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We’re entering Phase 2 of the legal marijuana revolution.

The big story isn’t recreational pot. Investors stand to make over 20x more when Cannabis takes on the $1.1 trillion global pharmaceutical industry.

With its powerful “Molecule of the Century” nanotechnology - this tiny Canadian biotech stock is poised to make medicines like CBD over 80x more effective.

It’s the most important drug delivery breakthrough in history.

Now this little company is tackling GIGANTIC health markets including:

Pain Management — $83 Billion
Heart Disease — $93 Billion
Cancer — $121 Billion

And, the FDA is likely to fast track many of its upcoming therapies.

If even one receives approval — this is a $10 billion stock.

If all of them do? It will be a career-making investment.

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  • And details of its assets, holdings, and upcoming dates for company reports.

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You Must Act Immediately!

Right now this situation is deep under the radar.

Only a handful of institutional investors are aware of the stock.

Thanks to my partner Nick Hodge, we have the inside scoop.

In 2019 They will have several therapies in Phase 1 Clinical trials. This time next year they’ll be in Phase 2 with both heart and cancer therapies.

Any one of those drugs could make them a multibillion dollar company.

If ALL of those therapies make it through FDA approval…

We’re looking at the next Bayer, Pfizer or Merck.

Right now the company is trading at a market cap of just $84.9 million.

But… with each passing day – more and more investors are hearing this story. Before you know it the stock will start spiking up… eliminating our opportunity.

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