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Dear Fellow Investor,

During the first cannabis boom I made money on 88 stocks...

This includes triple-digit winners like 216%, 218%, 220%, 275%, 346%, 428%, and 429%... and that’s on top of the life-changing 3,220% and 6,092% I made on Canopy Growth and Cronos.

We’re about to see gains like that again: but this time right here in the good ol’ USA.

And it’s going to happen a lot faster than most investors are expecting.

Because states are desperate for tax revenue in the wake of coronavirus — and legalizing cannabis can save state budgets with the stroke of a pen.

We’re talking about:

  • Billions of dollars in tax revenue (for years to come)
  • 1 million+ high-paying, disaster-proof jobs
  • An entirely new production chain that helps everyone — from depressed rural areas to urban city centers

America is already the world’s #1 cannabis consumer… all told we spent more than $46 billion on cannabis last year.

But all that money went straight across the border to Canada, the Netherlands, and the UK. And to Mexico, Colombia, and Paraguay.

It’s time to keep those dollars from leaving the country!

It’s time to put that money to work saving American jobs — and our universities, schools, and parks.

In short, the USA Cannabis Boom is coming…

And I’ve found the cannabis firm that’ll lead the way.

It’s run by a U.S. Army veteran who’s been preparing for the last year for the largest expansion America has seen yet.

He’s armed with $300 million in funding, and his mission is to whip America’s cannabis industry into shape…

If you get in now you could make an absolute fortune on this cannabis boom stock.

Your report “The Boom Stock That Will Transform America’s Cannabis Production” will reveal...

  • My complete series of interviews with this army veteran — both video and the written transcript. You won’t find exclusive access like this anywhere else, at any price.

  • An exclusive video tour of things I wasn’t allowed to show you here — this cannabis grower insisted it be shown to my subscribers only, since it doesn’t want any of its proprietary growing techniques to be shown on the public internet. 

And you’ll also find out...

  • Essential details with ticker symbol and precise “buy” recommendation
  • My overview of its $300 million expansion plan
  • My complete take on U.S. legalization — and the rise of American cannabis production

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