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Jimmy will reveal the secrets behind his successful trading strategy PLUS THREE FREE STOCK PICKS at this exclusive launch event...

It’s happening only ONCE on THURSDAY, AUGUST 26.

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John Carl

Launch Event Host
Adventure Capitalist


AUGUST 26, 2021
3 P.M. ET (12 P.M. PT)

Jimmy Mengel

Investment Director
Adventure Capitalist

If you’re ready to build lasting wealth...

Where money doesn’t matter…

And you can achieve a life of complete financial independence just like you’ve always wanted...

Pay off your mortgage and all your bills… finally buy a boat and beach house… or take that long-awaited tour of Europe…

Then I urge you to join us on August 26 for a one-time, special life-changing event.

For the first time ever, renowned investment expert and stock-picking legend Jimmy Mengel has agreed to unveil all the details of his most ambitious project to date.

It’s a trading system that took him over a decade to develop.

He’s spent thousands of hours... tens of thousands of miles of travel... and hundreds of thousands of dollars...

All for one powerful way to consistently make triple-digit winners and build wealth that matters.

It’s called:

The Profit Runway.

This one-of-a-kind system is built to pinpoint which stocks are going to soar next.

I’m talking about the type of investment where you can take $5,000 and turn it into a MASSIVE payday of $25,000, $41,600, even $352,100.

Heck, with profit potential like this, even if you put only $500 into one of these stocks, you could still walk away with more than $35,000.

And I’m not talking about a one-off win.

The Profit Runway has been pulling in regular, consistent winners for more than a decade.

A handful of investors have helped Jimmy test its potential.

“[Using the Profit Runway] I bought in about a year ago and have almost doubled my money! I can only see it getting better. In for the long haul.”

— John G. from Arma, Kansas

But the Profit Runway has never been revealed to the general public — until NOW... for the very first time...

It’s now possible for ANYONE to land $25,000 stock wins!

Jimmy is seeing bigger gains than he ever has before.

As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, new and disruptive trends continue to dominate the market — they’re climbing to never-before-seen heights.

Cannabis, hydrogen fuel cell technology, solar technology — once small niches, now billion-dollar businesses.

There’s a lot of money to be made...

I have PERSONALLY made more than $25,000 on Jimmy’s picks in just three months!


By carefully following the trade alerts generated by Jimmy’s Profit Runway system.

At one point I even made 256% on a single stock trade in just ten days.

Here’s the chart, you can see it for yourself.

I closed that position right at the top when Jimmy told me to bring it home and land it.

You could say I’m a believer!

But this is truly only the beginning... and now you’ll have an opportunity to join in the wealth.

Adventure Capitalist Launch Event

AUGUST 26, 2021
3 P.M. ET (12 P.M. PT)

What investors say about Jimmy Mengel:

“I’m happy to say that as of today my account has doubled up since I opened it when we started this journey back in March. Keep up the great work!”

— Andrew T.

“I took what was left of an ailing IRA and bought into your recommendations for $93,000. Yesterday, that account closed out above $1 million.”

– Martin W.

“I truly love your knowledge and the time you spend researching the stocks you recommend.”

– Lynda S.

Jimmy’s Launching His New Trading Service, The Adventure Capitalist:

This is your chance to build lasting wealth.

AUGUST 26, 2021
3 P.M. ET (12 P.M. PT)

All you have to do is tune into the launch event on Thursday, August 26, 2021.

The secrets Jimmy will reveal are powerful enough to transform your entire financial future.

You’ll discover:

  • Jimmy’s all-new Profit Runway trading strategy — he’s been testing it for years, and now it’s finally ready for primetime. It’s already delivered DOZENS of triple-digit winners during testing. Hear for yourself why it’s so powerful…
  • Three free stock picks! Jimmy is putting the proof up front and giving away the details of his first Profit Runway picks during the event. You’ll get names, ticker symbols, and insider-level insight…
  • An exclusive look at how Jimmy finds so many winners — and why his new travel budget will be over $100,000 a year. He’ll explain how this research translates into more profitable trades for YOU…

There’s no question that hundreds of investors will be making money using Jimmy’s research this year.

Many are likely to make $25,000 wins on a single stock… and be well on their way to complete financial freedom.

But will you be one of them?

This is your chance!

There’s no cost to attend — and the secrets you’ll learn could change your life.

Jimmy is launching this new trading service only ONCE…

And it’s happening on August 26 at 3:00 p.m. (ET).





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John Carl
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