Who’s Buying Weed!?

Warren Buffett. Coca-Cola. Heineken.

Mainstream companies are buying up cannabis stocks left and right — if you’re holding the right ones, you could make a fortune.

I reveal the five buyout targets next up on the list...

Get in now to make 1,000% or more in the weeks ahead.


Fellow Investor,


Hi, my name is Jimmy Mengel.

And we don’t have much time...

As I’m about to explain, dozens of the world’s biggest companies are out on a billion-dollar shopping spree for one thing: cannabis.

The taboo is over, and they’re ready to buy up cannabis companies before anyone else does.

It’s creating an unprecedented market-wide growth spurt...

As reported by Forbes, this $9.2 billion market is on track to explode into a massive $47.3 billion market over the next few years.

And those numbers are just for North America!

The mainstream moment for cannabis has finally arrived — and we’re going to see massive buyouts in the weeks ahead.

Giant, name-brand companies like Coca-Cola, Heineken, and Molson are in the process of pouring billions into cannabis.

If you’re holding the right stocks, you’ll make giant profits the moment these buyouts take place.

I’ve already made incredible profits in this hot space over the last 12 months...

  • 216%
  • 218%
  • 275%
  • 346%
  • 428%

These aren’t cherry-picked numbers.

They’re actual returns from my cannabis portfolio... all of them were made in the last year and the money is in the bank.

And these wins are on top of the giant returns I made the year before that... 220% on a company called Helix TCS and 428% on a grower named Future Farm Technologies.

Big wins like this instantly translate into life-changing wealth for the investors who follow my work.

The math isn’t hard to do...

Those investors were able to turn every $5,000 into $21,400.

And every $10,000 into $42,800.

An investor named Johnny R.S. wrote to me and told me about the 294% he made from one of these recommendations...

Thanks a for the million-dollar idea Mr. Mengel. You Rock!

Just imagine where you’d be right now if you’d joined me in cannabis investing a year ago.

But thankfully, you’re not too late...

Because all of the billions flowing into this buyout frenzy are enough to make you all of this and more.

How do I know?

Because I just did it!

I just made 3,220% on the buyout of a cannabis stock. It’s by far the biggest win of my career.

You read that right: I turned every $10,000 I invested into $322,000.

And I firmly believe I’m on the cusp of doing it again...

The momentum for cannabis is building to an all-time high, and right now is the biggest moment I’ve ever seen.

If you follow my lead, you could make an absolute fortune.

  • You don’t need to live in a state or country where marijuana is legal
  • You don’t need to know anything about cannabis or concern yourself with the political side of things
  • And you don’t need to risk huge sums of money

I’ll cut right to the chase...

I have a list of five small cannabis stocks that are in the perfect spot to make a killing on this buyout frenzy.

If you’re holding shares of these stocks, you could instantly make 1,000% or more the moment a buyout is announced.

I’m not keeping this information to myself.

I’ve written a detailed special report that includes a full description of these five stocks — their names, their ticker symbols, and why they’ll be the ones to benefit the most from these buyout billions.

I’d like to put this report in your hands today.

Over the next few minutes, I’d like to show you the exact reasons why I’m so excited about these five cannabis stocks... and why you should be, too.

How I Made 3,220% on a Cannabis Buyout...


This story begins just a few years ago, when I flew from my offices in Baltimore to the small town of Smith Falls, in Ontario, Canada.

I was there to visit a cannabis growing facility in person — I’d never visited one before, and so I wasn’t completely sure what to expect.

The name of that company is Canopy Growth.

Back then, this company was completely unheard of (in fact, it was called Tweed at the time).

The CEO of the company, Bruce Linton, came out and greeted me with a firm handshake.

Then he asked me to do something very strange...

He asked me to wear scrubs and put on what looked like a big white space suit.

I even had to wear a hairnet and face mask!

I wasn’t expecting this part — it wasn’t how I imagined a visit to a pot grower would go.

Once I was suited up, I was led to a giant airlock door, and there was a click and then a loud hiss as the door swung open.

I peered inside to see thousands of marijuana plants, all standing in perfect rows, surrounded by advanced scientific equipment.

I was amazed at how technical the science of pot has become.

Every single plant has a barcode that explains its exact genetic lineage — they continue to improve the quality of their product through clones and hybrids using the latest agronomic and genetic technology.

I was instantly glad I had made the effort to do this boots-on-the-ground research.

When I stepped through the door, I officially became the very first editor in the investment newsletter space to visit a growing facility in person — and it makes all the difference.

You see, I don’t just read reports and stare at charts.

I pick up the phone and call the CEO for almost every single stock I recommend.

My calls are always put through.

I grill the CEO with a battery of tough questions about business operations.

And if I really like what I hear, then I climb onto an airplane so I can see the company’s facilities with my own eyes.

There’s no replacement for this kind of a firsthand research.

As I looked around the Smith Falls growing facility, I was blown away by the agricultural and scientific expertise.

And everything about the company’s operations revealed what an incredible opportunity this was.

The moment I returned to Baltimore, I wrote to the investors who follow my work and told them to buy shares of this company.

They cautiously followed my suggestion.

Many expressed doubts...

Is it even legal for Americans to invest in pot stocks?

(The answer is a resounding yes — not only is it legal, but it’s making Americans into millionaires every single day.)

These investors trusted me.

And today, my inbox is filled with letters thanking me for pushing them to give it a try.

Like this email from John V:

I was worried about marijuana stocks, but you have shown me the way. Thank you, Captain!

Here’s why John V. is so happy...

He and these other investors bought shares of Canopy Growth at $1.60 each.

As you may have already seen, this now-popular company has been on a growth spurt ever since.

It started by sailing past $10... and then past $20...

But the biggest moment in this stock’s history came with a buyout announcement.

Canopy Growth announced it was selling 38% of its stock to Constellation Brands (the owner of Corona and Heineken) for a record-setting $5 billion.

The stock instantly took off, soaring above $50 a share!

This cannabis buyout was the reason I was able to make such an incredible total return — 3,220%.

As I said, it’s the biggest win of my career.

But even investors who only showed up at the very end — just for the buyout — still made good money.

Investors holding shares at the time of the buyout announcement doubled their money in just three weeks, as shares shot from $24 to $52.

Not bad for a 21-day investment!

That’s how powerful a cannabis buyout can be.

But you can do even better.

Because I have a list of five cannabis stocks that are a little more under-the-radar, getting you in before everyone else, just like I did with Canopy Growth.

Average investors haven’t heard of them (yet), but that’s not going to stop these cannabis stocks from being the top buyout candidates.

In fact, because they’re not obvious to everyone, that makes them a good deal — and all the more attractive to big companies like Coca-Cola, Constellation Brands, and Anheuser-Busch InBev.

The days of big wins in the cannabis industry are really just beginning...

That’s why Molson Coors CEO Mark Hunter recently said that putting money into cannabis was a no-brainer.

For him, the question is simple, do you “want to be a spectator, or a participant?”

His choice was participant, and that’s why his $13 billion company is already putting hundreds of millions into cannabis buyouts.

I’ll put the same question to you...

Do you want to watch from the sidelines, or do you want in on the profits?

I’m a Cannabis Insider — I’ve Spent a Decade Finding Triple-Digit Winners


Again, my name is Jimmy Mengel.

I’ve been on the inside of the cannabis industry since the beginning.

Here’s how much you would have made in a single year if you’d invested $2,500 in each of my cannabis plays.

And without a doubt, one of the biggest reasons why I make such consistent money is because of my insider-level access to the cannabis world.

I’m not what you’d call famous, but when it comes to cannabis investing, my name has gained some traction.

My colleagues and I have appeared on CNBC and all the major financial networks.

I’ve shared the stage with investment gurus like Jim Rogers...

montel jimmy

I’ve talked about pot profits with TV personality Montel Williams...

And I’ve interviewed rock n’ roll legend Gene Simmons from the band KISS.

He’s a colorful character — and while I don’t necessarily agree with all of his investing calls, he’s been a successful figure in the pot world.

Marijuana is a popular investment for major sports stars, and so I’ve literally met dozens of popular stars from the NBA, NFL, and MLB.

I’m not at liberty to share their names here, but trust me when I say they’re pretty well known.

Some ask me questions in whispers... and others are outspoken about their interest in pot.

Now, let me note here...

This opportunity will make you exceptional money even if all the laws stay exactly as they are today.

But as you’ve probably noticed, laws are quickly changing in favor of marijuana — and each new legalization will put additional gains in your pocket.

Just take a look at the trend of public opinion on this issue... 


Cannabis is now officially in the mainstream.

And that’s why the world’s biggest companies all want a piece of the action...

Get Ready for the Buyout Frenzy

As I told you earlier, the North American cannabis industry is on its way from $9.2 billion today to a massive $47.3 billion in the years ahead.

And it’s going to continue to grow even more from there!

CNBC recently ran the headline: “Cannabis Industry Poised for Tremendous Growth”... and reports that the cannabis industry is expected to blossom to a staggering $200 billion by 2030.

And that’s all calculated according to today’s laws, which as I said, are rapidly changing for the better.

We’re already seeing the effects on the ground.

Just look at what it’s done in cannabis-friendly Canada...

And soon we’ll be seeing it everywhere, including new markets in the U.S.

Let me show the five catalysts that will drive this growth — and how you can collect your share of the wealth.

The First Catalyst — Reinventing Soft Drinks:
Are You Ready to Make Money on a Cannabis Coca-Cola?


It’s no coincidence that beverage companies are leading the buyout charge.

This is for two very big reasons...

#1. Beverage sales have slumped for years, and so beverage companies are desperate to diversify  

#2.  Beverage brands urgently need something new now that energy drinks are plateauing — and cannabis-infused drinks are that something

Billions are being re-directed toward cannabis — and all of the largest soft-drink makers are taking this seriously.

Including a company with a $196 billion market cap...

Yes, I’m talking about Coca-Cola.

Here’s a recent headline from Bloomberg...

And here’s what CNN reported...

And Business Insider reported...

Business Insider goes into detail about how this thirst for cannabis could soon be bigger than the entire soft drink market.

In an official statement, Coca-Cola acknowledged: “The space is evolving quickly."

And as I’m sure you’ve also seen in the news, that’s why Coca-Cola has been putting its money where its mouth is.

In short, all of these new cannabis drinks have the power to make you rich.

We all saw what happened when energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull stormed the soft-drink space...

It created one of the biggest investment opportunities in the history of the stock market.

Monster Beverage grew an unstoppable 75,188% over the 15-year rise of its namesake energy drink.

Just take a look at that chart!

Even if you were in on only a small part of it, you could have made money on this unstoppable stock... at virtually any point.

Cannabis drinks have the power to be the next Monster Beverage... and a whole lot more.

It’s so big that it’s not going to stay confined to just soft drinks...

The Second Catalyst — Disrupting Alcohol:
The Prohibition is Over...
And All the Beer and Liquor Money Is Going to Pot

We’re already seeing the exact same thing happen with beer and liquor.

Sales for beer and liquor have leveled off across the board, and all the major brands are looking to diversify and introduce new products.

As the CEO of Canopy Growth said recently: “It’s a terrible job to be the CEO of a beer or spirits company without a cannabis strategy.”

The first drinks are already hitting the market...

For example, Heineken’s craft beer label Lagunitas already makes a beer that’s infused with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

It’s selling well in cannabis dispensaries throughout California and making a fortune for the otherwise flatlined Heineken.

But these drinks won’t just stay confined to dispensaries...

Molson Coors has partnered with cannabis company Hydropothecary to make an entire line of cannabis-infused beverages.

As a recent Wall Street Journal headline put it... “Molson Coors Turns to Marijuana as Beer Sales Drop.”

An official statement from Molson Coors puts it this way: “We decided entering the cannabis space would provide us with a real growth opportunity.”

And Bloomberg had a lot to say about all of the potential...

Because ultimately Molson Coors isn’t trying to just sell some drinks in Canada.

While that market will be very profitable (and will hand giant gains to investors), it’s ultimately in preparation for entry into the U.S. market.

Molson Coors CEO Mark Hunter is readily upfront about this.

He told Bloomberg that the Canadian partnership is an opportunity “to incubate and test” products for other markets, including the U.S.

This is huge news, because Molson Coors is far from finished in its entry into the space, and it's definitely going to continue to be a visible player in the buyout frenzy.

And I believe there’s a lot more to come...

Just think of what will happen when the weight of the $1.594 trillion worldwide beer and liquor industry starts to flow into cannabis!

In fact, a lot of the old beverage money is quite content to kick the alcohol altogether and move toward 100% cannabis.

Adolphus Busch V, one of the heirs to the massive Anheuser-Busch fortune, is launching a pot company.

He says that the future isn’t beer or alcohol... it’s cannabis. Just cannabis.

The heir to the Jim Beam whiskey fortune is in complete agreement, and that’s why he’s pouring his fortune into starting a cannabis venture of his own.

And one of the Wrigley Gum heirs is combining forces with pop legend Jimmy Buffett to create their own specialty brand of weed products.

According to the CEO of Molson, his company is going to make a move soon, and it could be just a few weeks away from making its next buy.

I’m certain the five cannabis stocks I’m following are on his list.

The Third Catalyst — The Death of Tobacco:
Is This the Tobacco Killer?
Because Pot is Taking All the Tobacco Profits

We’ve seen a lot of activity from Big Tobacco recently.

For example, major cigarette maker Imperial Brands PLC just poured tens of millions into an equity stake in the private company Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies.


Because tobacco is wheezing on its last gasp...

All the numbers point to the fact that tobacco use is on a sharp decline.

Case in point, 20.9% of the population smoked in 2005...

And today that number is down to a paltry 15.5%.

That’s right. Millions of American’s have completely ditched smoking.

And even among those who do still smoke, they’re consuming fewer cigarettes.

According to the CDC, the average number of cigarettes per day has decreased from 17 to 14.

This is a permanent shift and it isn’t going to turn around.

As Dr. Corrine Graffunder, the director of the CDC Office on Smoking and Health, put it:

“... these data are consistent with the declines in adult cigarette smoking that we’ve seen for several decades.”

The number of smokers is consistently going down... down... down.

And it’s no coincidence that tobacco has been affected the most in Canada, California, and Colorado — the places where cannabis is legal!

Tobacco use has dropped off even faster in these areas, in ever greater numbers, because millions of adults are making the switch to marijuana.

And many of the delivery methods they’re choosing are much safer than the cancer-causing tobacco.

Overall, the trend has been considered a net win for national health.

For example, you’ve probably already heard about vaping.

The numbers show that in areas where it’s legal, vaping marijuana is growing at more than double the rate of tobacco.

You’ve probably seen a vape shop in your hometown, or perhaps just down the block from your office.

Now, I’m a no-nonsense kind of guy, and so I’ll be the first to say that I sometimes think vaping looks a bit silly.

But the reality is that it’s extremely practical and incredibly popular.

And most important of all... outstandingly profitable.

We’re talking billions of dollars in Canada.

And billions of dollars in California.

And billions of dollars everywhere from Chile to Europe to Japan.

So I’m quite happy to make money on this burgeoning trend.

I’ve already made 428% gains on cannabis vaping, and I quite literally laughed my way to the bank as I passed a group of 20-somethings using their vapes on the sidewalk.

(And if that’s what you’re into, I don’t judge.)

But I hope we’re both serious about the kind of money-making potential we’re talking about...

And why you can’t afford to wait around if you want to be part of it.

Which brings us to one of the biggest catalysts yet for mainstream cannabis...

The Fourth Catalyst — Medical Marijuana:
The FDA Says Green Medicine is Good Medicine

Medicine has finally become fully invested in the benefits of cannabis.

There are currently more than 1,000 new medical studies published each year, and that number continues to climb.

These studies continue to add to the mounting scientific evidence that cannabis is a medical miracle.

The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine just undertook a massive review of over 10,000 published studies on the medical benefits of cannabis...

Their conclusion?

Cold, hard evidence that cannabis is effective for the treatment of chronic pain, nausea, and the pain of multiple sclerosis.

No other substance in medicine is receiving this kind of attention.

It’s been shown to treat the symptoms of:

  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer's
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Depression and anxiety
  • PTSD

And here’s a handful of famous doctors who have taken the extra step to publicly recommend cannabis for these conditions:

  • CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta
  • TV medical sensation Dr. Oz
  • Prominent wellness physician Dr. Deepak Chopra
  • Duke University’s Dr. David Casarett

The World Health Organization has repeatedly released statements about the remarkable safety of cannabis, especially when compared to alcohol, prescription drugs, and other substances.

And the FDA just approved an epilepsy drug that’s derived completely from cannabis.

It’s even been approved for patients as young as two years old!

That’s right — the stodgy old U.S. Food and Drug Administration has officially declared that it’s safe and legal to treat two-year-old epilepsy patients with a drug that comes 100% from cannabis.

The need for these cannabis treatments is great.

Just last year, doctors wrote over 300 million prescriptions in the U.S. for painkillers.

And the day is quickly coming when cannabis dominates this essential market.

As CNBC reported from one famous cannabis CEO:

“We’re going to be very disruptive to the pharmaceutical industry, because there are a lot of [cannabis] ingredients that have not been harnessed [yet]...”

As an investor, this means everything.

Because fast-moving investment wins have followed each stage of the rise in medical cannabis:

  • 1,095% in 13 months – Emerald Health Therapeutics

  • 1,105% in 10 months – GW Pharmaceuticals

  • 2,125% in 11 months – Cannabis Sativa

And investors in Aurora Cannabis made a life-changing 5,305% in just 2.5 years.

But even investors who snuck in at the last minute still made good money... if you had invested in Aurora last year, you could have made 435% in just 92 days

It’s important to note that ALL of these cannabis gains are very recent.

And the last few months have produced more big wins than ever before...

That’s because the day of medical cannabis is right now.

And the five stocks on my buyout frenzy list are going to benefit.

Which brings us to...

The Fifth Catalyst — Deep Pockets:
Here Come the Billionaires!

Warren Buffett, the world’s most famous investor, hasn’t jumped directly into cannabis just yet, but he also didn’t hesitate when it came to building warehouse space for expanding cannabis facilities.

Buffett has already made millions on these new grow sites — he’s already eyeing other aspects of the business.

I don’t think we’ll have to wait long to see where his plans lead.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s superstar CEO, is all-in on cannabis.

All told, Musk pocketed $133 million from this industry before it even launched.

And liberal titan George Soros... he publicly supported the legalization of marijuana in California and even put up money to get it on the ballot.

This veteran billionaire is putting millions into seed research operations around the globe, and other major investments are likely near at hand.

And conservative maverick Peter Thiel... he’s at the head of the pack.

He’s the first of the famous billionaires to make more than a billion off of cannabis.

But would you expect anything less?

He’s the investor who made billions on PayPal, then Facebook, then Airbnb, and then Lyft.

Which is why I took careful notes when he put $1.2 billion into the marijuana company Tilray, Inc.

The moment it went public, it shot up more than tenfold in just 62 days, making his stake worth a whopping $12 billion.

As Bloomberg reported, it was an instant win for Peter Thiel... and for all the insiders who followed his lead.

But Peter Thiel is far from done.

I know for a fact he’s been looking at new buyouts, and the five buyout frenzy cannabis stocks on my list are prime candidates.

And let’s not forget Bill Gates... He’s made numerous investments in cannabis-related businesses.

And his old Microsoft colleagues have followed his lead.

In fact, former Microsoft executive Jamen Shively — who worked directly with Bill Gates — even left the software giant to start his own marijuana company.

According to Shively, cannabis is on track to: "create more millionaires than Microsoft."

All of this cannabis money has to go somewhere — and the investors who are at the right place at the right time are going to be the ones to benefit.

As Troy Dayton, CEO of the hedge fund ArcView Group, puts it: 

"These are exciting times, new millionaires and potential billionaires are about to be made."

The money is there and it’s going to be big...

This Is Your Chance to Join These New “Marijuana Millionaires”


It’s already happening...

Consider Colorado.

In the first three years after it legalized pot, the state produced 4,873 new millionaires.

That’s a rate of almost five new millionaires a day!

Bloomberg calls them the new “Marijuana Millionaires"...

(...and billionaires.)

And the current buyout frenzy created by Coca-Cola, the beer and liquor industry, big tobacco, the pharmaceutical industry, and the world’s wealthiest billionaires is going to collectively set off a billion-dollar cannabis windfall.

So far it’s already led to the biggest gains in cannabis the world has ever seen.

Now it’s time to meet the five cannabis stocks that are going to take you there — and learn why you can’t afford to miss them.

Miracle Infusions: From New Sodas to Groundbreaking Medicines

This company has strategically positioned itself as the go-to expert for “infusion biosciences.”

It owns the first and only truly water-soluble cannabinoid.

What does all this mean?

Cannabis sodas. Cannabis beers. Cannabis vape cells. And hundreds of other water-based products for the $200 billion market.

But that’s only the beginning.

The CEO of this company is a 35-year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry...

He personally holds five patents, has researched cancer drugs at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, and the Scripps Research center in La Jolla, California, and has created his very own cancer diagnostic method.

As a businessman, he helped a major Japanese company release specialty soft drinks...

And he was a powerful executive at the billion-dollar Big Pharma company Novartis.

But he’s left all that behind to lead this cannabis company to what could be his biggest achievement yet...

A “miracle” breakthrough in safe medical cannabis.

Dozens of potential drugs and medicines are already progressing through research.

As you can probably guess, that makes this company an ideal buyout candidate for everyone from Coca-Cola to Novartis, and that’s why this cannabis stock is the first on my list.

And best of all for you and me... average-Joe investor isn’t up to speed on this company, so it’s still affordably priced.

This company is a true diamond in the rough among overbought marijuana stocks.

But not for long...

Insiders have taken notice, and I also know that at least one major billionaire has made several recent visits.

A buyout could be just weeks, if not days, away...

And that bump could deliver an instant win (with additional gains from there.)

But you need to be holding shares of this company by the end of the week.

A Green Grower for Big Growth

I’ve found a marijuana grower that’s expertly avoided the pitfalls of many of the other cannabis companies in the space.

It owns grow sites all across Canada, and it's proven itself time and time again in its ability to translate scientific and agricultural expertise into profits.

This company is nimble and is ready to expand into new markets in Canada, the U.S., and across the globe.

In the scramble for quality growers, it’s my belief this company is going to come out on top... and it's a ripe target for a lucrative buyout.

You won’t want to miss the potential of this company to grow you a fortune.

Ditching Painkillers for Cannabis

The management team of this next company is no stranger to the painkiller market...

The co-founder and president is literally the man who brought the world the $3.6 billion painkiller OxyContin through his time as CEO at Purdue Pharma, one of the world’s largest privately-held pharmaceutical companies.

But he’s left all that behind and is ready to bring the world a better product, free of the drawbacks of highly-addictive painkillers.

His mission is to bring consistency to medical-grade cannabis.

As the founders of this company told me on record:

“We're going to be producing that same consistent high quality... it'll be the same every time. That's what's going to command the premium price.”

I have a complete transcript of my exclusive interview with these innovative founders, and it’s included in your special report.

You can’t find an interview like this anywhere else.

I want you to hear their responses for yourself — and then read my insights into exactly when and how to buy this incredible cannabis stock.

Serious gains are at stake.

The FedEx of Cannabis

This company is currently constructing an 800,000-square-foot production facility at an international airport.

It will be capable of producing in excess of 100,000 kg of cannabis per year.

It’s also the world’s only cannabis facility located on the property of an international airport, which gives it access to international customs, as well as air and ground domestic and international courier services.

AND BUILT-IN BONUS PROFITS: any and all new legalizations in the U.S. or global markets will bring an instant additional windfall.

This pick already has the potential to instantly turn a $5,000 investment into $50,000... but its positioning in the U.S. can line your pockets with additional gains from there.

The Amazon of Marijuana

Cannabis in pre-dosed pill form has become the new standard for medical marijuana.

It bypasses the risks and inconsistencies of smoking and puts medical cannabis where it most needs to be for many patients: on the shelf of the medicine cabinet.

This company has a growing share of the market, and it's ready to jump into new areas.

It has a streamlined process for new patients to find a clinic and receive a diagnosis.

The diagnostic process is simple and easy... and keeps patients locked in.

Then it supports these patients with direct shipments right to their doorstep.

These are regularly-scheduled deliveries, not one-offs, and so they provide stable revenue.

And a delivery takes just 24 hours to be processed and shipped — just like Amazon!

This is the future of the industry, and this innovative company has very few rivals who can match its consistency, quality, and convenience.

Shares of this cannabis stock are must buy.

There’s no time to waste...

The Initial Surge of Profits Is So Close — You Need to Act Now or Miss It Completely


In the past 24 months, I’ve made 216%, 218%, 220%, 275%, 346%, 428%, and 429% on marijuana plays... and that’s on top of the life-changing 3,220% I made the year before that.

And these five buyout target stocks have the potential to do all of that and more.

“Buyout Frenzy: The 5 Small Cannabis Stocks That Could Make You 1,000% In the Weeks Ahead.”

Your report will reveal...

  • The names, ticker symbols, company profiles, and full analysis of these five buyout frenzy cannabis stocks
  • A precise recommendation of how and when to buy — everything you need to make this emerging opportunity the most lucrative of your life starting today
  • All of my boots-on-the-ground analysis, including the transcripts of my exclusive interviews with CEOs and management — you can’t find insider-level access like this anywhere else, for any price
  • And a complete introduction to investing in the cannabis space

I’d like to rush you a copy of this report so you can get started right away.

We’re just weeks away from potentially life-changing gains.

As a reader named Sebastian G. wrote to me about my most recent win...

I doubled my money in a week since joining. Well played. I look forward to the next one...

I think Sebastian was surprised to find things moving so fast.

But I’m not exaggerating when I say that things happen at lightning speed in the cannabis space — and there’s no time to waste.


But that’s not all!

There’s still more to this offer.

I’d like to also provide you with a SECOND report...

“The Uplist Bump: Proven Pot Stocks Join the NYSE and NASDAQ”

As I’ve said several times already, marijuana is now in the mainstream.

Many established and up-and-coming cannabis companies are based in Canada, the U.K., and other places that have been more lenient on the legalities...

But these companies want to trade on the big U.S. exchanges, and the NYSE and Nasdaq are welcoming them with open arms.

Since marijuana is so enticing to American investors, most companies that list will see a significant bump in value — creating an instant win for smart investors.

I’ve put together a list of companies that have begun this “uplist” process to join the NYSE and Nasdaq.

I’ll explain my proven secret for buying these companies at the right moment, and when to pocket your gains.

And don’t worry — you can even make money after the listing takes place, buying into these cannabis companies like you would any U.S. stock.

My uplist secret can put some serious returns in your trading account.

But we’re still not done...

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The world’s biggest companies are on a billion-dollar shopping spree for cannabis, including Coca-Cola, Heineken, Molson, and dozens of others.

Famous investors like Warren Buffett, George Soros, and Bill Gates are all piling in, too.

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