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Thank you for watching my presentation on the “The Pot Stock Short Squeeze of 2021.”

As you’ve seen, pot stocks are on a tear as Reddit traders bid them to new highs.

They’re up 500%, 1,000%, and 2,500% in recent months...

As short selling hedge funds lose billions.

And my readers are making fortunes in the process.

This is the real short squeeze story you’re not being told!

A story much bigger than Gamestop.

Because we’re only just getting warmed up...

Pot is making a historic pivot unlike anything seen yet.

And I’m not talking about legalization.

I call it the “Clean Turn.”

It’s the same turn that Bitcoin made when it launched from $2,000 to $20,000. To above $50,000...

The same turn Tesla made when it launched from $1 to $50. To $800.

Just as then, the naysayers said the market is a bubble.

That they’re overvalued and not tied to the fundamentals.

And just as then, they couldn’t be more wrong!

The marijuana industry’s next quantum leap forward...

Will launch a select group of pot stocks for the biggest gains yet.

It all boils down to three letters: “MSO.”

That means “multi-state operator.” Because of this model...

Select companies have bypassed the federal ban on cannabis…

Creating billion-dollar conglomerates that are truly national in scope.

And here’s where it gets exciting...

So far all of the pot stock gains we’ve seen — as incredible as they are — are only from a small slice of the cannabis market like Canada and a few U.S. states going legal.

But America is the world’s no. 1 marijuana market.

It’s projected to soar from a $13 billion niche...

To a $166 billion mega-industry. That’s only in the next few years.

And it doesn’t matter if or when pot is legalized in the US...

Thanks to a weird licensing anomaly, these companies are already in control of the market!

That’s why they’re poised for the biggest pot stock gains yet.

Pot is already legal for 111 million people in dozens of states.

And if any of them buy a marijuana or CBD product...

Odds are, they’re buying from one of these MSOs.

I’ve honed in on the three biggest cannabis kings in America.

They run empires that span a dozen states each...

They’re the absolute cream of the crop.

And yet the shorts are loading billions in positions AGAINST them...

Just as they did against Tesla at $50.

And lost $40 billion.

They’re about to get wiped out in similar fashion...

While we get rich!

My readers are already up big in pot in recent months, earning gains of 280%, 398%, and 492%.

To get these sorts of gains I go above and beyond what any of these hedge fund analysts do.

I do a ton of “boots on the ground” research, exploring operations, testing products, and meeting with execs and workers.

I then bring this inside scoop directly to my readers, which is what I’m doing for you today.

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Here’s what Cless K. said...

"Bought in on Canadian and UK marijuana stocks about a year ago and have almost doubled my money! I can only see it getting better. In for the long haul."

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