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You aren’t too late to get in on the marijuana boom happening. Although, some investors have already seen massive gains of:

  • 4,500%
  • 5,800%
  • 2,066%

There are still companies waiting to pop.

In fact, you have an incredible opportunity right now to be on the ground floor of the “Next Pfizer.”

It’s a medical marijuana company, recently IPO’d, and sitting at under $3 per share. And I believe you could easily see 1,000% gains in the near future.

This company is a true triple threat in this space. A threat I don’t see anyone challenging. See, most medical marijuana companies only have one or two arms of their business. This special company (which I personally visited in Canada) has three distinct, growing arms.

Combined, they make up its “X-Factor:”

  1. It produces and distributes life-saving cannabis: Patient acquisition has skyrocketed 4,256% since November 2016. It also has a 23,500-square-foot plant being built as you read this.
  2. It employs a world-class research & development team. Recently, it acquired its 2,051st patent. Pfizer, a 169-year-old company, has 2,500. So this company is on a fast track to match it in a matter of years.
  3. Plus, it's created education centers for both doctors and patients. Look, most folks still don’t understand the power of medical cannabis. My triple threat company saw a market advantage and went for it. Its shops have grown at a 57% clip. Doctors aren’t in the dark anymore and neither are patients.

This company is a true game-changer!

Medical cannabis is going toe-to-toe with the $635 billion pain industry. You’ve heard about the opioid crisis and the showdown in Washington.

But, opioids are only one slice of the pie. Medical cannabis is helping people all over the world.

Universities like Oxford and Columbia are spending “millions” on medical marijuana research because they see the potential.

I’ve given six-figure talks on this medical innovation to swarms of investors. They listen to me because I’m willing to hop on a crowded plane to inspect products and companies up close... especially in this budding marijuana sector.

For over a decade, I’ve advised readers like you on emerging opportunities all over the world. You might’ve even seen me on CNBC.

If you followed me last year, you would’ve landed windfall gains in marijuana and other sectors of:

  • 11% (cannabis company)
  • 86%
  • 120%
  • 130%
  • 80%
  • 110% (in July 2017!)

Just in April, another cannabis pick I made would’ve landed you a 220.80% gainer!

Now, if you’re ready to take advantage of the medical marijuana rush, I'll show you where you can invest inside my new service, The Marijuana Manifesto.

Here’s what some early readers have already said:

I was worried about marijuana stocks, but you have shown me the way. Thank you Captain!
John V.

And they've seen quick gains like this reader:

I’ve never bought a Canadian stock before, but am so glad I did this time. 110% on                   in less than a month! You’ve proven that it’s never too late to try something new” 

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That’s how sure I am of this company and other cannabis companies. Because marijuana is just getting off the runway and I’m excited to take this ride with you.


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Marijuana opportunities like this will never happen again. With it becoming legal across the nation, the demand will heat up.

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