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It just takes one quick look around to see that the world is coming apart at the seems...

Globalism and American dominance are in retreat. NATO and the EU are disintegrating. The UN is obsolete. Nationalism, tribalism, and conflict are on the rise. Terrorism, revolutions, and cyber hacking attacks are pervasive. China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and other rogue nations are emboldened. The risk of a war between great powers is the highest it's been in decades.

You can be afraid... Or you can be rich.

The Wealth Warrior is stock trading advisory specifically designed to profit from a new era of social and political upheaval.

We seek to mitigate the political risk to your portfolio, and your wealth, by investing in companies that will benfit from these trends. These are companies that focus on security — both foreign and domestic. They’re on the front lines of conflict areas, whether those lines are in Fallujah, Kiev, the South China Sea, or Cyberspace.

And that's not all.

The Wealth Warrior is also concerned with your own personal safety. To put it bluntly: Are you ready for a war?

Is your portfolio set to weather the market frenzy that would erupt in the event of global catastrophe? Or would your wealth be swept away in the panic?

Do you have the tools to survive a long-term emergency situation? Or are you unprepared?

That's why, in addition to highlighting the latest military technologies and the best defense stocks, The Wealth Warrior closely monitors geopolitical developments, evaluates potential and ongoing conflicts, and will periodically offer survival tips, historical notes, and even book recommendations.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that investors are prepared not just to survive the worst-case scenario, but to flourish within it, and come out on top. 

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