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Fellow Investor,

Investing legend Mr. James Dines is following a proven indicator that — for only the fourth time since 1896 — points to a roaring bull market in gold and silver.

Gold will soar because it’s the only safe shelter:

  • There are five looming global events that are fueling an economic “Perfect Storm”

  • Gold could spike to $5,000... perhaps even $9,500 an ounce

  • And Mr. Dines has found 10 precious metals stocks that will perform even better than bullion, coins, or funds... and could possibly turn every $10,000 into $70,000 or $100,000 IF YOU BUY NOW

Mr. Dines has spent the last 60 years making incredible profits on gold — right up until today.

Just take a look at his recent wins...

  • 2,168% on Agnico Eagle
  • 2,618% on Industrias Peñoles
  • 4,237% on ASA Gold
  • And more!

These are closed trades and the profits are in the bank.

And Mr. Dines is more active than ever. His current open trades include three gold stocks that are, right at this moment, sitting on unrealized profits of 239%, 413%, and 1,596%.

Just imagine if you already had a position in these open gold stocks — you’d already be sitting on a small fortune! A fortune that you could cash in, any time you want.

But thankfully, it’s not too late... the coming gold spike could hand you all of this and more.


That’s why I’d like to give you access to Mr. Dines’ FREE report: “10 Gold Stocks That Could Make You Rich.”

This completely exclusive report includes...

Gold Stock #1: The Leader With Superb Management. This company’s CEO just won a prestigious mining award in 2018, and its strict “no forward” policy means investors get all the benefits of a gold spike with no ceiling on the profits.

Gold Stock #2: Own This Before It's Bought Out. As the world's 13th-largest gold producer, this firm is an attractive buyout target.

Gold Stock #3: The Father & Son “Gold Rush” Exploration Team. This company has consistently proven its ability to simultaneously run successful mines and find exciting new gold discoveries.

AND A BONUS SILVER PICK: Bill Gates’ Favorite Silver. This stock has been a perennial favorite of both the Microsoft magnate and Mr. Dines.

Plus seven more outstanding gold stocks that are revealed in “10 Gold Stocks That Could Make You Rich,” as well as four bonus picks in silver!

Join the investors who've tripled and quadrupled their money in the last few years.

It’s all included as part of your subscription to Mr. Dines' one-of-a-kind financial bulletin The Dines Letter.

Remember, Mr. James Dines began publishing his newsletter in 1960. It was the first newsletter to be published independently outside of a major Wall Street bank or brokerage. 

The Dines Letter has an unequaled record of correct forecasts, including:

  • 3,353% on AOL (Mr. Dines was the original “Internet Bug”)

  • 400x your money on Apple (Mr. Dines said “buy” when Apple was just 44 cents a share!)

  • 35,639% on Amazon (Mr. Dines predicted the rise of this retail-killing giant from its earliest days)

Readers from all walks of life have gone on the record to explain how The Dines Letter has helped them secure their financial freedom...

40 Years of Wealth

“Thanks to subscribing to your newsletter, we came through this recent downfall in the economy in fine shape. We have subscribed for several decades!” — Marjorie Gakich, California

You Made Me Rich

“You wrote that there would be way more than enough money to be made for all of us, which shows the broadness of your mind, and you made me rich.” — Venkata Gannu, New Jersey

Buying First Home with Profits

“Good work on a great publication. As a 26-year-old, I feel that I am getting knowledge and wisdom from your newsletter that other people my age simply don't get and may never get. I've decided to buy my first home... Better still, I am buying it using a $50K deposit which is pure profit from my portfolio and only a small percentage of it.” — Richard Smith, Australia

Our Fortunes Are Soaring

“My wife and I have been subscribers for almost 1 year. It has been the most electrifying year of my life because of the financial bounty that has eluded me for the previous 69. Assuredly, The Dines Letter has been the vehicle that enabled our fortunes to soar, and I am at a total loss as to how to properly express my gratitude and thanks.” — Margaret and Irvin Schueler, Texas

Portfolio up 300%

“Thank you for increasing my portfolio by 70%. Now my portfolio is up 300%.” — Susan Man, Pennsylvania

Profits Sending Son to College

“For the record, our profits have made it possible for our son to attend Stanford without the family incurring a mountain of debt. We owe you one.” — RF, Texas

Put simply, The Dines Letter will show you wealth-building opportunities you didn’t even know were possible.

Here’s everything you’ll receive:

You can put The Dines Letter's profit power to work for you for less than $21 an issue (plus all the FREE materials given to new subscribers). It's a small price to pay for one of the most enduring and successful financial newsletters of all time!

And, of course, you will receive, absolutely FREE, what could be the greatest investment opportunity of your lifetime: “10 Gold Stocks That Could Make You Rich.”

Remember, gold bullion is aiming to reach $5,000 an ounce, maybe $9,500 on a spike. These select gold stocks give you the very real chance to possibly quadruple your assets in the next 18 months.

FREE With Your Subscription

You'll also receive, The Dines Wealth-Building Starter Kit, which includes:

  •  How to bulletproof your portfolio

  •  63 investment truths, or “Dinesisms,” on how you'll avoid costly mistakes

  •  How Visual Analysis can help you spot trends and predict stock movements

  •  How to ensure you're never stuck holding a stock flameout

  •  Why the “Holy” Investment Tripod is your key to reliable profits

  •  Your own copy of Mr. Dines’ Mass Psychology manifesto: "The Gambler's Secret"

  •  And much more!

goldbug_book_190x190PLUS: If you act TODAY, you’ll also receive your very own copy of “Goldbug!” — You’ll receive an updated and enhanced version of Dines’ original bestselling classic. In 2016, Mr. Dines made a complete update of the text, and then instructed us to create a special digital version that we’ll rush to you the moment you join (A $35 Value... Yours FREE).

PLEASE NOTE: Because access to Mr. Dines' new gold report is limited, there are unfortunately no refunds. This is truly a special offer.

You’ll have a full year to see if The Dines Letter is right for you. If you wish to cancel at any time during the year, that’s not a problem. You will not receive a refund, but you'll owe nothing further if you cancel within the first 365 days.

And that’s not all. With this special bundle, you’ll also get:

A 90-Day Trial of Wall Street's Underground Profits and Research Reports— FREE!

Three completely FREE special research reports written by contrarian investment expert Nick Hodge:

    Report #1:  “Your Personal Fort Knox: How to Buy and Safely Store Your Precious Metals”

    Report #2:  “Wealth Without Risk: Growing Rich Without the Stock Market”

    Report #3:  “10,000% Gains on America’s Biggest Gold Mine”

    PLUS... A free 90-day trial of Nick Hodge's monthly investment advisory letter, Wall Street’s Underground Profits!

Mailed on the second Friday of every month, Nick will keep you up to date on our dangerous financial situation and guide you through it with expert picks and research in the mining, income, and energy sectors. 

If you like Nick’s research, you don't have to do a thing. After your 90-day free trial of Wall Street's Underground Profits, you'll be automatically enrolled into a full one-year Wall Street's Underground Profits membership for just $99 — the lowest price we offer.

You’ll then receive a new issue of Wall Street's Underground Profits on the second Friday of every month, plus several other reports and recommendations throughout the year.

You have absolutely no risk or obligation with this 90-day trial.

Simply call our Baltimore-based Customer Service team toll-free at 855-877-8623 within 90 days of placing this order to opt out of the one-year membership — no questions asked. You keep everything you’ve received, with our compliments.

This special bundle gives you everything you need to protect yourself in today's uncertain financial times — and you get it all for a simple one-time payment of just $295.

In addition to the special report, “10 Gold Stocks That Could Make You Rich” and the entire Dines Wealth-Building Starter Kit, you'll receive access to an additional exclusive report...

Mr. Dines' must-read bonus: “The 2019 Annual Forecast Issue.

What will happen with the markets in the year ahead? What about cannabis? Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? Commodities? U.S. real estate? Bioterrorism? Big government?

It's all in this bonus issue, for a limited time to two-year paid subscribers, a $100 value.

Please don’t delay... you must act now to make the most of this offer.

The Dines Letter has consistently been worth every penny — and then some.

As Kevin Plemel from Canada wrote to us:

I regained my entire The Dines Letter investment in under two weeks.

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