FAST-MOVING INVESTORS: A rare opportunity at 63x your money...

Did This Tiny $1 Biotech Firm Just Conquer Breast Cancer with Pot?

A breakthrough new breast cancer “miracle treatment” is giving control of a $17.2 billion market to an unknown pot penny stock. Fast-moving investors stand to gain as much as 6,263% in as little as 90 days... but only if you act today.

(If I’m wrong, I’ll hand you a $1,999 “check”!)


Dear Reader,

The man pictured here could hand you a six-figure payday...

...yet you’ve probably never heard of him.

He’s not Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, or any other high-rolling founder...

But he is a hyper-successful businessman who’s handed massive riches to investors just like you, time and time again.

You only had to invest in one of his companies while it was still on the ground floor.

Today, you can ride his next venture and be one of the few investors who enjoys a windfall of wealth, just like a select few have done before...

His first marijuana business offered investors the chance to get in at $0.23 a share and ride it to $0.97 in less than two months. That’s a 312% gain! 

He’s headed up a gold exploration company in Mexico’s most prolific gold-producing region. And the stock handed a 1,739% windfall to early investors in less than a year.

His most recent winner came from his second pot venture — a medical marijuana firm at the cutting edge of cannabis-based treatments. It gifted people like you a huge 2,800% gain in less than 17 months.

Just $10,000 invested in each of these companies would have handed you a $516,100 fortune.

And now this secretive founder is doing it all over again.

Only this time, his latest venture could hand you gains as high as 6,263%.

Imagine! With half-a-million dollars of new wealth in your pocket, you’d be able to pay for your retirement, buy any little luxury you want, or put money away for your grandkids' tuition.

You see, like most pot insiders, he’s seen the incredible medical applications of marijuana firsthand. Especially when it comes to treating cancer.

That’s because he’s used cannabis to do something we’ve never seen before... make cancer cells want to kill themselves.

Now, we’ve always known this was possible — but it’s only worked in test tubes. That’s why you may have seen...

The National Cancer Institute announce “cannabis has been shown to kill cancer cells”...

British newspaper The Telegraph report “[the] US government says cannabis kills cancer cells”...

And the Washington Post write “Recent studies have shown that [pot] can have potent anti-cancer action”...

Yet as promising as it’s been, it’s never made it out of the lab.

Until now.

This mysterious man has made the final improvements to turn cannabis into a cancer-killing treatment. 

In fact, his latest marijuana venture has created an entirely new kind of pot to conquer breast cancer.

Without question, it’s a horrible disease that affects 3,327,522 Americans.

But here’s where it gets really interesting...

If you’ve seen the “pot fortunes” of recent times, you’ll know many investors doubled, tripled, and quadrupled their money.

The fastest-moving could’ve even multiplied their wealth 10 times over.

Right now, you might be kicking yourself for missing the boat...

But here’s the good news...

The next wave of pot breakthroughs will come from medical marijuana companies curing the world’s deadliest diseases...

And the gains will be much, MUCH bigger than almost anything we’ve seen before!

That’s because the $7.7 billion marijuana market that’s powered every pot gain we’ve seen so far is 35 times smaller than the market size of major diseases the plant could treat. For example...

  • Cancer is a $60.2 billion industry...
  • Arthritis stands at $20.3 billion...
  • AIDS/HIV is a $19.6 billion market...
  • And there are many other diseases where cannabis offers new breakthrough cures.

So it’s no stretch to say the tiny $184 million firm — that’s just invented a brand-new type of pot specifically to treat breast cancer — is set to soar as high as 6,263%.

And that could happen within the next 90 days — here’s why...

This groundbreaking firm is set to go public with a little-known “deal” struck with the FDA.

The announcement will reveal the details of its first opportunity to lock in $1 billion of annual sales.

When it does, I’m expecting mainstream investors to take notice and send the stock shooting up the chart.

And if that wasn’t enough, this company has locked down the vital patents of this medical breakthrough — and every treatment like it.

In other words, it’s built a de facto monopoly.

The scope of this opportunity is clear...

This tiny $184 million company with a patented treatment is on the brink of ushering in a world without breast cancer...

As you’ll see today, the science is real. You’ll meet the all-star team behind this company’s monopoly. You’ll get the full details on this tiny firm’s “deal” with the FDA. And you’ll discover exactly how you can get in for $1 a share.

But before we get into the science, here’s what’s most important...

This Medical Marijuana Breakthrough is Already Saving Real People’s Lives


Take Stefanie LaRue. Her story was so dramatic it was featured on NBC.

She was diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer. So bad, her doctor gave her just one year to live.

She underwent traditional treatments, but the cancer continued its relentless spread inside her body.

Then she turned to the treatment you’re hearing about today... and miraculously, she was completely cured. 

In her own words, “Cannabis oil killed all of the tumors in my body. My monthly lab and quarterly scan results are proof that the [...] treatment worked”.  

Then there’s Tammy Levant...

She told NBC she was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer in 2015.

But even as the cancer spread, Tammy refused traditional therapy.

Instead, she chose to use the same treatment as Stefanie.

The result? Today, Tammy is cancer free.

One nurse said  “when I looked at Tammy’s blood work the tumor markers were all zero – and I couldn’t explain it.”

Of course, these are just two examples. And we’ll see countless more over the coming years.

Better yet for you and me, the tiny company making this possible is set to unlock billions of dollars of new wealth. And make early investors very rich.

But to truly understand this opportunity, we need to first understand why women get breast cancer...

You see, it’s the most prevalent cancer in the United States. Making it a $17.2 billion market.

One out of every eight women will suffer from it.

But we’ve never been able to discover what really causes it...

That’s what the mysterious man I mentioned earlier set out to discover.

In 2015, he assembled an all-star team to engineer a medical marijuana treatment to completely eradicate breast cancer. 

Their first breakthrough came when they uncovered a defective protein that leads to many of today’s new cases of the disease.

This solved a major problem that’s baffled cancer researchers for over 20 years.

And it explains why we’ve seen cannabis kill cancer cells in the lab, but NOT in a mainstream treatment. For example...

A 2011 study published by the American Association for Cancer Research found pot preferentially kills breast cancer cells.

A 2006 study, published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics found cannabis “is the most potent inhibitor of cancer cell growth”...

And a 2012 study by the California Pacific Medical Center found pot “inhibits breast cancer cell proliferation and invasion.”

Yet while we’ve known that cannabis can kill cancer for two decades, it’s never made it into a commercial treatment.

That’s because cannabis’ medicinal compounds disperse themselves around the body instead of honing in on the disease they’re being used to treat.

This means the treatment gets diluted and can’t solve the problem it’s supposed to cure.

It has stumped scientists for 20 years... no one could figure out how to make cannabis’ medicinal compounds focus only on the cancer.

Until today.

This small $184 million company has found a way to zero in on the breast cancer by focusing on a defective protein behind many cases of the disease.

And they’ve singled out a specific compound in cannabis that hones in on this protein like a laser-guided missile.

It’ll then trigger something called “apoptosis.”

It’s a process where the cannabis takes control of the cancer cell...

Stops it from multiplying and spreading...

And then commands the cancer cells to commit suicide.

Here’s a short clip showing it in action:


It’s like flicking a switch to ‘remove’ the disease.

Incredible, isn’t it?

It’s why Cambridge University’s Dr. Maria Caffarel says...

“[Cannabis] may be useful for the treatment of most breast [tumors]”

And why the National Cancer Institute declared...

 “Cannabis has been shown to kill cancer cells”...

In fact, they even go so far as to say they “may be able to kill cancer cells while protecting normal cells”.

Simply put, this company’s breakthrough is a highly precise, highly effective way to fight breast cancer — WITHOUT any of the downsides of traditional treatments.

And that’s precisely why I’m confident...

You’re Set to Grow Your Money by as Much as 6,263% Over the Coming Months

You see, real-world cancer treatments are big money...

In January 2018, the $71 billion biopharmaceutical giant Celgene spent $7 billion to buy another drugmaker called Impact Biomedicines.

Celgene wanted the company’s early-stage experimental blood cancer drug. It was being developed to treat a type of cancer affecting 18,000 people in the United States called myelofibrosis.

In short, Celgene splurged $7 billion to buy a drug that helps just 18,000 people.

So it’s no stretch to say the company holding the keys to treating a similar disease that affects 116 times more people is worth at least the same. In fact, I’m sure you’d agree it’s probably worth much more.

Remember, the tiny firm that’s invented a new kind of pot to treat breast cancer is worth just $184 million today.

If the stock reaches its full potential — as my research is indicating — the stock will climb 6,263% on its way to a $7 billion price tag.

That’s exactly why you could turn a humble $10,000 into $636,300 over the coming months.

But that’s not telling the full story...

The truth is, there’s nothing like feeling the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you check your brokerage account in the morning and see...

Your Investment Quadruple Overnight!


It’s no secret pot and biotech stocks can double, triple, or even quadruple your money overnight on the back of an important announcement.

That’s the nature of any fast-moving, cutting-edge industry.

And it’s why I’m excited about the FDA “deal” this tiny firm will announce within 90 days.

Just look at what happened with Puma Biotechnology...

It developed a drug to block the return of breast cancer in women who had developed an early stage of the disease.

On July 22, 2014, Puma announced positive trial results.

Overnight the stock popped 295% on the news...

In just 24 hours your $10,000 would’ve grown into $39,500. Just imagine the adrenaline pumping after seeing that windfall in your account!

Yet that’s just a snapshot of what really happened...

Rewind to June 24, 2012 — when the drug was in an earlier stage of development — the stock stood at just $11.25 a share.

As the research progressed, investors started to take notice... one point almost quadrupling your money overnight...

...but it didn’t stop there...

By September 2014, the stock had soared to $270.83.

That’s a 2,307% gain – good enough to turn every $10,000 into $240,700.

Any investor would take that in a heartbeat — yet it’s not even close to what I’m expecting you to collect over the coming months.

This $184 million company is on the brink of making an announcement that could send the stock vertical.

Want the full details? Then let’s start at the beginning.


If Even I Didn’t Know About This Tiny Pot Stock...

...the Mainstream WON’T Until It Makes Its Important Announcement Just 90 Days from Now!

By the way, my name is Jimmy Mengel.

I’m the pot investing expert at the Outsider Club

I’ve been at the forefront of this explosive industry for more than four years — long before the mainstream talking heads started to take it seriously.

And during this time I’ve...

  • Visited leading marijuana firms in hot spots like California, Colorado, and Canada...
  • Sat down with CEOs and founders of the world’s most exciting and profitable cannabis companies...
  • And even spoken to famous pot advocates like TV host Montel Williams, former NFL offensive lineman Eben Britton, and even Gene Simmons from KISS...

In other words, you’ll have a hard time finding another pot insider with such a full rolodex of industry leaders, CEOs, and experts.

Yet even with my finger on the pulse of the cannabis industry, the tiny company we’re looking at today still flew under my radar...

The reason why is because it’s more than just your typical pot stock... it’s also a biotech firm.

Which means it swims in a sea of thousands of tiny companies all promising the latest medical breakthrough.

Of course, most are companies overpromising and under delivering.

And that makes it harder to find the rare few that actually offer the real thing...

A breakthrough treatment that changes how we look at some diseases forever.

Of course, it’s not easy to find these special plays. You have to dig through the science, the market, even the company’s financials before you can be sure it’s a sound investment.

Often, by the time you’ve put in the hard work, the most promising firms have already gone mainstream and taken the lion’s share of the gains off the table.

And that’s precisely the reason why I’ve put together this presentation today...

Because this $1 biotech pot stock is still underground and offering you a six-figure payday.

In fact, it’s one of the rare moments when the play is still on the ground floor and offering the most outsized gains for investors who get in today.

Yet I almost never came across this tiny firm.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the respect I’ve earned in the industry — from years of being on the front line of pot investing — I can safely say I would never have discovered this firm.

It’s simply too small and too buried — for now.

But one morning I woke up to a tip from one of my contacts. He’d sent me an email overnight. It said...

“Marijuana company — you get first look”

Needless to say, it caught my attention.

After all, I’ve been in this industry longer than many of the marijuana firms running today. There are not many serious pot stocks I don’t know about.

But this was one of them.

And the more I started to look into the company, the more boxes it ticked...

  • A truly breakthrough breast cancer treatment...
  • A de facto monopoly set to carve out billions of dollars...
  • An exceptional team of industry insiders at the top of their game (who’ve already produced huge gains for investors before)...

Everything lined up.

The company is the real deal.

And if my research is right — and I’m certain it is — it will lead the next wave of outsized pot gains that come from medical marijuana.

I expect that to start within the next 90 days — when this tiny company announces a “deal” with the FDA.

I’ll give you the full details in just a moment.

Though one word of warning...

You may not have 90 days to wait.

I’ve spoken with the CEO of this tiny firm directly and he told me to expect an “announcement [...] about the partnerships we’re forming.”

Of course, dealmaking in the biotech space can be incredibly lucrative for you and me...

In fact, back in October 2017, KalVista Pharmaceuticals announced a collaboration pact with Merck & Co for a diabetes treatment.

The stock shot up 116% overnight.

It transformed every $10,000 into $21,600 in less than a day.

It goes without saying a partnership announcement like this could trigger the run up that leads to gains as high as 6,263% returns for you.

And while I can’t predict exactly when it will happen, I’m expecting to see an agreement coming down the pipeline very shortly.

That’s because of the patented technology this firm owns that gives it control over more than 90% of pot’s medicinal compounds.

Or in other words, this tech gives this small $184 million firm...

A De Facto Monopoly Over this Breast Cancer Breakthrough!

It’s the work of an all-star team of medical experts assembled by the secretive founder I told you about earlier...

The same founder who’s already delivered gains of 312%, 1,739%, and 2,800% to investors just like you.

Now he’s doing it again... along with a team of industry insiders.

Like the firm’s CEO, who’s been on the front line of the world’s most cutting-edge drugmakers for over 25 years.

He headed up a leader in gene therapy. He was a director at one of Canada’s largest biotech firms, QLT. And he was responsible for more than $450 million in extra sales while working as the senior business development manager at Abbott Laboratories.

In fact, during his reign there, the stock shot up 99%.

Then there’s the company’s chief medical officer.

He used to be the medical director for the $12 billion French biopharma giant, Ipsen.

But that’s not why he’s so respected — this is...

Ask most marijuana insiders and they’ll tell you he was instrumental as associate medical director in turning GW Pharmaceuticals into the largest pure-play cannabis company in the world.

He spent five years at the company, helping to take it from a small player in England to a $3.3 billion powerhouse listed on the Nasdaq.

That’s exactly the kind of expertise that’s needed to send this tiny $184 million firm soaring up the charts.

The last member of this all-star team is the chief scientific officer.

Just like the two experts I’ve already mentioned, his record sells itself...

...he’s spent 20 years in drug discovery and development...

...he’s authored more than 40 peer-reviewed papers...

...and he’s a cofounder of a private pharma company focused on developing type 2 diabetes treatments!

Now this group of leading scientists and industry insiders has come together and created the tech behind this new type of pot they’ll use to treat breast cancer...

You’ve probably never heard of it before.

It’s called “biosynthesis.”

And it lets this company produce the specific type of pot behind this breast cancer breakthrough WITHOUT growing it.

That’s important because the marijuana compound that hones in on the defective protein like a heat-seeking missile is ONLY found in trace amounts inside the cannabis plant.

You simply can’t grow enough to treat a meaningful amount of people without going broke first.

Again, this tiny $184 million firm has scooped up all the patents behind biosynthesis.

And I predict its de facto monopoly will spark a flood of new agreements from other biotech firms looking to get their hands on the medicinal pot compounds biosynthesis can create.

That means fresh, new opportunities for this stock to explode... 

Just look at Pieris Pharmaceuticals...

It announced a collaboration agreement with AstraZeneca and its stock flew 255%! Turning every $10,000 into $35,500.

Now — you’ve seen exactly how this company is set to...

  • Double or triple your money overnight by signing deals with other drugmakers...
  • Triple... even quadruple... your money on the back of an FDA or company announcement...
  • And grow your money by up to 6,263% as it conquers breast cancer with its unique kind of pot...

Now let me finally introduce you to...

The Company on the Brink of Handing You a Small Fortune


Forbes calls it “more than just another cannabis drug company”...

As I’ve said, this will be the one company leading the next round of great pot investing returns over the next 12 months.

In fact, the CEO has already said this small firm will “become the world leader in cannabis prescription drug development.”

And if it does, your retirement could be completely paid for.

Because to get there it will need to soar past the leader, GW Pharmaceuticals.

That’ll multiply your money at least 29 times over. 

Or enough to turn just $10,000 into $307,300.

Or $50,000 into $1,536,500.

It’s all possible because of its cutting-edge and patented biosynthesis technology that gives this $1 stock control over more than 90% of the medicinal pot compounds.

That’s crucial.

The CEO himself is already on record saying “a lot of people are now coming to us wanting to tap into this biosynthesis process as a raw material supplier for their own activity.”

You’ve already seen how Pieris Pharmaceuticals shot up 255% when it struck a deal with AstraZeneca... and how KalVista shot 116% higher after inking a deal with Merck & Co.

There’s also Yield 10. Another bioscience company that soared 183% after announcing a deal with Monsanto. A quick way to turn $10,000 into $28,300!

But here’s what’s most exciting for investors who take action today. This small $1 stock will shortly see...

A $1 Billion Spike in Revenue by Taking Advantage of a Little-Known, Legal Government Back Door!

It doesn’t take Warren Buffett to figure out what happens when it does.

You see, this company is using an obscure law called Public 97-414 to skip to the front of the line of the FDA drug approval process. It’s a law that gives high priority to companies developing treatments for some of the most serious diseases.

Which means instead of waiting up to 12 years to get a drug reviewed by a small army of lab coat-wearing scientists, it can take as little as 12 months

Simply put, the company has secured the blessings of Uncle Sam to make the drug approval process a fast ride without any hiccups.

Of course, it’s not just this company that benefits from this fast-track approval back door, but everyday investors just like you...

In 2017, another small drugmaker called Verastem soared 251% on the back of its fast-tracked lymphoma treatment. Turning every $10,000 into $35,100.

In short, this legal “loophole” means the first pot treatment that specifically hones in on defective proteins could soon be on the market!

Clearly, huge fortunes are on the table for investors... but you must act fast.

You see, it's moving at light speed to turn this drug into a commercial treatment. And right now, it's...

On the Brink of Announcing a $1 Billion “Deal” With the FDA

This deal is 740% bigger than the company itself. And it will share the details of brand-new clinical trials for its first drug targeting defective proteins.

That’s a huge step forward for this tiny $184 million firm...

But it’s also an announcement that will put its name on every Wall Street trader’s lips.

In other words, it’ll be the moment this $1 stock breaks into the mainstream and its stock chart goes vertical. The profits you make could pay for your retirement and leave enough money to pay for your grandkids' tuition.

You’ve already seen how a similar announcement powered Puma Biotechnology to a 2,307% gain.


The same thing happened with AVEO Pharmaceuticals.

On June 23, 2017, it got European approval for its drug to treat a common type of kidney cancer. And within just four months, the stock soared 441%. Growing every $10,000 into $54,100.

There’s also Aquinox Pharmaceuticals.

The stock shot up in August 2015 on the back of positive trial results from its bladder pain drug. It exploded from $1.79 a share to $22.13. That’s a 1,136% gain — or enough to turn every $10,000 into $123,600!

There’s every reason why your investment could soar just as high. And if you booked gains like this, you’d do better than most investors.

Yet I’m expecting much larger gains from this tiny firm. In fact...

This Tiny $1 Stock is Set to Soar up to 6,263%

The truth is, not many industries can claim to have made so many investors so rich in just a matter of months...

In just over 15 months, Cara Therapeutics moved 365% higher...

In less than eight months, Corbus Pharmaceuticals soared 619%...

And in a little over two years, Insys Therapeutics soared 1,104% — turning every $10,000 into $120,400!

It’s not just biotech offering the quickest fortunes to fast-moving investors...

Pot stocks have delivered some of the most explosive gains of the past few years!

Just recently, we’ve seen Emerald Health Botanicals up 5,217%...

Global Hemp Group up 6,025%...

And Matica Enterprises — a Canadian pot grower — up 18,066%...

The bottom line is that the groundbreaking firm you’ve seen today gets you into two of the most exciting industries in the world.

To help you profit, I’ve compiled all of my research into a special report.

It’s called "A Marijuana Miracle: The $1 Stock Set to Explode 6,263% Higher by Conquering Breast Cancer."

Inside, you’ll get the full details on this unique opportunity that’s set to take off any moment.

You’ll get the ticker symbol, my research, and even an unprecedented interview with two of the company’s insiders (so you can get the details straight from the horse's mouth).

Put simply, you’ll have everything you need to take advantage of this urgent opportunity as quickly as possible.


Here’s How You Can Get "A Marijuana Miracle: The $1 Stock Set to Explode 6,263% Higher by Conquering Breast Cancer" WITHOUT Risking a Cent


Again, my name is Jimmy Mengel.

jimmy_mengel_220x220I work with the Outsider Club to bring hundreds of thousands of readers the latest news and breakthroughs from the marijuana industry.

Most importantly, I help readers just like you get in on the most lucrative pot opportunities.

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Bought in on Canadian and UK marijuana stocks about a year ago and have almost doubled my money! I can only see it getting better. In for the long haul.

Cris B. did even better...

I made out like a bandit with one tiny marijuana stock. I got in a little late @2.12 per share which I thought was a little high but over the last few weeks I earned 400% (some made 800%) and I sold half as Jimmy suggested. I can’t believe it! My first stock in 20 yrs and it paid off big. Now I’m taking part of my earnings to get a Lifetime Membership! Thanks Jimmy! I can't wait to see what’s next.

And Johnny Ray S. almost tripled his money...

Thanks for the million-dollar idea Mr. Mengel. You Rock! We just [booked a 194% gain].

But look, this is only the start of the pot fortunes on the table for early investors.

The next wave will come from the biotech companies using cannabis’ medicinal compounds to cure many other serious diseases.

It doesn’t matter if you missed out on any of the gains that have come before. Because today you have a rare second chance to get in the next windfall of pot profits.

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