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As you’ve seen, this technology is on the cusp of a historic rollout. The opportunity is hot.

The tiny 30-cent stock with all the patents is on the verge of explosive, life-changing profits.

In the first half of 2019, millions of products using smart inks will start to roll off the lines...

Revolutionizing the supply chain of giants like Amazon and Walmart...

Moving it to the forefront of the $19 TRILLION Internet of Things....

And becoming a mainstay of American products and shipping, just like a bar code or stamp.

When that happens, major conglomerates will enter a fierce bidding war...

One that will send its shares to $3... $13... $20 — and beyond. All in no time flat.

Time is of the essence.

Millions of these chips are on the cusp of being printed.

With the new roll-to-roll production, sales are expected to grow from just hundreds of thousands per year...

To hundreds of millions per year — a 10,000% sales surge.

It all begins in the coming months, when the shift to roll-to-roll production starts.

Setting this 30-cent stock on an astronomic breakout to $3... $30 and beyond.

And putting these smart labels on every:

  • Package
  • Pill Bottle
  • Food Item
  • Purse
  • Print Ad
  • and more...

Just like a bar code, you’ll never see products without it ever again.

I want to get you in on this opportunity right now, before this imminent rollout.

To get you started, I've put together a comprehensive report for you with full details on this fast-moving opportunity, including…

Full details on this chip technology play, complete with the name, ticker symbol, and full profile.

You’ll hear all about the “smart label” opportunity and why it’s on the fast-track to Internet of Things domination...

It's called "Get Rich on the Barcode of the Future: 
One Tiny Stock to Jumpstart the $19 Trillion Internet of Things"
and you'll have it as soon as you complete this form.

In short, you’ll get everything you need to make the biggest gains on the biggest ground-floor opportunity of 2019.

By putting it to work for you, you could soon be like these guys who are already using my research to cash in:

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— Donald M.

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— David S.

These kinds of windfall profits happen all the time, and you could put yourself on the path to collecting that type of money today.

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Everything You'll Get With Your 100% Risk-Free Membership to Early Advantage

When you agree to take advantage of the Early Advantage offer I'm making you today, you’ll receive an incredible bundle of wealth-building tips and tools.

In addition to your profit report, "Get Rich on the Barcode of the Future: One Tiny Stock to Jumpstart the $19 Trillion Internet of Things," the minute you become a member, you'll have access to:

  • Bonus Report #1: "The Next Energy Metal: 3,900% Gains on the Vanadium Boom." Inside you’ll get full details to make the biggest gains on the vanadium boom of 2019. You’ll hear all about the vanadium battery opportunity and why it’s on the fast track to energy market domination...

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  • Bonus Report #3: "Trump’s 'Nuclear Codes': How to Grab 33,798% Profits on the Coming Uranium Boom." You’ll finally be one of the few who knows the “nuclear codes” of this budding uranium company, ticker symbol and all. Plus, I’ve included TWO MORE uranium stocks for your portfolio.

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Nick Hodge
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