One Slip Of Paper Reveals Them...
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Trump's Nuclear Codes

Dear Reader,

I found something that could make you and me very rich.

I’ve already invested a majority of my portfolio — decades of saving up — into what I have written down on a small slip of paper. Many would call that a foolish “gamble.” Like Jack, from the fairy tale, trading his cow for a sack of magic beans.

Instead of magic beans, I’ve traded the majority of my wealth for what’s written on this piece of paper.

What could possibly be on the paper?...

ea-trump-nuke-1Here, I am making a copy of the “codes” for my family.

The paper itself is the same cheap notebook paper schoolchildren use. It’s what’s ON THE PAPER that could make you and me rich.

Written are just three characters. But they’re important. I’m calling them Trump’s “Nuclear Codes” because they mark the precise location of the #1 nuclear resource needed by Trump to accomplish his agenda.

Billionaires know this nuclear resource by another name — and they’ve already staked millions of their fortunes in it:

  • Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has invested $35 million into the nuclear resource

  • Jeff Bezos, of Amazon, invested $19.5 million.

  • Billionaire founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel, staked $2 million.

  • Even Trump “hater” George Soros threw his hat in the ring. Investing a whopping $126 million.

So, if you’ve already staked your claim in this nuclear resource, like the billionaires did, you’re in an elite group. And your investment is ready to skyrocket in 2018.

To a high not seen since 2003 — and you may not see for another 15 years.

The three characters on this slip of paper could turn $1,000 into $139,760. Or into a retirement fortune of $337,983.05.

This nuclear resource will be a key focus of the attention...

The next few minutes are incredibly important for you and your family.
It’s a wealth-building opportunity no one is talking about... but Trump.

Trump’s Next Move is Nuclear

I’ve found Trump’s next move to realize his vision to make America the #1 superpower in the world.

It’s hiding in plain sight.

You could get rich while other investors and Americans quiver in their boots... afraid of Trump’s next move.

Because, as he signs executive orders — causing riots in streets and airports, boycotts of companies, and further division...

His real focus is elsewhere — and he’s already tipped his hand what his plan is...

It centers around what is on this piece of paper.

Three characters.

I’ll secretly (and safely) send you the codes in a few minutes. But you must not share them with anyone...

The Resource That Returned 30,800% In 2003

Because what is written on them is a factor in the next nuclear rush, and you’ll hear all about it today. For you, what’s important is this:

You must not wait to stake your claim in this coming boom. It’s already started. And the table is set for an investor fortune to be made.

It starts with Trump.

Trump is unpredictable.

He desperately needs to tap into what the three-character “nuclear codes” point to. The result would send nuclear resource investors into windfalls of potentially 13,970% or 30,800% exactly as it happened in 2003, as you'll see today.

ea-trump-nuke-2What’s the nuclear resource that even billionaires have dumped millions into?


An element cleaner than coal and natural gas. An element much more reliable than solar and wind (especially when the sun's not shining and the wind's not blowing).

Just a few pounds of uranium could run a nuclear plant that brings electricity to 20% of American homes and factories. Right now, 15% of the world relies on nuclear energy. And I’ll show you why it’s on the rise.

Even billion-dollar OIL COMPANY Exxon admits:


So, more uranium is needed for electricity demand. Great. Let’s keep going...

I’m sure you can also imagine what else uranium fuels...

UNCOVERED: Trump’s Energy & Military Plans

That’s right. Nuclear weapons.

I uncovered Trump’s plan and located the “nuclear codes.” He’s already tipped his hand on both of the fronts I just touched on — energy and military.

In December (2016), Trump’s team lobbied restarting nuclear plants previously worn down or shut down.

And it makes sense. Trump ran a campaign around ‘America needs no one’s help.’ Nuclear plants would make America completely self-dependent for electricity. He’s already met with large companies, like Ford, that are working to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.

Factories for manufacturing require massive amounts of energy to run.

To the second part, on the military front, Trump continues to push for an increase in nuclear weapons.

He even sent an early shot over the bow at other countries, challenging them:

“If Japan had that nuclear threat, I’m not sure that would be a bad thing for us. Nor would it be so bad, if South Korea and Saudi Arabia had nuclear weapons, too.”

Would Trump make those types of remarks if he wasn’t planning on stockpiling nuclear weapons to the ceiling of the Pentagon? Probably not. Right or wrong, so far he's doing everything he said he would.

These two major “tells” by Trump on energy and military lay out exactly what he plans to do. He’s going to need uranium by the truckloads. And America currently only produces 9% of what it needs annually.

That’s why this is such an incredible opportunity I am going to show you.

When the demand for uranium goes up, as I’ll show you in a bit, uranium stocks go nuclear...

“We expect the period from 2017-2020 to be a landmark period for... uranium stocks...”, Leading site on mining

What Are The “Nuclear Codes?”

Now, I’m sure you can guess the three characters (written on my slip of paper) are not the actual codes for a nuclear launch site.

It’s actually much better.

The “nuclear codes” reveal ticker symbols to a uranium company sitting on one of the purest, shallowest, most valuable uranium deposits America has ever seen. And it’s only recently been uncovered.

The uranium deposit sits in the Athabasca basin, and it's already proven to be the best undeveloped uranium deposit in the world.

Uranium provides cleaner emissions, gives nuclear weapons and plants more power while needing less — and is worth far more to the market.

This uranium company has discovered some of the highest-grade uranium on the planet...

ea-trump-nuclear-top5Purest uranium as compared to the Top 5 Global producers.

And it’s been found sitting on the surface of the Earth just waiting to be scooped up. Like Jed Clampett striking “black gold” and Beverly Hills riches!

This pure uranium company has been gaining steady attention.

In fact — it quietly sold a 20% stake in the company to the Chinese. China researched and visited dozens of uranium companies around the world to invest in. It chose THIS pure uranium company to stake its future in. China even paid a 44% premium for the shares it bought to boot.

The Chinese paid the premium because they expect this company and all uranium stocks to go absolutely nuclear. Not only can they make a killing on their shares like I intend to do. They now have a foothold in the world's best unmined uranium deposit so they can fuel their growing fleet of nuclear reactors. 

There is a major global phenomenon in uranium where demand will spike... and China’s leading the charge. China needs 198 new nuclear reactors to combat the smog and pollution choking its citizens.


It doesn’t stop there... India, with a population of over 1.25 billion, wants to go all in with nuclear power. It's investing in 66 reactors. Even Saudi Arabia, a country that could bathe in oil, wants to construct 16 reactors.

Uranium is becoming a major geopolitical event.

China’s invested heavily in this company. Billionaires are jumping into uranium.

However, before China showed up and invested in this pure uranium company, and before the uranium company’s deposit tripled in size...

I was there...

Why Invest A Majority Of My Portfolio On
What’s On This Piece Of Paper?


I’ve seen it. I’ve flown to the uranium site. I've dined with management multiple times.

Hello, my name is Nick Hodge.

I’ve spent hard-earned money to fly and see for myself what the hype is about with this relatively unknown uranium company.

Here’s a video of me flying to the deposit in a float plane over the Canadian wilderness.



Four months after they made the discovery, I met them at the Four Seasons to talk more.

I walked away so convinced this pure uranium company would make my readers and I wealthy, I’ve made this company a top recommendation in my Early Advantage newsletter and the largest stake in my portfolio. Yes, my family and I have pushed our chips “all in” on a company trading for just $0.75 per share.

A sub-$1 stock can seem like a risky play. But let me tell you why I made this move:

  • I left the deposit site with the knowledge that this pure uranium company has found something desperately needed on a global scale.
  • It's got plenty of cash to advance the project and doesn't have to dilute shareholders.
  • It has seen its deposit triple in size since I first visited.
  • China researched dozens of uranium companies and only invested in this one.
  • Third-party analysts have verified this uranium project as the best undeveloped uranium project in the world.
  • The stock is highly leveraged to the price of uranium.
  • A new bull market in uranium is now beginning.

No other uranium exploration stocks can boast credentials like these.

Getting back to it, why would I visit this company?

Well, for 10 years, I’ve flown around the world to visit companies, talking with executives, and locating the next big companies where profits will come from.

Already in 2017, I’ve closed out three positions. Check out the gains on these:

EA_trump_nuke_9For respect to my readers, I’ve kept the company names sealed.

But I didn’t stake most of my livelihood on all those companies, to be honest. I’ve staked the lion's share of my funds on the three-character ticker symbols listed on my piece of paper.

Because I believe the uranium sector and this company are set to go nuclear.

Turning $1,000 into $1,114,300

This isn’t a speculative play, I don’t believe. Uranium has delivered incredible returns to investors before, as I’ll show you in just a minute. All it takes is the price of uranium to pop.

Back in 2003, uranium prices went absolutely nuts in a short period of time.


A flooding at Cigar Lake (a nearby uranium deposit) ramped up the price of uranium per pound, such that uranium companies became worth billions of dollars virtually overnight.

All it took was one mine to flood and the entire sector went ballistic. That's how tight the uranium market is.

But you wouldn’t have made a fortune from actually buying and selling uranium, which is nearly impossible to do.

No. Millionaires were made in the stock market. Investors bought uranium stocks and woke up to see their trading account flash dollar signs.

That's because uranium miners are incredibly leveraged to the price of uranium. If uranium goes up just a little bit... they go up a lot. 

When uranium prices started rising last time... a small uranium company called Laramide went on a heck of a run of 30,800%.


A $1,000 stake turns into $309,000!

The average retirement portfolio for an American over 50 is just above $300,000. Imagine your entire retirement cashed-up for you.

No more worries about bills. You could pay off the house in one swoop. Just from a $1,000 investment.

Your friends would probably call you a liar if you told them.

This is what happens when the price of uranium goes up. Uranium isn’t like normal stocks. The stocks shoot up fast... but they fall just as fast. That’s why, as uranium begins to rise right now, you must jump on or miss out.

If you owned UEX Energy 10 years ago...


You could've watched a $1,000 bet grow like a weed up to $140,760.

How often will you see a return like that?

Hardly ever.

And you see gains like this one even less... during the last uranium bull market International Enexco shot off for gains of 114,300%.


Would you believe the math if I told you your $1,000 investment would balloon to a Midas fortune of $1,144,000!?

Uranium creates millionaires.

I expect my pure uranium company could jump from $0.75 to $100, even $200 a share... turning $1,000 into $337,983.05.

The precedence is there for booming stock prices.

The key that makes this a “retirement-maker” is the price of uranium. You’re about to see why the price of uranium is going up — and it’s not solely due to Trump’s ambitions... but it’s a global phenomenon...


Here’s the price of uranium the past four years. Looks like an unstable element, right? Well, it was for many years.

Uranium always carries a gloomy stigma where you only hear about it when something terrible happens.

Well, in 2011, something terrible did happen.

In Fukushima, Japan, on March 11, 2011, a major explosion rocked the uranium world. An earthquake and tsunami had just ripped through the city. So, the primary reactors shut down automatically for safety reasons.

EA_trump_nuke_11Fukushima sent uranium prices down so far, you are buying shares at the bottom!

However, the tsunami had disabled the emergency generators that would’ve cooled the reactors. The lack of cooling caused major explosions. It was an isolated event. 

In fact, over history, nuclear has proven to be safest form of electricity generation there is on a per kilowatt-hour basis. 

Nonetheless, this earth-shaking event fueled a sell-off of uranium. Many expected nuclear plants to get the cold shoulder going forward.

The next five to six years saw the price of uranium crater. And stocks dropped as well.

But I saw the tide shift. Analysts and investors wrote off uranium thinking it would never recover — and I experienced this write-off firsthand.

I Warned of The Uranium Boom in 2015

In the middle of 2015, I started giving talks on the state of uranium.

Actually, I’ve built up quite a reputation as a uranium expert. I’ve gone to multiple uranium project sites, grilled the CEOs of these companies, and invested my livelihood in the space.

Yet, I stood onstage talking about the coming “uranium boom”... and got little response.

EA_trump_nuke_12I told them about the “nuclear codes” for the first time one listened.

At the end of a talk, it was fairly quiet. A few people even got up and left in the middle of it.

I said “Starting in 2017, there will be a shortage and uranium will become more valuable than it has in over a decade.”  I was giving away to fellow investors a peek at the fortunes they could make. And this was before Trump was even a serious candidate for the Presidency.

I pounded the table on the coming uranium bull market.

However, I doubt many ever bought a single share of stock in this company I’m telling you about.

Look at the chart of uranium prices again... but look all the way down at the bottom right-hand corner to 2017.


December 14,2016: The Uranium Boom Started

On December 14, 2016, the price of uranium popped 22% in one day. Something that hadn’t happened in over seven years...

I preached tirelessly for two years for this day. It’s happening. The resurgence of uranium.

This pop saw the company I staked the majority of my portfolio on jump 67% and continue trending up.

Even analysts are coming around. — The #1 source for energy news

EA_trump_nuke_15Telegraph — UK Business

One expert, who’s made a fortune in the uranium booms of the past, remarked in a closed interview: “Right now, people are scared to be in uranium and that’s where they should be...” He says stocks could take off in “...30 months...” or “COULD BE 30 DAYS...”

The last time uranium began to spike was 14 years ago.

Can you afford to wait another 14 years if you miss out on this opportunity?

You’d kick yourself for the rest of your life.

A $1 stock can feel risky for sure. But like I mentioned, this company’s sitting on plenty of cash for exploration and development of its world-class uranium property. Add in the nuclear “race” and supply issues I’m about to show you...

You can get a glimpse at why I invested a majority of my portfolio in this uranium company.

The Demand Is Heating Up...

To start...

Trump has fulfilled the Democrat’s worst fears. He’s stormed the White House and taken over.

He’s already tweeted he wants to bulk up on nuclear weapons as I mentioned. He’s met with large companies, including Ford and Apple, discussing initiatives to bring manufacturing jobs back to the Motherland. Trump’s vowed to bring 25 million jobs to the U.S. (more than any other President ever).

Uranium will be needed (more than ever) to power both manufacturing plants and nuclear weapons. Production will need to increase over 136%.

January 2017 saw mining and resource companies add the most jobs in 25 months.

The demand for uranium is heating up. But the supply and the reserves are rapidly drying up...

Several years ago, there were hundreds of companies producing and exploring for uranium. Then, Fukushima happened, prices fell. Now, there are fewer than three dozen.

The current low price (even on its upswing) has removed 96% of suppliers from the market.

Mining a pound of uranium can cost between $15 and $50. As a result, when uranium only costs $18 per pound (as it did in November 2016), mining companies have zero incentive to continue digging.

That’s why the number of uranium companies shrunk from 500 to a few dozen: they simply can't make money mining uranium.

It’s from this chart I preached for two years about “2017 being the year for a change in uranium...”

The red line shows the demand, and the green shows the various supplies of uranium rapidly shrinking... The yellow is new mines that are needed to come online to avoid a shortfall.

Demand is at its highest in over 14 years. And the supplies are just about tapped out. The yellow wedge that's appearing is a shortfall that is expected in the next two years. 

And that's why uranium prices must rise now: to avoid a shortfall and keep the world's lights on.

More uranium is needed... and you’re getting the first look.

Multiple countries bank on nuclear power to run their factories and their utilities.

  • France needs 9,230 tonnes... doesn’t produce any uranium

  • South Korea needs 5,022 tonnes... doesn’t produce any uranium

  • China needs 8,100 tonnes... only produces 1,500 tonnes

America uses more than all of them! We use 18,862 tonnes and only produce 1,835! And continue to produce less and less as you can see on this chart:


Russia Beats The United States in Nuclear Weapons

Where will Trump find the uranium to fuel the weapons to back up his bold claim on the campaign trail?


"I will have a military that's so strong and powerful, and so respected, we're not gonna have to nuke anybody" — Donald Trump

On my slip of paper, I list the “nuclear codes” revealing where Trump could tap into the purest (i.e. most potent) uranium in the world to create his powerful military.

However, the United States, again, imports most of its uranium — much from Kazakhstan and Russia (38%). Only about 9% is mined from U.S. soil.

And there’s a problem with banking on Russia and Kazakhstan...

Russia and the United States' relations haven’t seen this much tension since the Cold War. Allegations of “election hacking” plus President Obama exiling Russian diplomats from the U.S. stoked the tension that has put Putin and the Kremlin back in the news. Trump's security advisor, Michael Flynn, has already had to resign for talking to the Russians and lying about it. 

And recently, the U.S. and Russia exited a 20-year agreement centered on uranium.

Called the Megatons to Megawatts agreement, Russia had agreed to supply excess uranium to the U.S. for use in its power plants.

ea-trump-nuke-19This program folded in 2013. Since then, Russia’s gained control of 20% of unmined uranium in the United States under Secretary Clinton’s watch when she approved a deal allowing a Russian mining company to acquire an American company with uranium assets. 

Furthermore, Russian President Vladimir Putin has built up a nuclear stockpile so large and new that it makes American nuclear weapons look like GI Joe toys.

Russia’s been building a nuclear force stronger than even since the Cold War, according to the Washington Post...

Uncovered by the Washington Post:

United States active nuclear weapons: 1,750
Russia’s active nuclear weapons: 4,750 (and “probably a lot more”)

Key Findings:

  • Russia has 200 more strategic nuclear weapons than permitted under the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START)
  • They continue to build more to increase that amount further
  • Estimates for tactical nuclear weapons range from 3,000-20,000
  • Most of Russia’s nuclear weapons are “new.” Compared to the U.S., which have weapons that are “decades old.”


Russia has achieved a dangerous preponderance in overall numbers of nuclear weapons — a margin of superiority it never had during the Cold War.

Trump’s military, in order to catch up to Russia and build the most powerful military in the world, has to:

  • Scrap old nuclear weapons that collected dust and are outdated
  • Build around 20,000 more

Might we see some new “Manhattan Projects” popping up as we did during World War II...

If Trump, overnight, ramps up production on thousands of nuclear weapons... don’t you think Russia would notice? China? North Korea? Iran?

But the reserves of uranium are almost dried up, as I showed you...

The Largest Uranium Exporter In The World Can’t Sustain

Kazakhstan, a main supplier of uranium to the U.S. and the world, is run by President Nazarbayev, who is pushing 80 years old. His death could spell a chaotic geopolitical event. An event that surely would affect the exporting of their uranium. This one event could trigger a uranium price pop.

Kazakhstan also mines uranium in ways that make environmentalists shudder. It’s mined without modern techniques and safeguards, thus causing environmental damage and harsh working conditions.

Also, a major announcement just became public... Kazakhstan is cutting 10% of its production effective immediately.

Every country banking on uranium will need to find a way to make up the difference... including the U.S.

Trump’s best move is to “activate” the “nuclear codes” I’ve talked about. A company that’s mining uranium touting up to 15% purity right here in North America.

You might wonder why America doesn’t mine more uranium on its own.

Quite simply, politicians are afraid mentioning the word “nuclear” would blow up their own political aspirations.

Plus, activists don’t want companies drilling in their backyards, despite ~20% of the U.S. running on clean, nuclear electricity. Thus, the standstill.


I sat down with Spencer Abraham, a U.S. Senator and the Secretary of Energy under Bush — one of my many high-level contacts in the industry.

For environmentalists, Abraham claims, “They can’t fight global warming and nuclear energy at the same time.” Coal and natural gas will always get major pushback, but uranium is the cleanest out of all energy sources.

Abraham believes (as Trump does) America needs to develop more nuclear “assets” here at home to keep everyone safe. For too long, “political agendas have undermined” the uranium sector.

Trump’s team already brought up revamping the nuclear plants here in the U.S.

So he can’t wait that long to get to the uranium he needs, hence the “nuclear codes” I’ve bet so heavily on. I’ll reveal the “codes” to you in just a minute, but I want you to understand this...

The need for uranium doesn’t stop at just nuclear weapons and energy in the United States. This is a global phenomenon taking place.

76 Countries Expanding Their Nuclear Footprint

ea-trump-nuclear-mapReactors will double in less than two decades Uranium supply is drying up...

76 countries are currently implementing nuclear more into their energy needs.

  • India wants to build 66 nuclear plants to supply 30% of its energy — Forbes estimates the cost to peak at $1 TRILLION
  • Saudi Arabia wants to build 16 nuclear plants
  • United Arab Emirates looks to build four nuclear plants for $40 billion
  • Argentina — two nuclear plants
  • Vietnam, Nigeria, Turkey, Belarus, Bangladesh — ALL signed on to build plants

Japan, despite the disaster of Fukushima, started firing up 21 previously shut down nuclear reactors.

China is working on building 198 nuclear plants — at a cost of $2.4 TRILLION — to combat the thick smog caused by burning coal in its biggest cities.

The big plan is for China to increase its nuclear output 20X! From just over 1% of uranium energy dependence up to 20% — matching the United States’ same 20% reliance on nuclear energy.

That’s the reason, I believe, China staked a 20% equity position in the company scribbled down on my piece of paper.

It is going to need the absolute best uranium to fuel its growing nuclear needs.

The Company I’ve Written On This Paper Will Be At
The Center Of the Uranium World

That’s why this pure uranium company is set to become a focal point in the uranium world.

I recently sat down with the CEO of the company. I interviewed him to get the full story of why his company should see astronomical growth soon.

He leaned forward with a smile and told me... It's found a “secret” site no other uranium company had explored. Located in a basin home to the highest-grade uranium in the world.

How did it find it?

Well, it became a “tech” company channeling its inner innovation. It developed a unique, proprietary technology I’ll call the “U10” that uses a drone to search for and locate prime uranium spots.

ea-trump-nuke-23The drone scans the landscape, sending signals into the ground. When traces of uranium are strong, an exploration team looks into the location.

The CEO then couldn’t contain his excitement. He told me a story of how they found pure uranium sitting there, right on the surface of an underexplored location!

Remember, the best uranium can be as far down as 2,000 feet into the earth. Here, it is picking up uranium off the ground. Much like Charlie Bucket finding the money on the ground that buys the last Wonka golden ticket!


This company holds the shallowest uranium deposits around. The former frontrunners have already been sucked dry, as you can see in this table. The grey boxes are where the best uranium mines in the world are. But they've been mined out. The black ones, though deeper in the ground, are in production. And the green ones have been drilled but are still in early stages. And they're deep as well. Whereas our uranium deposit, in the blue box, is shallow, large, and already has economics tied to it showing it would be some of the cheapest and still most pure uranium on Earth.

I haven’t even mentioned the awards this “nuclear codes” company has garnered for finding such a great deposit, including: “Exploration of the Year” from the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada and “Mining Person of the Year” from The Northern Miner, to name a few.

This Is Your Own “Liquid Gold” 
You Can Cash In On Right Now

For the past 10 years, I’ve built an entire career on finding these types of companies. Small, unknown companies Wall Street firms don’t even give their five-minute coffee breaks to look at.

Investing in large companies, like Walmart and Microsoft, just doesn’t interest me. It takes so long for you to make a massive return.

Sure, if you invested in Walmart in the 1970s, you’d be sitting on a six-figure payout after a $1,000 investment. But do you want to wait 40 years to make gains like that?

Or, would you rather wait a few months... or even just days?

Check out the opportunities my readers have cashed in from past recommendations:

  • 1,480% on Lithium X (in five months!)
  • 531.43% on K92 Mining (in six months!)
  • 426.32% on Alternate Energy Holdings (in three months)
  • 403.45% on Almadex
  • 397.01% on BYD Company (in nine months)
  • 316.33% on Akeena Solar
  • 244.44% on Brazil Resources
  • 185.37% on Pioneering Technology (in five months)
  • 159.00% on Xethanol, inc. (in three months)
  • 123.08% on Lite Access Technologies (in 17 DAYS)
  • 110.64% on Solarfun Power Holdings, Co (in five months)
  • 102.46% on Organovo Holdings (in four months)

And this isn’t some “back-tested” mumbo jumbo you read about. These are actual trades I’ve recommended where you could’ve made a lifetime of gains in a short period of time.

Plus you’re not seeing the other 200+ triple baggers and double baggers I've delivered over the years and that you can expect to see again, and again, and again.

Big gains you would tell your friends about... even brag about... for years to come as they penny-pinch for retirement.

Uranium Stocks Have Hit “The Bottom”

This is an exciting time.

The hardest part of investing is finding the right spot to get in on a stock.

Analysts are already saying uranium prices have hit the bottom.

They’ve gone up a touch, enough to confirm the trend, but not enough yet that you’ve missed out.

$1,000 Turned Into $1,304,000

Now is the time to get in as uranium stocks move fast. In 2003, if you were invested in uranium company Paladin Energy, your shares would've exploded (as uranium prices popped)... You could’ve retired the next day.

Look at how much investors made:


Can you imagine this?

$1,000 turning into a cool $1,305,000! Your family would probably think you committed insider trading with those returns.

But you don’t need to engage in any criminal activity to get in on the uranium boom.

How To Grab 33,798% Profits On The
Coming Uranium Boom

All you need to do right now is pick up my free report, "Trump’s 'Nuclear Codes': How to Grab 33,798% Profits on the Coming Uranium Boom."


You’ll finally be one of the few who knows the “nuclear codes” of this budding uranium company, ticker symbol and all. Billionaires are all in with uranium, you’ll be standing right next to them.

But I won’t stop there.

Inside "Trump’s 'Nuclear Codes'", I’ve included TWO MORE uranium stocks for your portfolio.

Remember, you don’t need a truckload of cash to get in on these plays. You could invest a modest $1,000 in each of these plays so you don’t have to break the bank or your retirement account.

Let me give you a quick rundown of these other two plays:

Bonus Uranium Play #1:

My first bonus pick is a spin-off the pure uranium company I mentioned. It could hand investors the same profits, if not more. You see, this play mimics the performance of its parent company. For instance, when my first pick jumped by 20%, this one soared by 50%... in just two weeks. Only thing is, it trades for just 1/10th the price — which means you only need a very tiny stake to see the windfall of your life. 20,000% gains or more is not out of the question. That’s enough to turn a $500 investment into a six-figure retirement nest egg. Similar plays like it have done just as well.

Bonus Uranium Play #2:

This final bonus pick is now the #1 developer of one of the largest, most speculative uranium projects in the world. A recent acquisition has placed it in control of a whopping 100 million pounds of uranium — a multibillion-dollar asset. It’s the kind of asset that would send this stock through the roof on a massive uranium price upswing. During the last uranium boom in 2003, this company soared for incredible 11,700% gains. Right now, it’s trading dirt-cheap. And, with their uranium priced into the billions, it could even beat that performance this time around.

I’ve seen these companies up close and personal. My “boots on the ground” approach isn’t just listening to earnings calls or doing research on Google. My boots are literally “on the ground” mudding through these sites.

After which, I change my shoes and go into the boardroom...

You can’t smell a bad company from behind your computer screen. I find all the best picks for my newsletter service, Early Advantage, when I’m physically present. Taking in everything to make sure it is a legit operation. One that will hand you a fortune over and over.

Like I said, I’ve invested a majority of my family’s wealth into the main company I told you about. Because I’ve looked at many uranium companies. I’ve been preaching about the “shortage of 2017” for over two years, and no one listened.

What you get with these three stock picks are:

  • All three companies and their ticker symbols

  • Thorough company profiles based on firsthand analysis, including information you won’t find on CNBC, Forbes, or even in industry journals

  • The analyst “consensus” you won’t hear in press releases... but I hear from hobnobbing with industry leaders

  • And — details of their assets, holdings, and upcoming dates for company catalysts

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Where Should I Send You The Codes?

Trump's already hinted at it. He’s already shown he’s going to back up everything he says, whether it is controversial or not.

The rush to fuel nuclear weapons — the rush to power the hundreds of nuclear reactors around the world — the hundreds yet to be built — will cause a “gold rush” to uranium.

In 2003, the price of uranium jumped and made many smart investors richer than their neighbors.

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