Exclusive Invitation from Nick Hodge:

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I made 1,480% on a single investment the last time I used this powerful fortune builder — if you have at least $10,000 to invest, you could double your money in the next four months.


Hi, my name is Nick Hodge.

nick hodge editor photo 2018You might recognize my name from my popular investment publications Outsider Club, Wall Street’s Underground Profits, or Early Advantage.

But what I’m about to explain is something completely different...

It’s for serious investors with serious capital only.

Now, I’m not talking about options, futures, ETFs, crazy dividends, or aggressive short sales.

And I don’t use a secret method or formula — this is not just some “trade.”

This is something far more exclusive and profitable...

I’m going to show you how to buy regular stock shares far below current market prices — and then sell them just four months later for a small fortune... making 531%, 660%, even 1,480% on a single investment.

How? Through a private purchase, directly from the company you’re investing in.

You see, when small, up-and-coming companies are expanding, it’s a costly hassle for them to raise capital by offering shares through the public exchanges.

Wall Street is an expensive middleman, and so many companies find it’s much easier to sell shares directly to investors.

Most people never hear about these deals because they don’t have my extensive connections in the financial industry... or the net worth to pursue them even if they did.

But if you’re financially comfortable and ready to explore an entire new world of rich opportunities, you can join me and a small group of investors in making massive, life-changing returns on these private deals.

This is essentially your chance to become a venture capitalist...

These private investments get you in early, at a discount, before everyone else — and you’re the first one to make money when these companies turn a profit.

Earn an Average of $95,710... Every Four Months

You can earn massive returns just like these:

195% - A silver mining company GOLDEN ARROW

192% - A health care company MEDX

200% - A mining conglomerate MILLROCK

233% - A natural resources company SKYHARBOUR (8/16 open)

253% - A natural resources company SKYHARBOUR (8/16 closed)

283% - A medical therapies company IMMUNOPRECISE

302% - An alternative medicine company EMBLEM

531% - A gold mining company K92 MINING

1,480% - A lithium mining company LITHIUM X

These are actual returns from actual investments I’ve made.

Best of all, I turned them around in as few as four months, like clockwork.

Many of the investors who follow my work are putting $50,000 into each of these investments.

And as I’ll explain in a minute, my average win delivers 191.42% — meaning these investors are banking nearly six figures on each one.


These private investments are so powerful because every deal begins in your favor.

Start Every Single Investment with A Massive Discount

You can put the odds of winning on your side... starting on DAY ONE.

You won’t have to sit around and wait for things to go your way.

When you buy your shares through the private deals I find, you’ll receive a discounted price that’s far below what regular investors are paying.

Let me give you an actual, real-world example of how this works.

In February of 2016 I bought shares in a small, promising company called K92 Mining.

The company was still privately held at that point (yes! these deals are offered by both private and public companies) and the shares were valued at $0.75 each...

But I paid only $0.35.

That’s a 53% discount, right off the top!

Then the company went public in May of 2016.

The IPO started shares at $1.00, and they haven’t been below $0.75 since.

I had a head start, thanks to this generous discount...

I began ahead and stayed ahead.

Now, this discount was only available to a limited number of investors — but I was able to get access to it through my extensive network of financial contacts.

After several back-and-forth emails, I was able to arrange a phone interview with K92’s CEO, Ian Stalker.

It’s my policy to never invest in a company without researching every angle firsthand... which means a lot of meetings, conference calls, and interviews.

I only invest in companies that meet my strict financial requirements.

Once I was satisfied with K92’s earning potential, I decided to bring my small network of investors into the fold.

I alerted my readers about this opportunity, and sent them a few simple instructions on how to order their shares directly from the company.

Many of these investors have been following my work for years, but some of these men and women were brand new to this, and had never invested this way before in their lives...

Including an investor named Mike R, who wrote to me about his experience.

Mike had been a little nervous, sitting at his laptop in his living room, questions racing through his mind.

Would this really work? Was it really possible to get such a giant discount?

Mike held his breath when he sent in his request to the company’s representative to purchase shares.

Thankfully, he had nothing to worry about...

I had already taken care of all the legwork.

All Mike had to do was say that I sent him, and tell the company how many shares he wanted to buy.

The company’s representative sent him a prompt response, filling his order at $0.35 a share and confirming his outstanding 58% discount.

Mike smiled with satisfaction — thanks to the access I provided, he was able to buy shares like a venture capitalist.

But the best part was still to come.

When the stock went public in May 2016, shares immediately began trading at $1.00.

Then they exploded. First to $1.50 in June... Then to over $2.20 by August — just four months.

Mike R. wrote me an email a few weeks later:

"Nick thanks for all you are doing. If I am not mistaken I believe we are up about 440%... Keep it up Nick."


And keep it up we did.


Mike and I were able to sell our shares of K92 for a whopping 531% gain.

The other investors who follow my work were able to cash in their shares as well.

Mike was blown away at how exclusive this investment was...

He was impressed he could make so much through a private deal that he would have never heard about if he hadn’t encountered my service.

This is your chance to do the same...

Just imagine how much better your life could be if you were making more than five times your money on a single investment.

This is your chance to buy stocks from a position of privilege — the same way venture capitalists do.

Because even if the stock doesn’t go anywhere at first, you can still win, since you’re already starting ahead.

Thousands of companies are financed every year through private investments just like these.

Finding the best opportunities is where my experience comes in — I’ve spent over a decade in several key market sectors, and I personally research and vet each potential deal I come across.

I’ve learned how to locate outstanding deals that come with generous up-front discounts...

Followed by triple-digit gains that arrive four months later.

And I haven’t done this just once or twice.

The fortune-building power of these private investments allows me to consistently make massive returns like this... again and again.

In fact, I’m about to make one of the most promising private deals I’ve ever found.

(More details on this in just a minute...)

A Record of Winning Investments

I’ve been making investments like this for more than 10 years.

And in June of 2015 I started sharing them with other investors.

I’ve published 42 investments since then.

Here’s what you would have made if you were one of the lucky investors to be in on all of them...

(Please note that these numbers include every single deal I’ve made — all the winners, but also the handful of losers as well. I’m not afraid to show you everything.)


If you had invested $10,000 into each of these 42 investments, you’d be sitting on $738,863 right now.

That’s nearly three quarters of a million dollars!

Enough to pay off your mortgage, shore up your retirement, or even buy a nice boat.

Also, since most of these deals take just four months to complete, this means you’ll never have to wait around long.

You can keep using that same $10,000 again and again, slowly building a small fortune with only a few active investments at a time.

Or you can put in more and achieve even greater results, as many of the investors who follow my work have chosen to do.

Over the past few months, several investors have been putting more than $100,000 into each deal, maximizing their earning power and bringing million-dollar returns within reach.

It’s all up to you — you’re in control of your earning power.

Also, you don’t need to make every deal if you don’t want to.

You might be interested in just a few investments like this a year, since it only takes one or two winners to make the entire year worth it.

I leave that to you to decide.

My job is to deliver the research...

I find the best private deals and put you into direct contact with the company for shares — my service gives you exclusive access to the fortune-building power of these investments.

My service consistently churns out winners, and over the last couple of years I’ve built up a win average few can rival.

How I Win 85.71% of My Investments...

To begin with, I only choose deals that I can personally vet using my extensive network of financial contacts.

Sometimes this means sitting down with a company’s CEO over dinner and asking hard questions.

Other times it requires a call to the company’s CFO to verify financial details.

I also quiz my contacts in the company’s industry to see where their business plan fits in.

I use all these firsthand insights to avoid the biggest problems from the get-go.

It’s the reason why I’ve had dozens of triple-digit winners in the last two years.

I love winners! That’s why we’re here.

But at the end of the day, I’m even more proud of the fact that I’ve won them so consistently.

After all, big wins aren’t worth much in the end if they’re dragged down by losers.

Yes, full disclosure — not every single deal is going to go our way.

But the overwhelming majority of investments will, beginning with the simple fact that this powerful fortune builder starts with a special price that’s way below what most investors are paying.

I’m proud to say that out of the 42 investments I’ve made, only six haven’t gone our way.

But while occasional losses are disappointing, they’re ultimately not that big a deal.

My overall performance is so consistent that these losers end up just being small blips on an overall upward trend.

After all, the average winner delivers a whopping 191.42%!


The math plays out in your favor...

When you calculate all of my returns, both winners and losers, you get a grand total of 5,017%.

I find fast-growing companies with firm financial footing and explosive potential.

But rather than paying the going share price, which is already a good deal, I get a better deal by buying those shares for a handsome discount.

Let me show you the fortune-building power of these exclusive investments.

Invest Privately — the Same Way Billionaires
and Venture Capitalists Do...

All companies spend a lot of time and money raising capital.

But the process is especially burdensome for small companies in the midst of expansion.

While their rapid growth is attractive to any investor, their small sizes make it difficult to keep up with all of Wall Street’s expensive demands.

So rather than pay through the nose to offer shares to the public (and then deal with the rigmarole of costly regulation) many small companies decide instead to sell shares directly to investors.

This kind of investment is called a private placement, and these shares, called units, are sold directly to investors at an extreme discount.

The world’s most famous investors buy units like this all the time, including Warren Buffett, George Soros, and Bill Gates.

So do insiders, hedge fund managers, and most notably, venture capitalists.

And so do a host of smart investors across the country.

But while you may have heard these terms before, I assure you that you haven’t encountered the full fortune-building potential I’m talking about.

I’ve spent the last 10 years building a network of financial contacts with the clout to unlock the earning power of these private placements.

In exchange for the discount, you agree to hold these units for a little while — usually four months.

Once that time is up you’re free and clear to sell them at the going market price if you want to.

When you buy into the right company, as I’m careful to do, this price regularly increases by 5x, 10x, even 25x.

In these cases, I usually sell at least half my units the moment I can.

Other times I’ll hold on for a little longer as the price continues to climb.

Don’t worry, you won’t be on your own for figuring out what to do next.

I’ll keep you up to date as each investment progresses, including a detailed exit strategy to cash out your profits.

Most of the time I pick companies in mining, metals, health care, and technology — that’s because I’ve spent years working with my long list of contacts in these fast-moving industries.

I put in the time and money needed to research what investments are going to be most lucrative.

And it pays off...

As one investor recently wrote:

“I have made 100%-400% on at least 3 of Nick’s recommendations... and now I bought [one of the recommended stocks] for $.40... and sold out at $2.28.”

That’s a 470% gain!

As if this couldn’t get any better, there’s a unique advantage I haven’t told you about... one that makes the fortune-building power of this investment nearly unstoppable.

DOUBLE Your Win That Same Day

You can, quite literally, double the money from your winning investment the very same day you close it out.

When you buy units directly from the company — the way billionaires and venture capitalists do — most companies also include a special coupon that’s good for a future discount purchase.

The technical term for this kind of coupon is a warrant.

The discount from a warrant is usually a little smaller than your original discount, but still generous.

This warrant is good for an optional discount purchase in the future.

So if things go well, as they do 87% of the time, you can maximize your profits even more.

Case in point, we recently made a private investment in Golden Arrow Resources, a silver exploration company.

My research showed me it was expanding, and was in a favorable position to secure a partnership with a major mining company.

I didn’t waste any time...

I used my industry contacts to get access to this exclusive opportunity — I found out there were only a very limited number of units available, even for the few people in the industry who knew this deal existed.

I worked directly with Golden Arrow’s representative to confirm a 36% discount for me and my small group of investors.

Most people were completely shut out, but not us.

We bought discount shares at $0.27 and then sold them a few months later for $0.70... banking a 159% gain.

But that’s not all...

This is where the warrant comes in.

We had a warrant coupon to buy additional shares at $0.30.

So when we sold our discount shares for a 159% profit, we didn’t stop there...

We were able to use our warrant that same day to buy additional shares at $0.30, upping our take by an additional 133%.


If you had been in on this placement with us, you would have joined us in earning a total of 292% profits.

You’ll also notice that, thanks to the discount, we started ahead and stayed ahead...

This powerful fortune builder started us out on Day 1 with a 36% discount...

And then blossomed just a few months later into a 292% gain, when we cashed our discount shares and warrant.


Warrants also put you in control.

Thanks to their long lifespan, they ensure you have plenty of time to earn the profits you’re looking for.

Most warrants are good for two to four years, and you can use them at a moment’s notice, turning around your investment in a single day.

Plus, this investing advantage is available without taking up any of your precious capital...

They give you a lot more mileage for each and every investment you make.

Let Me Walk You Through an
ACTUAL Winning Deal

My research begins and ends with my relationships and contacts throughout the investing world.

In fact, that’s why I call my research service Nick’s Notebook... because I literally share my most valuable insights with you, straight off the page.

For example, one of my recent Nick’s Notebook investments was with a tiny uranium company called Skyharbour Resources.

I had heard about this company from several of my contacts in the mining industry, and I worked directly with CEO Jordan Trimble to arrange the details.

Forbes covered the company in a recent article, and highlighted the fact that Jordan is the youngest mining CEO in the world at 28 — and that he’s incredibly talented, with performance well beyond his years.

I was in contact with Jordan at several points during this investment, including a dinner in Baltimore (near my offices) where we discussed several potential exit strategies.

My Nick’s Notebook investors have consistently been impressed with the lucrative returns that result from these direct connections.

Here’s how one loyal follower of mine, David H, explained it to a colleague:

"Nick certainly was not exaggerating when he talks of his contacts and his relationships... please thank him for me."

David was enthusiastic when we asked if we could reprint his statement, and didn’t hesitate to confirm that he’s made good money using the research I provide in Nick’s Notebook.

In the case of Skyharbour, I had already studied up on its financial position, as well as its list of active uranium projects.

Most of my questions for Jordan were market-related, centering around his outlook for the uranium market and his plan for clearing market hurdles for his share of the industry's growth.

His answers cemented my interest.

I alerted the investors who follow my service, outlining my rationale and providing detailed instructions for acquiring units in this placement.

Skyharbour offered us discount units at $0.15 on August 12th, 2016.

Because of the exclusive nature of these deals, there’s only a short window to buy shares — usually just a few days — so I told my Nick’s Notebook investors not to waste any time.

These units were accompanied by a full warrant at $0.27, good for five years.

We were required to hold these units for four months, until December 12th — after that time we’d be free and clear to sell them if we chose.

So on December 13th (the day after) we could have sold our $0.15 units for $.30.


Exactly double!

But my research showed we could still earn more... I recommended holding on to this particular investment a bit longer.

We held on for a few additional weeks, closing our position at $0.54 and locking in a 260% gain.

Not too shabby.

And best of all, we still retain the warrant to buy more shares in the future at a discount!

We could use it now if we wanted to, but I’ve got my eye on a few new developments.

I recently had a follow-up dinner with Jordan, and he anticipates big things ahead.

We’ll be able to use our warrant to buy discount units and immediately resell them at market price.

So if the stock jumps to, say, $4.00 (which is likely, considering how the uranium market is kicking into high gear), we’ll buy shares at the warrant price of $0.27 and sell them the same day for a profit of $3.73 per share.

This means that if you buy $10,000 worth of shares in the morning, you can sell them for more than $148,000 by the end of the day.

That’s a 1,381% gain!

This might sound crazy... until you realize we’ve already done it.


One of our first deals, in a company called Lithium X, was at $0.15 when it was still private.

Those units rocketed to $2.37 during their IPO, and so we cashed out our units for an eye-popping 1,480% gain.

And it’s still not over...

Several investors chose to hold on to half of their shares for a bit longer and were able to close out at $2.85 — an 1,800% gain.

An investor named Dave T. has been a loyal Nick’s Notebook subscriber for about two years now, and he was able to turn a relatively small placement of $4,500 into $85,500.

His only regret: that he didn’t put more money into the deal.

Many stock gurus tout gains like that and never deliver — meanwhile, I’m closing them out right and left, each investment taking just four months or so to complete.

This includes a 310% win in medical therapies, a 531% win in gold mining, and another 660% win in lithium.

Again... these are actual closed deals, and the proceeds from those winning investments are literally in the bank.

As investor Peter T. recently wrote to me:

"You are doing a fantastic job, and I have been extremely impressed with the offerings... may all successes due and deserved find you."

This powerful fortune builder offers other benefits as well.

PLUS Private Stocks and Big IPO Paydays...

My investments aren’t limited to what’s available on the open market.

Just like the world’s most successful billionaires, I’ll occasionally make investments in private stocks that aren’t available to the investing public.

The process for making these deals is exactly the same, with the addition of an extra step at the end to sell the units after the holding period.

They give you access to promising companies with a lot of potential.

And since these investments aren’t diluted by the public, they have a tendency to skyrocket in value.

We recently saw how 26-year-old Eric Spiegel and 27-year-old Bobby Murphy made $5 billion each on the Snapchat IPO.

Several other people became billionaires that day...

And while less famous, the thousands of men and women who became millionaires are the real heroes.

They bought in early through private placements, long before Snapchat went public, helping the fledgling company expand at its most crucial moment.

When the IPO finally came around, these investors were hailed with applause at the New York Stock Exchange as the bell rung, acknowledging their foresight and minting them a fortune.

This is your chance to join them.

While Snapchat is a popular example... the truth is that this happens several times a week.

It’s not far-fetched to imagine that you ride in on a small but promising outfit nobody’s ever heard of.

So you can load up on units and then sell them to the eager public the moment the IPO is complete.

Each dollar raised brings you one step closer to a complete financial makeover...

Just imagine what it’s like to sit back and watch an IPO take off — bringing you wave after wave of profits.

I know, because I’ve done it before...

That’s how I made 1,480% on Lithium X.

The Nick’s Notebook investors and I bought in early while it was still private, and then rode the IPO to incredible, more than 14x-your-money gains.

Now, I’m sure you might be thinking...

“Nick, that was a good one-off, but you’re probably not going to make that again anytime soon.”

But the truth is that the right private placement can generate fantastic returns you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Blackthorn Resources went from $.02 to $1.78, for 8,800% gains

  • Sandfire Resources soared from $.05 to $8, for 15,900% gains

  • Coalspur Mines erupted from $.01 to $2.25, for 22,400% gains

Do these gains sound impressive?

Then you’ll be amazed to see these...

  • Paladin Energy flew from $.01 to $10.44, for 116,000% gains

  • Azure Resources shot from $.05 to $109, for 217,900% gains

  • Lion Mines rocketed from $.07 to $380, for world-changing 542,757% gains

My point here is that my 1,480% gain on Lithium X merely scratched the surface of what’s possible.

I wasn’t joking when I called these private placements a powerful fortune builder.

I’ve put my emphasis on care and safety (thus my 85.71% win rate), but I’m still in the running for life-changing wealth.

I firmly believe my biggest gains are still ahead.

This is your chance to join me.

My New Deal Is About to Close...
This Is Your ONLY Chance to Participate

I can get you started immediately.

I’m currently sitting on an incredible investment that I’ve been researching for months.

I’ve spoken with my contacts at this small company, and they’re willing to sell you discount units for the next few days.

The market value for these units is already a great deal...

But you’re not going to have to pay even that.

You’re going to get a massive discount on every unit you purchase.

I can’t give you all the details here — those are exclusively for members of my service — but if you sign up now, I’ll rush you everything that you need to know.

Let me be clear: you have a very short window of time to make this investment.

If it were up to me I’d open it up for a long time... but that’s not how it works.

Private deals close quickly because companies are moving forward with an aggressive business plan, and so they’re willing to offer a giant discount to the investors who can help them keep their momentum.

This is your chance to get involved at the most crucial moment of a company’s history — the way billionaires and venture capitalists do.

My service will give you exclusive access to this insider-level deal...

I’ve prepared a full write-up on this opportunity, and you'll have access to it the moment you join Nick’s Notebook.

Please note that this will be your only chance to buy discounted shares from this company.

I’ve already made 531%, 660%, and 1,480% from similar investments over the last few months... and this new opportunity has what it takes to dwarf all of them.

Let Me Answer Your Hardest Questions

I’ve been at this a while.

And over the years, there are five questions that come up fairly often.

Question #1: “Nick, why do I need to have a high net worth to be eligible for these investments?”

Because the SEC and other government agencies want to protect naïve investors from making investments they don’t understand or can’t afford.

So they require you to confirm your net worth — you’ll verify this on a standard piece of paperwork they file with your order. All you have to do is check the box affirming your status as an accredited investor.

Question #2: “Are these investments riskier?”

Private placements are considered to be riskier than the general market since less mandatory reporting is required. For example, you won’t receive a prospectus from a company (not that most investors read them anyway).

In my own personal experience these investments behave like most small stocks — that’s why I use careful research to find the most promising deals. The numbers prove my research pays off: my win rate is 85.71%... and my average winning investment delivers a 191.42% return.

Question #3: “Are you a broker?”

No, I’m not. I just point investors to the opportunities I research. I’ll provide the name, phone number, and email of exactly who to contact — you’ll make the purchase yourself.

You’ll need a full-service broker who can handle the movement and processing of these units. It’s not too difficult to get one. And when you sign up, I’ll send you the contact info for several recommended brokers (I don’t have any financial relationship with these brokers and I don’t receive any kickbacks or finder’s fees... I’m recommending them for your convenience.)

Question #4: “How exclusive are these investments?”

Pretty darn exclusive. While they’re technically open to any wealthy investor, most will never even hear or know about these investments. I use my extensive list of contacts in the industry to find opportunities that few others can.

Question #5: “How do I know this is right for me?”


I have an answer ready to go for this one... and that answer is: try it for yourself.

If you’re like me, you won’t be convinced of the fortune-building power of these investments until you see the gains adding up in your own account.

That’s why I’ve made it as easy as possible to get started.

I’ve written a special quick-start guide called, “Inside Private Placements with Nick Hodge” and I’ll send you a copy the moment you join.

I’ll answer your questions and introduce you to the “secrets” behind my success.


You’ll also receive access to an exclusive video that’ll answer other questions you might have.

This Is Your Chance to Make Triple-Digit Returns Every Four Months

Here’s what one of my loyal readers, Tim F., recently wrote:

“My investments have been going very well in your Nick's Notebook service. Thanks for helping me and others to gain access to these private placements. The lithium stock has been an amazing run... Thank you for this great opportunity.”

As I showed you at the beginning of this presentation, I’ve already logged a consistent track record of wins.


The investors who’ve participated in my Nick’s Notebook research service since the beginning have been able to build a fortune on this incredible performance.

Now’s your chance to see what it’s like to make these kinds of exclusive deals.

All you have to do is give it a try.

You’ll have 30 days to completely evaluate my research and receive a 100% refund if you’re not fully satisfied.

But I’m not going to stop there.

I want to completely remove any doubt in your mind about the power of these fortune-building investments...

At Least 12 Triple-Digit Winners in 12 Months — 
Or I’ll Pay You Back

I’m going to go one step further than anyone else...

And guarantee your success.

If I don’t hand you 12 opportunities for triple-digit gains in the next 12 months, I’ll give you a full credit on your subscription cost for every penny you’ve paid.

This is the boldest guarantee I’ve ever offered.

But after sitting down and checking the numbers, I feel confident I can deliver on it.

My accountants and lawyers have checked and double-checked these numbers as well, and I assure you, they wouldn’t let me do this if I couldn’t justify it with my proven performance.

My 85.71% win rate and 191% average return are what make it all possible...

They eliminate risk and let us concentrate on big winners.

I promise you’ll have the chance to bank at least 12 regular triple-digit gains in the year ahead using my Nick’s Notebook research service.

Not just once or twice, but every few weeks.

As investor Chris R. just wrote to me:

“Hi Nick, Just to inform you that I did participate in [one of your latest investments], up more than 150%. Thanks for the intel. Regards.”

And the result is a fortune, one investment at a time.

One of my longtime readers, a seasoned investor named Tom D., has built a fortune several times over.

He recently sent me this:

“Nick — My account is now over $450,000. Happy with the gains so far! Thanks!”

The success of investors like Tom is the entire reason I created my Nick’s Notebook service...

Our performance has been wildly profitable over the last two years — but that’s just a taste of what’s to come.

Here’s What You’ll Receive
as a Nick’s Notebook Investor

Nick’s Notebook offers unique features you can’t find anywhere else...

  • All My Valuable Research — I typically find 20 or more lucrative opportunities a year. It’s about quality, not quantity, so I only recommend an investment if it meets my strict requirements.

  • Breaking News Updates — I’ll send you a “Flash Alert” the moment there’s a significant new development for one of your private placements. You can relax, because I’ll make sure you never miss any important news.

  • Exclusive 24/7 Website — You’ll receive a private login to the Nick’s Notebook website, putting a wealth of articles, research tables, and videos right at your fingertips.

  • Full Access Interviews — I meet with CEOs, CFOs, and financial experts for almost every investment I make. I don’t keep these interviews to myself... I’ll share the raw audio and written transcripts with you, so you can get firsthand, unfiltered access to this vital information.

  • Elite Investor Status — You’re now part of a select group of self-directed investors who are getting the same outstanding returns normally reserved for billionaires and venture capitalists.

  • Incredible Performance — We’ve made 192%, 200%, 265%, 300%, 310%, 531%, 660%, even 1,480%... all in the last two years. I’m willing to guarantee you’ll receive at least 12 triple-digit opportunities just like these over the next 12 months.

  • The Most Promising Private Placement I’ve Ever Found — There are still shares available for the new investment deal I’ve been working on... it’s one of the most lucrative opportunities I’ve seen so far, and this will be your ONLY chance to get these private shares at a giant discount.

The Value of a Handshake

Let me ask you this...

If I could bring you to an exclusive meeting with the CEO of a small, promising firm for a face-to-face introduction...

...And this CEO offered you discounted units as part of a private placement, funding the company’s growth and giving you a shot at 15 times your money?

How much would that be worth to you?

My guess is — quite a lot.

This is exactly what my service delivers.

I’m offering you the chance to purchase units directly from this company.

These units come at a discount price that’s literally just for you.

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