The Blood Harvest


“Each year, half a million [of these creatures] are captured and bled alive to create an unparalleled biomedical technology.”

— The Atlantic

“Without them,” CNN says, “medicine would return to the dark ages.”

Their blood — crucial to both the medical and pharmaceutical communities — is worth an astounding $60,000 per gallon...

It could pay you upwards of 1,000%!


Dear Reader,

There's a prehistoric creature so crucial to modern medicine that its blood is worth an astounding $60,000 per gallon.

This ancient creature is a survivor — it predates dinosaurs by a full 200 million years and outlived them by another 250 million — but now it's very existence is under threat.

Thing is, the very defense mechanism that's kept them alive (and virtually unchanged) all these years is the reason they're in danger now...


Because as CNN puts it: “without them medicine would return to the dark ages.”

What exactly does this mean?

It means rampant infection, gangrene, amputations, and dramatically higher mortality rates.

You see, the reason these creatures have been around for so long is their incredible immune system — specifically the bacterial defense system harbored in their blood.

That's why hundreds of thousands of horseshoe crabs are bled alive with a large-gauge needle each and every year in the name of modern medicine…

And odds are, you’re alive today because of this strange creature:

“Components of this crab blood have a unique and invaluable talent for finding infection, and that has driven up insatiable demand,” says Popular Mechanics.

Their precious blood is even called “the medical equivalent of gold.” Check it out...


In fact, the whole of modern medicine, pharmacology included, is dependent on horseshoe crab blood... which is why their blood is worth an incredible $60,000 per gallon.

According to a recent PBS documentary, “Every drug certified by the FDA must be tested using [their blood],” as well as “surgical implants such as pacemakers and prosthetic devices.”

You see, this primitive creature's blood cells are so sensitive to bacteria that they can actually detect the presence of ANY bacterial contamination — even at a concentration of one part per trillion they’ll zero in on it like a homing missile.

Nothing else even comes close. It's the gold standard of bacteria, or endotoxin, testing.

According to the National Institutes of Health, there's no other compound that can test the purity of medicines and sterility of equipment with this level of accuracy...

And ONE company dominates this critical market... giving you the opportunity to literally invest in the lifeblood of modern medicine.

One of its largest customers is pharma giant Pfizer, but the truth is, “It works for every one of the 100 largest global drug developers,” says the Boston Globe.

Again, this technology is critical.

If you're wondering just how critical we're talking, know this — without these sensitive tests for biocontamination catastrophe occurs

Poorly tested pharmaceuticals are not only “a silent killer,” but the BBC says they're fast being recognized as “a global pandemic.”

This is exactly why federal law requires that any medical device inserted or injected into the human body, or any drug ingested, must first be tested for bacterial contamination...

We’re talking surgical equipment, syringes, prosthetic limbs, hip replacements, more than 1450 life-saving FDA-approved drugs, the list goes on — they're tested for bacteria with horseshoe crab blood.

Millions of Lives and Billions of Dollars at Stake

Frankly, you're probably alive today because of a horseshoe crab…

Or as Popular Mechanics says point blank: “Every man, woman and child and domestic animal on this planet that uses medical services is connected to the horseshoe crab.”

In fact, it's fair to say that modern medicine as we know it is founded on horseshoe crab blood.

And modern medicine is BIG BUSINESS. 

In the U.S. alone, the medical device market is worth $148 billion and this figure is expected to grow to $173 billion over the next year.

Prescription drugs are an even bigger business. Spending in that sector jumped 12% in 2015, reaching a record $425 billion for the year... and this figure is expected to push $610 billion over the next year or so.

This is precisely why horseshoe crab blue blood is worth $60,000 per gallon.

It's the lifeblood of the multibillion-dollar medical and pharmaceutical landscape, and it's priced accordingly...

And one company has emerged as THE clear leader in this market space, meaning some serious money-making potential for you.

As one venture capital firm likes to say, this company is “the Mercedes of the industry.”

In the coming months you can easily double your money or more from this company's unparalleled horseshoe crab blood breakthrough — and over time this indispensable company and steady stock could hand you a ten bagger.

I'll show you this incredible profit opportunity in a few minutes, but first I want to demonstrate once and for all how critical horseshoe crab blood is to medicine as we know it.

It's no wonder scientists are calling horseshoe crab blood a “modern medical miracle...”

But you can only understand what a true “irreplaceable medical marvel” it really is when you understand the catastrophic consequences of what happens without it...

“Killer Pharmacy: Inside a Medical Mass Murder Case”

- Newsweek

Imagine going to your local doctor for a routine procedure to manage your back pain...

And walking away with a pathogen that would eventually lead to your “horrific, torturous death.”

That's precisely what happened to 64 unsuspecting (and seriously unlucky) patients.

Within days, some developed spinal abscesses and suffered strokes. For others, severe symptoms would take up to three months to appear.

All in all, this outbreak sickened more than 800 people — and for 64 of them, it was a death sentence.

But this wasn't the early 1900s and it wasn't in a third world country.

This happened in the United States in 2012.

In fact, the final death count wasn't released until 2015.

People had gone to their doctor for a routine steroid shot to manage back pain, and they ended up being infected with fungal meningitis.

Whether you're dealing with “medical devices, pharmaceuticals or biologics,” expert industry analyst Contract Pharma says, “contamination is among the top areas of risk to public safety.”

This is EXACTLY why we need horseshoe crab blood.

And at the New England Compounding Center (NECC) where the steroid shots originated, caution — and proper testing procedures — were thrown to the wind.

The FDA affidavit states that NECC's on-site pharmacist used improper sterilization and testing techniques.

And as a result, a simple procedure turned deadly.

The cornerstone of efforts to combat this type of contamination is endotoxin testing via horseshoe crab blood.

Cornering the Blue Blood Market for 1,142% Gains


Add up all these “routine” procedures made so easy by horseshoe crab blood and you'll find that many millions of lives are at stake...

And many billions of dollars.

And today I'm going to show you the absolute best way to play this incredible medical breakthrough...

And why I can all but guarantee it will be a money maker.

The fact is, we've been here before.

Just a few years ago in-house, we alerted our readers to a similar profit opportunity...

In that case, it was a sea snail with a remarkable protein in its blood that's indispensable to roughly 100 drugs currently undergoing FDA trial.

It's helping to fight diseases like Alzheimer's and cancer — and investors that followed our recommendation earned an ample payday.

One reader, Geoffrey G., earned a rapid-fire 237% profit.

All told, the stock shot up 1,142% in less than two years. 

But the thing is, compared to horseshoe crabs, sea snails are a small player. Sea snail blood has only a fraction of the footprint that horseshoe crab blood does in the medical community...

Consider the 100 drugs that need sea snail blood in order to work...

A remarkable track record for sure, and again, one that's paid investors more than 1,142% — a ten bagger and then some.

But then consider that, as PBS says, “every drug certified by the FDA must be tested using Limulus amebocyte lysate.” (The scientific name for the horseshoe crab blood test).

Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) Test:

LAL binds and clots around fungi, viruses, and bacterial endotoxins, protecting horseshoe crabs and humans from infection.

The FDA's approved more than 1450 drugs to date... that alone is a bigger market impact by nearly 15 times. 

And horseshoe crab blood's also used to test devices like prosthetics, joint replacements, pacemakers, and flu shots. Even pet vaccines.

And while sea snail blood is used by one California company, medical systems worldwide rely on horseshoe crab blood to keep their drugs and equipment contamination free.

The “Red Hot” Sector Responsible for Creating Countless Ten Baggers

The sheer scope of this market is enormous — and incredibly valuable…

As well as incredibly consistent.

Which is why I believe we could safely double or triple our money in the short term, and even bank a ten bagger from this unique blue blood opportunity over the long haul.

Thing is, when you look at the biomedical market — a sector that Forbes calls “red-hot” because it's responsible for one ten bagger after another — it's important to note that most of these biomedical breakthroughs are only possible because of horseshoe crab blood

“From a regulatory standpoint,” says premier field publication Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News, “biotech companies must demonstrate to the FDA and, increasingly, to the public, that their processes are under control with respect to microbe detection.”

And at this point in time, in order to do that you need horseshoe crab blood — again, it’s the common denominator making most medical breakthroughs possible.

We need these crabs to keep our medicines, our vaccines, our prosthetics, and other medical devices safe.

Which is why their blood is worth a whopping $60,000 per gallon.

And that's why the profits provided by this blue blood blue chip investment opportunity presented here today could pay you upwards of 1,000%.  

Here's What the Experts Have to Say…

“Horseshoe crab blood is an irreplaceable medical marvel... Components of this crab blood have a unique and invaluable talent for finding infection, and that has driven up an insatiable demand.”

-Popular Mechanics

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires that intravenous drugs and any medical equipment coming in contact with the body must first pass through the crab's blood, from needles to surgical implants including pacemakers. As a result, thousands more of us survive such procedures."


“You’ve seen an IV bag? The solution in that bag has to be tested for the absence of pyrogens using [horseshoe crab blood]. So do the tubes and needles connecting the bag to the patient.”

-Scientific American

And according to Dr. Peter B. Armstrong, professor of molecular and cellular biology at the University of California:

“Nothing has gone to the level of FDA approval to show it is yet a viable alternative to the [horseshoe crab blood] test. Knowing the cost and difficulty of obtaining FDA tests, it may be some time before any alternative is out there on the market.”

And one company has this exclusive market all but cornered.

In fact, that Scientific American quote was actually talking about one company in particular's horseshoe blood compound — and it’s none other than the company I’m telling you about today.

It goes on to say that this specific company's test is “the most sensitive in the world.”

It can detect just a single bacterium among trillions of particles...

To put that in perspective, it's like finding a grain of sand in an Olympic-sized swimming pool — all in a matter of just a few minutes.

Bar none, this company's the global leader in endotoxin testing.

And it's no wonder, since it's the one that invented it in the first place and changed medicine forever.

Since then it's been one milestone after another.

Only One Company Has the Optimized Technology

Nowadays, not only does it have the most sensitive test, it's also the fastest-acting, giving results in only 5–15 minutes.

This is critical in a field where a matter of minutes can mean the difference between life and death.

Finally, this company's test is so advanced that it uses 20 times less crab blood than the next best test — the simple fact that this company can do more with less is especially important because of the shrinking supply of horseshoe crabs.

As Medical Daily grimly notes, “As horseshoe crab populations steadily decrease, their indispensable medical use is threatened.”

In fact, a recent study found that the horseshoe crab population in the Delaware Bay — not only the world's largest, but also the particular type of crab needed for the Limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) test — has shrunk by 90% over the last 15 years.


Horseshoe crabs are now among the most protected creatures in the Eastern U.S.

Biologist Christopher Chabot, who led the study, says, “It's difficult because the blood is crucial for human health issues, but the biomedical industry needs to keep the population steady.”

The pioneering company I've been telling you about is doing precisely that by using 20 times less raw material than competitors.

“If all tests were performed using this optimized technology,says one company scientist, “today's entire world demand could be met with the blood collected from our current quota of animals.”

It also has the highest survival rate — 98% of the crabs it bleeds survive after being returned to the water.

Horseshoe crabs in Space

tcn_blood_harvest_img4This company's horseshoe crab blood test — the most advanced in the world — is also aboard the International Space Station.

In a comic book-like twist, the same company that saves millions of human lives each year with its horseshoe crab blood test is also preventing “sick” spaceships.

Astronauts use it to “perform biological studies necessary for an extended human presence in space — from crew health and spacecraft environmental studies to the search for life elsewhere in the solar system.”

And NASA used this company's horseshoe crab blood test to monitor for microbial contamination during the construction of the Mars exploration rovers, “Spirit” and “Opportunity.”

So this company could singlehandedly meet the world's medical demand for horseshoe crab blood, and help protect a threatened species.

As a matter of fact, there's such high demand for this company's expertise that it recently built a new 450,000-square-foot facility in order to meet it.

And I fully expect this increased operating power to be reflected in the share price.

The fact remains, one leading researcher says, “Today, the horseshoe crab’s blood is still the most sensitive, accurate and reliable detector of dangerous bacteria found in anything from flu vaccines to outer space.”

That’s right — this company’s horseshoe crab blood test is also used by NASA and is even aboard the International Space Station.

One company made this all possible, and this company is still the leader in this uniquely profitable sector. 

And the truth is — without the company that has made this all possible, our reality would look a lot different.

How Blue Blood Can Bankroll Your Retirement


This company is fundamental to one of the largest, richest, and most necessary market sectors ever — modern medicine.


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