Fake News Attacks

How $600 Billion Disappeared From the World Economy Last Year — And the Small Company With Exclusive Contracts to Get It Back

You Could Make 1,500% in the Next Three Months


Fellow Investor,

Fake news is attacking you every day.

Powerful enemies are out to deceive and manipulate you, bombarding you with harmful false information.

Whether you like it or not, you’re caught in the middle of a war...

For your freedom... for your security... for your mind.

But you DO have a choice in how you respond:

You can let these hell-bent adversaries tell you what to think, how to think, and how to live your life.

Or you can join me in fighting back.

Hi, my name is Jason Simpkins.

Today I’d like to show you why our everyday freedoms are under heavy assault...

Why the world is desperate for warriors with the expertise to respond to this threat...

And most importantly, the solution to this crisis that could easily make you 1,500% or more in the weeks ahead.

You see, this war is like nothing else the world has ever known...

And it affects just about every person on the planet.

There were over 10 billion fake news attacks last year.

  • President Trump has repeatedly condemned these attacks and says America needs “to get very, very tough” and defend itself. The UK, the EU, and the U.N. have all made a priority of fighting these attacks.
  • The U.S. military says it’s one of the greatest threats facing America today.
  • Military and technology experts say the 2018 midterm and the 2020 Presidential elections are already in jeopardy from attacks like this.
  • And most devastating of all, these attacks stole $600 billion in value from the world’s most profitable companies.

Now, I’m not just talking about the “fake news” media bias.

Overt political bias is bad enough, but what I’m talking about is even darker, more dangerous, and more violent.

As Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once wrote, it’s “shouting fire in a crowded theater”... attacks meant to cause chaos and panic throughout the general public.

That’s why recently, when it was time to testify on worldwide threats, America’s most important officials didn’t mince words.

As Daniel Coates, director of U.S. National Intelligence, recently put it:

“The cyber threat... is one of my greatest concerns and top priorities.”

—Daniel Coates, director of U.S. National Intelligence

In his testimony to the U.S. Senate, it took Coates several minutes just to list all of the U.S. agencies affected by fake news attacks (in short: everyone)… And then several more minutes to list the number of foreign militaries, terror groups, and criminals who are behind them.

It’s not just the military, either.

Corporations are being hit by “fake news” cyberattacks, too.

That’s how a catastrophic $600 billion got wiped from the world economy last year. 

Much of this money was bled from the world’s most successful companies...

  • Pharmaceutical giant Merck lost $275 million in a 2017 attack
  • FedEx lost $300 million
  • And Mondelez coughed up millions of dollars in market share due to a cyberworm attack

None of these stocks have recovered.

And it’s only a matter of time before the next one hits.

You can see why, then, so many corporations and government agencies are in a panic.

But panic won’t solve the problem. No, we’re past the point of simply being afraid, or worse, resigned to failure.

It’s time to fight back.

It’s time for a “cyberwarrior” to take down all of these hackers, fake news peddlers, and cyberterrorists.

And the good news is this: WE FOUND ONE.

Yes, a growing number of clients — governments, corporations, and even some individuals — have locked on to a small company with the cybersolution that will save the world from fake news.

They’ve realized this is a new kind of 21st century warfare, and they’re enlisting literal armies of 21st century “soldiers” to mount a defense.

When you look at the numbers, it’s the largest call to arms in history...

Corporations, alone, are committing an unprecedented $232 billion to fight this war.

And I’ve found one cyberwarrior firm with a unique advantage over every other player in the industry.

Better still, I’m going to tell you exactly what this innovative company is, how it works, and why it’s poised to rake in a windfall on major new contracts.

I promise you haven’t heard this story before — there’s a lot more on the line here than you might think.

This Is a War for Truth


You see, unlike wars of old, which were largely confined to the front lines, this war has the power to reach out and cause chaos and confusion in every corner of our lives.

And it’s also not a war that can be won in one or two battles — in fact, it’s a war that will never end.

That’s why it’s so important for you to pay attention.

I’m going to show you how these attacks relate to North Korea, Russia, rigged elections, and the billions of fake news stories.

And I’ll explain why these threats are so dangerous...

To give you an idea of just how big this is, the cost of these attacks is higher than the GDP of Argentina... burned up and left in a smoking ruin.

It’s the financial equivalent of Saudi Arabia’s entire economic production disappearing into thin air.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we can’t even get through a single news cycle without a new crisis...

 Yahoo!, Google, Facebook... the list doesn’t end.

“Facebook Shares Slide Over Data Misuse Problem”

—CNBC Headline

While Facebook has always been criticized for its use of customer data, things didn’t get really bad until it was attacked.

Facebook shares took a nasty slide...

And Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was summoned to testify to Congress about the data breaches that resulted from these attacks.

Make no mistake, this is the #1 liability facing major corporations today.

“And recent events a fit familiar pattern: Hackers strike, and the victimized company’s stock falls.”

Fortune magazine

These companies are literally defending their existence.

A study of 24 victimized companies shows that these companies lost, on average, 40% of their share prices in the months following an attack.

And many of these companies continued to lag, even years later.

Worse still, these attacks are notoriously hard to locate and defend against.

It’s an invisible enemy, hiding and pillaging in the background.

Nobody is safe...

Trump Hotels was recently hacked for more than four months straight.

“Hackers Have Been Stealing Credit Card Numbers from Trump Hotels for Months”

Washington Post

And that was just one of three major data breaches suffered by Trump Hotels in the last two years.

Here’s a list of recently victimized companies, as well as the number of customers and clients affected:

Adobe — 38 million user records

Anthem — 80 million medical records

BetFair — 2.3 million credit card numbers

Countrywide — 2 million mortgages

Royal Bank of Scotland — 1.5 million payroll records

Sony — 77 million user accounts

Major attacks also affected Community Health Systems, Dun & Bradstreet, eBay, Experian, Global Payments, Home Depot, Health Net, Heartland Payment Systems, JP Morgan Chase, LinkedIn, Monster, T-Mobile, Staples, Target, TJ Maxx, Vodafone, VTech, and Yahoo.

As you can see, to the world’s big companies, this is the most important battlefield on the globe...

And sadly, America is particularly vulnerable.

It’s specifically targeted by our adversaries, and that’s how America’s companies lost $660 million last year from direct attacks.

“FedEx Takes Earnings Hit Following Cyberattack”

Wall Street Journal

America’s government and corporations are desperate for a strong defense.

They know they can’t do this on their own — and that’s why they’re willing to pay so much for experts who can...

Billions to Fund Private “Armies”

It’s no exaggeration.

Corporations are literally spending billions of dollars to hire armies of “cyberwarriors” to defend their businesses.

And it’s happening across the board...

According to a recent report, a full 87% of the world’s most notable and profitable companies are increasing their cybersecurity budgets.

That increase is creating a massive new market for advanced cybersecurity that can combat fake news attacks.

According to research giant Gartner, this $86 billion market will reach $108 billion by 2020.

But that’s just for starters...

It’s not going to stay put.

Additional research shows that the never-before-seen growth of new contracts will push this market to $232 billion by 2022.

There aren’t any other industries growing at this incredible rate.

But if you think about it, this makes perfect sense...

89% of these companies said they’re working to improve trust — in order to do business, these companies need the public to trust them and feel secure.

Now, I’d like to clear up a common misconception.

Fighting fake news attacks isn’t a bid for more surveillance, or a more invasive Big Brother.

It’s actually the opposite.

While these defense systems are powerful, they also mark a return to security.

These systems keep your information safe from prying eyes — not just from outside enemies, but from ill-intended bosses and co-workers as well.

The innovative cyberwarrior firm I want to tell you about has built unique solutions to return your privacy.

It’s a return to old-school values: where you can verify who said what; where you can be confident people are who they say; and where liars are kept from destroying whole communities.

This is more important than ever, because the world has become an uncertain place...

And this is your hedge against that uncertainty.

As Fortune observes, when it comes to uncertainty and scandals: “It’s cybersecurity firms, of course, that benefit most...”

The moment the WannaCry virus reared its ugly head — using fake news attacks to spread through vulnerable computer systems — cybersecurity stocks immediately shot up.

Several gained 7% a day!

But this isn’t just any old cybersecurity story.

Instead, I’m going to tell you about major attacks from dangerous countries like North Korea and Russia.

And the intrepid cybersecurity company I’m following that offers a powerful defense...

Its expertise is in demand from the world’s top governments.

But it's also offering so much more.

Get ready...

I’m going to show you why this unique cyberwarrior firm is delivering effective solutions to our biggest problems:

  • Border control
  • Election fraud
  • Welfare abuse
  • Banking and bitcoin fraud
  • And overcrowded prisons

This may sound like a lot of details, but it’ll all make sense in just a few minutes.

I’m going to show you why this small firm is growing exponentially — and is signing up new clients by the tens of thousands.

I should note here that some of these clients include the world’s most important governments... the U.S., the UK, and dozens of other countries.

And most important of all, I’m going to show you how to use all of this growth to make incredible, life-changing gains.

Because this cyberwarrior firm’s stock already has a history of making millionaires.

That’s right: thousands of investors have already changed their fortunes on this stock in just the past few years.

But there are several very big reasons why now is the moment this company has been waiting for...

Let Me Show You Why This Cyberwarrior Firm Is About to Skyrocket 1,500%


Again, my name is Jason Simpkins.

I’ve built a career out of predicting the rise of key profit trends.

I’ve made 137%, 329%, and 661% on the rapid growth of medical marijuana.

And I predicted the skyrocketing climb of Bitcoin.

I wrote back in February of 2014: “Those laughing at bitcoin now won't be laughing in a few years.”

And then, as Bitcoin surged to dizzying heights, I predicted it was going to fall and correct.

And I was front and center during the lithium boom.

Lithium is an essential material for missiles, submarines, and hundreds of other defense applications.

It’s an essential material in electric car batteries.

I led readers to a host of gains...

Now, I’m not always right — I’m not pretending to have a crystal ball.

But my track record has remained remarkably consistent over the years.

"Rio Alto Mining (NYSE: RIOM) is another potential target. Like Alamos, Rio has a strong balance sheet with about $30 million in cash and less than $3.5 million in debt at the end of the third quarter. Rio's shares have tumbled more than 50% since the beginning of 2013, leaving the company with an attractive valuation. Its market cap is a mere $437 million and its P/E ratio just 12.35." — Outsider Club article, November 11, 2016

I predicted the takeover of Rio Alto Mining.

I predicted the oil price rebound in late 2015.

I predicted the palladium bull market.

I also predicted the dollar would dive and gold would rise last year.

On November 11th, 2016, I wrote: “The dollar is going down, and it’s going down hard.”

As well as: “I cannot stress this enough: Buy gold.”

The ICE Dollar Index fell 10% in 2017 — its biggest annual decline in 14 years.

Gold soared over 15% higher.

Furthermore, my careful study of geopolitical movements has led me to predict civil unrest...

I wrote several articles predicting mass disturbances in the U.S., just weeks ahead of the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore.

"So, yes, it's easy to forget that the United States has seen its share of political clashes. But tear gas, water cannons, sniper fire... we've seen it all. And each fiery clash was sparked by the same flint rocks: economic inequality, racial/class tension, police brutality, political oppression, and, most of all, frustration." — Outsider Club article,  February 21, 2014

I even predicted trouble in Ukraine before Russia invaded.

And finally, my bread and butter...

I regularly make double- and triple-digit gains from the world’s defense contractors.

But it’s not just about timely calls on the big names...

I want to show you how to do so much more.

As I explained earlier, today’s battlefield is a digital one, and this is where the decade’s biggest gains are going to come from.

And the cyberwarrior firm I’m following already has a proven history of distinguishing itself.

This firm was listed as a penny stock in the 1990s and has grown by leaps and bounds, most especially in recent history.

All of this growth has made investors rich.

In fact, it’s already earned investors 3,518% gains!

If you had put just $5,000 into this cyberwarrior firm, you’d have earned a total of $175,900 just four years later.

This company has consistently proven its innovative vision.

But if you think this stock’s story is over, think again.

That’s like saying Cisco was finished as a company when it cracked its first 5,000%.

(Cisco has grown 50,000% since.)

This cyberwarrior firm is just getting started...

This company has established itself as an experienced leader in the field — and yet, it’s still small and nimble enough to ruthlessly pursue new innovation.

As I’ll explain in detail, this cyberwarrior firm’s biggest moment has finally arrived...

The cybersecurity market is about to see its greatest period of growth in history... and as it climbs from $108 billion to $232 billion over the next three years, we’re going to see unprecedented returns.

All boats will be lifted as the cybersecurity space fills with money.

And better still, all that money will flow regardless of what’s happening with the NASDAQ and the DOW.

History proves that cybersecurity is immune to market crashes — in fact, it often does even better during falling markets.

But that’s just the macro story.

This cyberwarrior firm has just released a brand-new round of products and partnerships that will ensure they get a sizable piece of this growing pie.

I’d like to show you the five unique “weapons” in this cyberwarrior’s arsenal that could bring about gains of 1,500%... and beyond.

And I’m also going to explain why time is of the essence — and the pressing reasons why this cyberwarrior firm is due to skyrocket in the weeks ahead.

A Shield Against North Korea’s Most Devastating “Missile”


The mere thought of a totalitarian regime like North Korea expanding the range of its missiles is frightening.

But missiles aren’t the only thing we have to fear.

It’s easy to overlook North Korea’s most devastating weapon...

The weapon that’s almost certain to affect your life — and when you least expect it.

I’m talking about North Korea’s cybermilitary.

A digital attack — while it doesn’t sound as scary as a missile — still has the power to obliterate our way of life.

Our defense systems, our power grid, our seaports and airports — all are vulnerable to attack.

It’s about power... it’s also about money.

North Korea uses its cybermilitary to shake America like a piggy bank.

One attack last year swiped $81 million from Bangladesh's account at the New York Federal Reserve.

As the New York Times reported:

“Experts called a cyberattack one of the most efficient ways to paralyze systems like the power grid, cellphone networks and the backbone of the internet without using nuclear weapons.”

New York Times

And it’s not just North Korea.

Russia has consistently used its cybermilitary to attack and bully other nations and companies.

The world watched with horror as Russia hit Ukraine with a cyberattack that cut power to 250,000 people in the dead of winter, just two days before Christmas.

But the true reality is likely even worse...

As several sources, including Wired magazine, have pointed out, these cruel and life-threatening attacks on Ukraine were actually just “practice” attacks.

Here’s a recent headline:

“How an Entire Nation Became Russia's Test Lab for Cyberwar”

Wired magazine

Ukraine is just a warmup for what’s to come...

Most experts believe Russia is honing its capabilities for strikes on Europe, the UK, and yes... the U.S.

Imagine the power grid going out in the dead of winter, when America’s families are most vulnerable.

Remember, we live in a different world now.

Everyone in Hawaii was recently reminded of this.

On January 13th, 2018, at 8:07 am all across Hawaii, a text message from Hawaii’s emergency broadcast system was sent to 1.4 million Hawaiians and thousands of tourists.


Frightened people began scrambling to underground parking garages and tunnels for safety.

One video showed a child being lowered into a storm drain.

Thankfully, the whole incident was sent in error.

Everything was fine.

But what if it wasn’t... what if it had been North Korea, Russia, or a terror group?

It was a painful reminder of what could be possible if hackers gained control of such a system.

President Trump and Governor David Ige of Hawaii were both briefed on the situation.

Several investigations and resignations later, authorities put in safeguards so this accident won’t happen again.

But they also completely upgraded the security to prevent a fake news attack.

Just one piece of software won’t do.

It made sense in the old days, when the threats were smaller.

And it certainly paid off for antivirus companies...

Just look at antivirus giant Symantec, which shot up 1,824%.

But those days are gone.

While firewalls, antivirus software, and network security remain important, these passive systems simply aren’t enough to counter the most dangerous threats.

As the Wall Street Journal recently reported, antivirus software isn’t “providing as much protection as [people] think. Not only have hackers gotten better at getting around such programs, in rare cases they have even used antivirus software itself to gain a foothold into sensitive data.”

This is why 98% of the world’s successful companies are now turning to cybersecurity companies to get the protection they need.

Which brings us to this cyberwarrior firm.

It offers a one-of-a-kind consultancy service...

It’s real, it’s present, and it’s custom-built for each client.

Here’s how it works:

This cyberwarrior firm’s security experts physically arrive on site.

If it’s a major company in New York City, for example, it usually starts with an all-hands meeting with the CEO, CFO, CTO, and all of the other company officers and vice presidents.

Specific goals are defined.

Then the security experts spend weeks, often months, completing a full assessment of all potential vulnerabilities.

It’s long hours of looking at computer logs, inspecting server racks, meeting with IT personnel, reviewing company policy — a complete overview.

Then the security experts call another meeting and discuss an action plan.

This is where the fun part begins...

The experts walk the client through a battery of “worst-case scenarios.”

What if data is compromised from a specific system?

What’s the chain of command for responding to a security leak?

When should the police, FBI, and other authorities be called — and what should you tell them?

They also perform actual test attacks...

These tests are done just like military exercises, complete with mock combat, follow-up drills, and a full debrief.

Again, this has more in common with actual warfare than a bunch of computer programs.

These are highly-trained, hands-on experts.

Don’t think of them as a bunch of computer geeks... in this high-stakes digital warfare, it’s more accurate to think of them as Navy SEALs.

This expert consultancy is in high demand.

While it's not allowed to divulge its exact client list, it spans the globe, and includes European militaries and government agencies, Hong Kong corporations, and South American countries.

New contracts are pouring in...

And this cyberwarrior firm is scaling its operations to match the outstanding growth across the space.

This cyberwarrior firm has just doubled the size of its army — it recently acquired a company that fills its ranks with more experts.

It also inherited an impressive client list that includes banks, financial institutions, telecom companies, and infrastructure companies.

This cyberwarrior firm has the strength and might to defend governments and keep companies safe from the dangerous cybermilitaries of the world.

It's also developed a new suite of software that will help companies and government institutions keep up with its action plan.

I expect this new software to have a direct positive impact on attracting new clients — as well as long-term client retention — and will impact the bottom line.

We’re just weeks away from the newest release of this software.

It’s one of the reasons why I expect share prices to skyrocket soon.

But we’re just getting started.

While these tools are the most important solution this cyberwarrior firm has to offer, it has four other impressive “weapons” that are attracting notice.

Which brings us to...

Automatic Protection for Our Borders

How much would you be willing to pay to ensure everyone who crosses your border is who they say they are — and even more importantly, that it’s safe to allow them inside?

If you’re like most concerned citizens, the answer is probably “quite a bit”...

And that’s also been the answer of the UK, Panama, and 20 other countries.

These countries have hired this cyberwarrior firm as the first line of defense against ID fraud and unauthorized entry.

The world’s terror databases are inconsistent and often arbitrary — this cyberwarrior’s solution cuts through the mess.

Bear in mind, there are over 35,000 people turned away or arrested at the Mexican border every single month.

And since 2009, the UK has detained a total of 392,921 people at the border for additional questioning.

As you can see, getting the data right is a massive deal.

So how does this company do it?

An elaborate system of cross-referencing that’s the envy of every other cybersecurity company out there.

This cyberwarrior firm has contracts with so many countries because its software quickly finds any discrepancies.

It’s an “everybody wins” situation: borders are safer, criminals are stopped, and more travelers like you and me can move through the border with greater speed.

And the market for this kind of software is continually growing.

Experts estimate this will be an area of intense growth for years to come.

Here in the U.S., the government spent $1.5 billion back in 2005.

But the budget for border control has already doubled...

In 2017, the U.S. spent $3.8 billion, and that number continues to climb.

It also offers complete ID solutions.

Here’s a handful of countries using its security measures:

  • United Kingdom
  • Hong Kong
  • Iceland
  • Israel
  • Ecuador
  • China
  • Tanzania
  • Ethiopia
  • Panama
  • Poland

Now, this next part is urgent.

The U.S. is currently overhauling its e-Passport system with precisely these measures.

The pressure is on: according to two U.S. Senators, the border is still short of expected specifications.

They recently wrote a letter to the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, directing that “immediate” attention be put to this matter.

This is big news for this cyberwarrior firm.

Even if they’re not the chosen vendor, these requested upgrades will increase the number of orders coming from all current clients, but especially from the UK and Hong Kong, which have close diplomatic ties to the U.S. CBP departments.

This kind of news will have an instant effect — I expect it’ll ignite sudden profits in the weeks ahead, the moment these decisions are finalized.

The full details of each security measure are kept secret, but all passports and IDs include information encryption and advanced cross-referencing when used with readers.

But there’s another “weapon” this cyberwarrior firm offers that’s being deployed by government agencies worldwide.

It’s completely unique, and it’s setting this firm apart from the rest...

An End to Costly Fake Aid

Every political cycle, politicians battle back and forth over government programs... which entitlements are necessary... and which ones are a waste of taxpayer money?

But behind this thorny issue is one point every politician can agree on: cutting out fraud.

We’ve all heard stories of selfish citizens cheating the system to get more unemployment money, earn extra handouts, or to take grandma’s Social Security check.

I have some good news: this cyberwarrior firm has come up with a solution to finally put a stop to this costly fraud.

But there’s a lot more to it than just this.

While some jerk signing up for welfare he doesn’t deserve is a problem, there’s a far more sinister threat facing these government programs...

I’m talking about highly-sophisticated groups of hackers who fake records to defraud these government programs to the tune of millions of dollars.

What makes this cyberwarrior firm so vital is its ability to combat large-scale threats.


It starts with a sophisticated system of internal document tagging.

At this very moment, this company is tracking more than 100 million documents.

Its software protects government assistance programs in the U.S., the UK, Israel, and 20 other countries.

The most unique part of its strategy is how it matches users with these documents.

Its system is flexible — so government employees have access to all the documents they need, greatly increasing productivity over other systems.

But this smart software is also better at keeping documents from improper access.

Best of all?

The system is encrypted and anonymous.

This prevents corrupt government officials from peeking at and manipulating the personal data of citizens.

No more privacy violations or spying.

Do you remember all those ugly headlines about the fraud and corruption in America’s VA Hospitals?

I was outraged to think of America’s veterans not receiving the care they deserved...

We left our warriors vulnerable and unprotected, all because their documents were being manipulated and poorly handled by incompetent managers.

Well, none of that would have been possible if the VA Hospitals had used this system.

It currently protects the documents of 50 million people — and I look forward to the day when it covers more.

Document management is a profitable space...

Hundreds of government agencies use this cyberwarrior’s software to internally manage essential documents.

This area of the market continues to expand, and its place is crucial for the well-being of any company or institution.

But this cyberwarrior firm also has an important role to play in the preservation of democracy.

Let me show you why...

One Voter, One Vote — Restoring Faith in Democracy

As I’m sure you’ve read, the battle is already raging for the integrity of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.

Regardless of your political leanings, I have some bad news: you’ve lost valuable ground.

It’s a grisly fact — hacker groups have already made several attacks on both sides, causing chaos.

It’s not a war against one political party or another, it’s a war on America.

These terrorists scored millions in ad profits by spreading completely false news stories.

This cyberwarrior firm is fighting rigged elections on three different fronts.

The first is with story manipulation.

This cyberwarrior firm can help news organizations — and social media platforms — verify the source of a story in real time.

At present, the focus is on small organizations with a lot to lose from fake press.

For example, many energy companies were big targets for false stories about oil spills and power shutdowns during the election.

Pipelines can be hot-button issues, and many hacker groups have tried to steal the conversation with completely false stories on public safety.

This cyberwarrior company ensured that the public debate stayed centered on material by real journalists from verified sources.

Even if you’re unhappy with how many journalists cover stories — this software helps create a world where you can take them to task on their facts and sources in a responsible way, cutting out the dangerous and time-wasting fake stories that hurt everyone.

And the threats are growing...

As CNN reported in “The Fake News Machine: A Town Gearing Up for 2020,” there’s an entire town in Yugoslavia that makes its living toying with American minds with completely false stories.

As CNN explains: “Veles used to make porcelain for the whole of Yugoslavia. Now it makes fake news... Each click adds cash to their bank accounts.”

Fox News agrees.

Fox News also offers an explanation of Russia’s involvement.

President Trump points to Russia’s formation of a fake news ring in 2014, long before he even announced his candidacy.

In short, it’s a perennial problem, and while it’s been highly politicized, all sides and all sources have this in common: they’re all under attack.

As Wired magazine recently reported in a headline:

“The White House Finally Hits Russia Back for Online Chaos”

This cyberwarrior firm gives government agencies the ability to help fight these stories.

Not only is this kind of intervention necessary for the return of intelligent debate in America (we can dream, can’t we!)...

But it’s also profitable.

You will find me an unflinching advocate for the truth — and for making you wealthy.

Policing the truth is now an essential part of doing business and speaking out in America.

The U.S. government and state governments have all put a priority on fighting fake news, especially for elections.

The same goes for companies that handle information.

It’s now a line item in most major budgets.

From CNN to Fox News to Agence France-Presse, budgets are increasing.

This cyberwarrior firm offers the solutions everyone is looking for.

I’ve already told you about this cyberwarrior firm’s consultancy business — election boards and government agencies have become important clients.

It has the expertise to guide these agencies through the process of securing the election.

But perhaps more important, it also helps ensure the extended reach of democracy... they help companies and organizations protect their image.

But that’s not all.

This cyberwarrior firm is also fighting for democracy on the front lines.

This solution has been attracting a lot of notice...

I’m talking about direct voter verification.

It offers GPS tagging, biometric verification, and centralized ID verification.

It’s truly the safest and most transparent voting solution in the world.

This company has an ambitious goal to bring a new level of verification to the voting process.

This product is fully operational.

It even has a product that works off solar panels — bringing voter verification to the farthest reaches of the globe.

Despotic warlords can’t steal elections.

This level of sophistication is elegant in its simplicity: one handheld device can take fingerprints, read faces, verify thousands of different kinds of IDs, mark its exact physical location.

The software behind this device is effective and transparent.

Many countries are taking notice, and the U.N., human rights groups, and small countries themselves have all shown interest in purchasing this voter equipment.

But from a financial perspective, the biggest advantage of this cyberwarrior company’s voting equipment is showing off their abilities.

Most of its systems work in the background — where they need to be, to protect companies and governments — but voting represents an opportunity to push their capabilities into the public eye.

This potential will become essential by 2020.

The centrality of the U.S. election is having a global effect on this discussion.

The result?

I expect to see localities and countries adopting many of these measures soon.

But there’s still more.

There’s another rapidly-growing sector of its business you need to know about.

This next “weapon” is about money...

A very serious amount of money.

The Next Generation of Secure Mobile Payments

The way innovation is unfolding today, it turns out that a cybersecurity company is perfectly situated to offer solutions for mobile payments and mobile banking.

This is a new area for this cybersecurity firm — but it’s already growing so fast it’s fattening the bottom line.

It’s coming at the right time...

According to the 2017 World Payments Report, the market is expected to grow 52% through 2020.

Just take a look at this chart:

This cyberwarrior firm is already an outstanding buy, even if the mobile payments division were to disappear overnight.

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And there’s one more reason why its mobile payments could be immensely successful: cryptocurrencies.

Most mobile payment software can’t handle Bitcoin or other popular currencies.

This advantage is baked right in, and it could make a significant difference in its rate of adoption among users.

As the CEO of this cyberwarrior firm recently said on the record:

“When completed, our solution will allow users to both purchase and sell bitcoins as well as other cryptocurrencies, all without the need for a bank account."

Once again, this company is ahead of the curve in providing the latest technology.

The U.S., the UK, and 98 of the world’s other nations rely on this small company for their technology — its growth is just beginning.

But there’s more to this story...

This cyberwarrior firm never ceases to innovate.

It’s what’s kept it growing since 1988, and it’s the reason it grew from a tiny penny stock to a respected world leader that’s earned 3,518% for investors.

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In addition to the five “weapons” I’ve shown you, there’s another “weapon” in development as we speak — and it’s already being deployed across the globe.

Solving America’s Prison Problem


Finally, as if it hadn’t achieved enough, this cyberwarrior firm has just finished work on a solution to America’s thorniest criminal justice problems.

You might not realize it, but the United States has the world’s largest prison population by far... 

The average federal prison is overcrowded by 36%. And it costs $30,000 a year to incarcerate an inmate.

With so many people in jail for petty or victimless crime (like marijuana possession), we don’t have enough cells to go around. Heck, even if we did have the space, we as a country can’t afford it.

It’s a problem that’s long confounded judges, lawyers, and politicians alike.

But this cyberwarrior firm has an answer so clever and elegant that everyone from the courtroom to the Capitol is thrilled.

Simply put, it’s a system that monitors, tracks, and confines non-violent criminal offenders outside of prison.

Just as importantly, it notifies law-abiding citizens when a dangerous individual is nearby, by alerting them on their smartphone.

Each solution is carefully built to apply the right amount of security to the situation.

Some solutions only track the person during key moments: appointments with the parole officer, or when brought into a restricted area. While other systems are so comprehensive they allow for monitoring that was never possible before.

It keeps criminals from joining up or coming into contact with one another — and any deviation from the prescribed route between work and home is restricted.

These devices can’t be fooled.

They know when they’ve been removed, or when the movement of the wearer isn’t natural.

They immediately flag the problem so a parole officer can check in.

These devices are also useful in prisons — the device can even tell if a prisoner is climbing a fence.

And problematic prisoners can be kept apart... which is a far more elegant and humane solution than solitary confinement or a restrictive cell.

And best of all: it’s cost effective.

This cyberwarrior firm provides a welcome and cost-effective alternative to all this.

That’s why this company has been chosen by the State of California for several major contracts.

It also has significant contracts with Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Idaho, Kentucky... and minor contracts with a dozen other states.

These prison solutions are also used in a wide variety of countries across the globe.

From progressive, established countries like Denmark — where attention to prisoner rights is paramount — to developing countries trying to reform their less-than-humane prison systems, like Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

Everybody wins: this cyberwarrior’s solution makes life easier for prisoners, prison guards... and taxpayers.

And it can win for you as this stock price continues to climb.

The Time for Skyrocketing Growth Has Arrived

Since 1988, this cyberwarrior firm has distinguished itself in consistently staying ahead of the curve.

And as that curve has continued to rise and steepen, that’s meant increasing revenue...

As well as increasing gains for investors.

But we’re on the cusp of never-before-seen growth.

This cyberwarrior firm has been adding clients at an incredible clip.

Just look at the growth over the past few years...

Again, there are five urgent reasons why this company’s share price is going to soar in the weeks ahead:

  1. MILITARY-SCALE CYBERDEFENSE — This firm has the experts and tools to assess threats and keep governments and companies safe... and they’re about to release a new, upgraded tool just a few weeks from now.
  2. SECURING BORDERS — The UK, Hong Kong, and dozens of other countries rely on this firm to keep their borders safe... and now the U.S. CBP must upgrade its systems in the days ahead.
  3. ENDING FAKE GOVERNMENT AID — Freeloaders and hackers beware, this firm is going to cut waste and fraud from government agencies across the globe... and several U.S. states have signed new contracts for this effective solution.
  4. RESTORING DEMOCRACY — It has the tools to combat fake news stories, to keep election centers hacker-free, and a unique tool to verify one voter/one vote that’s being deployed worldwide... and business is booming in advance of the 2020 U.S. election.
  5. MOBILE PAYMENTS — This new space is growing by leaps and bounds, and this firm will be one of the first to accept and use Bitcoin and other digital currencies... it's also about to announce the specifics of a new partnership to secure back-end transactions for payment processors.

PLUS, BREAKING NEWS: This company is releasing new software and devices to track prisoners and reform prisons. The State of California and several major countries are signing on as clients.

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  1. An established cybersecurity company that protects 85 of the Fortune 100 companies
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  3. An IT powerhouse with an entire suite of data security solutions
  4. And a company that builds and maintains next-generation firewalls for the most secure clients in the world, including major U.S. intelligence agencies

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