space plane DARPA is developing, designed to quickly fuel up and take off into space daily, like a commercial airliner.
  • Power both Voyager I and Voyager II spacecraft, which recently left the outer boundaries of our solar system and are now traveling through interstellar space more than 11 billion miles away.
  • Powered the Gemini mission rockets, and the Apollo mission rockets that landed our astronauts on the moon and returned them home.
  • Power the Mars Curiosity Rover, using a specially-designed thermoelectric propulsion system. And will also power the next Mars rover, now being built
  • Powered every Space Shuttle that ever flew during its 30-year mission. And will power the new Orion spacecraft now being built to take our astronauts back to the moon and eventually to Mars
  • Will power NASA’s next big rocket, the SLS (Space Launch System) that will take Americans into deep space aboard the Orion spacecraft.
  • Will power the upper stages of NASA’s new Vulcan re-usable rocket
  • Power the New Horizons spacecraft that already photographed Pluto and is now on its way to the Kuiper Belt and then on to interstellar space
  • Powered NASA’s Cassini spacecraft that studied Saturn, its rings and moons, and the Juno spacecraft that studied Jupiter and its moons. The Messenger spacecraft that studied Mercury, and the Magellan spacecraft that studied Venus
  • Power the Parker Solar Probe that’s now on its way to “touch” the Sun — to enter the Sun’s corona — the closest encounter ever with a star — facing heat and radiation no other spacecraft has ever encountered
  • Power, has powered, and will power an untold number of satellites for NASA, the military, and commercial corporations. (It’s estimated that over 1,700 satellites will be launched over the next five years)
  • Power the robotic spacecraft OSIRIS-Rex that’s now journeying to asteroid Bennu to collect samples and return them to Earth

Speaking of asteroids…

NASA estimates there’s $700 quintillion — that’s a 7 followed by 20 zeros ($700,000,000,000,000,000,000) — worth of gold, iron, and nickel in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

That’s $100 billion for every one of Earth’s 7 billion people.

Now I could go on and on for hours describing every rocket engine, thruster, and propulsion system this company has built and is contracted to build.

But I think you already understand why it’s our nation’s No. 1 rocket engine builder.

And why it’s so critically important to our national defense.

Currently producing 15,000 tactical solid rocket engines per year!

And why it will also play a critical role in our plans to become a space-faring nation.

It’s already powered more than 1,600 peaceful rocket launches since the beginning of the U.S. space program.

And now, this is the company building a propulsion system that’s straight out of Star Wars.

It will revolutionize space travel.

But before I tell you more about it…

Let’s talk about the money this company could earn for itself and its shareholders right now.

Why You Could Earn $239,500 — Nearly a Quarter Million Dollars As Soon As the End of This Year — on Just a $10,000 Investment Today


Here’s what we now know:

One, the Minuteman III ICBM is scheduled to be replaced with a new, more powerful ICBM.

This company’s rocket engines, not surprisingly, will power those ICBMs.

And the Pentagon wants to build 666 of these missiles at a cost of $62 billion.

How much of that $62 billion will this company receive?

It hasn’t been published yet. But considering that without a rocket engine you don’t have a missile...

A reasonably conservative estimate would be that at least 15%, or $9.3 billion could go to this company.

Two, the U.S. Air Force wants to spend approximately $44 billion on space-related projects, including weaponry.

And take note, this $44 billion request was made before the President announced the creation of a Space Force.

Still, let’s continue to be conservative and say, of that $44 billion, only 15%, or $6.6 billion, will potentially go to this company.

That amounts to $15.9 billion, maybe more, maybe less. ($9.3 billion + $6.6 billion = $15.9 billion)

Three, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency is requesting $9.9 billion for 2019 — $2 billion more than it requested last year.

15% of that — because, once again, missiles can’t fly without rocket engines — means this company could receive at least $900 million.

$900 million + the $15.9 billion above = $16.8 billion potentially heading to this company.

Four, the “classified” National Reconnaissance Office is requesting $10 billion.

The NRO launches satellites no one is supposed to know about.

Nonetheless, satellites require thrusters to maneuver and rocket engines to put them in orbit.

15% of $10 billion = $1.5 billion.

$1.5 billion + $16.8 billion = $18.3 billion potentially landing on this company’s doorstep.

Five, the company has already been awarded an initial $2.6 million to begin upgrading the U.S. Navy’s MK48 Heavyweight Torpedo.

$2.6 million + $18.3 billion = $18.6 billion.

Six, the Hellfire missile used by the Air Force, Army, and Navy will be replaced by the JAGM missile. But because it’s not yet in full production, the annual cost is unknown.

However, if we take the 2017 Hellfire procurement budget, which was $686 million, and assume the more advanced JAGM will cost more…

Not to mention it’ll be doing double duty, because it will also replace the Maverick missile…

We might see $1 billion being spent annually on the JAGM.

Nonetheless, let’s continue to be conservative…

And say JAGM’s annual cost will be the same as the Hellfire — $686 million.

15% of $686 million = $102.9 million.

$102.9 million + $18.6 billion = $18.7 billion potentially going to this company.

Now understand, there’s also a long list of other missiles and munitions that will use this company’s rocket engines.

For example, the Patriot, THAAD, Trident, and Stinger missiles to name a few.

So let’s continue to be conservative and say it could receive an additional $2 billion for all these other weapon systems.

Which brings us to $20.7 billion potentially going to this company.

But wait!

If I were to also list all the different kinds of rocket engines, and thrusters this company also builds for NASA…

Which will receive $19 billion this year for rockets, satellites, and probes…

And then add in all the rockets and thrusters for satellites the private sector places in orbit…

Your eyes will pop.

So for brevity’s sake… and to continue to be conservative in our estimates…

We’ll say this company could receive from NASA and commercial enterprises an additional $4-$5 billion.

But for argument’s sake let’s just say $4.5 billion.

$20.7 billion + $4.5 billion = $25.2 billion now heading potentially to this company this year.

But we also have to include the money that will be budgeted for the Space Force…!

We already know that just organizing the Space Force as a “separate but equal” sixth branch of the military, to quote the President…

Will cost $13 billion. (According to the Secretary of the Air Force.)

Well, if the administrative cost alone for the Space Force is $13 billion…

Imagine the cost of munitions, launchers, and everything else that’ll be needed to make the Space Force a fighting force to be reckoned with.

But again, no exact figures have been published.

However, if the Space Force will be a “separate and equal” branch of the military

And we already know that next year’s Pentagon budget stands at $716 billion this year…

And that $716 billion will be, as it’s been in the past, divided more or less equally among the five existing military branches…

The Space Force, if allocated its equal share, will then receive at least $119 billion. ($716 billion divided by six.)

And 15% of $119 billion = $17.9 billion

$17.9 billion + $25.2 billion = $43.1 billion potentially heading to this company.

But that’s still not all the money that’s on the table for this company.

Because this company has a $4.3 billion order backlog!

$43.1 billion + $4.3 billion = $47.4 billion.

Which brings us to a grand total of $47.4 billion heading potentially to this company by the end of this year.

Now for the best part…

Why YOU could capture a 2,395% gain this year!


In 2017, this company’s top-line revenue, when it was operating in relatively quiet cruise mode, was $1.9 billion.

And yet, its shares still rose an impressive 54% from its 52-week low to its 52-week high.

However, this year…

With a massive influx of $47.4 billion potentially heading to this company from the military, NASA, and commercial enterprises…

That amounts to a 2,395% increase in this company’s revenue!

Now when the Wall Street herd finally wakes up… does the math, as I just did for you…

And recognizes that this company is about to increase its revenue by 2,395%...

They could quickly and exuberantly bid up this company’s stock far beyond 2,395%.

Because they’ve done that before — to many other stocks!

And if a feeding frenzy begins…!

All bets are off as to how high and fast this stock could fly.

Nevertheless, let’s not speculate on what the Wall Street herd will or won’t do.

Instead, let’s continue to play it safe, smart, and conservative, which, in my book, is always the preferred way.

So, we’ll continue to say this company’s stock could see, at a minimum, a 2,395% increase in its share price this year.

The next logical question then is: what will you do with all that money you’re about to make?

Because if you invest $10,000 today in this company…

And woke up one morning a year or so from now with an extra $239,500 in your bank account.

What would be the first thing you’d do with that $239,500?

Got debts, a mortgage — they’re gone!

Want to buy a boat, a new car? — they’re yours!

Want to buy that summer home, or that European river tour for your anniversary? — done deal!

In short, there’s a lot you can do with $239,500 burning a hole in your pocket.

Now I’m going to show you the pictures.

Pictures of what this company is building…

A Rocket Engine Straight Out of Science Fiction!

Which is why I said at the beginning that a 239,500% gain may only be a down payment, a small taste of what’s to come.

It could also be the reason Bank of America estimated that over the next decade or so the “space economy” will be worth $2.7 trillion!

BoA didn’t mention which industries will be the leaders fueling the “Space Boom.”

But you’d think that asteroid mining companies will be among the top 10.

Simply because of the tons of precious and industrial metals and gemstones, from gold to diamonds to lithium, in those city-sized space rocks.

Construction companies would logically be among the leaders as well.

We’ll need places to live and work, habitats, located either in orbit around the moon and Mars, or on them.

The Defense Department via the Space Force will no doubt be among the biggest spenders.

Then again, it really doesn’t matter who will be the leaders in the emerging space economy.

Because whoever they are, they’ll need rocket engines.

Particularly, the kind of rocket engines I’m about to tell you about.

That I guarantee you’ve only seen in the movies and on TV.

A rocket engine that’ll go a long way to making space something it never was before.


Which is why the big institutional investors mentioned above have been upping their purchases of this company’s stock.

Let me ask you…

Have you ever witnessed a rocket launch? Either in person or a video of it?

There’s always a lot of smoke and fire and a deafening, ground-shaking roar.

But when you watch a movie, Star Wars or Star Trek…

There’s none of that.

Just a cool, blue-white glow coming from the Millennium Falcon as it travels through space.

Well, this company is now building for NASA something very similar.

Below are photos taken at the exhaust end of this new rocket engine.

Here’s a photo of the company’s engine in a NASA testing facility.

It’s called an “Ion drive.”

It doesn’t use traditional rocket fuel, either in liquid or solid form.

Which is very heavy, very expensive, and highly explosive. Hence, very dangerous.

Instead, an ion drive uses electric and magnetic fields to ionize gases, like xenon.

Then, under tremendous pressure, it expels the ions at extremely high velocities, which in turn produces thrust.

That, of course, is the short of it. And I guarantee you, if I gave you the long of it, you’d hate me for torturing you with incomprehensible physics.

So suffice it to say…

An ion drive is cleaner, safer, and 10x more fuel efficient than traditional rocket engines.

And for that reason, it’s expected to play a major role in not only taking Americans back to the moon, but also to Mars and beyond.

Because up until now, the problem has always been, other than the expense, how to load enough fuel onto a rocket to transport heavy loads to distant locations.

With this company’s ion drive though, NASA expects that problem to be solved.

However, the ion drive this company is developing will not replace traditional rocket engines that are used for lift-offs.

Ion drives don’t yet produce enough thrust to overcome the Earth’s gravity.

In the future, of course, anything’s possible.

But for now, NASA hopes to use the company’s ion drives to power spaceships already in space.

Spaceships that will transport cargo, people, and explore deep space.

In fact, the company’s ion drives are already being used in space right now.

As I write this, the company’s ion drives are maneuvering five GEOStar-3 communication satellites into their assigned orbits.

And though the GEOStar-3 satellites weigh nearly a ton each…

They only require a relatively small ion drive.

For much bigger and heavier loads, the company’s ion drives, now in development, will be nearly 10 times as powerful.

That’s why owning shares of this company is literally an investment in the future of space travel.

And the money it could earn you over time…

Maybe far more than the 2,395% gain this company could produce as soon as this year. 

That’s why I’ve already written to my Wealth Warrior subscribers…

This is a company to own for years and years to come.”

I want to tell you more about this company. More about what it’s doing now, and what it’s planning to do in the future.

I also want to tell you more about its ion drive that’s revolutionizing space travel.

And about the many different propulsion systems that are right now lifting NASA’s rockets and the military’s missiles into space.

Not to mention, the tens of billions of dollars on the table — waiting to be paid to this company.

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Military analysts agree…

This weapon has the potential to be the most disruptive battlefield technology since the introduction of “stealth.”

And our need for it is a matter of life and death — because China and Russia are already ahead of us in developing their own versions of this “winner take all” weapon.

The impossibility of defending against this weapon has pushed the Pentagon into yet another expensive arms race.

According to Michael Griffin, undersecretary of defense:

Developing this weapon is the “highest technical priority” for the U.S. military.

According to JPMorgan:

The dollars pouring into its development could soar from around $400 million last year, to $1.5 billion in 2019, and more than $5 billion by the mid-2020s, and "perhaps significantly more."

And I’m recommending a major player in this new arms race.

A company already receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from the Pentagon in development money.

A company that could receive exponentially more money once full-scale production begins, and we enter into the world of...

Hypersonic Weaponry.

Hypersonic weapons, the type the U.S. is now developing, can fly as fast as Mach 20!

15,340 miles per hour!

Fast enough to fly from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine in just over 10 minutes!

And because they can fly at extremely high altitudes, but short of entering space like a ballistic missile…

A ballistic missile interceptor can’t shoot them down.

Even in the atmosphere, fighter jets and surface-to-air missiles would have an extremely difficult time shooting down such a fast-moving target.

That’s why the Secretary of the Air Force said:

"We are going to go fast and leverage the best technology available to get hypersonic capability to the war fighter as soon as possible.”

And you can take that to mean…

A great deal of money will be heading just as fast into this company profiled in my special report.

"The Only Weapon… Against Which There’s No Defense."

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Question: What do Facebook, Target, Sony, and JPMorgan all have in common?

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Which may have included your personal data — your social security number, your credit card numbers, and your passwords.

That’s why cybersecurity is expected to be a $108 billion industry in less than two years.

But to say this company is only a cybersecurity company…

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Because this company does so much more than offer cybersecurity.

For example…

This company is able to keep track of a felon under house arrest in Idaho.

Prevent a disgruntled employee on the West Coast from selling confidential information to a competing company on the East Coast.

Stop a terrorist with a forged passport from entering the United Kingdom…

Also, aside from protecting your computer, laptop, and mobile phone...

It can encrypt and safeguard your mobile payments.

In fact, its products and service are currently used in more than 100 countries around the world.

Some of its biggest clients are banks, telecom companies, infrastructure companies, and IT companies, as well as governments and the military.

Altogether, it has 30,000 clients globally.

Plus, it’s issued more than 3 million income-producing software licenses.

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