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The Prophets of Doom: How to Make Pessimism Pay

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The Prophets of Doom:

How to Make Pessimism Pay

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January 25th, 2022

They were praised as the smartest investors, economists, and mathematicians of their day...

Until several years ago, when they all simultaneously started making the same shocking predictions about America's future, the stock market, and the best ways for investors to not only protect their money, but actually make a whole lot more of it.

Like all visionaries, their predictions were met with jeers and disbelief...

Mainstream media sources attacked them as simply “crying wolf”. It seemed like they would be tainted forever as "Chicken Littles", and their legacies swept into the dustbin of history.

But they would have the last laugh...

You see, these modern-day seers turned out to be right on the money.

One such "quack" warned his followers to cash out of the markets before Black Monday — just before the Dow tanked 26% in a single day.

This same cabal accurately called the Japanese market crash in 1990... the tech bust in 1997... and — you guessed it — the mortgage and banking meltdown of 2008.

They were scorned as they predicted gold hitting $500... then $700... $1,000... $1,500... and beyond!

And in spite of their track records, these "prophets of doom" are still being treated like a sideshow by the mainstream media.

But their next prediction could be the most shocking one yet...

Outsider Club has compiled a dossier on each of these oracles. It's called "The Prophets of Doom: How to Make Pessimism Pay," and it could be the most important document you read all year...

This report will safely show you how, when, and where to invest to protect and grow your wealth for the next decade.

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