A sub-$3.00 “triple threat” stock preps for 1,000% gains and dominance of this fast-growing space

“It’s irresponsible for the medical community NOT to offer this... [this medical innovation] works and it works fast!”

—Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Emmy-award winning medical expert


Dear Reader,

Today, you’ll receive ‘Restricted Access’ to an incredible medical innovation hidden behind this steel door. It’s disrupting a long-standing $635 billion industry...


Behind this door could be lightning fast 1,000% gains


Big-gun investors, including Bill Gates and Peter Thiel, have quietly invested tens of millions into this medical wonder.

You won’t have to type in your email or pull out your credit card to see it. In fact, I’ll show you the medical innovation in the next 90 seconds.

I saw it in person when I flew from my home in Baltimore to this steel door.

That’s me inspecting the medical breakthrough up close.

Hi, my name is Jimmy Mengel. I’ve given six-figure talks on this medical innovation to swarms of investors. They listen to me because I’m willing to hop on a crowded plane to inspect products and companies up close... especially in this budding sector.

For over a decade I’ve followed... and waited... for this game changer to go mainstream. And I believe it’s about to.

I’ll tell you more about me and my experience in the medical field in a minute.

One Breakthrough Opportunity Could Make Your Portfolio SING!

For over 4,700 years, this medicinal product has been used on a relatively small scale. No one fully understood its benefits...

And I believe once Wall Street wakes up, one company will absolutely explode.

$45,000 in profits for every $5,000 invested — that’s my estimate of how this industry should grow 17,400% in the next three years.

This year, the medical breakthrough is going mainstream. And today I’ll show you a company — a “triple threat” in the space — that has a shot at being a market leader.

It’s all centered on one major medical advancement...

But, let me be clear: Simply “knowing” about this innovation is just a sliver of the opportunity you’ll discover today. You can’t profit just “knowing” about it.  Once this breakthrough reaches mass use, there will be millions up for grabs.

This is it... a sleeping-giant medical shift... and it’s about to dismantle a long-standing industry...

The Multibillion-Dollar Industry It Disrupts

Because the $635 billion market it disrupts? The pain industry.

Included in this industry:

  • Cancer

  • Alzheimer's

  • Diabetes

  • Arthritis

  • Epilepsy

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Depression and anxiety

  • PTSD

Doctors wrote over 300 million prescriptions last year in the U.S. to relieve pain.

Well, expect those prescriptions to keep climbing.

According to the National Cancer Institute, new cancer cases will increase 50% over the next decade.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, new Alzheimer cases will more than double over the next two decades.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one of every three people will have diabetes by 2050.

And the list goes on...

This groundbreaking medical innovation has reported amazing results to help relieve pain:

  • ALS: Jacob Kaufman saw a ‘very significant treatment effect on many ALS symptoms’ after patients used this medical advancement.

  • Parkinson’s Disease: Katerina Venderova reported Parkinson's patients saw ‘improvement’ after just two months of using this innovation.

  • Crohn’s Disease: Timna Naftali discovered ‘significant clinical benefits’ in 10 of 11 patients who used this medical wonder. 5 of 11 went into ‘complete remission’!

  • HIV: In a double-blind study, Dr. Donald Abrams reported this painkiller ‘relieved chronic neuropathic pain in patients with HIV.’

Studies continue with better and better results, thus...

There’s a huge opportunity waiting for you right now.

The Incredible Medical Innovation Taking on Household Companies


I promised I’d reveal what I saw behind that steel door. It’s important because I expect it will hand you blazing-fast 1,000% gains.

You’ve heard of it... but it’s carried a bad stigma for decades...

However, now the dark clouds are lifting...

You could probably guess what I saw... That’s right...


Medical Cannabis, to be exact.

Once a hush-hush topic... now, it’s all over the news...

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Emmy-winning medical expert, has done two special documentaries on medical cannabis. Funny enough, he’s only recently changed his mind on the subject.


Like many, for years Gupta believed — if you use medical cannabis, you must be a "pothead."  It wasn’t until he got out of the office and talked to average Americans, his perception flipped.

Regular Americans, like you and me, are using medical cannabis to fight terrible diseases like arthritis and Alzheimer's.

TCN_BH_img4Now, Gupta proclaims: “It’s time for a medical marijuana revolution.”

He’s not alone in having his ‘come-to-Jesus’ moment with medical marijuana...

TV medical expert, Dr. Mehmet Oz, believed marijuana was something from “Satan... a communist plot.” 

Now, he’s changed his tune. Oz believes medical marijuana “should be widely available," as it’s "hugely beneficial."

Universities are sitting up and taking notice...

Oxford University, one of the top schools in the world, recently launched a multi-year, multimillion-dollar study on medical marijuana.


The pace is picking up for medical marijuana... this opportunity is huge!

Thomas Jefferson University, founded in 1825, recently announced a center for medical cannabis. This arm of the college will focus on offering accredited educational courses for physicians and pharmacists.

University of Washington also opened up certifications for doctors...

UCLA followed with its launch of a medical cannabis research center...

Columbia University came right out and gave marijuana a thumbs-up diagnosis for pain relief.


“After smoking active cannabis, men reported a significant decrease in pain sensitivity
and an increase in pain tolerance.”

— Columbia University study

Former Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy saw only preliminary studies and admitted medical marijuana "can be helpful."

When I see major shifts in perception like what I’m seeing in medical cannabis... like you just saw here... I immediately dig for a path to profits!

Stake Your Claim Into This Millionaire-Making Field (or do nothing...)

Some opportunities in the cannabis space already vanished...

A handful of stocks recently saw earth-shaking spikes and minted fortunes for life.

Still, I expect you to open your brokerage account and see a 1,000% — $45,000 in profits — materialize in as little as 30 days thanks to the company I visited. That’s how fast this is moving.

And 1,000% gains is mega-conservative.

Other companies in the same space already popped for gains of:

  • 4,500%
  • 5,800%
  • 2,066%

Doing nothing today just means others will plunder their own fortunes while you won’t.

One in my portfolio even jumped an unbelievable 50,200% in 2016!


Every $1,000 turned into a jaw-dropping $502,000. An investor’s dream, right?

So, a 1,000% gain is a pretty conservative bet.

It’s no wonder investors are in a frenzy...

CNBC writes 'Now is the time to:'

Bet big on marijuana... the industry is poised to be gigantic.”

  • Peter Thiel dumped $75 million into a marijuana venture firm

  • Bill Gates just got involved in marijuana

  • Elon Musk develops batteries to power indoor cannabis growers

  • George Soros is buying up mass marijuana cultivation farms

TCN_BH_img7This man, Hugh Hempel, recently gave a TED talk describing how he invested in medical marijuana.

Hugh had a slew of high-tech jobs, including many years of work at Apple Computers. He gave up those fortunes to start a medical cannabis company, Strainz, after his 11-year-old twin daughters were diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder — Niemann-Pick disease type C.

He invested his livelihood into helping save his daughters with medical marijuana.

You’ll get the opportunity to invest in medical cannabis — and for cheap — right now.

Look, timing industry disruptors is hard to do. You might be kicking yourself for not investing in Netflix or Tesla when they traded for $15.

Perhaps you missed investing in the boom of computers, smartphones, or household names like Paypal, Facebook, or Coca-Cola...

Are you going to kick yourself even more for missing out on this history-making marijuana explosion?

This space is gaining popularity too fast to sit on the sidelines...

Patients Clamor For More, More, More!


More and more doctors are rallying behind medical cannabis...

Dr. David Casarett, Professor of Medicine at Duke University, thought treating patients with cannabis was a joke.

It wasn’t until he talked to patients who relied on medical cannabis that he realized his perception was wrong. He went on to write Stoned: A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana which was highly reviewed and endorsed by the Washington Post.

Dr. Casarett was right about patients swearing to live by it. In fact, 92% of patients say medical marijuana works.


When something works... it sells...

Renowned physician Dr. Deepak Chopra now backs medical cannabis.

Like I said, for so long marijuana has had a “negative” stigma in Canada and the U.S.

However, acceptance is now at its highest point ever:


Microsoft is building software in this space. Flowhub is a fast-growing startup providing inventory management for marijuana owners.

Forbes saw a “boom” in publications tracking marijuana.

Here in the U.S., Democrats and Republicans (surprisingly) are coming together to push through marijuana.

TCN_BH_img10 TCN_BH_img11

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry and Senator Cory Booker have put the boxing gloves aside and have fought to make cannabis more mainstream. Perry advocated for decriminalization in Texas. Booker co-sponsored an amendment to protect medical marijuana users.

Other politicians, like Governor Peter Shumlin and Representative Chris Van Hollen (to name a few), have rallied behind the medical marijuana banner, regardless of party.

The ‘Green’ Tables Have Turned...

Because, as you might full-well know, marijuana’s been illegal for a while in the United States and Canada — as far back as the 1920s.

It wasn’t until the '90s that the United States first introduced medical marijuana legalization.

Fast forward to today:

  • 8 states in the U.S. have made medical and recreational marijuana 100% legal

  • 23 states passed laws allowing medical marijuana uses

  • In Canada, Justin Trudeau, the prime minister, says the country will legalize all marijuana by July 1, 2018. That process already started in April of this year.

  • In the next three years, experts predict over 255,000 U.S. jobs will become available thanks to marijuana.

These moves have all translated into massive gains for "pot stocks" in 2016:

  • 5,992% on Novus A&D Corp.

  • 2,100% on United Cannabis Corp.

  • 1,969% on Weed Inc.

  • 820% on Abattis Bioceuticals

  • 1,219% on Supreme Pharmaceuticals

But don’t worry...

There are still plenty of opportunities to profit!

The opportunities will grow as more lives are changed.

Children and Movie Stars Saved For Good

Many people, including children, wake up needing relief only medical cannabis provides:

  • Shona suffered from Crohn’s disease for many years. Doctors diagnosed her as terminally ill. With death at her doorstep, she used cannabis and now lives a normal life.

  • Little Charlotte was just two years old when she was diagnosed with epilepsy. Her parents frantically tried every expensive medication they could find to relieve Charlotte’s pain. After finding marijuana, she’s now a happy, healthy six-year-old.

  • Peter suffered for years with type 2 diabetes before trying this new medical breakthrough. Within six weeks, he lost 50 pounds and saw his blood sugar drop like a rock.

Patrick Stewart, the Golden-Globe-nominated actor from X-Men and Star Trek, enthusiastically backs medical marijuana research.

Stewart started using medical cannabis to battle osteoarthritis. He uses an ointment and chewy bar to relieve himself before bed. During the day, he sprays his hands with cannabis oil, allowing him to make a fist without pain.

The Unbelievable Science That KILLS Pain

 But what makes medical cannabis so effective that it’ll steal market share from billion-dollar companies like Pfizer?

Medical cannabis contains large amounts of cannabinoids in its strains.TCN_BH_img12

These are the chemical compounds released from cannabis plants. These compounds bind to receptors in your brain and around your body to fight pain.

When you’re in pain, your body already produces chemical compounds to keep you healthy. Cannabinoids mimic these compounds to provide added relief.

Cannabis contains around 85 known cannabinoids. These various cannabinoids are able to target many parts of the body to help relieve MS, ALS, migraines, arthritis, seizures, and dozens of other ailments.

The two most common cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

THC attaches to brain receptors. Thus, it’s most widely known for giving marijuana smokers a ‘high’, as it contains psychoactive properties.

CBD works around your entire body, not solely in your brain. CBD doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties and can actually temper the ‘high’ THC creates.

With CBD-rich cannabis, it activates your TRPV1 receptor, which regulates your body temperature, pain perception, and inflammation.

Furthermore, CBD-rich cannabis activates receptors which release antianxiety and anti-inflammatory effects while also lowering cancer cell growth and spreading.

Dr. Jon LaPook, CBS’ Chief Medical Correspondent, says ‘we’ve only scratched the surface’ on what we can do with cannabinoids.

Lapook looked at more than 10,000 studies about cannabis use.

He says ‘there is pretty solid evidence’ that cannabis can alleviate pain. Innovation in the cannabinoid research space will only grow in the next three to five years.

I’m telling you the science because it’s important. This isn’t some “magic pill” concocted in a non-regulated, abandoned warehouse and peddled by teen skateboarders.

Rather, experts in cannabis and medicine come together under one roof, in a clean, 100% legal, and regulated laboratory.

That’s what I saw up close when I visited one specific medical marijuana company. It gave me complete access to every area of the company, including the CEO.

This company pinpoints where I expect the next quadruple-bagger to come from!

Funny enough, this company isn’t in the U.S. — but Canada.

Canada: The Cannabis Economic Superpower


No western country has fully legalized marijuana. And Canada will be the largest country in the world to allow it.

Yet, even with Canada taking longer than some U.S. states to legalize marijuana, many experts believe Canada will pass the United States in profiting from this “green rush.”

Just in 2016... Canadian medical marijuana demand went bonkers:


Demand is surging... so should the stock price of one company I’ll recommend today

The likes of Bank of America and Merrill Lynch predict it’ll be a $35 billion industry in the next couple years. That’s more than annual beer sales in Canada!

Troy Dayton, CEO of Archview Group — which publishes reports on the marijuana industry — told TIME magazine: “It’s the Canadian companies that have the best shot” at the most growth.

Alan Brochstein, a marijuana stock analyst in Texas, says Canadians know how to grow legal weed on a massive scale.

Canada’s proving them all right...

In the summer of 2016, Germany and Canada reached an agreement to import vast amounts of medical marijuana into Deutschland.

In June, Croatia and Colombia opened their borders to cannabis from Canadian companies. In November, Australia and Brazil also welcomed Canadian cannabis.

Look at how the numbers compare to our country...

The U.S. cannabis sector projects incredible 2,800% growth.

But, compare that to the expected growth in Canada:

17,400% growth!

Medical use will play a big part.

This is the reality now. And I have a sub-$3 company... I call it a “triple threat” company... on my radar that should pop 1,000% easily in the coming months.

But, before I share that company with you, it’s important you know more about me and why I believe this is one of the most incredible times in history to make a fortune.

I Return Triple-Digit Winners Like Clockwork

For over a decade, I’ve advised readers like you on emerging opportunities all over the world.  You might’ve even seen me on CNBC.

I’m also an editor at Health Wire, a leading publication on cutting-edge medical discoveries.

On the staff alongside me are three doctors with decades of experience. I’m able to bounce all my medical picks for their expert opinions.

I pored through mountains of data, talked to industry leaders, visited companies, some here and abroad, looking for marijuana companies that had an “edge.” A few I visited and liked, I passed on to my readers. Most I didn’t.

If you followed me since I've been covering the space, you would’ve landed windfall gains in marijuana and other sectors of: 

  • 830%
  • 320%
  • 220%
  • 120%
  • 93%

Just in April, another cannabis pick I made would’ve landed you a 220.80% gainer!


Meaning, if you put a mere $2,500 in just my two cannabis plays, you would’ve walked away with an easy $31,272.75! 

The “triple threat” company I’ll share with you today, I feel has that special “edge.” While other cannabis companies have already seen their boom, this company hasn’t popped yet...

That’s why I’m writing you today.

The *pop* is going to happen very, very soon. It's recently IPO’d, so investors are looking around at each other...

The stock quietly sits under $3... waiting...

Remember, I've seen what this “triple threat” company can do firsthand. It's the real deal to disrupt the cannabis and pain relief space on an international scale! 1,000% gains are completely possible!

$50 Into $1,200,000

A new medical disruptor — at its very beginning stages — has a massive runway to takeoff. And you can get in now before the lion's share of gains evaporate.

Think about it like this: If you had invested a measly $50 in Pfizer, a leading pharmaceutical company in the pain space, when it first went public...


You’d be sitting on a $1,200,000 nest egg. 2,400,000% growth! Unbelievable, I know.

Any kid can scrounge up $50. Imagine if you put in more.

If you invested $10,000 in Johnson & Johnson stock back in 1972... you’d be sitting on $1,041,381.36 today.

If you invested $1,000 in Gilead Sciences around its IPO, you’d be sitting on a $141,133 windfall!

A similar opportunity to these is happening now in the medical space. I’m not claiming you’ll see as massive a return as Pfizer did. Mainly because investing involves risk. Nothing is guaranteed.

However, the company I show you today could turn your $500 or $1,000 into $10,000 in record time.

It’s already happened this year with other cannabis companies.

Regular folks like you are already getting rich from cannabis...

Any Rich or Poor Person Can Become Marijuana Millionaires!

Take Jeffrey Moss. He was a 40-year-old farmer in northern Washington.

  • He couldn’t afford a car
  • His parents had to pay his bills
  • His friends had to slip him meals

Yet, he mustered a few bucks together to invest in marijuana. In 2016, he grossed $5 million. What could you do with a cool $5 million?

Another case: Allen Gustov lost all of his savings investing in a music venture. He and his wife were sleeping on cardboard furniture with a baby on the way. In 2016, they raked in over $1 million because of cannabis.

The professions all vary...

Carry Vincetti, 33, left her job as a paralegal to consult start-up cannabis entrepreneurs. I’m not surprised... her business is booming. So far, she’s stockpiled a $2 million fortune! will actually help you along if you can’t do it alone!

Amazon picked up a show, The Marijuana Show, to help average joes become “marijuana millionaires,” according to CNN.

Today, you only need one company to skyrocket for you to see immense wealth.

The “triple threat” company I visited to see its medical cannabis should be your first choice.

Here’s why...

The X-Factor In This Company


First, its CEO helped pioneer the 20-year boom in the painkiller OxyContin. According to the CDC, since 1999, the amount of opioids sold quadrupled.

OxyContin generated an estimated $38 billion in sales (and that’s climbing).

Actually, this CEO’s led over 11 successful painkiller product launches... cannabis is his next big play.

The management team, as a whole, has invested $6 million of its own money to build out the 23,500-square-foot facility I toured. It's put together a stellar team to make a premium and effective cannabis product.

Production of its cannabis sits at around 1,102 lb. With the influx of demand from Europe, South America, and Australia, this company’s prepping for much more demand.

I can say this, as I saw the plans. It's projecting future capacity to top 33,069 lb. in the near future. That’s a 3,000% increase to what it produces right now.

The chatter is hot as PI Financial Corp. projects:

“We believe [this “triple threat” cannabis company] will rank among the leading cannabis producers in the next few years...”

Revenue projections put this company at $29.7 million in 2018 and then $55.8 million in 2019.

The ramp up of the stock will be swift, and that’s why it’s important you jump on this “green” rocket ship before you miss out.

This company has the goods to back it up with its world-class management team and also its “triple threat” approach.


This break-through company recently partnered with a fellow medical cannabis company to produce a pill.

But, this isn’t just some vitamin pill.

This magic, sustained-release tablet acts like an OxyContin or opioid drug, but brings safety to the table. For the 50% of medical marijuana patients who use it for pain, this pill removes any need for vapors or droppers. The convenience factor will pay off in spades.

At this moment, this company is quietly building a 5,000 square foot facility to produce and mass distribute this pill quickly. The complex is due for completion by May 2018.

Because of this new tablet, the CEO told me privately over the phone: “Expect to see major changes in the cannabis market in the next 15 months.”

The “Triple Threat” Positioning This Company To Hand You 1,000%

What’s its “triple threat”?

Well, this revolutionary company has three arms to its business, which makes it unique.

#1: Production and Distribution of Lifesaving Cannabis

Patient acquisition has skyrocketed 4,256% since November last year! It’s because this company produces high-quality cannabis.

I know as I’ve watched it grow in person.

Each plant cultivated sees regular tests to make sure the chemical compounds (which are cornerstone to pain relief) are developing.

It only uses organic solutions to grow and tend to its marijuana plants. Another unique strategy I watched... it bumps up the carbon dioxide levels because that helps the plants sprout larger and more robust!

And I must stress again, its 23,500-square-foot facility is magnificent. It’s custom-built specifically to grow medical cannabis. No garage growers here!

#2: Research and Development to Find the Best Cures

For R&D, it recently acquired its 2,051st patent to further monopolize its research. Pfizer, founded in 1849, has just over 2,500 patents. So, this “triple threat” company is wasting no time catching up with the big players.

In this arm, it's not hiring ‘outside consultants’ to identify new advancements. It's built its own in-house team researching new strains, efficient dosages, plus cultivating strains at “medical grade.”

For once, scientists and the production team work together as one unit to both cut costs and increase innovation.

#3: Education for Both Patients and Doctors

This final arm of its business pushes it even further up the "value" scale. You’d think publications and information on the cannabis industry is a whole business in itself.

Yet, this company spotted a hole in the market where it could both educate and sell medical cannabis at the same time... without expensive middlemen.

Its education shops recently expanded from 7 to 11 stores with more openings planned in 2018.

In these shops, patients see:

  • Whether cannabis is the best fit for them

  • What types of marijuana strains work best for their conditions

  • Consulting on dosage

  • Education on correct usage, plus...

  • Advice on lifestyle changes.

With patients and doctors still learning the power of marijuana, these educational centers should multiply like rabbits as acceptance grows.

This company is attacking the cannabis industry on all three sides from production and sales, to R&D, to education.

That’s why I call it a “triple threat.” It could dominate three different sectors of the market at any point.

Complete game changers!

Its innovation and trailblazing attitude could not only help relieve millions who suffer from MS or seizures, but also save lives.

The Great Lie In The Pain Relief Space


Popular pain relief opioids, like OxyContin, are powerfully addictive. And they're lethal.

According to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, globally, someone dies every 19 minutes from opioid overdose. In the U.S. alone, 91 people die daily. Half a million passed in just the last 15 years.

OxyContin has quadrupled in use since 1999, as I mentioned.

It makes complete sense that opioid-causing deaths have also quadrupled since 1999.

It’s an “epidemic,” the CDC claims.

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), drug overdose is the “leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States.”

“Opioid addiction is driving this epidemic,” the ASAM reports.

In fact, the latest numbers show:

  • 12,990 died from heroin abuse last year

  • While 20,101 died from opioid abuse

And they thought marijuana was dangerous!

You’d probably be surprised to hear this... the Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”), writes:

“No death from overdose of marijuana has been reported.”

So... cannabis:

  1. Isn’t fatal

  2. And it helps treat pain and other diseases

In no less than 20,000 peer-reviewed studies, cannabis is shown to be a powerful treatment for many of the diseases I told you about. Add in zero deaths and you can picture the runway medical cannabis has to take off.

TCN_BH_img15Ron Paul, the long-time Congressmen from Texas, backed medical marijuana and doesn’t believe it’s a crime.

In January, he interviewed Shonda Barton, a lady in pain for years from Crohn’s disease. She tried everything, including OxyContin, to help herself.

Only cannabis provided the best ongoing relief. And it’s not as dangerous or addictive as OxyContin!

Cannabis is all-natural, providing natural remedies. Not some drug constructed in a lab.

It’s like comparing organic vegetables to a processed Twinkie!

Medical marijuana should save tens of thousands of lives from opioid overdose when it reaches mass acceptance.

As the bodies pile up, mass acceptance could happen sooner rather than later!

My “triple threat” company has the great opportunity to storm the $635 billion pain relief industry and save lives.

If for any other reason... medical marijuana doesn’t kill and mass acceptance is brewing...

Again, its revenues project to be $29.7 million in 2018 and $55.8 million in 2019.

What’s incredible — in 2016, it only scrounged up $277,000 of revenue.


That means, by 2019, it should see 20,444% growth!

See why 1,000% gains on its stock is a conservative estimate...?

Investors are waiting for this growth to materialize... and when it does... look out.

$100 Into $72,972

Check out older companies which have already had their moment in the sun. Notice how little revenue the companies had... still, their stock handed out fortunes like they were cough drops!

So, pay attention — your tiny $100 or $1,000 stake has the opportunity to balloon faster than you’ve ever seen.

Look at Axim Biotechnologies... in September 2016, it traded around $0.26 per share. At that time, it had cobbled together around $49,000 in revenue...

Fast forward to right now, it jumped to a peak of $14 per share!


Every $100 invested turned into $5,384.62 just five months later!

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals focuses on research in the cannabis space. It's put all of its eggs into the “R&D” basket.

In 2016, it made just $112,000 in revenues. Yet its stock went absolutely bananas.

In just seven months starting in August 2016, look how much you would’ve returned on a small investment of $100...


A 16,125% return!

Every $100 turned into $16,125.

With little revenue to show for it!

What do you think the company I’m recommending will do when it hits $55.8 million in revenue?

Let me show you one more to prove this isn’t some fluke you’re seeing.

Pharmaceutical Research (OWCP) has $0 in revenue. Zip. Zilch. No cash coming in!

And yet, investors became millionaires virtually overnight thanks to making this play.

In just five months, starting in September 2016, this company jumped 72,973% with no revenues!


Every $100 turned into $72,972.

Every $10,000 became $7,297,000!

Clearly, the medical marijuana boom can make you ‘let’s-retire-tomorrow, honey’ wealth.

Don’t worry about the gains you just saw.

It doesn’t mean you’ve missed out... yet...

There are still opportunities to cash in on Canada’s bull rush into cannabis.

I’m about to share them all with you, especially this one “triple threat” company I expect to see light up like a Christmas tree...

You’re hearing this from someone who gives six-figure presentations in front of Silicon Valley bigwigs seeking my predictions in the cannabis market.

My Election Prediction Comes To Pass

I’ve been lurking in the shadows... doing research late into the night... talking to cannabis executives well before anyone even thought marijuana would be legalized.

Many experts laughed at me when I mentioned making a fortune in cannabis.

I got the last laugh... and you will too.

Back in 2015 as the early U.S. election waves began, I predicted:

“Investors will see the writing on the wall. They’ll see a major election in 2016 that guarantees a shift in policy. They’ll see dozens of states likely to pass legalization bills in November. And they’ll snap up shares of marijuana companies in a frenzy... driving share prices up 1,000% or higher. You need to move right now, because these stocks will start surging long before pot prohibition is officially over.”

And I was right:

United Cannabis soared 1,676% leading up to election night.


American Cannabis Corp jumped 2,066% in three months leading up to Trump’s victory.


And Agritek Holdings did a complete 180-degree turn, popping 5,800% right up to November 8th.


My prediction was spot on.

Before I was making correct predictions like this, you may have heard of me as the chief architect behind the wildly popular investing website, Wealth Wire. There, I brought readers the story behind the mainstream financial news every day.

That’s where I picked up my journalist-like instincts for great companies.

Here’s one happy investor who piled on gains from my recommendations:

"Doubled my money in a week since joining. Well played. I look forward to the next one..."

— Sebastian G.

I already shared with you my 2016 profit plays that my readers cashed in on, including an 830.11% whopper.


If you had invested a small $2,500 into each of my cannabis plays in 2016, you’d be sitting on $31,272.75!  

Hobnobbing With The Rich


Every opportunity I share puts my reputation on the line. I spend weeks and months looking at a company before recommending it.

When I was researching the medical marijuana boom happening now, I met with famous patients as well to get their take.

Here’s me with Montel Williams, the famed TV host. He suffered from multiple sclerosis before medical cannabis changed his life forever. Now, he's started benefiting financially by setting up his own medical marijuana dispensary.

In June, I sat down with ex-NFL player Eben Britton. Britton was the 39th selection of the 2009 NFL draft and played for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears.

eben brittonBritton tried the “pins and needles” approach to relieving the pain he felt every Sunday... but it didn’t help.

He recently founded a medical marijuana company, Be Trū Organics. He told me:

“[Medical marijuana] works very holistically in the body to trigger the proper hormonal responses to help your body be in the most beneficial state to heal.”

I agree.

And Britton’s not the only NFL player pushing for medical marijuana.

Pittsburgh Steeler Hall-of-Famer Franco Harris says he uses medical cannabis for his daily pain management.

He’s also been an advocate for current NFL players to be allowed more access to medical cannabis for pain treatment.

Ricky Williams, former All-Pro and Texas superstar, has also spoken at the Harvard School for Medicine for medical cannabis use.

For athletes, pain management is part of their daily struggle.

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Larger players in this space, like GW Pharmaceuticals, currently trade around $117 a share.

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Cannabis Play #1:
"Canada's $5.5 Billion Marijuana Monopoly"

This first bonus play:

  • Is Canada’s first licensed cannabis distributor and manufacturer
  • Its revenue surged 453% in just 12 months...
  • And it controls one-quarter of the Canadian cannabis market, with potential to only get bigger.

Right now it’s the ONLY player in the Canadian market to generate free cash flow.

To me this means one thing: It can snap up its much weaker competitors... expanding market share.

Since I recommended it last year, my readers have already seen massive 526% gains.

That’s good enough to turn a small investment of $10,000 into $62,600... And it’s just getting warmed up...

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Cannabis Play #2:
"Green’s Green Profit Rainmaker”

This second cannabis company runs on 100% greenhouse growth in Canada. And it means business. This bonus play is producing marijuana at a rapid rate.

It expects to expand its facilities from 57,000 square feet up to an unbelievable 700,000 square feet by 2019. Its use of 100% natural growth (rather than with fertilizers) allows it to offer low-cost marijuana to the masses. A recent quarter saw a 25% cost drop.

BREAKING NEWS: When the U.S. market finally takes off, this company will become a rainmaker. It's staked two medical marijuana growers in Arizona and Florida. These are going to be huge markets.

It plans on expanding to 28 states along with its home base in Canada.

The stock trades at just over $6... and I believe it’s easily a triple bagger, as it's hedged both the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Cannabis Play #3:
"Florida’s Cannabis Secret”
Potential 1,000% Winner

This cannabis play piggybacks off the last one. I mentioned a company expanding into the Sunshine State and it's done it through this third bonus play.

The stock trades under $1.75, giving it massive runway for quick profits.

Florida represents 14% of the total U.S. cannabis market. With U.S. medical costs out of control, a low-cost cannabis company should see mass use. I sat down with the CEO, and he expects to see 10X growth. His plan is to dominate Florida, then “copy and paste” the formula to other states.

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Jimmy Mengel
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